JCU: Jimmy Church University

I posted this on face book, but truly, I feel it deserves a place on the blog. There are as many ways to look at the disclosure situation as there are people. This is because we do not have enough facts. Part of what Jimmy church does on his radio show is educate us across a very broad spectrum of topics that develop a nice rounded picture of the whole ENTIRE situation. All I am saying is that we should be getting CEU’s for this – it is of that caliber.

KOSTA-SHEEHANMonday night’s show (11-16-15) was a good example of how many viewpoints will need to converge and be understood for disclosure for the planet – and not just in our small, well-informed little group. There is much to be understood, reviewed and learned from, from many perspectives and millions of people who need to be able to learn this information. The undertaking is huge. Last night we heard from a multi-talented man, who is currently working in the academic arena to develop at dialogue that will open doorways to this discussion. This is no mean feat in light of the fact that: a.) academia has been held back almost 100 years and b.) it has been used as a tool to shut down a more liberal view point and this whole subject for close to 100 years.

And the work begins.

As to the data dumps that will and have to occur about our real history on the planet of the last 1000+ years, everybody will have their viewpoints, many will want a spin on the way their actions will look to the planet when revealed. Still, all the rest must go on with the greatest of urgency, but as you can see or heard last night, a great proportion of the planet will need Danny Sheehan’s work to begin to understand even the merest of backstory structure. We, on the other hand have been at this almost out whole lives and we wish to get on with it already!!! It is going to be an enormous task to wake up the majority of the people on this planet to the real story. Given the proclivity of the victors of any situation wanting to re-write the real accounting of the actual events, the actual facts could just dissolve into thin air if we do not doggedly pursue the truth.

When I was 12 or so, I had an epiphany. I was given to understand that this planet/this solar system’s entire note would be one of love. That this would be sung out beautifully one day. I am in total accordance with that and have always kept the space in my heart for it. One of the hardest things to do is figure out the between and all the machinations and politics and all of the fallout of those who are fighting against what is happening. They cannot win, as the evolution of this solar system cannot be held back. But in the interim, much damage can be done. Time is of the essence for Gaia. Sometimes waking up is not fun, or pretty, but the people of the planet can and MUST awake – NOW not somewhere down the road when the ones who have helped create this mess have created enough spin on their part of the story to save their sorry asses… . Its boiling inside of me how important it is. NOW.

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