Read this from Tiffany Fontenot

This is a wonderful offering. I’m sharing because with the raising of the vibe and the thinning of the veil, things like this are going to become the norm. Wish I’d written this!!!!


Reincarnation Life-Beacons from 911 and OKC Bombings Beckon Us Home

In a television series called The Ghost Inside My Child about children who are pulling through startlingly clear, re-searchable facts about their previous lives, there are a couple of very important episodes that I’d like to highlight here in light of our current planetwide growing pains. 🙂  In one of the episodes, a little boy who’s race is white this time around, was able to remember so much detail of his past life as a black female named Pam, that his mother was able to find a news article on the Internet about her death in a fire. Yes, the idea of reincarnation involves white people having been black, and black people having been white, and many other races, religions, and orientations.  We’ll revisit this concept here in a minute because it is very fascinating:):):)


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