Is It Any Wonder?

butwhy8Is it any wonder that we can posit an entire world of other beings that live on and share this sphere of activity with us and yet we cannot perceive them? As long as there have been records, both oral and written, they have talked about the hidden side of life. All of the great mystery traditions and all of the folk lore speak of another world entwined and enmeshed with this one. And for as long as that knowledge has been with us, it has been made evil, scary and forbidden.


butwhyBut Why???


By a process of logic, if you pretend/presume the old information is true and the newer information we have is true (although not proven by the current academia and forbidden for reasons unknown – ahem), then; wouldn’t all these beings that are currently in this sphere of activity whether we can see them or not, be just like us in their level of learning? butwhy4After all, this IS 3rd density. Not all of us are good – some few of us are wondrous, and not all of us are bad – but some few of us are really bad; because this is 3rd density vibration and they are here with us, wouldn’t it make sense that they are learning the same lessons we are about karma and living? And therefore, they would have the whole spectrum of our motivations and feelings and act in the same foolish manner that we do???? Also, since for a millennia the only people who have ever considered thinking this way (about the unseen) have been labeled fringe, might those who we have ‘contact’ with also be the fringers? And if we have our very bad contingent that never listened to the programming the rest of us did and know these others exist and utilize them for their own nefarious purposes, conversely, wouldn’t these other beings be doing the same – after all this is 3rd density????

Thusly, not every being that we happen to contact will ever be all good, or all bad; but will run the spectrum, just like we do. The problem with opening the doorway to contact is that we have lost all ability and training and innateness where our extra-consciousness is concerned. (see how I have to talk about it as if it were not part of ourselves and call it ‘extra’ just so you will understand my meaning?) butwhy2We have been trained for as long as there has been any record in this world round to hate and fear an entire portion of our selves, and IMHO that portion is the greater part of who we are. It is like we have been all been mandated to be born blind by suggestion. Like we have all been trained to be in a great addiction and use denial as our weapon against the reality of our wholeness, like we are ALL mentally ill in some way.

As whole beings isn’t the point to be able to move up and down in vibration/frequency as we so choose and experience life? Very similar to our emotional experience?butwhy6 Maybe – emotion is the key factor here too? Maybe it is the closest thing we have as a corollary to a vibrational state to understand how this works? If the Term ‘Loosh” is only a synonym, for emotional state and emotions are ENERGY IN MOVEMENT….??

butwhy7Are we not back to “What do you choose?” And once again we are confronted with learning to watch our thoughts and our emotional states – not to alter them but to LEARN from them, to see what happens when we think/feel them – WHAT FOLLOWS – what we have inadvertently created and made real.

With that said, ‘Is It Any Wonder’ that we are where we are????

Foolish Wisdom

foolWe are afraid of our own foolishness – in who to believe, because we are not educated enough to know for ourselves. We have been set up to ‘know’ there is only ONEWAY to believe anything, to be spiritual or to be right. We have been taught this by paying the huge price of being dis-avowed/disowned/disenfranchised by those we must depend on to get our money from (work), or those we value because we love them, or by loss of stature in society generally.

There have been several attempts to re-educate society, or certain part of it through movements like the 60’s hippies, and before that beat-niks and many others that were then ruined in the eyes of mainstream reality (the mainstream controlled, managed consensus) so that people would see the folly of not toeing the line and staying in their cages. When in reality there have been far weirder and unbelievable things going on around us all the time.


For instance, there is the paradigm of Malleable Time – that time for you is different than time for the person next to you and yet we all participate in a consensus time construct of reality. The whole is greater than the parts, but the parts are real, disconnected from the whole. (It looks like a tree) It would be hard to take the tiny branching of one person and his journey into the future and back ( Al Bielek, et all ) and have that vision take over the whole entire tree. It basically can’t happen because the consensus is the bole of that tree and that is the direction it travels. There are small things that can travel side by side and be completely different because they do not disturb the overall direction of the major consensus. (the Mandela Effect) Then there are things that can happen that do disturb the consensus because they happen to all of us. (wars, pandemics, etc.)

As we have agreed to journey this way because, obviously, here we are together, we merely have to come together and decide to change the journey, and it will occur. Others (see Freeman Fly and his work on these links) who have known this for centuries have managed to use this information against us to set up and lead the consensus in the direction of their choosing.

We are beginning to be awake enough to see this. There has been a plan for the last 4000+ of our years to mold and shape the entire consensus of the planet. One of the reasons I think Velikovsky had a point about planetary cultural amnesia has much to do with the machinations of the group that would lead us to create a history that they want, while keeping us ignorant of the actual reality of the consensus.

To those men and women who have had the courage to go against the lockdown of our minds and souls by those who would be kings, go huge Kuddos. They cared not whether they seemed ignorant in front of their colleagues or their families. Some risked everything they had in an attempt to break the cage humanity had/has been kept in. To them goes my deepest respect:



Thunderbolts Project

Ben Davidson

Kongpop U Yen

David Talbot

Wallace Thornhill

Eric Dollard

David La Point

Brien Forester

Sean David Morton

Hugh Newman & Jim Vieira and Giants on Record

Richard Hoagland

David Wilcock and the Law of One material


These people from various disciplines have with their research allowed me to piece together some interdisciplinary facts into a larger coherent whole to make a picture of a bigger nature. When you start looking at these things and you go down all the rabbit holes to find they all connect at varying levels, some shallow some very deep, is when you realize that foolish or not, in the eyes of academia and the standard mythos of our supposed truth, what you are understanding may just be a truer truth….


Interestingly enough David Wilcock’s Wisdom Teachings episode 2 in season 19 is an overview of some very ancient history that because of all the places I’ve been through from the above list, is beginning to make ultimate sense to me. In a nut shell, 500,000 years ago this solar system was embroiled in events that ruptured the space time continuum, that shredded souls, fragmenting them for eons of time. Energy is never lost, but it can change state. These souls were caught in the shock of millions of deaths occurring all at the same time in a very painful manner. They were so traumatized that they were unreachable for a very long time. When they finally could be soothed they had to go through a lengthy sorting out process and when they became coherent enough again as individuated souls, they then had to make a decision on how they were going to continue their journey. To understand and know the learning of and healing of the pain they had caused they chose incarnation into Neanderthal bodies, that were neither speech equipped (we know from analyzing their musculature from the bone structure) nor able to truly appreciate a third dimensional space-time. They had to re-evolve themselves from late 2D into early 3D again. Perchance to perfect it this time.

They had precipitated this mess by being too technologically advanced for their understanding of reality. They had built out and used previous structures they found in the solar system and created a might and will to take their ideology of control and domination out into the galaxy. They had created mini planet busters out of the moons in our solar systemall3


(Star Wars is definitely a reveal here and the new one ST7 is, IMO nothing more than a planned reveal after the Disney take over and now just a tool for directing the consensus).

(Please realize there are a lot of us out there who realize that we would have figured out space flight and higher tech much sooner if it were not for the deliberate sabotage of academic/scientific thought over the last 100 years.)

So, of course there was war. The current asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter was the super earth called Tiamat/Maldek. Mars was a beautiful oceanic moon of Tiamat. The shocked quartz only found on one side of the Mars is the type caused by huge temperature and pressure like a nuclear blast. It was created during the destruction of Tiamat. And this is only one part, very little part of our past.

From my point all this looks like this:

Many people have told and retold, recorded and re- recorded history according to their belief systems, and the parts of ancient information and myth they knew. (Urantia books, the Law of One material and the theosophical blue books) and these his-stories have all changed and altered down through time like the game of telephone. Some on purpose and some because of the misapprehension of fact through time. I have found that the more cross discipline information you can use to gather the bits and pieces, the closer you can come the approximate truth of the story. My one cautionary tidbit is to not be invested too heavily in one lineages’ statement of their facts. But to look at all of them and build your own understanding from a broad base of information gathering. Many times I have come across a tid bit of info that shocks me, and I want to say “No Way!”, only to find later on that it makes perfect sense.

Not everything everybody says is 100% right all of the time. Plus there are people trying to confuse the issue by telling only half-truths and using outright lies. The best tactic I have found for combatting this is to keep the jist of the idea in a file in my mind that knows where the big file is out in the world and where to go look again, should I run a cross a correlation that is too good to be ignored. I call it red flagging a topic and I see a little red flag in my mind’s eye that pops up and goes ding, ding, ding, ding!!


Just like the consensus of all of our minds, (billions of understandings of the same tree bole – that we are all connected to) even IF we knew exactly what we were and where we came from, there would still be billions of perceptions of this in the minutia, and yet a great understanding of the whole. WE ARE this consensus, we are all in possession of some bit of the full story, and we are all correct when taken all together.


hierphFoolishly wiser…


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Pretty Tricky…

So, I have always wondered HOW some of the loosh that we make gets to the said people who want it…

Well, I was watching a TV show on Friday that had the heroine in a life or death situation. Of course they went to commercial break at that very OMG moment. I went for my phone to peruse face book while I waited for the almost over 4+ minutes of b.s., to shift some of the built up energy the plot had brought me to, and the frustration of having to wait till the damned commercials were over and it wasn’t with me. I had left it in another room. I realized in that moment that I wanted to shift some of that emotional energy and aggravation into my phone, to intellectually let off steam while I had to wait.

It was then that I noticed just how the program had built up to that moment and brought it to a fever pitch and then cut off. It left me with all this swirling energy that I needed to pass on. Where was I going to do it? I was going to put it into my phone. Why is this important? Because the phone is continuously hooked to a radio signal and a Wi-Fi signal. It is always on and always broadcasting.

I sat there dumbstruck, realizing that I was just about to give it up to ‘somewhere’! I said out loud to the air,

“Oh!!! I get it! That is one way you collect all that loosh!”

My dog who was sitting with me looked at me like he had told me this all before and I was an idiot for only now just getting it. (lols)

Supposing this is one way this loosh is collected, after all it is a frequency and our phones are also receivers and broadcasters, and everybody on the planet practically owns a cell phone and they are always on them – even in the house because they have made them so much cheaper than land lines. That would mean at EVERY disaster, at every fight, at every moment of everybody’s day, while you sit there and read FB and get riled about the stupidity or watch the news or any number of things you can now do on your phone, not only is your phone recording your whole life, it’s also funneling your emotional energy to somewhere else…

Just a thought but, Pretty Tricky of them if it’s true… Gotta see what I can do about a proof for this.


5,000 yr. prophesy timeline New Age timeline Positive ET timeline Neg. ET timeline Indigenous timeline
Biblical end time The Event Galactic energy Super Wave Total control of population/capture of planet Stewards of the planet/care for all life that’s is upon/in her
Vatican information Mystery school information retaught to some population Free will Prime Directive: reeducation


Institute a 5,000 yr. misinformation plan to structure the indigenous mind set into compliance Planetary consciousness information
Jesuit plans Rediscover what was hidden Data dumps: Vatican info plus exposure of corporate, Nazi, underground, breakaway, confederation plans Hide all real truth that could lead to discovery of planetary take over Gaia’s real history, her plan
Inculcate the population to reach the Tipping pt.: religion: reduce spirituality Reveal the control system in all religion encourage spirituality Re-education of the imprisoned minds of earth Train minions, artificially create a technologically advanced, dependent population Reconnection to us
Create the egregor of the end times and give it power Create internal savior attributes ET savior vs. Save ourselves/free minds of planet earth S.T. idea set Hide all evidence of your interference while creating a stable control system: NWO Create the consensus mind Gaia’s subconsciousness into full consciousness
Call all ET’s entities to create fear Create openness in paranormal: reteach innateness of being Channeled info, Nuts and bolts, power of the people initiating contact Create fearful picture of ‘others’ to divide and conquer keeping the indigenous population divided and scared and easily controlled. Full dimensional awareness of the aggregates of all levels of dimensional intelligences connected to this current nexus
Create fear for obedience to their plan Reduce the fear and create understanding Begin open communication Never reveal anything use disinformation as a tool of divide and conquer Reconnect human awareness to all life residing in the here and now
Separate mankind from himself Reunite mankind through the inside out. Reconnection of mankind to the galactic family by acceptance of man kinds whole self and innate abilities The mythos of earth as a prison planet becomes real. Upgrade into 4D/5D frequency in solar system evolution

Consider that this chart is just the most out-there intel that me and my little dis-organized brain have begun to understand as the dynamics of a very messy situation and is nowhere complete in its scope. It merely takes the most common theories and attempts to lay the high points next to each other and is by no means correct. But there are similarities in this stuff when you begin to look at the situation. And, you must understand that there are as many viewpoints as there are people out there, and one group’s reasons for their plans will be totally different from another group’s plans, OR they may cross over and zigzag across the chart. My whole question is this:


Depending on which group you want to ally yourself with, your belief structure and what you personally deem correct will change.




Have we gone outside any existing structure, whatever it may be, to just see for our very own selves? I have heard and read and studied a lot of things over the 60 years of my life here, regardless of the emphasis or the origin of those data bits, what makes one more correct than another?


I have this feeling that there will be no revealing. (that should be a song…) Everybody is partially wrong and partially right, but quite literally, NOBODY knows exactly. There are researchers out there who have spent an entire life time at this, LMH for example, and even she, whom I imagine has a more complete picture than almost the entire planet so broad has been her research, who when asked what it all means to the rest of us on earth here has to preface her statement as conjecture, BECAUSE NOBODY REALLY KNOWS FOR SURE.


Maybe it is because it really will end up as a consensus project, and ‘they’ are all waiting to see what we will as a planet do with this morass of confusion – how we will sort out options and choose our path, whether we will cave to someone else’s vision of the future or come up with a totally original one of our own. And most importantly, if we can agree on anything….


I would advise one thing, Don’t swallow any system whole. Chew on it, taste it, adjust the seasoning, add other options and decide whether you can stand what you have created for another 26,000 years, or world round, or whatever, if you just happened to get stuck with it….

GTFU, OPPs: #garliclooshe

I’m just going to leave this here.




OPPs live and work and play amongst us. They have been here forever. I encounter them all the time. There is a person who comes into the bar where I sometimes meet my hubby for an after work beer. I see him, he sees me. We smile – we both know the other knows – and we enjoy the social hour. He has a beer and a couple of smokes and leaves. I cross paths with OPPs all over the place, the grocery, other stores, hell a few may be my neighboors. I met one in my grandson’s school parking lot picking up his kids!


You may get all up in arms as to the whys and the wherefores, but I don’t. They are here. And except for the people who think war is an industry and will use any and all means available to convince us of that, including us being alien food, (#garliclooshe) EVERYBODY ELSE ON & IN THE PLANET IS PRETTY NORMAL!


In fact, our obtuse inability to even consider that people from off planet may be here and living amongst us is a major block to our entrance into the type of world we are all dreaming about. WAKE UP!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES JUST A CRACK!!! You will be so amazed! Gobsmacked! The truth is here in plain sight for all to

see if they just knew what they were looking at!


Its NOT rocket science, people! It is the ability to consider in your mind that this just might be true. We ‘think’ we have open minds, when in reality that thought lies with in the box of ‘out there, not here and now’. But it is here and now. And that one supposition is what keeps us from seeing what is really going on. How nicely we have been trained….


Because of this box that we willingly – albeit unknowingly – stay in, we remain ignorant of even the merest hint of what is really going on, and because of that we are hurting ourselves. Proving to the rest of the greater society of beings that we really are stupid enough to get the wool pulled over our eyes. That is how the industrial-war-machine keeps going. Like the Borg, they would strip us of all resources both material and biological till nothing is left and then move on. IMO, if we let them, subserviently believing what we are told to believe, we deserve it.


I am extraordinarily tired, frustrated and worn out in this war that has no business being a war. I want to stamp my foot and scream ‘WTFU’!!!!! But, there is nothing like selective awareness, and it’s the thing we do best right now. Deny, Deny, Deny, and the IWM (industrial war machine) keeps helping us while laughing like the maniacs they are, all the way to the bank.


I have finally hit the point where this has become all way too obvious for me. I am not sure what to DO about it yet, but I am going to think of something. I implore each of you to take off the blinders and just look around you. Its all there, out in the open for you to see. If you do, I promise you will begin to notice….


Its all there, just waiting for you to see.