The Demons of Childhood

Monday, July 6, 2015

9:02 AM

demonI have been chased all my life by the ‘Something is There’ syndrome. When I was a child I got in trouble every night for making up every excuse in the book to not stay in my room after bed time. As I grew into a teen, it never went away or even eased a bit. All through my adult years, when I was alone for the night, or wasn’t exhausted from chasing babies, I was still aware of the ‘Something’. I still am.


As a child, when your exhausted parents tell you that “It’s all in your mind, dear, there are no such things as monsters or ghosts, now go to sleep!”, it just doesn’t cut it!! toto tooI took me a VERY, VERY long time to imprint the concept of White-golden light and Sovereignty in my being to where I could believe it, and therefore USE it to help myself. BECAUSE! Because children are not taught to be sovereign. They are not taught they are powerful, or they are strong. They are not taught any type of energy work, and too bad because their imaginations are so powerful that they could be flawless at it… Children are so very pure, so very brilliant, until this world gets ahold of them.


One of the gifts I tried to give my children was to listen to them when they said stuff like that to me, when the ghosts came and when what came out of their mouths was not in line with traditional beliefs. I went so far as to teach them how to use white-light around them for protection and I even made my son someghostspray ‘Ghost Spray’. (spray bottle of water with a few drops of lavender essential oil in it) I did all I could to empower them with an internal sense of power that was intrinsic to their beingness, that was NOT a cry for help from an OUTSIDE SOURCE!! From experience I knew that didn’t work too well…. I also told them over and over that NOTHING!!!, nothing could touch the ‘you’ that lived within their bodies. We still had some rough times, but I hope they had more tools to cope with their adventures than I had for mine. (I wonder if my soul sometimes thinks I have an extraordinarily hard head????)


glindabubbleThus my penchant for Glinda, the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz. I have always wanted her beautiful bubble of light. Let us just say that now, I understand that I have it, in the many ways on the many levels of symbolism that has. I had to, as an adult, learn many things and eventually approach backwards to the understanding I needed as a child. The demons, or whatever it is, are still there, always, but I am now safe. I so wish as a kid I knew then what I know now, but isn’t that the way of life, the very path that we travel because of life events, eventually brings us around to who we have become? And, when we honestly look at who we are, we wouldn’t change a second of what brought us to that point now.

glinda bubble2

Dream big my dears, because are you big.

2 thoughts on “The Demons of Childhood”

  1. I love this sweetie!!! and the ghost spray, how fabulous! If I wake up in the middle of the night and have that sense of something not nice and dark in the room I immediately sit up in bed and hands go up like claws and I hiss like a mad cat on the attack…..all gone and right back to sleepy time for me.


    1. lols. Now I just tell them-it-whom ever that I can’t be bothered, they have to go away. Works like a charm. It’s taken a life time to realize that they HAVE to leave when I say that and that they can’t effect me in any way if I don’t want them to. Yowza. Children NEED to KNOW this, as they are innocent and we teach them adults are supreme, and that they must OBEY…. anybody older than them. And because of that struggle when I was young, to this day anything and everything creeps me out. I’m Biggest WOOS in town. 😦


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