WE missed it….

What if we have already ascended, and we don’t even know it? What if 2012 Dec. 21st it all happened and it just escaped our notice? Which would mean we are in the phase of cleaning house and that now, all that is left is the great revealing?


We have ascended.

We are already there.

And we didn’t even notice…..


All we need to do is REALIZE IT!!!

To change our world,

To heal our world,

To begin all of our dreams NOW.


It already happened, Its done, we made it and we are here, ALREADY.


The question is, that if we don’t notice, what is distracting us and what is keeping us from KNOWING this?


We DO need to wake up, but it will not be to a disaster, or a mess, it will be to a new morning where we can heal all that is broken,

Find all who are lost and

Finally, FINALLY!


Love all those we have wanted, needed and longed to love.


We can remember who and what we really are, because we are that NOW!!!! We just don’t see it.


It is here and it is NOW.







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