For quite some time now, I have felt things grinding to a halt, while others are saying time is speeding up – I have felt like my insides, my spirit, my mind, my cells have begun to get slower and slower, the moment in between heart beats getting longer and longer, the time between indrawn breath and exhale becoming limitless.

Like the breath you take just before you jump in the pool, or rip a band aide off, but it’s not happening yet. As the time grows in between the moments, I keep waiting. Suspended. In the moment, only the silence moves, expands, inhabits me.

This is strange because I always have ‘stuff’ going on in my head and feelings in my heart. I’m always moving, vibrating… But lately I have been in this free-floating waitingness. Standing on a precipice, moments before you leap into free fall.

Have you noticed? Have you wondered? There is a descending hush over the world, despite its busyness and racket, just under the surface. An expectancy of sorts. To me, it has been building since the middle of December. It’s like the calling the planet has been doing has been answered.

The low deep rumble that has been there for so long has stopped. Like Gaia is in the middle of a breath and at any moment a new song will begin.


I am wondering.

I am listening.

I am waiting.

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