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About two years ago, maybe three… I Joined Kosta Makreas’  CE5 group. Once a month at the closest weekend to the  the new moon, a world wide group of people attempt and accomplish, to make contact with positive ET’s. It is just amazing how it works when you follow the protocols! To that end, I am publishing a new letter from Kosta explaining why doing this NOW is so important. And if you read my last blog post (, you will know why I feel its imperative!

Dear ETLetsTalk Community,

 Our community continues to grow with hundreds more members joining in recent weeks! 

Today there are almost 5300 of us in more than 50 countries making daily, weekly and monthly ET Contact.

Some new members have asked me why are we so focused on making ET Contact and on building and growing The People’s Disclosure Movement?

My answer?

Speaking for myself:

In July of 2010, after almost 4 years of immersion in CE-5 training with a LOT of successful ET Contact, I knew there were hundreds, maybe thousands of people just like me around the world who were doing the same.

I had an inspiration: why not connect all of us into a coherent community?  Maybe that would synergize our efforts.

I asked my spiritual guidance if it was worth the time, energy and effort to “organize” so many on such a scale.

I was startled to receive telepathic communication from what I recognized by that time as an ET source:

“Create as many contact teams as possible, in as many places as possible, as soon as possible”.

..came the words into my mind.

“What will that accomplish?”, I asked.

“As more humans ask to see us in the skies, this will give us permission and opportunity to appear in many more places all around your world.  This will result in even more humans seeing us…who will then ask on a greater scale to see us.  This will allow us to appear in even more places, and so on.  We call this a ‘virtuous circle’.  Someday the evidence of our presence in your world’s skies will be too overwhelming to deny.”

I was startled at this information, yet very, very happy.  Their request was simple, clear and direct!

So I organized the very first “Global CE-5 ET Contact” monthly event in October, 2010…and almost 5 years later we continue to grow these events.  Two years later the ETLetsTalk web site was created.  Ce-5 groups began to proliferate on social media.  And still do!

Along the way, the ET message has continued.  They have told me:

“We are not Gods.  Think of us as elder brothers, sisters, and cousins.  We are family.”

I have also been given the understanding that we humans need to solve the global problems we have created through our greed, separativeness, hatred and selfishness.  Solving our problems is part of our spiritual growth as an evolutionary species.  It is our free will at play.

Yet there are some problems that have grown so large that we need some ET assistance.  During our ETLetsTalk “Global CE-5 ET Contact” monthly events we seek that assistance and we give permission for it.

My constant advice to our community is that we ponder on how to “co-create the New Earth” with our ET family.

Everyone is needed in this mission.  No effort at making ET contact and co-creating The New Earth is wasted!

I can’t speak for everyone in this community.  But I have tried to let you know what motivates me and gets me going in the morning. 🙂

The world is in crisis, but also in a stage of tremendous opportunity.  We are asked to step up and do our part.

And the really cool thing is that there are many, many Star Nations close by us who are seeking our cooperation in joy.

We. Are. Not. Alone.

That’s why I make ET Contact.







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