What if that quantum box I’m always on about is just an illusion?

579475_3094287614035_746080109_nA great amount of dis-info…

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

11:08 AM

Sometimes its not really about what is being said, but about how we take that piece of information into our ‘world-view’ and how we integrate it. I personally have a ‘holding file’ area in my psyche that has a LOT of info in it.

I had an experience with a close, dear friend yesterday that was unnerving. He plays video games and is much younger than me, but a brilliant man. He also knows I’m odd and the ‘go to’ person about odd stuff. I had been reading David’s Last blog entry where he talked about the ‘Zombie’ plan… I had also been wrestling with the idea of energetic implants.  Both of those were just a little too incredible for me when I read them. So they were in the holding file.

Yesterday I get a text from this man asking me to please take this question seriously : “What would it mean in a dream if I am bleeding out of every hole in my head, like gushing blood, gasping for air?” I took a deep breath and said a mental “Holy Shit!!!”  and began to ask him several questions.

“This is a serious question also, and it will sound dumb, but please answer it. Have you been playing any Zombie games either on your phone or game system?”  I txted back.

“I have been playing one recently on my computer.” he said

“Do you want a down the rabbit hole answer, or a stuff and fluff answer? And is your computer in the same room you sleep in?” I asked

“No, computer is not where I sleep and I’ll take any answer because I don’t remember my dreams often, and when I do I’m not as freaked out as this one has made me.”

I proceeded to tell him about energetic implants put on carrier waves from media and games and the David Wilcock information on Zombies, the sub-conscious mind being used to ‘inform’ the sheep about stuff that is going to happen and the ‘target’ groups they try and use. BUT HERE IS THE POINT…. that was straight out proof of shit I really DIDN”T want to know, but now, after a direct experience of it, am rather convinced of and now will have to deal with.

SOMETIMES PROOF CAN NOT BE GIVEN, BUT IT HAPPENS TO YOU FROM YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!      Keep your mind open and your options wide!

So really, is the ‘incredible’ info in DW’s and Corey Goode’s blog real or not? I am inclined at this point to widen my scope.

For weeks I’ve been perusing :

David Wilcock: http://divinecosmos.com/

Stillness in the Storm: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/

Corey Goode’s site: http://spherebeingalliance.com/

Kauilapele: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/

Dr. Salla’s site: http://exopolitics.org/

Benjamin Fulford’s site: http://benjaminfulford.net/ and if you want to know about this guy, Kerry Cassidy has 3 interviews from 2008 that shed an enormous amount of light on who he is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKl3mZG6KzM


What finally started my AH HA moment were these 2 videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mIOvAf0lxM

Scott Lemriel, author of The Seres Agenda is interviewed on ExoNews TV. Scott’s extraterrestrial contact experiences are fascinating. He claims to have vital information to share about different kinds of extraterrestrial civilizations interacting with humanity, and their respective roles in improving or manipulating life on our planet. The important take-away from those videos for me was this:

HU (hue)

Said four to six times on the out breath.

Then say(to yourself)

Safely show me purposely hidden truths on a grand cosmic multi-dimensional scale and the much greater knowing of the expansive love within it.

Then say HU again and simply wait… well, my life being what it is, I had to jump up and attend to someone, however, later on that day, the idea came to me “What if…. I was free?” In that moment it meant that this process was all over and the earth was better and we knew all about everything. (that has morphed since too) And The free part also meant discharged from whatever job I had, or the weight I’d been carrying.

For about two seconds I felt it. And then I didn’t know what to do with it. After running through a whole bunch of scripty things, I realized what I needed and wanted was to release all that I have carried all my life and rest, to be able to re-connect to me – my soul – so I could actually answer the ‘free’ question. Then I realized I have been living with a script that has said to me: TRY HARDER.

There are three major paradigms that I have known that I was consciously trying to dismantle in my life. The OLD one that says you are only what you perceive with concrete senses; you shall go this far but no further, and the NEW one that is GIGO, garbage in: garbage out. (‘they’ feed us garbage and we spit out… harmless distracting garbage)

The TRY HARDER paradigm is the worst of them, because it is the one that applies ancient ascension principles to new age GIGO that tells you “Maybe next life time you will achieve enough grace to understand and apply these principles” It makes me mad and frustrated and then that isn’t enlightened so I’m not enlightened….and around and around I go.

So….. After some ‘Oh f*ck it’ moments and a lot of ignoring the whole thing, it occurs to me (DUH!) that maybe, just possibly, there shouldn’t be any try harder bullshit. Maybe it’s about recognizing you are already there. You can be in the midst of a most beautiful paradise, but if you can’t understand that, you don’t KNOW it. Sometimes things must happen in steps and layers so that you ‘know’ them from yourself outward, instead of bursting into the ultimate degree all at once and getting lost.

Since 2000 when I moved to Indy, I have not been able to ‘ground’ myself. And by that I mean reach with my awareness deep into the soil and bring up some really stabilizing mother-earth energy. Fast forward 14 years to a woman who was getting rid of a bike, who is more ‘practiced’ than me, and way younger, who says to me in a conversation about energy and grounding, “Well you know, there are drainage tiles all over this area because it was very swampy…” TAH-DAH! I tried it. I went around the barrier I had perceived in the ground, and voila! There was all that energy!

Just this morning it occurred to me ( slow, ain’t I???) that if it worked into the earth, maybe it would work the other direction. Since my twenties, my soul looked like an angel to me, when I drew it, the wings sprouting out of my heart chakra and, well, I sorta looked like my alter ego, Glenda the good witch from Wizard of Oz. It was always ‘visible’ to me in my mind’s eye. Since 2000, that had become difficult to see too. So it dawned on me … hmmmm, I wonder if there is a ‘barrier’ there too? So (of course this happened while I was driving in the car so I only had seconds to look) I peeked. Lo and behold, there it was!!! BINGO! The barrier is just a smoke screen of energy, tenuous at best. And that is why, probably, yesterday I kept hearing in my mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r679Hhs9Zs The doors – Break On Through ( To The Other Side ) . I get it! Since 2000 there has been an interference of some sort running, it’s fake, it’s a ploy, but it looks bad and it’s not, it’s a smoke screen that once you know it is there, is nothing at all.

Then, still driving, I pass a little play house. I have always tinkered with a idea since I was a kid about being in a coma somewhere and living this life in a dream state. (way before the Matrix) This time the idea occurred differently. Life was a stage… but, the prop people (the ones who set up the stage with all the things that make it look real, like tables and chairs and lamps, etc.) were all dressed in black leotards and they wore a hooded mask with material over the face that they could see through, but concealed all their features, even the shape of them. In a play we all consensually ignore these people, because we know that they are NOT the play as they run around and change stuff on the stage, sometime right while dialogue and action are happening. WE JUST IGNOR THEM…. HOWEVER, THEY ARE CREATING THE REALITY OF THE ENTIRE PLAY!!! Hello Alison! Freaky metaphor…. One that needs inner cooking, but a huge ‘reveal’ about that damned quantum box!!

The point of all this? Nothing, not even all the research, was making sense to me, it was all bogging me down until I asked for help using the HU breath and the statement above. So, I’m giving it to you. Use it. See what you think. Frankly, I’m amazed.

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