Reality is created by imagination. – John Rappoport

Imagine that!!

How did we end up flipping this to the other side – reality being prime instead of imagination? And might I ask, who’s reality are we living?


Imagination is ungovernable

Imagination is ultimate freedom

Imagination is powerful

Rita K @GCRNFade2Black  Imagination is your divine contract. much like free will #f2b

creationWhen you add imagination and e-motion together you become a true creator.

This is because emotion is a decision already implemented. In Motion…

This makes us extremely powerful beings, this power to create what we imagine.


Now add in a faction of beings that don’t want us to have that power, or realize that power, for whatever reason. They want our game played their way by their rules so they set about making that happen by weaponizing our imagination. How do they do that, you might ask?

Well, it’s a three prong assault:

The first part is by creating a system of belief around what our imagination can do using fear so that when you use your imagination the product of that use, the result of that use, is evil, stupid or worse yet, NOT REAL.

The second part is to create punishment for the use of imagination.

The third part is to create so much pain for going against parts one and two that you would do anything to just make it stop.

You can follow the various ways this has manifested throughout history, it’s obvious, so I will not enumerate them.

Our imagination IS our spiritual self. If you want to enslave a people, you separate them from their spirits. You create zombies. You cut out their metaphysical hearts, lop off their wings, you weaponize their beingness and aim it right at them. Then you make the cost of going against this so high, and so painful, that all they want is relief from the pain. This then creates great impetus for compliance. For those few who carry out acts of imagination in the secret of their own minds, you create the label of insanity, worse yet the ultimate punishment – total disconnection form society.

They would call on us to govern ourselves, to punish ourselves, to climb in our cages very docilely from the need to be pain free. The arming of our imaginations creates their control of the consensus.

Our greatest hope would be then to use our imagination with the full realization and acceptance of just how powerful it really is, in the face of all onslaught and pain – anyway. To stand against the fear and to refuse to be labeled, to recollect out selves is the greatest power we have because;

Reality is created by imagination. -John Rappoport

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