Quantum us…

Sunday, July 12, 2015

2:41 PM

Maybe the reason I can’t ever find my way out of the quantum box is because I AM the quantum box? A while back I wrote an article about Carlos Castaneda’s book: “The Active Side of Infinity”.

In it I had a diagram detailing the shaman’s explanation of our assemblage point and how it connected us to our place in the universe.cocoon

And this same assemblage/referent point was then mentioned the night that David Wilcock was on Jimmy Church the last time, just before CITD when I asked the question about the little lives and if they would be protected and they talked about not needing to move that point for the animals and vegetative life when or if they needed protection.

So enter the next Corey Goode update and the information about the Draco’s being infested with nanites, (which incidentally reminded me of the first ST movie and the probeillia always talking about the biological life forms infesting the ship). Further that realization leads to the I-should-have-had-a-V8 moment of ok, they are just as trapped as we are…. Which then lead to speculation about the size of the AI it would take to rule over multiple star systems. And that led to wondering if plasma fields and Birkeland currents might be involved in the structure of such entities (EU Theory ).

So in trying to find connections or look up the science behind this I ran across the description of the Bloch_SphereBloch Sphere, WHICH looks very suspiciously like the diagram from Castaneda….

So, could there be such a thing as a biological quantum bit… like humans, just like there are electrical quantum bits in a ( Like Jade2) quantum computer that is (probably by this time) self-aware?

That really, it doesn’t matter about the form because intelligence and self-awareness is ENERGY, and wherever energy is organized in whatever structure, it becomes aware of its self.


Once again I am reminded of the first ST movie….


It can’t be just a coincidence that all these people and all these intelligences from everywhere have all descended, all at one time to this singular point in this galaxy…. Unless the ‘Event’ is going to be so powerful, that everybody in the vicinity is going to be able to go with us….

2 thoughts on “Quantum us…”

  1. …..if you are the box and I think I am the box and so on and so on we have a conundrum …..ever see the “cube” movies??
    Seriously love your articles… always read as much as time permits and enjoy them so much as I always leave your page with many new ways to look at things and ponder. thank you.


    1. I think that is one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received about my writing, because that is what I so much want to do with it…. Look at things in a new way and ‘crack’ outta that damned quantum box…. grins Thank you!


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