On being HuMan

Recently it has been confusing to write. The only thing ever to come out of me has been about my own experiences or opinions. I can only say what I have realized or observed. You all know I don’t have a formal educational scrap of paper making me ‘certified’ in any scholastic discipline. No biggie. But I’m a really opinionated personality. Probably because I say things out of hand – without any ‘recognized experience’ in the field to back it up. But I still write it out and offer it up. And… holy cow, I have people who read it!

What has been going on in my inner world is a new mini upgrade of perspective. This change was contingent upon emotional growth. The kind where you learn more about yourself and then get to see the world just a bit differently. Personally I find this type of growth uncomfortable because it always involves confusion, an upwelling of emotion and the removal of an increment of the blinders we all have. I used to use all sorts of avoidance tactics back in the day, and always after I went there, realized that most of the pain I was feeling was from my own resistance to just look.

It has gotten much easier the older I have gotten – but I still sometimes need a cattle prod to move.

This time the transition has been easier due to the influence of some people in my life who understand. Also the influence of some people who are incredibly gifted at readings. And – a group of people of like mind because they have managed to open my windows by gifting me with information.

I am so, so spoiled! 🙂

Today I listened to an UPARS lecture by Laurie McDonald. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oglXsphbres that was beyond excellent. She is a researcher in the abductions field. YOU MUST GO WATCH THIS. She breaks down the interaction field between us in the 3D sensory box and communications that are happening just outside this damned quantum box limiting most of us to ONLY 3D! I was planning to write an article on how you control an entire planet of people who innately have the ability to shift awareness and perspective and be aware of their connections to all space and time – IE who are naturally multidimensional (that would be us).

The answer to that is with Poison. Two kinds of it. What is that poison?

These last two weeks, listening to the Jimmy Church radio program ‘Fade to Black’ presented multiple answers to this. The first part of that answer is to use religion. Ralph Ellis ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghqep0_-pO8 Monday – “King of Judea” and the next Monday part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHbibcpMsIE ) has presented a very clear picture of how not only religion – but religion stated as history was cleverly used to point us in the wrong direction for at least 2000 years. How one ET faction (reptilian IMO) who represented Rome not only rewrote history, but fabricated not only one, but THREE religious factions and made sure it replicated throughout the earth like a virus, to set man against man. Not only that the Rome contingent then went skillfully about eradicating and any and all vestiges of any belief system that encouraged innate wisdom from within throughout the last 2000 years, torturing, defaming and even creating fearful images around our own recognitions of who we were, and when that didn’t work , infiltrating and skewing this knowledge anyway they could. Even the Law of one mentions this happening from the last civilization round during Atlantis and then into the great migration into Egypt, which carried on into the (tut) Moses exodus out of Egypt and became manifest in the very language of the ten commandments. We are still dealing with this underhanded sneaky skewing of our perceptions today.

And after this last two weeks, I am beginning to wonder if the Annunaki and the Law of One people are not connected. Why? Because Law of One talks about Thoth being one of them. One of the connection factors for me was the grand horoscope connection that came from Egypt into Persia into Rome and the EU all from the “Gnostic/Nazarene’ connection. We will have Ralph Ellis back next Monday May 2nd for this third part, and it is my guess he will link these up. Ralph, by the way does ALL the research needed to verify everything he says in the “approved” academic mode. He has dared to think out of the box and brought many treasures of information forward and put them where they need to be in The-Story-Of-Us.

In between Mr. Ellis, on the same radio show, Fade to Black, we then had very relevant information on the second type of poison being used to control us – a natural race of beings innate in multidimensional existence. WHAT, you might ask is that? It the physical component to the nonphysical one. Chemtrail, Vaccination and GMO’s and last, but not least, money. I hate focusing on the low level slimy criminal part of all this. There are enough people out there doing it with far greater passion and information than I have. Go look. But the point is, it’s much harder to hangout in the fun part of yourself, when the physical part of yourself feels so absolutely rotten! It’s like trying to get through the rest of the movie when you have to pee.

And ok, back around the UPARS video of Laurie McDonald. This woman is brilliant. She is connected with FREE and also has several networks and a business around helping people with the Contactee/Abductee syndrome. And yes I say syndrome because it is wide spread enough in the population to be a syndrome. Worldwide, there have been 280,000,000 (million) reported abductions. She goes into detail about the types of interaction and makes great sense about it.

Her categories are:

  1. Abduction: of the body only
  2. Channelers: a co-mingling of minds – like a medium, where you get out of the way and allow the takeover of the body so the ET/ED can use your vocal cords to speak
  3. Contactees: mind/body, face to face eye to eye at your kitchen table type encounters plus downloaded information
  4. Telepathic: Human initiated contact.

In all this her message and question for us is: How much of the phenomena is playing us – manipulating us? It is where I have been for the last year or so, because I have always had the type four experience. Which, now, is very hard to trust. It takes an empath to do this also because this type of contact requires you to ‘feel’ your way into it. Which is exactly what I have done since I was 5 or so.

Good question – this who is playing whom because it seems that EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE FREAKING UNIVERSE IS MULTIDIMENSIONALLY AWARE BUT US!!! Can we say easy pick’ins??? But, she describes us thusly:


We are HuMans:

Hu = light (which is a word we use for color densities – intensities)

Man = manifestation

We. Are. Light In. Manifestation.


This is all about our MIND/BODY relationship with the environment. So how do you keep us trapped???

Poison our Minds/Poison our bodies.

This is why it’s taken me a bit to get it together here and write to you all. I had to open my eyes just a little wider and as always, part of me was hanging behind. But here it is. Next Monday with Ralph Ellis on Fade to Black http://www.jimmychurchradio.com/ should prove to be the icing on the cake, in my books.

Slippery ideas…

Where ever you look. The cycles of time measured on earth have always been in units of 12.

The antediluvian (preflood) reigns were measured in Sumerian numerical units known as sars (units of 3,600), ners (units of 600), and sosses (units of 60).[18] From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumerian_King_List>

We are still doing it today. 12 months, 60 minutes…

zodiakThe zodiac measures processional time of our solar around the our galaxy and the equinoxes and since this all happens in a spiral, we sort of know where we are in relation to the rest of our local galaxy because we come back around about every 25,000 years.

An astrological age is a time period in astrologic theology which astrologers claim parallels major changes in the development of Earth’s inhabitants, particularly relating to culture, society, and politics. There are twelve astrological ages corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs in western astrology. At the completion of one cycle of twelve astrological ages, the cycle is claimed to repeat itself [1] every 25,920 years

There have always been 12 signs. I know the information about Ophiuchus (recently discussed in the 20th century as new) being the 13th sign means that it should be in the ring with the other 12. However I think it the 13th sign place is in the center of the ring – and that it indicated the current ruling personality on this planet with in one group of migrated peoples from off planet.

Ophiuchus and some of the fixed stars in it were sometimes used by some astrologers in antiquity as extra-zodiacal indicators (i.e. astrologically significant celestial phenomena lying outside of the 12-sign zodiac proper). The constellation is described in the astrological poem of Marcus Manilius: the Astronomica, which is dated to around 10 AD. The poem describes how:

Ophiuchus holds apart the serpent which with its mighty spirals and twisted body encircles his own, so that he may untie its knots and back that winds in loops. But, bending its supple neck, the serpent looks back and returns: and the other’s hands slide over the loosened coils. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on level terms with equal powers”.[2] From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiuchus_(astrology)>

Because here’s why. I wondered why the zodiac was so ancient that it’s antediluvial importance was great, and then around the founding of Rome in 753 BC (by twin brothers Romulus and Remus) it began to lose importance and became shielded by religious and spiritual practice. I think the symbol of the zodiac was used to mark the time of ruler ship on this planet by the last overt invasion force (all the rest have been covert – hidden), the Annunaki. They had a counsel of twelve that met every 25,000 or so years – one zodiac round and decided who’s term was next. IMO, The center was reserved for Anu their ruler, and the 12 positions around the circle were for the 12 who were ‘given’ this planet to rule. In Christian doctrine this would be God in the center, and the Seraphim around the 12 spots and their army, the Cherubim (who are not the cuddly little baby angels everyone thinks they are – but full blown soldiers) were their minions. The Cherubim were also the ones that rebelled against all the ‘hard work’ that had to be done mining the gold they needed. That rebellion is what supposedly got the rest of us to where we are today – a created race, a race that was bred to love and adore higher authority (gods with a little g) was bred to be subservient and work hard, and follow orders.

The idea that these Annunaki rulers that were either left here or decided to stay here are STILL here and still functioning as those same personages, that they have ‘avatars’ they can operate through, that they can go into stasis for as long as they need to, and that they can and do maintain an energetic presence in the consciousness of the dwellers on this planet, gave me pause.

But if you go name hunting, through all the derivations through all the records we have available to us, it’s all there. (See links at bottom)

time-is-a-slippery-thing-lose-hold-of-it-once-and-its-string-might-sail-out-of-your-hands-forever-quote-1It was my idea to write a nice scholarly article loaded with references however, this one idea has morphed every time I have tried to nail it down and each time I look at it to collect my thoughts to write, it becomes something else. That intrigues the hell out of me – and makes me want to know why. Why should a focus of this kind become so slippery just by looking at it???  (I still might write it – )

Maybe because this zodiac idea has some merit to it and the idea of ruler ship, quiet, covert ruler ship throughout the last 4,000 years is something we are not supposed to notice???

What if the zodiac was used to determine ruler ship time periods for the last 4,000 years and these personages have never died, and they just kept trading off over the centuries when their time came up? Could we trace the similarity of personality traits through the various world teachers over the centuries and the various war mongers over the centuries and the artists….







High Strangeness in the middle of…wait Indiana??

This is just a short piece, and only because it occurred to me last night in relating this story to friends we had over for the official break out of the grill, that there was some high strangeness going on. When you have a husband that you report a sighting to – that fulfills some nuts and bolts requirements like erratic movement and his only retort to that is – “It was drones.”, you kind of get used to discounting the high strangeness factor.

firepit We were sitting round our little fire pot in the dark talking after dinner and I’m not sure I remember how we got on the subject, I recounted how strange the house has been in the last month. Now mind you, we have a security system that logs every door and window opened and closed where they were and what time they were moved or opened and for how long, whether the system is armed or not. There is an app on your phone that you can check anytime you want to see what has been going on at the house while you were away. My husband is a geek – stuff like that appeals to him… me, on the other hand I will not arm it while I am home, or I will set it off. Yeah.

It is no secret that I am grandson transport during the week. I leave at about the same time and I come back around the same time. I always check the dogs’ water bowl before I leave – to see if I need to replace water. They barely drink while I am gone, so I leave it only half full. 3 or four times now I have walked back in and the bowl has been fresh, brimming to the top. The first time I was kind of surprised thinking – huh, I don’t remember filling that. The second time I got suspicious. The third time I called my husband and he checked the app and assured me the doors and windows had NOT budged in that tone of voice that intimated maybe I had had a parts-heimers attack… Well, I was sure of what I knew. So this week, it happened again. I came in from delivering my precious cargo and the water bowl was brim full. Someone had even cleaned the bowl. So, like an idiot, I called the hubbs again, and proceeded to hear the same rigmarole from him. I was pretty miffed when I hung up.

I have a salon in my down stairs. I do hair for people on the weekends – my clients who, when I quit the salon, refused to quit me… The door to the salon is ALWAYS kept closed because the cat seemed to think the drier chair was a good place to stretch his nails on and he was making a mess out of it. That day I walked into the salon to get something. We had taken the closet doors off and mounted a salon sink on the closet wall as it backs up to the powder room and it was the common water wall. I have storage up above in the closet. In between some boxes on the top shelf lying flat is tissue paper – or well it used to be there. I walked into the room and it was on the floor. Remember the door has been shut – is always shut unless I am in there. 10 minutes before that I had been told I had an airy-fairy head for thinking the water bowl was too full.

tissuepaper2So, I took a picture of all the tissue paper and texted it to my husband with the caption, “Further proof this room has been closed. That paper was UNDER boxes. It couldn’t have moved on its own!”

His smarty reply was one word: “earthquake”… To whit if that man had been anywhere near me, I would have made him suffer.

As it was when he got home, he looked right at me and said, “So, tell them to stop!”

I said, “Not on your life, anybody who has enough kindness to water my dogs is welcome!”

It’s been interesting. At least I can say that nobody has been bringing me ancient teeth….

The Mirror of the Mind’s Eye

This was a comment on yesterday’s post. I thought it was so beautiful and took the meaning of empathy so much deeper that I needed to share it.  When this blossoms in us all, we will need no law, no moral code except that of our loving hearts.

This applies to the human race – it is an inborn quality of all of us.


Maia Dalma Very perceptive, Alison. There is a difference between Empathy and Sympathy. Despite what you may have learned as a child, each of us are born knowing how to love. Everything else must be learned and developed. The qualities and attributes necessary for ‘enlightenment’ are born in our care for others. In truth, we each seek these qualities because they lead us ‘home’ from the place where fear holds reign and ego rules. We have said this to you before. You are a teacher. Empathy is not a skill. It is a quality of being. In its essence, it is as holy as the Spirit within each of us. There are many qualities that make a teacher in this world. You possess them all.

As imperfect as you often believe yourself to be, the purity of your ‘being’ speaks only of the perfection of Creation. Your ego would have you believe otherwise. This is its power over each of you.


All the valuable qualities of a true teacher rest on trust. Once trust has been achieved and cultivated, the other qualities cannot fail to follow. And you know these things. Or you would not shine the light of your Spirit on them. Only the trusting can afford honesty, for only they can see its value. Honesty does not apply only to what you say. The term actually means consistency. (congruency – A) There is nothing you say that contradicts what you think or do; and no thought you may ever have opposes any other thought you may experience; no act belies your word; and no word lacks agreement with another. Such are the truly honest. At no level are they in conflict with themselves. Therefore it is impossible for them to be in conflict with anyone or anything. True Empaths learn to see Spirit in all living things. They learn that all ‘connection’ exists in that Spirit.

(Inner congruence is helped along by examining your Intent behind your thoughts and words. Easier than you might think , really -A)

The peace of mind which quite often eludes empaths, is a consequence of failing in the moment to learn the lesson that is offered in it. For us, as well for you, our experiences and the quality of those experiences are largely due to the degree of perfect honesty we embrace in them. It is difficult to ignore the truth of a moment. But our egos often wish to do exactly that. It is only the wish to deceive ourselves or others that makes for war…conflict…sorrow. No one at one with himself can even conceive of conflict. Conflict is the inevitable result of self-deception, and self-deception is dishonesty. There is no challenge to an empath who is honest with his gift. Challenge implies doubt, and the trust on which true empaths rest secure makes any doubt impossible. Therefore they can only succeed in learning…and in teaching. This is you. Honest. Fearless. It is but one of many reasons we value your friendship and love the perfection we see in your Spirit.


In this, as in all things, does Creation align with the empath in each of us in honesty. An empath who recognizes his or her connection to Creation can only succeed, because they never do their will alone. They choose for the moment, for the one in that moment, for all mankind; for all the world and all things in it; for the unchanging and unchangeable beyond appearances; and for the Child of Creation and his Creator. How could they not succeed? They choose in perfect honesty, sure of their choice as of themselves. This is empathy, Alison. And yes. This is the mirror each of us must look within. The mirror of Spirit. Not the one ego holds up in defiance of all that is holy. The Sympath stands defiantly and answers to ego. The Empath kneels in humility and answers to Spirit. All are called. Few choose.

Breathe…. just breathe.

The bottom of the rabbit whole is endless…

Ronny McMullen said that last night on the air and it was like a bullet between my eyes! After listening to Dr. Greer answer Jimmy’s last question, keeping in mind Richard Dolan’s Brilliant information on the ‘Truth Embargo’, thinking about LMH’s information about all the shenanigans and her tireless effort to inform the public of it, thinking of CG and DW and everybody’s research all the way back to Menger, Adamski and Van Tassell – remembering that Greer said: We could have had this all solved back in the 1950’s (and he was right); the rabbit hole IS endless.

problemseinsteinI spent the last couple of days being very quiet both on the Internet and Twitter . It’s not that I haven’t been there, it is that I have been trying to listen deeper – looking for some sort of relevance . Looking for a way out of the rabbit hole . I’m very tired of being lied to, running on a wild goose chase, down ever more convoluted, tunnels in the proverbial rabbit hole . When Ronnie said last night that there is no bottom to this rabbit hole, and I have known for some time that all of the different rabbit holes are all connected, it made me pause and ask where is my thinking wrong here . Yes we need to know about all of these things. Yes we need to find solutions for them. But wasn’t it Einstein that said, “You cannot solve the current problems at the level of thinking they were created in?” So that implies that what you’re looking at is not exactly wrong but the way that you were looking at it is not being productive. Sort of like the parable of the three blind men where we are only using one sense to look at a situation that takes all of our abilities and senses to solve.

My thought was, that maybe we don’t have to come out of the fishbowl to see what’s around us? So I asked myself, “What is this thing that we generally discount, have been taught not to notice and function with on a daily basis that we all implicitly have, which would extend our ability to know the situation around us?”

My answer to that is: EMPATHY.

Being taught that empathy is a characteristic of a weak mind was the first mistake – and the final slamming of the door on our ability to maintain trust and honesty with each other. It created the ability to get away with bad behaviors and lies and a general confusion about how to run in the ‘world’. It cut us off from our whole selves and the awarenesses of the great ‘US’, with scalpel like precision. This is the spiritual truth that they keep from us – this rending of our being.

THIS is the veil destroying one pointed answer that will crash the entire matrix of lies.


Everybody has a piece of the puzzle – all our best researchers are right. All the divide and conquer bull shit is nothing more than more pieces of the puzzle. The deeper the rabbit hole, the longer we run around in it, the harder it will be to find the one hidden gem – the philosopher’s stone that will illuminate the entire morass and gel it into a whole picture. The idea is,  that it is time to emerge from the rabbit hole.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THEY HAVE HIDDEN FROM US IS EMPATHY. The ability to SENSE the living energy in every last little piece of creation and know that it is intelligent, aware and is a part of YOU! Empathy is what informs the greater US of this.

I’m going to say something crazy.

I think we’re all empaths.

I believe that being an empath is actually our natural state of being.

Most of us have lost touch with our abilities to tune into the feelings of others. Why? Because most of us have lost touch with our ability to tune into the feelings of ourselves. Whether through our highly materialized, fast-paced, artificial societies; our long-held dogmas, traditions, beliefs and inner narratives; our physical and emotional diets; our lifestyle habits, or simply our belief that “everything we feel comes directly from us,” we have been severely desensitized in life.

We have become essentially “sensitivity maimed.”

We have become emotional illiterates.

We are truly, in the most extreme sense, out-of-touch with ourselves.

And so it’s no wonder that when we experience some kind of spiritual awakening – when we finally awaken from our “sleep” and experience a shift in consciousness – we become overwhelmed with not only our ability to understand and feel our own feelings, but our ability to do likewise with others and their feelings. For some this descends as a tidal wave, for others, a gentle but increasing storm. <http://lonerwolf.com/being-an-empath-awakening/>

According to knowledge that has survived the test of time and several wars, the Incan civilization was aware of this trait prevalent in empaths.

According to Incan view of the world, there was a concept known as living energy or KawsayPacha. Meaning, they viewed the nature as a living and responsive entity and a part of the larger cosmos, which is a vibrating field of pure energy.

Incans used to believe that the world they were born into was just as conscious and aware of its existence as we are. And that every living thing is capable of experiencing the energy emitted from another living thing, just as it was its own.

The people born with this ability were considered to be blessed because it allowed them to effortlessly cultivate a soulful connection with all forms of living energies that exist in nature.

They would learn to harmonize their existence with their surroundings and energetic reciprocity called Ayni, which according to their belief exists within all living creatures.

When the living energies of two entities, such as humans, animals and plants, interact with each other, the different energies collide and create confusion.

Empaths were the few who were able to differentiate between various forms of energy, whether it was a completely similar frequency or opposing energy. This understanding would allow them to harmonize the energetic encounter of living forces. From <http://humansarefree.com/2015/08/empaths-spiritual-empathy-residing.html>


Ho’oponoponoThe point is that were we aware that we are very connected, the matrix of lies used to keep us separate, that start wars and promote hatred and allow humans to perpetrate crimes against each other and nature would crumble into dust. We would become:


“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

Humanity, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

Mother Earth, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

To the animal kingdom, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

To all of the plants and trees, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

To all sentient beings we have not mentioned, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

To the benevolent beings of all reaches of the universe, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

And once we remembered…

quantum quandary? no, wait…

I have two sides warring within me. The one that says there is vast truth in the spirit, that it may be our only survival. And the one that says, stand up and fight and look at the mess, clean it up and stand firm in sovereignty.

Ho’oponoponoThe first one almost predicates a do-nothing type of attitude, the stare at my navel concept – and yet we know that it helps and does work. It is like an escape doorway if only we could find the latch on the door.

click picture for link

The second predicates war… and I don’t like it. There is overwhelming evidence that both need our attention. The facts can’t be denied that we are being fooled with – we have the ubiquitous list of crimes – money, pharma, our food, our system of governance, our education, our planet, you name it, it’s all got to be re-done or modified. Then we have our spiritual side of it that for thousands of years we have been told that all-that-we-are is hopeless for us to try to achieve because only special techniques that are given to special people can afford any direct result (we have been really badly lied to about that).

The thought that the UFO situation could all be one big scam to keep us busy has also passed through my mind – the nuts and bolts type, and yet, I KNOW something is going on. I have had contact. But the paradigm that holds my mind in this stasis is so very inclusive and confusing that I understand that nobody ‘in their right mind’ would really want to take it on and try to unravel all the lies. And yet, we must. My ‘left’ mind keeps me asking the questions and looking for that door latch. The stasis between the two, this interlocking fight in shades of grey, keeps me going at it. It is also making me crazy – and maybe that is the point?

The spiritual aspect of it is right. We are creators – I feel that in my gut. We can change the whole paradigm if one just one person figures out how to turn that latch and does so, because the resulting cascade of others following will be big enough to turn the entire planet. But until we do, we absolutely have to keep the homeostasis on the planet – because the battle is over the tipping point.

A tipping point is like a teeter-totter. On a daily basis we go up and down never quite reaching a landing, maintaining a precarious floating, wavering existence. All the could haves, should haves from the past are meaningless at this point. The only thing that matters is how we choose to go on. Who’s balance will land us in what direction. It is a hard thing to push against the tide, but sometimes it is what we all have to do. To maintain, to carry on, go push through the barrier. And we are right up against it. All it will take is one small nudge…

singularityOr maybe the whole idea is to stand at the fulcrum and look for a third way? That force would be torque. Torque is the product of the rotational force exerted at right angles on the lever, times the distance between the point of force and the fulcrum. That is a vortex. A singularity. A z-pinch, an emanation point. My mind wants to jump directly to Divine Source, which, by definition lives within us – is us, and there you go, we are right back around on the teeter-totter…

It’s enough to drive a sane person crazy… oh wait – maybe crazy isn’t what it appears to be and….