The Oldest Game…

Now that I am hooked into the story line –

  • Ancient aliens
  • Modern aliens
  • Subtextual invasion of earth
  • Space wars
  • Star trek tech
  • Earth wars & false flags
  • Ascension
  • Trying to become a ‘better’ human

I wonder if that was not exactly the point in the first place?

This world has always been on a: “not good enough” “follow this” “practice that” “listen to this way” “worship that god” path because if you didn’t god would abandon you. Which filtered down into society in general as “follow rules” “don’t rock the boat” “buy the paper(education and licensure)” because if you didn’t, society would abandon you. Worse yet it would limit your freedom by shoving you in jail, ostracizing you or giving you asylum for the insane….

So now, we all have a new myth to follow, to deal with, a new master to follow (all while we think we are being so smart…) a new set of rules and a new paradigm to try to figure out how to bang around in….

HOWEVER, WE ARE STILL PLAYING THE SAME DAMNED GAME (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)

Good/bad/ punishment/reward   right/wrong…. With new definitions.

carrot3For example; if we don’t make it to ascension, evolve to a certain standard, level, we will NOT make it. And in so doing will create our own hell, do another 26,000 years somewhere – maybe not such harsh conditions (who knows?) but all the same. It’s like repeating a grade in school. Getting my drift?

There is always somebody, somewhere who knows better and always some sort of reward/punishment attached to your participation or non-participation. We are trapped here on this planet in the 3D box in an entangled mind, and it’s always all our fault.

Sigh. When the majority of us just want to find a peaceful place to raise and love our families, a little happiness and to breathe. Did anyone ever just listen to the inner silence? The part that says regardless of all the bullshit out there telling you you’re all wrong in every way possible and discover the revelation that it might just be another game? Another ruse to keep us chasing our proverbial tails? They keep us chasing that carrot so efficiently that we can’t see what is sharing the space with us – interpenetrating this reality with us. If we were to stop for a few moments we would ‘get-it’.

carrot2I am at the point of being old enough, ornery enough and just cranky enough to see it that way. Ok I admit, there are plenty of problems and plenty of assholes creating and sustaining those problems – so yes it’s a mess. But will sitting on my ass staring at my navel fix them? Fraid not. Will wearing the right clothes and shoes and eating the right foods fix them? Fraid not. (I had a teacher once who said you could eat dog food and get enlightened – and she was right). Does it take a big brain capable of understanding the quantum picture? Fraid not. Does it take a big expensive piece of paper from academia? Fraid not. Does it take a perfect, happy, balanced life (with two cats in the yard…) Fraid NOT. Money: NO Notoriety: NO Success: NO


All it really takes is being the real you. Or as Ingo Swan would put it, training the prefrontal motor cortex – because it’s like riding a bike, it becomes easier the more you do it and you never forget it. Once you do that, you realize it’s all been right in front of your nose interpenetrating you and we ALL can and do have that lovely doorway to elsewhen and elsewhere inside of and all around us.

IMO, screw the whole, entire, rest of it. That has been the carrot forever.

You know what? I hate carrots!

Some lessons about time: reply to Jumping Sideways by Maia Dalma

Perhaps we can explain this a little differently, Alison. And answer a question you posed by dispelling your fear of the answer you seek? Only you can recognize the things you fear. So let us begin here. The reason why you are afraid of so many things should be apparent to you by now. To all of you. But you have all been denied. Each of you. Or you would not be seeking. You would have already found. Consciousness is about love, because it is about you. You have been told over and over again, by so many different lies in life, that your function in this world is meaningless, that your function in Creation is to dream and fail. The world teaches you that your function on earth is to conform to the willing destruction of your world. It teaches you that death and destruction, be it willing or unwilling, is your only truth and that you have no function at all beyond it. So would the world and those who rule it thus destroy you here and bury you here, leaving you no inheritance except the dust out of which they let you think you were made. As long as ‘the world’ is reasonably satisfied with you, as its reasoning goes, it offers you oblivion in the end. When it becomes overtly savage, it offers you hell. Have I lost you yet?

Neither oblivion nor hell are as unacceptable to any of you as the truth of what each of you truly are. Were you to really know your true identity, this world would be a paradise. Instead, you believe your definitions of hell and oblivion, and the real Heaven you think you believe in becomes the greatest threat you think you could possibly experience. Hell and oblivion are both ideas that you made up, and the world and you who live in it are hell bent on demonstrating their reality to establish yours. You will not discover your identity this way. If the reality of either of them is ever questioned, and they are, you believe that yours is, and so it is. This is not love! Alison. It is something. But it is not love. This world, and those who believe its teachings, believe that attack, and death, and its resultant hell and misery is its reality, and that destruction in all its myriad shapes and forms are the final proof that it is right. Here’s a newsflash. If I’m right, I’ll eat my words. Happily. This is where the going gets tough. Hang in there. I only have one question. You seem to have a thousand. So let me ask you one.

Under the circumstances, would it not be more desirable to be wrong, even apart from the fact that you are wrong? Because while it could perhaps be argued that death and destruction suggests there was life at some point in time, no one would claim that it proves there is life. Would they? Even those who believe in a past life must wonder what any death might indicate. It begs the question ‘Where does consciousness begin and end? Deep question. You want to know about time. Well, here it is. Go ahead. Judge this. Because it is either right or wrong. Either it means something or it is meaningless. Decide. Choose. You might probably suspect that it could only have all been futile if it all must come down to this, and so does humanity and its many, many belief systems need this to prove that it was something… at all. You question Heaven, but you do not question this. Yet you could do so much more as a species if you did question it. And even though each of you questions what the nature of consciousness is, might the truth not be more desirable than your ideas of death? You have been as selective in your questioning as in your perception. An open mind is more honest than this.

Human beings have a strange notion of time, and it is with this notion that your questioning might well begin. Humans invest heavily in guilt, and guilt is a ‘thing’ of the past, and in their individual ends they mostly believe that the past is the only aspect of time that is meaningful. Remember one thing. Test it. Human emphasis on guilt enables your ‘overlords’ to ensure their continuity of control over you by making the future like the past, thus avoiding the present. By the human notion of paying for the past in the future, the past does indeed become the determiner of your future, making both continuous without an intervening present. Your ‘masters’ regard the present only as a brief transition to the future, in which it brings and ensures humanity’s past slavery to it by teaching you to interpret your present in past terms. This is going to end. If you trust anything, trust this.

“Now” has no meaning to them. It has all meaning to us. The present is ‘used’ merely to remind you of past hurts, past grievances, and past mistakes, and the ‘now’ predictably reacts to the present as if it were the past. This is Law. Your species cannot tolerate release from the past, and although the past is over, humanity tries to preserve its image by responding as if it were the present. It dictates your individual reactions to any of those you meet in the present from a past reference point, obscuring both yours and their present reality. In effect, if you follow these dictates you will react to your brother as though he were someone else, and this guarantees that no matter what, you will not see him for who he really is. Yes. He will speak to you, and you will listen, and you hear him and receive messages from him out of your own past because, by making the past real in the present, you are forbidding yourself the letting go of it. And so, in that holy exchange, do you deny yourself and him the message of release, of forgiveness, and of love, that every single one of your brother offers you in the ‘now.’

These shadowy figures poison the present moment, and from your past, and yours alone, it is they that are precisely what you must escape. They are not real, and have no hold over you unless you bring them with you. They each carry the spots of pain in your mind, the hurt in your hearts, the sorrow in your days, and always direct you to judge and attack in the present in retaliation for a past that is no more. Choosing this, you do not know what you do. This decision is one of future pain. Unless you learn that past pain, just like the past in which occurred, is an illusion, you are choosing a future of illusions and losing the many opportunities you could find for growth and hope in the present. The ‘rulers’ of your world would preserve your nightmares, and prevent you from awakening and understanding that they ‘rule’ what is indeed past. Would any of you even recognize a holy encounter in the present if you were merely perceiving it as a meeting with your own individual and collective pasts and the judgements you learned in them? Change this, and your world will change.

In truth, the reality is that you would be meeting no one, and the sharing of love, which makes the encounter holy, is, and always will be, excluded from your sight. Spirit teaches us that one always meets oneself, for we are all created beings drawn in Love by Love from the same holy wellspring of Love, and the encounter is always holy because each of you are. This world teaches you that you always encounter your past, and because your dreams and illusions are not holy, the future cannot be, and so you fear your present is without meaning. This is not our way. Nor is the way of the Universe. It is like ‘this’ only here.

It is evident to us that our perception of time is the exact opposite of yours. The reason for this is equally clear, for we each perceive the goal of time as diametrically opposed. We have learned to interpret time’s purpose as only rendering the need for it unnecessary. We regard the function of time as temporary, serving only as a tool for teaching, and so too the illusion of need for a teaching function is itself temporary by definition. Case in point. This. Here. Now. Our emphasis has always been and shall always be for the only aspect of time that can extend to the infinite. The ‘now’ is the closest approximation of eternity that this world offers. For us, it is in the reality of “now,” without a past or a future that the beginning of the appreciation of eternity lies. Your human idea of Creation is mistaken. Pretty sure about that. But it is what you have been taught. And it does not require forgiveness. You can unlearn any behavior. But you cannot unlearn who you truly are. The Universe doesn’t work that way either. For us, only “now” is here, and only “now” presents us with the opportunities for the holy encounters we seek in order to act for the preservation of this planet and its many species. Does a part of you recognize how loved each of you are in this statement? In this ‘now?’ We all share it. But some of do not. Very few of you live in the ‘now.’ Do you see?

The world and the majority of your species regards the function of time as one of extending itself instead of and in place of eternity, for the goal of time is itself separate from the truth of who each of you are. Time is your ‘enemy. To us, it is nothing. The continuity of past and future, under its direction, is the only purpose humanity perceives in time, and it closes over the present so throughly, and so convincingly, that no gap in its own continuity can occur. Its continuity, then, would seek to keep you imprisoned in time, while Spirit would release you from it. It is this interpretation of time your world and your species must learn to accept, if you would share our goal of helping you save your world. We have said this before, in many different ways, Alison. Love cannot enter where it is not welcome.

You will begin to interpret the function of time differently as your understanding of time grows. If you accept your function in this world, in this moment, as one of teaching and healing, you will emphasize the only aspect of time in which that teaching and healing can occur. Neither can be accomplished in the past. It must be accomplished in the present to release the future. Our interpretation, our Love, ties the future to the present, and extends the present rather than the past. This world is opposite. And each of you knows this in your deepest selves. This is your power. Time will be as you interpret it, for of itself it is nothing. Each one of you, however, are everything. This is truth.

Jumping sideways in time

Last week the mothership crop circle had an internal line between the inside part and the outer ring of symbols. As of Monday when the pictures of the crop circle popped back up – that line is gone from the circle.

This is the first time that I have seen external evidence of a sideways jump. Usually the energy and emotional tenor of things feel different to me. This time I really didn’t notice that, But I saw the difference, in a picture.

Which brings up a number of questions for me because my personal Mandela effect has changed. What the Mandela effect has been for me was pretty intangible to others. I would just know that the fabric of the world I was in was different enough for my body to feel it and inform me of that fact. There was never anything different in the outer world that I could point out to anybody. Like everybody else, it was Berenstein Bears – not Barenstain, and Mandela did die in prison – I was devastated…so I remember that. But PERSONALLY in my personal life I’ve never had an effect so clearly happen in the now… all the other stuff was in the past when I discovered it – and usually since spelling and memory are NOT my strong suits, I chocked it all up to that. But this time I noticed!

So my questions are as follows:

  • Is it possible to loose anyone you know in the time flow?
  • Is it possible for the intrinsic emotional link to change or alter? Like they don’t remember you the same way so the way they act towards you is different?
  • Is it possible that your memory of them changes but you don’t remember??
  • Would then a marker of some kind at a juncture in spacetime be able to re-mind you?
  • In jumping sideways could you wind up in a universe where your deceased spouse still lives? (obviously you would not wind up in one where you were deceased…I don’t think…)

If time is an illusion and everything is in the now – then all choices and branching would be layered and side by side – what happens when we wake up in a different one and how did we get there?

Through choice?

Through resonance?

Through convergence?


Or is love the core frequency of the universe such that IT is the glue that keeps us together – calls us back to each other, keeps us tethered by feeling?


I’m open to suggestions here….

This is how your world will end. By Maia Dalma

If you were hanging out on Solar Warden, having a philosophical moment, it might look like this:

I counted at least twelve. It looked like a battle group. They are from the 24. Adrija’s people. They have taken up position. They will loiter until it is time. They have come for disclosure. It is imminent. No date. They want to meet you. Next week. The male and female. Hope and fear. Increase one. Lessen the other. It will be a challenge like no other we have faced. I have finished the AAR. Look for it. They have placed three on station. Our world is ending, baby. At least the one we thought we knew. I have shared this before. It has greater meaning to me now.

Everyone wants to know if the end of their world is near. Deep inside each of them a part of each one knows that change is on their horizon. The preppers are prepping. The preachers are preaching. Our ‘leaders’ all have underground bunkers prepared for Onset. The survivalists want to survive. The faithful want to believe. And each of them believes that each of them is right. They are. All of them are right. To a degree. But those degrees are all equally insane. They each have their own piece of the puzzle and those pieces are starting to fall together. You did not choose this road, baby. It has chosen you. And none of them need to believe it. The world each of them knows is ending. There is no stopping what comes. They will each realize this in the moment as it unfolds. In that moment, the thought system of their world will die, and changes that must occur will occur, and the thinking that must be reversed completely, will reverse, and the world they each think they know will end. Until then, bits and pieces of its insane thinking will still seem sensible. But this is about to change.

Humanity’s great lesson, which is quickly closing on them, will bring the ending of the world as each of them knows it, but like so many other ideas whose time has come, this idea cannot yet be fully grasped by those not yet prepared to leave the poisoned, dying, divided madhouse this world has become and go beyond its tiny reach. Humanity reaches for the stars. Like little children. And yet each of them ask in themselves in that same moment, ‘How will it all end?’ Everyone seems to have their own ideas about what is and is not sustainable. Look around the world. Tell us what each of you sees. Do you see what we see? The very things that unite you as a species can also divide you. Water…food…and in the hunger and thirst of that moment, the world you think you know will end. But not like any of you truly believe. And not as any of you fear. The world is tired. It is weary. And nature is about to rebel.

This is how your world will end. It will end in joy, because this world is a place of sorrow. When the end of this world comes, the purpose of this world will be gone. This world will end in peace, because humanity has made it a place of constant war. When peace has come, what is the purpose of the world humanity has built? Your world will end in laughter, because this world is a place of tears. Where there is laughter in the end of anything, who could weep for what has ended?

In a blessing will the world you think you know depart, the one humanity has made…the poisoned dying world that greed and ego have built to rule and to destroy. Rest assured that this world will not end as it began. To turn the hell humanity has made of it into the heaven it was meant to be is the lesson humanity is about to learn, for what humanity has taught its children are but the illusions of lessons in which humanity’s ideas of hell are all reflected.

This is not the way of the Universe. Nor is it the way of a civilization that has advanced beyond its own self-created extinction. Humanity’s time in this insane hell is nearly finished. Nearly done. Look around your world. The time is not soon. The time of the end of the world you think you know is now. Look around this world and tell us the truth of what each of you sees?

The question remains. How? This is Disclosure. It is also called Apocalypse. The end of the world as you know it.

The AAR will post on SM2 within the hour. Share it with Paó-Li. Release the photographs.

If…  is maybe not so far away

Conversations with Maia Dalma on the previous article: IMO

There was, to my great surprise, quite the conversation going on around this last article. It seems to have hit a common nerve amongst those of us who are trying to keep a finger on what is currently going on in the bigger picture: in the solar system and beyond. Maia Dalma and I have had this conversation in many ways and through many lenses over the last year. Always Maia’s perspective is unique, a mixture of many things, intriguing and inspiring.

One of the best posts was ‘9 Days’, on its third or fourth go-round in social media. This is well worth the re-read if only because it fits snugly into the topic of this current post. If you have ever wondered what the energetic ‘event’ might feel like from the inside out, and why it will effectively wake us up and brings us together, here it is.

There were many wonderous replies underneath the face book posting for IMO and they closely fit the hearts and minds of us all. I urge you to go see. These people are awake and aware! Maia, continued in great detail on a separate post – about peace and insanity. In one way I think if you were to look at us from a different value system, IE: one that doesn’t come from any of the matrix controlled minds, this is what you would see.


We have answered this question before, Alison. It is not as complex as our egos would have us believe. It’s actually pretty simple. Conflict is the answer to the question. ‘Why can we not know peace?’ is the question. To us, there are no degrees of truth in any of your specie’s illusions. They are all equally mistaken. Your species speaks of ‘law’ as though your species were the sole author of it. Creation is not mistaken in Its truth. All of you are about to learn this in an entirely irrefutable way. The ‘laws’ your world and humanity have created, and serve like boot-licking slaves, are nothing but the laws of chaos. Look around the world and tell us this is not so. Though you each may occasionally bring them to the ‘light’ of your understandings, these ‘laws’ cannot be understood, for they are all equally insane.

Each of you believe ‘your’ truth is the only one. And in your individual ‘truths’ you believe you are separate and alone, set off from all the others who share your world, and others who share this universe. Your hierarchy of illusions in this world tells each of you that some of your illusions are more valuable than others and therefore must be true. But in reality, they are all equally false.

Each one of you establishes this order of ‘truth’ for himself, and each of you makes it ‘true’ by your judgement or attack on what another values. This is how it is done. Yet your collective values govern nothing. And this is clearly evidenced by the madhouse your world has become. Because your collective values differ, an attack on another can be justified because what is different is ‘unlike,’ and what is ‘unlike’ must be the enemy of what is ‘same.’ And each of you ‘hates’ what is not ‘same.’ And what you hate, you fear. And what you fear, you attempt to destroy. It sounds humiliatingly simple, doesn’t it? Do you see the link, Alison? It’s pretty obvious to us. We know this. Every culture in the universe must one day acknowledge the laws of chaos in its evolution, or perish by them, for it is in those ‘laws’ that ‘what calls for forgiveness, instead deserves attack and death.’ This is humanity as it is now ruled by these ‘laws.’ Now. Today. Here. Planet Earth. Terra.

To answer your question, this is humanity’s present choice in a nutshell. Is this really what you wanted? To know? What you must do? The answer to this question is equally simple, as well. Learn and change, and thus evolve. Or. Continue on this road, embracing old ideas. Both choices have consequences. The cause and effect of learning and changing is represented in one timeline filled with peace and hope. The opposite… Failing this… Is represented in another. One offers untold promise. The other offers untold guarantees. If humanity decides for the status quo, your species will not see the light of a new dawn of man. Instead it will witness an unimaginable darkness and the tragic end of itself. You would not be the first civilization in your planet’s history to do so, nor would you be the first species on this planet in this Universe to make that mistake. Know this, gently, Alison, but know this. The arrogance on which ‘these’ laws of chaos stand in this world, could not be more apparent than in what emerges for ‘sanity’ here on this planet. Peace is not a state of being here. It is a state of wishful mind. Is this humanity’s sole defining principle that describes the fealty your species has to Its Creator? Apparently. Our shared Creator of our Reality is defined and described a little differently. And it is not what humanity says He must be, or what humanity says He must think or what He must believe, or how He must respond, if He believes as humanity believes. Your collective Faiths are your species’ truth. Actions do in fact speak louder than words. A hollow, empty faith is not a faith at all. It is hubris. You may call it whatever you choose. The point is moot. And the audience is mostly deaf.

In your specie’s mistaken arrogance, it is not seen as even necessary that ‘God’ or Creation be asked about the truth of what has been established for humanity’s collective disparate beliefs in It. The Cosmos is at peace. It’s Laws are defined by Creation. Your ‘laws’ are defined by what is ‘legal,’ not what is ‘right.’ This leads humanity directly to the preposterous belief that seems to make chaos on this planet appear to be normal, and makes it seem forever, and eternal. You each think you are God. In your individual world’s, to some degree, you are. But in the whole of Creation, you are still a part of and must obey the Laws of One. We know our Creator, Alison. We also know by ‘faith’ that we are created beings, ruled by a Sovereign Power that is in us, but not of us. Apparently, some of you think that Creation has made a mistake. And according to most of mankind, if man cannot be mistaken in his beliefs, God must accept what humanity thinks He and Creation actually are, and suspecting you might be wrong, fearing you might be wrong, you thus logically and predictably hate both for it. Good luck with a faith that has no work. Look around you. What you believe as a separated, warring species consumed by greed, you have in fact built yourselves by hand. And what you once thought you ‘believed’ as a species is demonstrated in the dying world you are now beginning to reject. No, Alison. It does not end well. For any of us.

None of you can see now how the fear of Creation is reinforced by the weakness of your faith. Not a one of you. Or how humanity’s entire thought system is based on fear. This is blindness, Alison. You are not angry. You are afraid. And what is fear but the absence of love? Now has it become impossible to turn to God for any help in all of your planet’s misery. Creation has become a joke with a human punchline. Instead, you turn to each other, searching for ‘sameness.’ And you find it in your fear. Your cause for the world has always been and still becomes retribution and nothing more. What will you teach your children in your wisdom? For now, Creation has indeed become humanity’s “enemy.” And ‘to destroy’ by fear is all you really know how to do. What happened to ‘Built by Love?’ And so… bottom line… each of you believe that God has caused all your pain, or has permitted it, and so now to Him by any of you, any kind of appeal for mercy becomes pointlessly and impossibly useless. We have seen this thought system before. And you may find it for yourselves in all the various sundry litter of the many ancient abandoned monuments built to human greed and power in the past. Connect the dots. You are a smart woman.

Any salvation that once lay in faith, now lies majestically within each of you. You whose every aspect seems to be now at war with Creation, as well as with each other. And now that all of you are so thoroughly and insanely convinced and justified in your plans for self-destruction, retribution, or vengeance, that God Himself could not change the course you have chosen. Pack lightly for your journeys in that decision. The clothes on your backs will suffice.

Greed and corruption, hatred and fear. These are human mantras. And as you chant them moment by moment, so is global conflict on an epic scale made inevitable, and destruction become inescapable because greed and corruption have become the defacto saviors of your world, and so now does humanity drift beyond the help of a Power Greater than Itself. And now does healing in this world yet remain impossible, because the few redeeming qualities of humankind have themselves become a fraud, and your ‘truth’ has become your greatest enemy. There will be no release and no escape from the future we design in apathy for any of us. Where will we run? Your bright collective future is a delicious illusion when framed in the context of constant conflict and war. And your future, like ours, thus becomes a myth, and vengeance, not forgiveness, becomes the ‘will and living legacy’ of man.

From where all this begins, Alison, there appears to be no sight of help that can succeed in saving this planet from the chaos man has embraced. Only destruction can be the outcome. And God Himself seems to be siding with it, to finally overcome the bitter, lonely illusion His Child, YOU, has come to believe he is in this world. Do not think for a moment that human ego will enable any of you to find escape from what it wants for all of you. And do not think in this moment that God or Creation cares one whit about what your collective egos value or what any of your individual egos cherish. The Universe does not work this way. Our collective desires becomes its central idea. So be careful with this. Having is never the same as wanting. To answer this aspect of your question, Is there help? Yes. But Love cannot enter where it is not wanted. That ‘help’ will not arrive unless it is desired. This, too, is ‘how’ the Universe works.

You will each draw to yourselves the truth of your individual existence. And vengeance, hubris, deception, corruption, and vanity appears now to be the road we will all collectively take to find it. There is not a hole beneath any mountain deep enough to hide from the consequence of self-betrayal.

Thus will each of us, and we include ourselves, the so-called ‘guilty ones,’ one day protest our “innocence.” We will each say that ‘Were we not forced into this foul attack by the unscrupulous behavior of our enemy, we would have responded only with kindness.’ Look in a mirror, Alison. Tell me this is not true… In a savage world the kind cannot survive, so they must take or else be taken from. It is not our world we describe. It is yours.

Here is a partial answer to the vague unanswered question you asked, Alison, but here it is not yet quite fully “explained.” What is this precious thing, this priceless pearl, this hidden secret treasure, to be wrested in righteous wrath from this most treacherous and cunning enemy? And who is the ‘enemy?’ Peace? Truth? And where may you find him, or it? In Islam? Christianity? In Politics? In racism? In power? Status? Wealth? One’s ego? Treachery in any thought or deed by our individual egos demand our death that what we think is Spirit may somehow endure and live. And yet we ALWAYS argue that we attacked only in self-defense. But what is it that any of us want that needs death? Peace? This world is insane. Can we ever be so sure that any of our murderous attacks on anyone or anything is justified unless we know what it is for? Peace. Our attacks are for continued peace. Ok…

This is where the laws of chaos come to humanity’s “rescue.” It always has. It always does. It holds that there is a substitute for love. Vengeance and retribution are the magic that will cure all of your pain; the missing factor in your madness that makes it “sane.” This is the reason why you must attack. And you do it casually, without thinking, and without any idea to the consequences you invite in the decision. Here is what makes your world’s vengeance justified.

Behold, unveiled, your species’ secret gift, torn from your brother’s body, wrenched from him by you with hands that feel but act alone on thought. We take from those we are commanded to love, not by willful intent, but by intentional indifference. Our brain does not think and our hearts do not feel. And as we do or do not do, we deceive ourselves about what we have hidden in our hearts in malice or in hatred for the one to whom the gift of Love originally belonged. The one we judge is the same one who would deprive us of the secret ingredient that would give meaning to our lives. The substitute for that love, born of our enmity to our brother, any brother, must be…it must be our salvation. For we have paid so much in blood and soul for it. It need be true. By God or Allah it need be true. For it has no substitute, and there is only one. And so all our actions must have but the singleness of purpose of seizing it and making it our own.

But this is not peace, Alison. And we cannot find peace by searching for it in war. Not on a global scale or any intimately personal level. This is our mad, insane world: the one each of us believes is true, and we defy anyone to tell us this is not so; madness is sanity, illusions are true, attack is kindness, hatred is love, and murder is benediction. These are the hidden goals the laws of chaos continue to serve and humanity continues to teach. These are the means by which the laws of Creation appear to be reversed in a world and life you have labeled ‘farce.’ Here on this planet, unique in all Creation, do the laws of mankind appear to hold Love captive, and so let evil wander sovereign in a paradise turned to hell.

Know that your time in this illusion is almost done. Make your peace in it. Turn to your enemy and make your peace with him. Or believe whatever you choose in it. Pray to whatever God is holy to you in it. But however each of you individually understands it, be cautious. Understanding what you think you ‘know’ as ‘truth’ is not the measure of your mastery in it.

We look upon a forgiven world, Alison. Creation loves it enough to save it. Humanity and its ego hates it enough to destroy it. The battle is not for your life. The battle is for your world. Look around. And ask one last question. Who BUT you can save it? Your species has so much to learn about who you really are. The truth will one day surprise you. That… We will promise…

And thusly I had questions….

But what if we live within the laws without being ruled by them to accomplish a purpose while we are here – for to break them would nullify all effort to help by incarceration. Can we not be with in a system and still not let it ‘rule’ us?

One of the reasons some of us stay separate is exactly because our values are very outside of the norm and we can’t count ourselves among the madding crowd for just that reason. We don’t hate because of that. We simply do NOT understand. We find no solution for the hate either.

I know wishing for something is not the same as being it – but we backwards backwater people must start somewhere and if that is in a wish – a desire, so be it. May the laws of attraction then teach us. For teaching is what we need, those us who are over and done with this world, who wanted to leave 10 minutes after being born, for those of us who came here with a job and find no way to do it.

Humanity has been told what God is for Eons. When we realized we were being lied to we looked inside for that. Some found a thread of truth there and even that was twisted and turned wrong. We are not god – we are a product of God. With all the responsibility that entails. And yes this world would have us believe we are nothing and no one and left behind bereft, abandoned by God except by through an intermediary with the appropriate funds given….

Some of us would want to know creation truly, without the twist it’s been given on this planet. We are not afraid – except that we will fail in our task to help. We are bewildered.

What do we need to change? Our Hearts, our minds our actions??? If we could but understand what was needed all of us would heartily do, become and feel it.

And yes, once we came here to help, we took on this mantle of guilt as part of the job. But what good is it if it doesn’t teach?

Realize in this place here the only thing we have as a way-shower is pain and the need to move away from it. To make it cease. There is no over the top path out of this – it can only be straight up through the middle.

I need to learn how to help. I understand your words but don’t. I am trying so hard to help, but tell what needs be done and I’ll do it because up to this point nothing any help has sent has worked before it was found and twisted.

And I was answered with this… in the blink of an eye….

Alison, the Nazarene spoke in parables for a reason. It made people ask the single biggest question, ‘What does it mean?’ The fact that you ask so many questions tells us that you are ready for answers. Ready is good. It also means that you are paying attention. The Universe answers. Trust this. It hears all prayer. It hears yours. Calm the part of you that is angry, and heal the part of you that feels hopeless

The old world must end before a new one can begin. Your fear is that it will take an enormous amount of time. You are mistaken. It will change one to the next in what seems like an instant. Or so it will appear in looking back. Trust this as well. We do.

To whit – I would submit that David Icke was right – 4th density is just out of perceived light and that when our collective vibration is supercharged, in an instant we will see this new earth, we will be there. We will have another chance to reach for that peace and the dream we all have in our hearts.

May it be so.


IMO: yep, here it comes, another one. (warning – bad language)

This is how my ass was kicked to the curb last night. Am since well slept and well recovered. I am wondering if I was not hit with some form of mind control last night as it was searingly emotional and very unlike me. I read Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2  August 2016,  and the realization hit that we are on the brink of abject failure in this – and the cost will be so dear if we fail!  I was talking to a friend with a compassionate ear last night, who, just let me rant. The below is raw, but here it is anyway.

This brings up such emotions of anger desperation, wanting to cry, wanting force this to happen in the most positive mode now, (and there is no way to ‘force’ anything – it would be as stupid as what is going on now: two wrongs do not make a right) and knowing we are so far behind the curve that there is very little that can be done…. This is the very core of my exhaustion and yet my hope… We just can’t fuck this up yet one more time. I can’t. I will be lost. And it is so iffy – the miracle need for this is so immense…. What a damned mess!

And I can’t just walk away. No one can This has been STUPID FUCKING EONS of time!!!! We need to END the damned thing!!!!! And I wonder if this has been stated this way just to make us wake up and move. But the weight I feel is so ancient I know it is true. I am screaming in my soul! Damnit There is NO time left. This isn’t the final second… it’s the final nanosecond.

And I knew it was going to come down to this. The ancient of ancient battles may be lost and my heart is tearing apart.

We are fucked. Basically. This will not end well. My heart breaks. I am blessing everything in sight for the beauty it has held.

I am pretty sure he did not see it in his words or would not have published it. We as a planet are a mess. We will not make ascension – and we will have to lose this lovely place. I have no words for how sacred Gaia is to me – what it means, how I love her creatures. The time is now, and those of us who are trying are very late to the party. There are not enough of us to turn the tide. I am angry and desolate of spirit. I am just like everybody else I hate the truth especially when it means we have lost the fight. I apologize for dumping on you, it’s not like you don’t have enough on your plate. You and yours the only ones I knew who would understand. Take this and witness it. No need for other words, my friend. Peace and love to you and yours. My heart breaks for the whole planet.

We did this and then we slept. And we are still comatose.

It’s about Gaia and all her cells, her lives, her …everything!!! I suppose it is about me and what I wanted. I wanted her and everything to continue, heal and get better and all the dreams to come true. To be able to love all the creatures and …just love them. It can’t end. It just can’t. I know energy doesn’t but that’s not what I mean. Damnit I’m messed up tonight and I am going to drink. Read that damned posting and tell me if you do not see the handwriting on the fucking wall. Good night. I’m not fit for consumption, human or otherwise tonight. Peace.


One can only hope that the below is true, and that the majority of these consciousnesses have a positive impact giving us the push we need. (a little hope?)

I was not shocked to hear that there were energetic, cosmological and mass-consciousness components to what was occurring in our solar system. However, I was surprised to discover how much our mass consciousness was influencing this reality. Tear-Eir then communicated that every last human on the planet was an important contributor in this process, none being more important or special than another. It was a message of Oneness – the central premise of the Law of One series.

“He” further communicated that the consciousness of other beings – now trapped in our solar system – were also contributing to the process. Tear-Eir then communicated that the increased energetic waves were causing behavioral changes on Earth, as well as on various bases and vessels that resided within our star system. This also was interfering with the “behavioral modification” grid that has influenced the thoughts and behavior of people on this planet for many thousands of years. As a result, this grid had to be turned up to its maximum power level to have the desired effects on the population, which I was told would also increase its side effects. From <>

And could this be what happened to me last night? Or, could it have been what the astrologer said about Mars and Saturn out of retrograde or both? Either way it was very strong.

The energetic changes and increased power to the mind control grid were causing people to begin to behave erratically, and become apathetic and ineffective. I had noticed this effect on both myself and those operating around me in recent months.

Tear-Eir then stated that we had reached the point of an increased merging of “temporal realities” that would continue exponentially as the energy emanating from our star increased.

And as you read further on in the article you understand that just like children hiding from the switch that will hit their behind for bad behavior, nobody can come to terms with what should happen next. And while they dicker about the tiny shit, this wave of change is bearing down on us literally with light speed and we ARE TOTALLY UNPREPARED! Can anyone say cluster-fuck???

I know my language in this piece is quite uncivilized, but people, Damnit!!!! We are, from my vantage point, quite fucked. We have less than the instant of a thought to make a decision on this and we are stuck counting the grains of sand that are going to be pounded you know where!

I don’t know about you all, but I love this place, this Gaia, her many lives that make her who she is – the trees and animals, the water and air, her fire, all who reside on her and in her. The beauty laid out before my eyes daily overwhelms me. My dream is to heal her, to return the love and support that has patiently seen us countless times fall and regrow. It is now our turn to turn around and offer the same back to her. To make this place a true heaven on earth, to blend with her and help heal and create what has been her vision of a green-blue gem hanging in the vastness of space singing a song of impossible beauty and love to the universe.

Please help.

Go read this. The Fadernauts – we have each other’s backs in the war on disinformation.


Go read this. The Fadernauts – we have each other’s backs in the war on disinformation.

How many of you remember this? I do! I was very excited. I also remember the ensuing fracas. So, I submit to you this article for your review because we are a community that also has each other’s backs. We continually Do our due diligence and gently, but firmly keep each other straight. I am proud of us.


Discernment Case Study: The Awakening Community was Deceived | This Man Cracked Tesla’s Secrets so the Internet Had Him “Killed”

Jim Murray Holding a Newspaper from December 12, 2015,
to prove he did not die in September.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The is article is a follow up to Ground Breaking Discovery: Man Solves Tesla’s Secret to Amplifying Power by Nearly 5000%.

The article mentioned above went viral shortly after it was published in September 2015. But the reaction from the awakening community was sobering, to say the least.

Murray’s fake internet killing is one case of groupthink and mass mind control manipulation at its finest. Whether this came from government sources or just undiscerning people, the effect was the same: a man who, by all accounts, is genuinely trying to make the world a better place, was vilified and stoned to death—to use a metaphor from antiquity.

Those who did not verify the claim of his death, saying he was dead, became unwitting disinformation agents and helped tie back a discovery that could have positively affected their lives. Surely, we can’t let this event be forgotten.

As an awakening community, it is imperative that we keep an open mind, which is another way of saying to recognize that our knowledge is limited, and we must always be open to changing our conclusions. We must take care to verify a theory or premise to the best of our ability, else we cause great harm to the freedom movement in general.

And we have each other to help us in this regard. Instead looking for an error in someone’s thinking as a way to publically berate them, offer it up with compassion. If we can look at truth-seeking as a group activity—where I have your back and you have mine—then we’ll make much more progress than a rabble of individuals running in every direction. The controllers of this world are highly organized and coordinated, using think tanks and alliances to maximize their individual potentials. Perhaps we should consider doing the same

From <>

Questions and Observations: excerpts from external world recovery progress notebook

Time started shifting for me back in the mid 1980’s. I remember very distinctly waking up and feeling something was off. It was about the time I started to have anomalous rt. ear sounds like falling water, on and off and also high pitched tones intermittently in both ears. During this time I would also have ‘energy shocks’ running my spine that would feel like I stuck my finger in an outlet and make even my teeth hurt. It got more frequent in 2000, at least once a week I woke feeling like I had moved sideways in time. The high pitched hissing in my ears has been continuous since then also, with intermittent clear high tones. I can always tell one is coming on because the hissing gets louder culminating in a tone in one or the other ear. I am still jumping sideways in the time stream, I’m just not that concerned about it negatively speaking anymore – my wish is to live on/in a time line where all that and whom I love all have wonderful loving lives. Where they all reach their best potential and are safe and happy.

There have been at least 5 or 6 places in my life where the passion, or life force has diminished and changed the intensity of my capacity for living and being invested in my life. These have always been life shifting events where the overall direction of my life and my understanding of it have radically changed. Did I cross time lines at those points? If so why? How would we ever find out??

Question, if you have lost time, would you really notice that you have lost time unless you were meant to notice?

Two points: One is where you would be returned before you had missing time and the other would happen in such a manner that neither you or those circumstances and people around you would either remember or reflect that missing time so that you could notice.

The anomaly of face symmetry – very noticeable sagging or size differences right to left.

In so many people I watch in interviews the visual facial symmetry is very off. As to whether this is natural or not – I am not sure – but in a couple of people – especially high profile information disseminators it seems to be very very pronounced.   -Why? (I have some of those same anomalies)

The phrase ” To where”

This gets my english properly spoken irk going. I cringe when I hear it. Is it a trigger? Or is it something common to a certain set of people with a certain set of circumstances that are similar – like MK programming or a specific ET liaisons, or a certain set of information?? Am I supposed to notice something? These people I have noticed use the idiom frequently: Sgt. Clifford Stone, Corey Goode, Damon T Berry. I realize it’s an idiom, but is it geographically common to a place, linked to training by a specific person or school, or …what?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines this use of “to where” as American dialect meaning “to such an extent that” or “to or at a point, position, etc., such that.” Here are the first three OED citations, all from Southern novelists:

1933, from South Moon Under, by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: “Is your loggin’ to where you kin leave it for a whiles?”

1938, from The Yearling, also by Rawlings: “My grand-pappy got hisself stung oncet to where he was in the bed a fortnight.”

1960, from To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee: “Having developed my talent to where I could throw up a stick and almost catch it coming down.”

From <>


Then there is the issue of the ‘color’ of the sunlight changing. Well if the color has gone more blue, then its frequency has gotten faster and there are days when this is really noticeable! See the chart.

The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. Because all light waves move through a vacuum at the same speed, the number of wave crests passing by a given point in one second depends on the wavelength.

Color term,
light source, or dye
Wavelength, nm Frequency, THz Hue
Red 740–625[4] 405–479 A traditional, broad color term, which includes some nearby non-spectral hues. The short-wave boundary can extend to 620 or even about 610 nanometres
• Extreme spectral red = red (CIE RGB) × 740 405   ? Exact spectrum has more influence on luminance than on chromaticity in this band; chromaticities are almost the same for these two variants
• red (Wide-gamut RGB primary)[5] × ≈ 700 ≈ 428   ?
Helium–neon laser × 634 473   ?
• Some carmine dyes × NIR–602[6] NIR–497   ? Near-spectral, but other parts of carmine (color) are purple
• red (sRGB primary) 614–609 488–492 Noticeably non-spectral
Orange 620–585
0°–30° The short-wave (yellowish) part corresponds to amber, the long-wave (reddish) side nears (or includes) RGB red above.
Yellow 585–560
A traditional color term
Sodium-vapor lamp ≈ 589 ≈ 508   ?
• yellow (NCS) ? ? 50° Gold has almost identical chromaticity at h = 51°
Munsell 5Y for V = 10, C = 22[7] ≈ 577 ≈ 519   ?
process (canary) yellow ? ? 56°
• yellow (sRGB secondary) ≈ 570 ? 60°
Chartreuse yellow ? ? 68°
  Lime ≈ 564 ? ≈ 75° May be classified as either green or yellow
Green 565–??? 530–??? A traditional, broad color term
Chartreuse green ? ? 90°
• Bright green ≈ 556 ? 96°
Harlequin ≈ 552 ? 105°
• green (sRGB primary) ≈ 549 ≈ 547 120° Noticeably non-spectral
• green (Wide-gamut RGB primary)[5] × ≈ 525 ≈ 571   ? Almost spectral
Spring green (sRGB definition) × ? ? 150° May lie rather far from the spectrum
• green (NCS) × ? ? 160°
Munsell 5G for V = 4, C = 29[7][8] × ≈ 503 ≈ 597 (?)≈ 163°

Cyan 500+–480[9]
Sometimes included (or overlaps) with blue, terminological distinction between the two is inconsistent
Turquoise × ? ? ≈ 175° Most of “turquoise” lies far away of the spectrum
• cyan (sRGB secondary) × ? ? 180° Lie rather far from the spectrum
process cyan × ? ? 193°
Blue 490–450
A traditional, broad color term, which used to include cyan
• blue (NCS) × ? ? 197° Lies rather far from the spectrum
Azure (sRGB definition) × ≈ 488 ≈ 614 ≈ 210° May lie rather far from the spectrum
Munsell 5B for V = 5, C = 20[7] × ≈ 482 ≈ 622 (?)≈ 225°

• blue (RGB primary) 466–436[10] ? 240°
(of sRGB)
May be classified as indigo or (if indigo is omitted) as violet
  Indigo ≈ 446 ≈ 672 (?)≈ 243°

Definition is controversial, this wavelength least disputably belongs to “indigo”
Violet × 450–400
up to 277°

Far spectral violet is very dim and rarely seen. The term also extends to purples

Which would mean that the sun’s frequency has gotten faster too – which just might mean that we really are moving through an area of space that is making everything vibrate faster and that part of the ascension theory is correct.

Kruithof curve

The Kruithof curve, with an example light source; D65 (Northern daylight), inside the pleasing region.[1]


The Kruithof curve describes a region of illuminance levels and color temperatures that are often viewed as comfortable or pleasing to an observer. The curve was constructed from psychophysical data collected by Dutch physicist Arie Andries Kruithof,[2] though the original experimental data is not present on the curve itself. Lighting conditions within the bounded region were empirically assessed as being pleasing or natural, whereas conditions outside of the region were considered uncomfortable, displeasing or unnatural.[3] The Kruithof curve is a sufficient model for describing pleasing sources that are considered natural or closely resemble Plankian black bodies.

For example, natural daylight has a color temperature of 6500 K and an illuminance of about 104 to 105 lux. This color temperature–illuminance pair results in natural color rendition, but if viewed at a low illuminance, would appear bluish. At typical indoor office illuminance levels of about 400 lux, pleasing color temperatures are lower (between 3000 and 6000 K), and at typical home illuminance levels of about 75 lux, pleasing color temperatures are even lower (between 2400 and 2700 K). These color temperature-illuminance pairs are often achieved with fluorescent and incandescent sources, respectively. It is noteworthy that the pleasing region of the curve contains color temperatures and illuminance levels comparable to naturally lit environments.

From <>


That some of us feel uncomfortable in slightly bluer light is an evolutionary trait. It is also a preference due to living and being accustomed to a certain ‘normal’ wavelength due to geographical location, as we all know that the light changes throughout the seasons slightly determined by the slant of the earth relative to the sun. What has thrown most people off is that the slight variances perceived are in the ‘wrong’ season. I have noticed. However, I like bluer light as it has a watery feel to it and I always feel more relaxed in it, and is the reason I like dawn and dusk. How are you perceiving the light and how is it affecting you?

My animals are communicating much easier with me. It’s weird. Not like I am ‘hearing’ them in my head, just that one of them will be looking directly at me and all of a sudden I know what they want. I am enjoying this part….

These are all little nit-picks, but they begin to add up to a strangeness quotient. Things I have begun to notice while taking myself off this continuous diet of electronic mind control and madness while searching out my quiet center so I can perceive instead of being told what I am perceiving…

One last really weird little foot note here, at the bottom of this program I am writing in where it gives you your word count, it says: Draft saved 3:52:55 August 19, 2016. Looking up at my clock on the wall, it says – 11:48!!  and it better because I have to leave to go get grands from school, and unlike Alice, I can’t be late!!

And in THIS ONE, it thinks it’s 5:16 PM…


The Revolt on Mars!

It was with no little relief that I heard last night that the colonists on Mars have begun a revolt against their ICC controllers. We hear from Corey Goode that the colonists in the manufacturing facilities there were told as a ‘Social Experiment’ that we on the planet earth had all died and that a nuclear winter was in process on the planet, so they had no place to go back to. He went into detail about how down trodden and controlled they seemed to him, how drab and depressing life was where they worked and lived and how every aspect of their lives was controlled. Ever since that came out early on in his testimony I have felt so sorry for these people. Sorry that we couldn’t just march in there and save them, but that never works, does it?

Here is an excerpt from that interview. These are all available from the web site link at the bottom of the excerpt.

Cosmic Disclosure: Mars Colony Inspection

Season 1, Episode 7

And the way we entered in – there were quite a few of the colony’s security personnel that were accompanying us. And I had one of my security (people) on each side of me. And across from me were five of the colony’s security.

And as we were heading down very quickly – it was about 8km I think I heard them say, to the industrial complex – I was asked where I was from. And I made the mistake of saying “Texas”. (emphasis mine)

Well, I left out before, we were told that as we had landed, before we had entered into the checkpoint, the ICC representative told us “Listen, this particular base is a part of a social experiment that’s very important to humanity. Please don’t contaminate it! They were told that Earth was inhabitable..” from some sort of catastrophe of something, and that the only people, human beings, that survived were those on Mars and in the Space Program. So, I had pretty much messed up. (emphasis mine)

DW: Wow.

CG: Because I was recently sunburned and I had put on aloe and all kinds of stuff. I reeked of Earth, I was told.

DW: Do they all use similar hygiene products?

CG: Yes, they use all the exact same hygiene products. Gonzalez told me later on my deodorant, the lotions I used, the hair gel, everything – I totally smelled alien.

DW: So what happen on this guy’s face when you say “Texas”, and he thinks that the Earth has been destroyed?

CG: Well, the few in front of me immediately were like (glares)– you know, and they looked at each other. And they immediately started talking amongst themselves. And then my security guy, and the security guy next to him started talking. And the next thing I know, I see Gonzales’ poke out and his head crane over and look in my direction, and I didn’t even look at him. I just looked past the security guy and watched the blurry wall going by out the window until we stop. And then, we got out to begin the tour of the facility.

DW: What did Gonzales – when he looked at you, — what was the…

CG: I didn’t look at him. But he approached me very quickly afterwards, and he said he was thinking how he could salvage the situation. He was going to try to think of Texas being a secret facility or a secret vessel or something like that to try to save the situation.

DW: Do you think they were shown some sort of fake Hollywood style movie?

CG: Who knows? But what I do know is..

DW: That they believed it absolutely

CG: Yes. What I do know is that many of these people, especially during the brain-drain era and a little after, were being brought in, coerced to join these Mars colonies being told that the Earth was about to go through a catastrophe; that they were the best of the best, they were “special”, and they were a part of a “continuity of preservation of the human species” program to basically colonize Mars and eventually terraform Mars and restart the human race.

From <>

So when I heard this new bit of intel – what Randy Kramer called a rumor, I was very happy. Here are the time points from last night where you can hear Randy talk about it. It seems Corey Goode’s ‘gaff’ that got them thrown into a Mars jail and almost murdered and then rescued (further on in the testimony at the above site – good reading) was the linch pin that needed to be pulled to begin the awakening and then the revolt against the slavery system they had all been caught in since the 1960’s. I am quite joyful to hear this!

1:01:10 revolt amongst the colonists

1:02:04 we make good stuff – other species like it

1:03:06 natural disasters/industrial accidents caused by insurgents that had heard the ‘rumor’ that we

That rumor being started by Corey Goode while he and Gonzales were touring the manufacturing colony…”TEXAS!”

1:03:24 were NOT all dead on earth

1:04:19 we are told there is no life there, on Mars and they are told we are all dead here and earth is unlivable to DIVIDE AND CONQUER so that the controllers of each sphere have more control and we stay obedient.

1:16:35 Randy begins to explain the current uprising amongst the colonists/slaves/prisoners after they found out that the earth wasn’t really ruined. Gov’t fractionalized tending towards full on rebellion.

Listen here

I do expect that some time here in the next couple of months that we will begin our own rebellion, that when the elections collapse – which I fully expect them to, and the data dumps that are happening begin to be fully disseminated to the American public for exactly what they are telling us – what has really been going on, that we just might wake up enough to start our own rebellion against the power mongers on this planet. I am taking the Mars colonies as a model for how it will happen here. We cannot be helped until we help ourselves, and we cannot help ourselves until we want to, and we will not want to until we begin to see what has been going on here for the last 5,000 years (far beyond that but the last 5,000 years will do).

We really are at that tippy top point where we are teetering on the brink of a new direction. Let’s hope we can do this and do it well, with the least amount of damage and the greatest amount of open heartedness and the most stable equilibrium we can muster.

But let’s


Toruk: Cirque du Soleil, an invitation, of sorts…

Because it was the 16 year anniversary of the day we met – which really hit us both between our proverbial eyes, and because, I passed by Vegas on the way home from CITD 2016 and the 15 minutes it took to drive by on the freeway was worth 2 weeks of energetic disruption to me (so he’s never dragging me back – evar) we decided to go see TORUK right here in good ‘ol Indianapolis.
The ability to create an immersive and interactive theater experience, the engineering and creative design, and the psychology all combined to drag you into an amazing show. Not to mention the physical abilities of the performers the training and conditioning that only years of diligent work can create, then add to that the costuming – I was further amazed and entranced and lured in to this lovely show.
Then there were the effects created with the fabrics that the Cirque du Soleil are literally famous for and since their huge TV debut back in the 80’s have migrated into regular theater on sets like Phantom… The dragon being perhaps one of the most amazing feats I saw in the entire show.
Furtheryes, there are three furthers… So as not to exclude, or miss the younger set in these audiences, they had a downloadable app for your phone that allowed you to become a part of the show. Literally, a part of the show. You get to play with the lightening bugs at the beginning, and become the eyes of the enemy with your screen and the lightning storm with your flash. Also, the digital affects they used to change the back ground from rock to running water, to lava were mind blowingly real.
Further number two was the use of aroma. In two places at least that I noticed. One was around the fire – I smelled wood smoke and the next was when a certain blossom was found.

The third Further and by far the MOST unusual of all three was, at the climax of the show, when they were saving the world tree, underneath or with in the music was a bit of frequency mind control. I was stunned, to say the least. I had been paying attention – but I wasn’t riveted by the plot – I was riveted by the technical aspect of the scenery and was taking pictures. Even so – when the world tree was saved – the tree of souls – the tears were streaming down my face. My inner watcher promptly said “What the fuck?!” I noticed I had no control over it – and I looked at my husband who had tears streaming down his face too. And the inner watcher said, “PAY ATTENTION!” I was now not emotionally connected to the fantasy being played out in front of me at all – but cool and coldly observing the inner dichotomy going on. My body was weeping I felt the constriction in my throat, and the poignancy in my heart – and my mind stood back totally shocked at being so deftly manipulated. I am sure not many noticed that this was a produced effect because it seemed so natural as it came from the body as part of the show. But I was, because it made no sense. I wasn’t even tracking the emotional part of the story – I was trying to get pictures of the lighting…( Here is the link in face book – there are 75 shots of the whole show: TORUK AVATAR) And all I could think was, ‘Holy hell, if this is what some portion of mind control feels like, then we are in for a very interesting ride.’, because, unless you have had plenty of practice at it, you would be sucked right in without any discernment that it was all fake. One wonders then, if that is not what they are already doing to us in the world at large, and a reason why when you disconnect for a while from all the force-fed social media and TV hype etc., you feel so wonderful and then when you reconnect it feels so crazy-awful?
Just an observation here… A morsel to think about… Seriously…. Very Seriously, indeed.