quantum quandary? no, wait…

I have two sides warring within me. The one that says there is vast truth in the spirit, that it may be our only survival. And the one that says, stand up and fight and look at the mess, clean it up and stand firm in sovereignty.

Ho’oponoponoThe first one almost predicates a do-nothing type of attitude, the stare at my navel concept – and yet we know that it helps and does work. It is like an escape doorway if only we could find the latch on the door.

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The second predicates war… and I don’t like it. There is overwhelming evidence that both need our attention. The facts can’t be denied that we are being fooled with – we have the ubiquitous list of crimes – money, pharma, our food, our system of governance, our education, our planet, you name it, it’s all got to be re-done or modified. Then we have our spiritual side of it that for thousands of years we have been told that all-that-we-are is hopeless for us to try to achieve because only special techniques that are given to special people can afford any direct result (we have been really badly lied to about that).

The thought that the UFO situation could all be one big scam to keep us busy has also passed through my mind – the nuts and bolts type, and yet, I KNOW something is going on. I have had contact. But the paradigm that holds my mind in this stasis is so very inclusive and confusing that I understand that nobody ‘in their right mind’ would really want to take it on and try to unravel all the lies. And yet, we must. My ‘left’ mind keeps me asking the questions and looking for that door latch. The stasis between the two, this interlocking fight in shades of grey, keeps me going at it. It is also making me crazy – and maybe that is the point?

The spiritual aspect of it is right. We are creators – I feel that in my gut. We can change the whole paradigm if one just one person figures out how to turn that latch and does so, because the resulting cascade of others following will be big enough to turn the entire planet. But until we do, we absolutely have to keep the homeostasis on the planet – because the battle is over the tipping point.

A tipping point is like a teeter-totter. On a daily basis we go up and down never quite reaching a landing, maintaining a precarious floating, wavering existence. All the could haves, should haves from the past are meaningless at this point. The only thing that matters is how we choose to go on. Who’s balance will land us in what direction. It is a hard thing to push against the tide, but sometimes it is what we all have to do. To maintain, to carry on, go push through the barrier. And we are right up against it. All it will take is one small nudge…

singularityOr maybe the whole idea is to stand at the fulcrum and look for a third way? That force would be torque. Torque is the product of the rotational force exerted at right angles on the lever, times the distance between the point of force and the fulcrum. That is a vortex. A singularity. A z-pinch, an emanation point. My mind wants to jump directly to Divine Source, which, by definition lives within us – is us, and there you go, we are right back around on the teeter-totter…

It’s enough to drive a sane person crazy… oh wait – maybe crazy isn’t what it appears to be and….

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