The Joy Factor

In honor of Kosta and Hollis being on the show last night, I wanted to show just how amazing having contact can be. This first snippet was my first experience, my first time trying to put into context what it all meant to me, and the first time ever that I wrote anything like a blog….

Bean Blossom, Bill Monroe Camp Grounds, Indiana

Sunday, April 27, 2014  1:14 PM

As best I can, I will try to make sense of this, so it is possible to understand how I know this was contact. When I was little, I was not very happy to be here. I remember one particular evening when  I was around 5. I was put to bed after being a particularly typical 5 year old…. I  sometimes talked to ‘God’ in my head when I was really upset. That night I was asking why I was here and why people were so mean. The idea came to me of a place, not here, that was beautiful, where people all knew what was in each other’s hearts, and all were kind and did not hurt each other, in any way. I ‘felt’ this beauty deeply in my heart. I wanted to go there and yet knew I was here for a reason and could not go there yet. I fell asleep wrapped in this love. I never forgot it. In fact it was a model for much of my entire life. Well, Now I am 59. Going to be 60 on the winter solstice. This October is my first attempt with this group to make contact. My husband and I went to the Johnny Hartford Memorial Fall Pick’in Festival in Bean Blossom Indiana on Friday. It was a week end affair and we camped out. He is an excellent musician in his second job…

I had set my phone alarm for 2:45am Saturday morning before I left to make sure I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Friday night we went to bed around midnight. At exactly 2:45 my alarm goes off . Being deeply asleep it didn’t occur to me that this was only Friday night/sat morning. I turned it off and struggled to maintain consciousness. I drifted a little and then with the desire to be present and get up, opened my eyes.  I realized I was looking through the cabin ceiling at the stars. So I blinked, several times to make sure I was actually seeing this. I was! Then that feeling of deep beauty was present with me. I recognized it and asked if this was the same people/person who had been with me when I was young and received an affirmative. I was flooded with joy. My mind was saying “You came back” , “it is amazing!” “so happy to see you again”.  The next thing I was aware of was a presence to my right standing in front of the window. It was blocking the light coming from the outside.  Try as I might, I could make out no features, just an area blocking the light. That was scary (later on I realized that all those times that I had felt this for all of my life, it had always been scary, but I suppose that is because the vibration is so very different from a terrestrial vibe that it feels different enough to set off instinctual alarm bells), but it just stayed there and I felt it for a while. Trust me, it had my whole attention. Then it was gone and I fell back asleep.

It was the next evening when I realized this had all taken place on FRIDAY, not Saturday…. then I looked at the alarm I had set on my phone and it was set for Saturday. Not Friday Night. (Time is not one of my gifts, I realize now I should have set it for Sunday morning…) The only thing I can surmise from this is that time really has no meaning, other than what you think it has. I wish someone else was with me in this experience so that I can say I really wasn’t dreaming and that it wasn’t all in my head, but maybe it was anyway. It was still contact!

‘Nuf said. This was unusually strange and wonderful experience. Since then I’ve seen a lot in the night sky and known. I can’t wait for November!

Last night Kosta said that the Love and Joy component is very important to the type of contact you experience, I agree.

The Fire Pit

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 11:10 AM

Friday night my husband and I had built a fire in the fire pit, with intention of sitting out and listening to the concert going on over at the venue. Lady Antebellum was playing that night. Just before the finale at around 11pm he decided to go to bed. The night was so nice, the fire had burned down to embers and the dogs were just lying around enjoying it, so I decided to stay out and listen. The sky had been fairly busy that night with commercial flights coming in overhead regularly, and there were a number of very high trans-continental flights too, so I had been just gazing up all night. I was in one of those very contented joyful states when a feeling came over me the same as it had when we were at the Monroe music fest. I felt and saw out of the corner of my right visual field a presence hanging in the air (it almost feels like pressure, like you can tell something is there, you just can’t see it) over the house and once again a reciprocal enjoyment of my perceptions and mood. Wow! It was fleeting and as I said hello, it moved on. This came out of the northwest, a little to the side of the Big Dipper.

I am grateful that happened, because Saturday and Sunday were cloudy and stormy and I couldn’t go out. I am grateful for the quick touch and communication too. Joy is always better shared.

Then I started listening to Fade to Black. I had never shared what I thought about ET’s living amongst us, but the awareness that they were was growing inside me. One night somebody, either a caller or a guest was describing his experience at Vegas with overhearing two ET’s telepathically. So, I HAD to call in. Around that time my husband experienced a catastrophic medical emergency that almost took him out. I wound up reporting two experiences to the CE5 group because a mid all the intense worry while he was in the hospital there was this.

Then: Just about 2 years ago – right after my husband almost died;

We are doing just fine. The hubby is home 2 1/2wks now from the hospital, and he is ornery, pushing to do too much and cantankerous; as in just fine….lol

I almost lost him. I am simply over the top glad he is ok, and going to be fine. Better than fine actually. Although the crisis was horrible, in actuality it showed us some things that were going on in his body that went unnoticed. So eventually he is going to be even better. It was a gallbladder liver thing.

In the three days that I didn’t leave the hospital I had 2 very interesting experiences. One was early in the morning. I had gone to use the facilities in ICU lounge, which were nice large rooms. I washed my face and hands, and had walked the more than five feet to the waste can to drop in my paper towel. The dispensers were those kind where you wave you hand in front of them and they roll out a towel to you so you never touch the device… Very hygienic. While I was standing five feet away at the can, the dispenser rolled out another towel. I thought how weird. I was just sleep deprived enough to think, “ok, if anybody is there, do it again.” 🙂  So another length of towel was dispensed. (This happened two mornings in a row.) I was like, I thought so…  Then later that day. I was standing in front of a cold cabinet in the cafeteria, trying to figure out something to eat because I knew that I had to, but I couldn’t make my mind or my body move, and the tears were in my eyes and I was on the verge of just walking out (just a bit shocky from all that had happened) and a very nice voice said behind me, “Try the sushi, it’s really good here.” It belonged to a really good looking man in a suit. He was blond, average height and had very deep blue eyes. I just ‘knew’ that he was different. I looked in his eyes on purpose to really ‘see’ and he smiled and walked  away. I got sushi… lol  Later my thoughts were if I was studying the human species on any level, an interesting place to do that would be in the hospital. So you know where my thoughts were. I spent a great deal of time looking in depth at people the rest of the time I was there.

We are doing very well. The world is at this moment to me a lovely place. The sun is shining, spring has definitely sprung, the energy is moving up from the deep recesses of its winter sleep and into the plants and ground, and I can feel its vibration. I am joyful. I am grateful. With all the research I’ve been doing, there are many rabbit holes that go down such negative pathways, even more, the more you look. It seems the question I have been asked lately is “What is ‘sacred’, where is your ‘sacred’…. investigate this.” I have some beginning thoughts.  But I think the most sacred is that ‘between-ness’ that occurs when people are together, to me at least.

Then at the next Johnny Hartford Festival we camped, he was still recovering or he would have been running sound for them, but I would not let him (I would have Gibbs smacked him, but he wasn’t well enough yet…lols)

The Johnny Hartford Festival

I always seem to get the telepathic contacts. I’m not fighting it any more. Sigh. Bean Blossom was packed with people. Those that came in for the day and many more camping. There were very few city lights around and the view of the sky was magnificent. We had a camping spot that allowed us to sit and listen with perfect clarity to the main stage and being a couple of old farts, we were quite happy to do just that. I was marveling on how wonderful it all was, how pretty the sky was, how good all the people felt, and good the music was and just being so content when I was asked, ” Is this good?” Of course, it was in my head, and I replied “Oh yes!” and went on to say why. It was a very light touch, stayed with me for maybe five minutes during which time I tried to ‘share’ my experience by just being open enough for the contact to ‘be’ with me, and then it faded.

Peace to you all

p.s. I was listening to Linda Moulton Howe interview her infamous Mr. Anonymous as he was describing getting a chance to interview an ET at area 51, and he wouldn’t even go in the room. All I could think was, what a waste! I would have gone in, sat down put both my hands on the table palms up and invited touch and communication. I would have had a million questions….. so sad that some of us are so very frightened. So sad.

The whole point is the JOY FACTOR. The Link. The MIND SPACE. The presences that have visited me have always been gentle, benevolent and genuinely interested in what I was feeling and peaceful. Sometimes I have requested communication, other times they have just visited. I always feel truly blessed. ALWAYS.


Two weeks ago after the Wednesday show, I walked outside while the dogs had their last pee of the night and looked up. The night was totally clear and it was just so very pretty out there. It was one am in the morning for me, so the flights into Indianapolis airport were over for the night. I noticed two lights heading straight for each other right above me. Mind you, living where I do, one of my criterion for any nuts and bolts sighting has to be erratic movement. As these two lights came towards each other I noticed one was a ring shape with red spots interspersed along the ring. Just at what would have been the moment of impact both lights veered away from each other like two pool balls striking each other accelerating and moving off in almost 180 or less angle from their original flight paths. Of course the phone was inside, and this was over very quickly! I felt a gentle laughter in my head, as if to say, ‘There you go! Now you have ‘seen’ it for real.’ To which I thought ‘Thank you very much – but don’t get caught!!!!’

There is a whole world of mystery out there that NEEDS exploring by US. WE can do it!

Forget the white house lawn and put some sheep on it……

About Last Night: From Puerto Rico

The world was listening….

From: Sandra Rios

Subject: Terrorism in Paris


Hi Jimmy,


This is Sandra Rios from Puerto Rico. Jimmy it was my pleasure to meet you last summer at Contact in the Desert 2015. I got a cool photo of us together.

Last night’s show (Nov. 18, 2015) was explosive (pun intended), and I congratulate you for keeping a calm head and an even keel. I’d like to make a post to this blog with an explanation about the Paris bombings that neither you, Kerry Cassidy, or Michael Barra touched upon.

A fact is that for the last 25 years terrorists bombings and shootings (if you include school shootings) have killed thousands of innocent people around the world. The Paris shootings are just another in a long series of senseless deaths. If we seek to understand the cause of all the violence, we need to look at the complete panorama as it has unfolded over a long period of time going back to Vietnam and World War I and II and before.

Carlos Castaneda author of “The Teachings of Don Juan” explains the root cause of all the violence in our world as the product of predatory ETs that manipulate us so that when we suffer anger, sorrow, and hate and they feed off of these negative emotions. It is called loosh. Don Juan says to Carlos in his last book of the Teachings of Don Juan series “The Active Side of Infinity” the following.

“What did they [ancient sorcerers of Mexico] discover, Don Juan?” I asked.

“They discovered that we have a companion for life,” ha said as clearly as he could. “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.”

“Why has has this predator taken over in the fashion that you’re describing, don Juan?” I asked. “There must be a logical explanation.”

“There is an explanation, “ don Juan replied, “which is the simplest explanation in the world. They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros Therefore, their food is always available to them.”

The food that us human provide these predator from deep in the universe with is emotional energy cause by pain, sorrow, anger and desires for revenge. If you ask the question, who benefited from the Paris bombing, the answer is not us humans as we engage in even more violence and hatred. It’s these predatory ETs call them Annunaki if you will that came from deep within the universe millennium ago.

Loosh is the name of the energy that is harvested from us humans.

I love my two daughters more than anything in the world. They are beautiful intelligent young women. What if one or both go to Paris or Indonesia and are killed or even injured in a terrorist bombing. I will be devastated. No religion. No consolation. No philosophy is going to make me feel better. I might hate the people who I feel are responsible for their death and pressure the government to do something. All that sorrow. All that hate is loose- food for these ETs.

Each terrorist bombing. Each school shooting is loosh for the ETs. It causes people to act in hateful ways in which out of pain and hatred we take actions that create even more loosh. We bombed Iraq into the stone age. We are bombing Syria into the stone age destroying homes, businesses, animals, and all the infrastructure of innocent people because I can’t believe that a goat herder in Syria is directly responsible for the Paris bombings anymore than i was responsible for the massive bombing of Iraq and now Syria.

In conclusion, I’d like to mention that there are groups of people who are taking action against the predatory ETs. You might think of having them on your show. I think they would make great guests. I know them personally and they have a website.

I think Sienna Lea would make a fabulous guest. She is the author of the book “Stealing the Moon” available on Some of her colleagues are George Kavasillas, Kelly Le Sha, Tom Montauk, Becca Tzizany. By having any one of these people on your show, I think you’d get an interesting perspective on the causes and solutions to all of this mayhem and bloodshed on our planet.

In the meantime, we must take steps not to blame or cause more harm to our fellow human beings because its not the Muslims. It’s not the Christians. It’s not Communists. It’s people like John Lennon says, with minds that hate. But how difficult is it not to hate when you children are killed and your home destroyed with bombs that don’t discriminate.

So we must be the change we want on our planet. We need to love the people we are with. Respect those around us. And not spread more fear, hatred, and destruction.

So to end this on a positive note, I love you Jimmy and the best to you and Rita.

Sandra (Sandy) Rios Ph.D.


Dept. of English

University of Puerto Rico

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00681


JCU: Jimmy Church University

I posted this on face book, but truly, I feel it deserves a place on the blog. There are as many ways to look at the disclosure situation as there are people. This is because we do not have enough facts. Part of what Jimmy church does on his radio show is educate us across a very broad spectrum of topics that develop a nice rounded picture of the whole ENTIRE situation. All I am saying is that we should be getting CEU’s for this – it is of that caliber.

KOSTA-SHEEHANMonday night’s show (11-16-15) was a good example of how many viewpoints will need to converge and be understood for disclosure for the planet – and not just in our small, well-informed little group. There is much to be understood, reviewed and learned from, from many perspectives and millions of people who need to be able to learn this information. The undertaking is huge. Last night we heard from a multi-talented man, who is currently working in the academic arena to develop at dialogue that will open doorways to this discussion. This is no mean feat in light of the fact that: a.) academia has been held back almost 100 years and b.) it has been used as a tool to shut down a more liberal view point and this whole subject for close to 100 years.

And the work begins.

As to the data dumps that will and have to occur about our real history on the planet of the last 1000+ years, everybody will have their viewpoints, many will want a spin on the way their actions will look to the planet when revealed. Still, all the rest must go on with the greatest of urgency, but as you can see or heard last night, a great proportion of the planet will need Danny Sheehan’s work to begin to understand even the merest of backstory structure. We, on the other hand have been at this almost out whole lives and we wish to get on with it already!!! It is going to be an enormous task to wake up the majority of the people on this planet to the real story. Given the proclivity of the victors of any situation wanting to re-write the real accounting of the actual events, the actual facts could just dissolve into thin air if we do not doggedly pursue the truth.

When I was 12 or so, I had an epiphany. I was given to understand that this planet/this solar system’s entire note would be one of love. That this would be sung out beautifully one day. I am in total accordance with that and have always kept the space in my heart for it. One of the hardest things to do is figure out the between and all the machinations and politics and all of the fallout of those who are fighting against what is happening. They cannot win, as the evolution of this solar system cannot be held back. But in the interim, much damage can be done. Time is of the essence for Gaia. Sometimes waking up is not fun, or pretty, but the people of the planet can and MUST awake – NOW not somewhere down the road when the ones who have helped create this mess have created enough spin on their part of the story to save their sorry asses… . Its boiling inside of me how important it is. NOW.

Holding the Space for Transformation to Occur

One of the hardest things to do is let go of an outcome on something you are trying very hard to help happen. Most healers know this. We can offer energetic stability so the body has a chance to reorganize and heal its self, we can offer extra energy, but it is the body, ultimately, that will use that energy and stability to effect the change. We can Hold the Space in our hearts for that change, but once we buy into an outcome that we want to see, we are no longer creating the momentum needed for that change to take place.

Holding the space in your heart for change to happen, creating that room in your innerverse, on a personal level for a change you are trying to effect in the outerverse is no easy task.

Late Middle English: from Old French univers or Latin universum, neuter of universus ‘combined into one, whole,’ from uni- ‘one’ + versus ‘turned’ (past participle of vertere to turn)

So, inner –

mental or spiritual. “a test of inner strength”

synonyms: mental, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, emotional

“one’s inner life”

and outer –


:  existing independent of mind :  objective


a :  situated farther out <the outer limits>

b :  being away from a center

c :  situated or belonging on the outside


plus verse would be the inner and outer turnings. Which when you apply ‘uni’ to it, makes it whole. Do not forget that ‘verse’ means to turn…. In other words, to move, to change perspective to evolve by revolving.

So when you hold the space you are actively engaging the universe to create a variation of the current timeline reality you are in. When you engage the universe you connect to the vast source of all life and whether you know it or are aware of it or not, your thoughts/intents manifest. This is free will in action.

When you are working as a group to effect change, say in a group meditation, or a group manifestation, the closer the group can come to an accord, the more powerful the effect. The more beneficial and freeing the intent and less controlling, the more change can occur.

As I have written about this before, some of us know that the group intent – the consensus of the people – is being used against us to manifest an outcome that nobody on the planet would want, if they only knew about it. Those of us that have a clue find it hard to believe such small pinched spirits could muster that amount of power. But they can. They will. They know how. The few, controlling the many.

The events of the last month are simply their clarion call to our emotional subconscious to create and give them the power they need to keep their negativity going. They USE the energy of our responses to things like 911 and the Paris 911, the strange lights, or shall we say faux missile tests to rev up a lot of speculation and then turn that into negative conclusions which whips us all up into a frenzy. This disorganized mass of swirling emotion is then focused by them to feed the egregore they have created to facilitate the timeline they wish to manifest. Granted, it takes a planet of people to accomplish this, and they have managed to get us all to contribute.

Whereas, studies have shown that a large group meditation can thwart even their best efforts.

A Study done by the Global Consciousness Project ( has shown pretty conclusive results along these lines.

When human consciousness becomes coherent, the behavior of random systems may change. Random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunneling produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones. But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, our network of RNGs becomes subtly structured. We calculate one in a trillion odds that the effect is due to chance. The evidence suggests an emerging noosphere or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.

From <>

They present hard-core scientific empirical evidence that there IS a global consciousness and that this consciousness can and does have an effect on world events and also responds to world events from data over a course of 15 years. So it behooves US to learn how to hold the space for the best vision of a peaceful world in all of its intricate beauty to begin to form and take hold so that it seeps into the hearts and minds of the otherwise mass of asleep peoples in the world. The stronger we can make this vision with the people we have working on it, the easier it will become. That is because of the hundredth monkey effect – the morphogenetic resonance that takes place when enough people have enough information or vision to break through the tipping point.

I am a grass roots type of person, I intrinsically understand that change – especially great change must be birthed in the hearts of mankind and flower out into the mind – that it must be individual, and yet a core point of light within every heart that gets ignited. To do this it must be built into the energetic DNA of the species, by becoming an archetype – an idea structure that organizes the energies around it in a way that the birth of this ideal emerges from the collective unconscious of humanity its self.

This is possible and has been done since the beginnings of current time by those who would control us and keep us enslaved. Therefor, 180 degrees the other way, so too can we create a positive vision of life on this earth and imbue it with the soul energy to survive and flower.


I entreat you – I plead with you that we all find the time every day to center for a few minutes on the lovely idea of a peaceful and flourishing world.


It will help, more than you know.


Meta (from the Greek preposition and prefix meta- (μετά-) meaning “after”, or “beyond”) is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept

Phore From New Latin -phorus, from Ancient Greek -φορος ‎(-phoros, “bearing”), a derivative of φέρειν ‎(phérein, “to bear, to carry”)


We speak and think in metaphor – concepts to carry an idea past our normal understanding when we try to grasp a larger perspective on a situation.

When music transports us to a place in our minds eye, that place has become the meta, the idea in the beyondness of the music and the music is the phore.

I was watching ‘Once Upon A Time’ last night, the program has reached a lovely metaphor for where we are – most of us who see the larger picture. The savior has reached the point where she has in her hands a way to extinguish all dark magic in the world. She stands there with the ultimate choice in her hands… Of course they left that till next week, but it made me think.

Killing anything, even extreme evil, with vengeance in your heart, makes you no better than the evil you are wishing to eliminate. And yet, if the evil to continues, it only allows more damage to occur.

Which brings me to the lovely little circular logic duality fallacies that go nowhere:

You can’t see the light without the dark

Where there is good, there also lurks evil

The greater the light, the deeper the darkness

Of which there are a million. The argument has always been that growth requires challenge, and the greater the challenge, the greater the growth. Without this type of challenge we would never expand our empathy, our wisdom, or our knowledge. It seems to be these are three very important attributes of spiritually growing up – that lead to discernment, with which we use those 3 attributes to understand creation and ourselves. Because great empathy without equal measure of wisdom can lead to being duped and used, and great wisdom without great empathy can be brutal. And knowledge without either of the other two is a direct path to destruction.

So you see, how you can get stuck in this pretty little problem? How it would be wonderful to go after the ‘bad-guys’ without any consequences? But there are always consequences because the universe says EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTIONS are a part of its laws. When you get around to realizing that this works in ALL phases of reality, is when you begin to realize that a direct movement against anything, unless you want to bring it to you, or become it, is NOT the answer.

So WHAT IS a potential answer??? That always boils down to changing yourself. Your inner flow. There is a faction on earth that would like to take the cabal and all its minions and string them up by their toenails quite publicly and punish them – an eye for an eye, which has all the potential to turn into a witch trial – and we will also feel that energy (I for one, don’t want that). There are some that would like to transport these people to somewhere else, and then they would come and find us again… and there are some that say that all we need is a full disclosure of all the hidden and forgotten (the veil lifted) that has ever gone on.

I tend to agree with that because we would all have the information, knowledge we need to RISE ABOVE, energetically, emotionally and spiritually, and if the mass of us on this earth did that, then by free will the trouble makers would have to go somewhere else or change, because this somewhere would no longer support that kind of beingness.

I hope…

What do you think?

P.S. if you think about it, people are walking metaphors….

Resonance – The change we wish to see in the world is within our own hearts.

Isn’t it interesting that we have to turn off sound, to concentrate – because it is one of the purest conversion of wavelengths into our focus point. (1)



All of her life sings a song in harmony so indescribably beautiful, so unimaginably wondrous. The depth of the beauty rips my soul wide open – and sometimes I have to cry for it all – and the deep love we are all enfolded in, the continuous bath of sonic support and love, vs… the damage we have done and continue to do to her.

Sometimes I feel as if I am listening to the funeral remembrances of her soul. It hurts so bad what we are doing to her. If you have ears to hear, then hear the love that runs through all the melodies that I have put here. Let your essence mingle with the obvious love she has for us.

And wake up and help.


(FYI, some of these are long, so just listen for 30 seconds or so…)

Gaia’s song in her greater environment is lovely. She sings her soul into the electromagnetic weavings of our entire solar system. Then too, when cymatics are applied to the electromagnetic field that has been changed into sound and raised a few quantum octaves in to sound in our range, it is also lovely.

But as you come in closer, and listen to the different life forms (cells of her body) they also sing a song of great beauty. Back in the 80’s I ran across a talented listener, Paul Winter and was entranced by the music he heard in various ‘natural’ songs he heard in animal vocalizations.



Then someone in his back yard was recording crickets, He put it in his computer and slowed it way down and was amazed with what he heard. This video gives you the whole story.


While I was exploring for these videos I accidently had the crickets and the whales playing at the same time, by opening two you tube pages at once, and THEY BLENDED!!! It was as if they were different parts of the same orchestra. And I’ll bet that if you ran the earthsong from NASA underneath, you would have another part of the symphony…

Even plants sing, and can learn to communicate with this method. THEY LEARN. THEY ARE INTELLIGENT! Experience what is was like to be in the Secret Forests in Damanhur and listen to the singing plants. It will change your perception on life.

And no article would be complete without this video of a dog dancing to the beat.


The ability of sound to transmit information IS the story of creation on this planet. It is ALL frequency. There are places, like the hall of records under the foot of the sphinx that are vibratory records. Nobody understands because in 3D nothing seems to be there, just like the 5D tech that we thought was nothing more than rocks…

I had this illustrated to me in an experience that opened my mind to the possibility that some music had information in it, not just the impetus to image – but hard core encoded information. One of my Psych teachers back in the 80’s was half native American and half Irish (for some reason I scared the you know what out of him – to this day I am confused about it) was giving a concert at a local coffee house. He was taught by a Native American elder and Shaman specific flute songs. He had told us in class that they were difficult to learn because they had to be precise. A bunch of us from class decided to go and hear him play. I was sitting listening to his music with my eyes closed and image formed: a lovely desert landscape with all of the details in sharp clarity including the sunset and the sounds and the feel of the environment. I told him after his performance what I had experienced, thinking he might get a kick out of it, and I frightened him even more. (The guy had military history and was 6’4″ and rode a Harley hog, and was black ops…so I am still confused as to why a short person like me had that effect on him) Anyway: Encoded into all sound I believe is A FORM OF COMPLETE information and the Native Americans learned to put the records of their land and of their connection with their land into their music so it was NOT to be forgotten.

And last, but not least, the Templars managed to encode cymatic patterns into Rosslyn Chapel. This is just the music written from what was found in the codes: . This is the whole story of its discovery:


Then Stewart Mitchell went on to decode other music. Here is what Chromosome 1 sounds like in the human genome.


Do you see Why Jimmy Church CAN talk about music and UFO’s and the Paranormal all in the same breath??


I encourage you to listen to all of the above, if only for a few short seconds to understand that we are all music, vibration, codes of the vast universe we are living in and because that is true we are all intertwined in each other down to our molecular structure and beyond into the vibrating substrate of that structure.

Peace – because my peace is yours and yours is mine.

I leave you with this beautiful prayer for the earth.



  1. Imagine that this skin we walk around in is really no more than an energetic containment field, a focus point. This field exists only in a very, very tiny bit of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is so definitive that while you are focused on it you forget that you are a lot more than just that one point, kind of like reading a very good book, or watching a movie that really grabs you – for a moment you are there, and the outside world ceases to exist. From <>


TUESDAY NIGHT 11/3/15 ON Fade to Black Jimmy’s guests were:

Annie Jacobsen   and   Foster Gamble


These two people’s information were a beautiful example of extreme sides of the same coin. One who’s research has led to a totally incomprehensible picture of a possible future where people no longer exist, even if their soulless shells still walk the earth, and the other a picture of the same research and yet, a model of hope and action, a way through the endless rabbit warren of incongruence.

Carl Rogers introduced the concept of incongruence to psychology in the 1950s.  Sometimes people say things that are contradictory to their non-verbal communication cues. The body language or facial expression does not match the words. The result is poor communication that leaves the listener wondering what the individual didn’t say and what he or she meant all along. When a person’s words don’t match what he or she is feeling or thinking, the communication is said to be incongruent.

Annie and Foster were both talking about the same thing, the system we are all enmeshed in. Even at the level of truth that we like to work in we are presented with more incongruencies than congruencies. I often wonder if it is not part of the game, and lately I am sure it is, a very important part of it; to keep us divided and confused, the very same way a psychopathic manipulative personality would, to maintain total control over his victim.

I sometimes wonder if this psychopathic overlay on mother earth, Gaia, is ever going to be healed in any manner short of complete annihilation. I would hate to think this is possible, but just like you use heat to remove a tick, or fire to remove a leach, or cloves to remove intestinal parasites, you try to get rid of the offender before you end up dying from them. So maybe it’s not just us sending out a clarion call for help, but Gaia too. Maybe the WaveX is a response to her call for help from the galactic body she lives in. Maybe the interaction between the earth and sun that is weakening our magnetic shield and thus allowing cosmic rays to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere is a response to that call, like x-rays used to kill cancer cells.

The psychopathic element on earth has become so overriding and powerful that it almost seems schizophrenic – like an overlay personality, like an etheric parasite, and (in more classical terms) daemon possession. All life on this planet equivocates to the cells of Gaia’s body. Her bones – the ground we live on are heaving and moving, her blood stream – our water – is valiantly trying to purify its self, and her tissues – the vegetable realm – are fighting the cancers that are being created on her surface, and we her nervous system – her physical brain – are becoming aware of just how bad the infestation is. This realization should begin to show exponential spread as more of us talk about this. Once this reaches a critical mass – and we are ALMOST there – the problem will be faced and eliminated.

The psychopathic element is trying so very hard to muddy the understanding of the situation in hopes of staving off the cure – hiding like a retrovirus, but its dying gasps of air can be heard. Just like any cure we take, it’s always worse before the tide turns. So if you pull back and look at mother Gaia as an entity right now she would appear possessed – like a split personality or an addict unable to stop using the poison that is killing them. Yes, there are two ways to look at this situation; both eloquently illustrated by the vast talents of the guests on Tuesday night. Because we are most powerful in our consensus, most creative when we come together and share and most effective when we reach an emotional sharing between us, it would behoove us to concentrate on the solutions as part of the cure. Magnify the good and practice it – just like humor helps the immune system, so we can finally tip the scale into the cascade of healing and wake up one morning to know that we did it!


I was stunned over this parallel when I saw it. Had to share…..

Just MacGyver it….

It dawns on me when watching something like Ancient Aliens on the Sphinx, that what has been going on, on this planet has been going on for far longer than even the most fringe theories have thought of. The sphinx, is megalithic, meaning its 9,000 years old, or IMO much older.

Ok, I know this is old, and probably anthropomorphized, however, pause to think that there are fables out there that indicate, stories that illustrate we have done this more than once… and other material that alludes to it in the deep mystery traditions:


Rudolf Steiner retained the basic concept of root races and sevenfold cycles within cycles, but his description is considerably simpler, concentrating only on the seven cycles of the present Solar System. Each of these cycles constitutes a coming into being and passing out of being of the solar system, and each is divided into seven rounds, upon which man passes through seven root races. Each of Steiner’s seven rounds is related to a metamorphosis of the Earth:

Ancient Saturn:  During the Ancient Saturn round, the life wave of human beings underwent the mineral stage, endowed only with a physical vehicle.

Ancient Sun:  During the Ancient Sun round, human beings underwent the plant stage, being endowed with a physical and an etheric vehicle.

Ancient Moon:  During the Ancient Moon round, human beings underwent the animal stage, endowed with a physical, an etheric, and an astral vehicle. Meanwhile, the present Angels were undergoing the human stage, while the present Archangels were undergoing the Angel stage, and so on.

Earth:  During the Earth round, human beings undergo the man stage.

Jupiter:  During the Jupiter round, human beings will undergo the soul man stage.

Venus:  During the Venus round, human beings will undergo the higher soul man stage.

Vulcan:  During the Vulcan round, human beings will undergo the spiritual man stage.

For Steiner, the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms represent “cast off” elements of the human entity from previous rounds. These teachings have been incorporated into the Anthroposophical Society that Steiner founded. From <>

Assuming (ha! The ass-you-me-thing) that an earth round is around 26,000 years, then, we have incorrectly assigned the megalithic period to a far later date (closer to our time period than it really is). Also, assuming there was a culture with technology far in advance of ours, they could not have possibly missed the implications of a immanent worldwide catastrophe, unless it was a calculated attack – which they would have been aware of. (One would hope…)

All that said, HOW and WHY could we have fallen as far as we have – and continue to fall?????? Why would any of the denizens of earth leave their brothers in the dust to de-evolve to such an extent? I know, they didn’t completely abandon us, they snuck back and retaught us stuff, like how to grow food, etc., and maybe their plight was one of survival too and they did what they could… IMHO if some worldwide catastrophe were to occur to day – I would hope- that as a planet we would all pitch-in and help one another…?

But why, after things stabilized, play games – pretend to be things you are not – except to stay hidden. Had anybody thought that the majority of us are the way we are because we are still in survival mode? Whether we need to be or not- we are – and the very people that the ones-who-stayed-hidden were trying to avoid are the ones who have managed to arrange this survival game. That the rest of us, if we only knew the truth might even lend a hand – be able to help to clean out the psychopathic element that keeps messing EVERYTHING up????? And we would. Especially those that are awake.

(because until we, the wake, take these steps, the sleepers cannot revive from the twilight stupor they are unwittingly caught in!)


You see, the very element that has caused all this turmoil and war, has given us sane people a few very valuable lessons.

It has caused us to hone our sense of empathy in the face of seeing the suffering of our fellow humans and created a WILL to do something to alleviate it.

It has honed our sense of ethics and morality allowing us to discern that which is whole and that which is not, and created the WILL to heal the planet.

And it has sparked a creativity – a MacGyver-ness, to handle things in unusually effective ways, elevated our minds out of the box they have tried so hard to seal with their packing tape…

And the best of all it has caused us to CO-CREATE a beautiful dream of what it would be like to be humans all together – to love the earth and be able to love each other.

This, this dream is the absolute best miracle to come out of the turmoil. It has elucidated to the universe our hearts – our deepest most sacred unspoken dreams, and brought them to fruition into the light of day.



Its Adapt or Die, (and we are a very adaptable species!)

Its MacGyver it till you can fix it

Its dream it while you work towards it


Never give up……

It seems we’ve been doing that all along through all of everything that this planet has been going through, because, here we are…

Here we are…


Who Knew??

I found Fade to Black while chasing Dr. Steven Greer. Episode 16… I think, it could have been as early as John Anthony West episode 7… Sigh I don’t know how people like LJ3 can remember minute details like he did last night on Beyond the Strange’s Tribute Show to Jimmy. What FUN!!!


Who knew? That all these talented people who hang out in the sand box would all end up at a nexus called Jimmy Church. Like Jimmy says, turn it a hundred and eighty degrees then look. So, Fade to Black is really this one point of light amid the darkness that called all of us to him – that voice – yes Renee, compelling, and yes soothing (something about the deep basso of it) that voice that floats through the darkness into our hearts and minds.

And somehow the Sandbox was born and we all got to ask the questions that float through our minds when we listen to interviews like these, but mostly end up frustrated because … well, because most times the interviewer just doesn’t know how to think… and here in the sand box you can ASK THEM LIVE!!!! However, lol, I rarely have to ask them because Jimmy ALWAYS beats me to the punch!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!


And then, we had a fader gallery for all our artists, and then we had a blog! And….


Who Knew???


I could write? Yeah, I could write. I could maybe have been doing it before, but it took Fade to Black and all the subjects we learn about and all of the wonderful ‘What ifs” that come from it for me to finally put ideas on metaphoric paper… It has literally changed my life in deeper ways than I could have ever imagined.


And these stories are legion when they are connected to Jimmy Church.


There isn’t one person who has not been so positively affected by this largess of spirit. The caliber of interviewing skills, the caliber of deep listening and ability to read the emotional state of his guests to evoke the absolute best from them, these are immense talents! I still get horribly nervous when I call in, but I will never forget talking about my knowing that et’s walk amongst us with Jimmy and realizing that speaking about this out loud to him and all of you, took the lid off something that I wasn’t even aware there was a lid on!!! This is where his voice is very compelling and soothing, he evokes amazing things from people because they understand there is a very unique connection between you and him when he listens and asks questions – when he interviews you!!!! I have never been listened to so deeply before in my life, and I had therapy back in the 80’s! So the many ways that Jimmy has changed my life have completely redone my inner landscape. I doesn’t look the same inside my soul, its brighter and happier in there.

I can feel a higher ethic, a higher standard, an obviously much greater empathy in that voice, which is why Fade to Black or for that matter anything Jimmy does will go far. And maybe one day (like the upcoming CITD) I will actually to meet the guy who wears that voice in person! And Rita, watch out, cause I’m gonna hug the stuffing out of you!








p.s. and I will buy a real microphone….