Reality…as in, who’s reality

So… About manifesting your reality. Recently I have had an increasingly insular attitude towards the exterior world. What I mean is that, I don’t read the news, I don’t watch the news, I keep an ancillary eye on it, but rarely care about it, I don’t watch TV except occasionally and the only movie I am going to see this summer is Star Trek: Beyond. For the last 6 or so months I have had the opportunity to simply Be. And I find that my focus is more and more on people and dogs, and my garden. Ok. I know that sounds like an “Old fart’s” life, and maybe it is. But I have noticed that the more I do this, the more my exterior life is conforming to that which I wish to see, feel, hear, and experience. More and more often, I will look at the projected weather for the day – and I am happy with it – the report of the hot dome, and intense temperatures don’t seem so bad – in fact, I didn’t “know” that it was that hot…??? And maybe because I didn’t “know” that, it wasn’t – that hot.

Are you beginning to see the point? The deeper identification with my inner reality has begun to change my perception of my exterior reality. The vaster my inner sense of this interior space, the more ‘real’ it becomes on the outside. This is actual work, and it’s not so much imagination as it is perception. First you have to figure out how to perceive the world on the inside, instead of letting the outside tell you what is going on. I am pretty sure I am seeing the same world – it’s just who’s eyes I am viewing it through that is making the difference. Who’s feelings I am seeing it through: the ones they tell me to use, or the ones that arise from my own heart. It is worth making this distinction in your life, because the ground I live on, my trees and plants, my dogs, the cats and people all tell me something different than the exterior information. (people, if you can get them out of the fake created mind set they have been caught in, that is.)

I have been asking the question of the Universe for a while, “How I could begin to tell the difference between the real-reality and the manufactured-reality?” ( not going into what this means because we have a legion of writers and researchers and whistle blowers out there revealing tons of that information) It seems the universe has been gently leading me to the answer for a couple of months now. Whatever is trying to control us on the planet has lathered the group awareness into a foam so thick, it would make a barista handing you a latté, proud. Switching over to perceiving the world from the inside out has made a huge difference not only in my peace, but also in my ability to let the fear of what-might-happen-next go. I am not ignoring ‘world-events’ I am watching and analyzing, paying attention – but instead of feeling like it’s a game of Mortal Kombat, I am seeing the patterns for what they are. I am seeing a much larger planetary game being played. Well, even larger than that, actually the pattern predicates more than even a solar system wide situation. But I couldn’t see that till I got my head out of the artificial game and let it normalize for a minute.

The other interesting thing about this new perspective are the effects on my environment that have happened, simply from wanting it.

I have been coming at this realizations slowly, with bits and pieces of information being left at my door step to notice. This was one I found today. Michael Persinger on our Information Field. ( The only thing he doesn’t take into account in any of this, and I supposed it’s because mainstream science is STILL having problems with it, is emotion. (energy-in-motion) Huge amounts of information there – IMO because emotion flavors photons. Emotion is the descriptor that tells the brain the when and where state of the information – how to structure and organize it and present it, when the brain picks it up.

He also says that the communication system’s electromagnetic field is now so dense all over the world that our brains are totally immersed in it and entrained by it. That is this ‘outer’ reality we all swim in. The one that informs us all how to react and supplies feelings and judgments to us – keeping us from paying attention to our own real-reality. It is the frequency gate, the quantum box.

It is not difficult to pay attention to your own inner reality – you just need to put the phone down long enough to sit, close the lap top, turn off the TV, get a beer (because beer…:) go outside and sit down for as long as it takes to have that beer and feel you and the outside together. Observe from the inside out and notice how vast and peaceful it is. Then stay there for a moment, in your own heaven. There, in that place, is the truth, the real-reality.

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