Just say NO!!




Consensus Reality: what we individually experience goes into the minds of all of us from all levels both higher mind to sub-conscious mind.


When a number of us, say under 51% put conscious material into this field, by doing research and thinking about it, even if 51% are not conscious of it, it hovers in their subconscious mind close to becoming conscious, needing only a little push to get it to come into their waking consciousness.


On the other hand, if people are fed enough information, say through mass media, and it is labeled… fiction, that also goes into the subconscious waiting for the right triggers to make it active.


Every day we are fed scripts on how we are expected to play out the roles we have within the quantum box we all live in on this earth. Take for example Alex Jones’ June 20th rant…. He lays out an entire script for us to follow, tells us all how to feel and backs it up with his opinions on his handpicked articles from the internet. Can we say: Instruction Packet


Back to us, the awake, if we simply do our due-diligence, research and THINK about what we are accumulating, by NOT CONSENTING to the script we actually create the space for something else to happen (gee, maybe something better for us all) that will manifest. Because for ALL of us to wake up it will take 51% to reach the tipping point, but to simply foil the plans of the stupids out there it takes far less of us, because we are more powerful than we know.


If we, the awake, KNOW about the next whatever it is and we DON’T CONSENT we exert a very powerful effect on what happens next. We need to be aware of this and use it consciously. We need to resist the scripts embedded in the information and say no to the behavior they obviously want to evoke from us.


What was the famous catch phrase from the 80’s?



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