Mirror, mirror, on the wall, are we all bat-shit-crazy?

The Mandela Effect (ME)

Dr. Blair Reich has been studying this effect for a while now. He has had a survey up on his web site, actually several of them. With one of those surveys one he has collected over 25,000 responses to various survey questions. In this Groovy Bean Interview with Justin Dechamps, Yvonne Palermo, they speak with Dr. Reich and go through some popular ME’s (Mandela Effects) along with how they came out in the research. This is highly interesting because Dr. Reich has done it right and has been able to ear mark the difference between just bad memory and remembering differently. All of which made great sense to me because I am one of those people who remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. I remember being very sad because of the effect I knew it would have on our forward history. Sort of what I illustrated in https://alsionsbells.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/let-me-help-an-idea-that-is-still-too-early/ .


This is an excerpt from an excellent article on the Stillness in the Storm Web site. I highly recommend you read it along with watching the above You Tube interview. As always Justin leaves no corner unexamined.

Dr. Reich is one amongst many investigators studying the Mandela Effect using methods that provides a robust set of data to analyze.

The survey (or quiz as he refers to it) is conducted in a way that produces a data set that can be compared to other survey takers. The results can be plotted and analyzed so as to determine to what degree these collective memory divergences are occurring. This survey allows investigators to pinpoint which events are remembered differently and how many people are collectively experiencing them. While 25,000 responses are only a small fraction of the population, it is enough to draw some initial suppositions.

Dr. Reich’s survey and paper are available below. Here is a comment he provided for this article:

The initial results suggest that while many people in the general population may suffer from a general failure of memory those who are extremely confident in their recollection are able to recall details of controlled experiments at an overwhelming 95-98.8%. This suggests that sub groups of people are very capable of highly accurate memories. What is interesting is that those same people who can get the controls correct with a high degree of accuracy suddenly disagree with recorded history with populations as high as 90% disagreeing with what’s recorded. Since the control suggests these people have no issues with memory it implies something else is likely the cause of the problem. From

Dr. Reich states in his paper that every day 100 to 300 people complete the survey. Also, the first 25,120 responses took over a year to collect but Dr. Reich on the 25th of September reported that in the past month alone an additional 6,620 responses have been received.

The number of cited Mandela Effects has increased over the past months, which some have suggested is evidence of timelines merging more rapidly or timeline jumping occurring more frequently. But confirmation bias cannot be ruled out either. As more people become aware of the Mandela Effect they search for examples that then confirm a presupposed belief in the phenomenon. From <https://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/09/Mandela-Effect-Surges-in-Popularity-A-Doctors-Survey-Results-Memory-Distortion-Timelines-Merging-Examples.html>

Intriguingly enough, in the Disney classic Snow White, one of the things they talk about is the intrinsic meaning change in some of these ME’s. Is it “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Or, is it “Magic mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all? This movie came out a VERY long time ago, back before our first reported modern UFO crash. I remember ‘Mirror, Mirror’ – which is an actual spell being cast – a summoning of the spirit of the mirror, as they point out. Calling it Magic Mirror, is not. I think it is interesting in light of all of David Wilcock’s information on the-They’s being a satanistic cult and how it has permeated our culture. The modern movie version has the mirror as an object – ‘magic mirror’. The first version has it summoning an entity through the mirror. Now that either means a healing of the time line, or a concealment of how to spell cast… Interesting idea. One would be what IMO would be a natural event, and the other would have the whole ME question as a manipulation of the general populace.

I would also like to draw your attention to an episode of X-Files in season three called ‘Wet Wired” Number 23. The episode first aired in the United States on May 10, 1996 on Fox. From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetwired> It’s about a device that emits a signal in between the series of pictures that constitute what we see on the TV, below our ability to consciously notice, that alter brain chemistry and behavior. Just a thought here…

So I will leave you with this mini survey and ask another question Do you think each time the Mandela effect is noticed, that it is different timelines merging with the one you are in, or is it the continued effects of only two timelines merging, the original organic time line and the deviated time line? Or do you think there is a deviation at all and it is just programming in between the lines in everything we see? Hmmmmm?


Paradigms: systems analysis

Have you noticed lately that there is a new mind paradigm going around for us alternative minds, who like to think we know what is going on, and therefor think we know what is getting ready to happen??? I finally understand that this is yet another mind control game.


  1. They get you centered on

a. a piece of misrepresented science factoid

b. and old prophesy

c. a new trend speculation

d. a piece of new age bunny-foo-foo

  1. They feed you just enough information to lead you on

  2. They create a ‘waiting for it’ state of mind.

  3. The end result of which is they feed so much information and dis-information that you become confused with potentialities.

This then keeps your mind unable to filter and actually find the connections, the node points where the information would actually make sense. It’s like panning for gold mixed in with fool’s gold, and even if you do find a relevant piece of information, you are still hanging waiting for the next thing to prove the theory you have latched on to.

It is a campaign designed to take thinking minds (if you are not aware of what is going on) and hang them up on useless trivia all while making you think it has the potential to change the world. Kind of just like the elections are doing to the main stream population.

Personally – if I see one more ‘The World Is Going To Drastically Change This Fall’ post, I’m gonna scream!! Please be aware that they wish you to WAIT. Wait and do nothing, wait and not live, wait and put off your life, wait and not create better strategies and problem solve for the future, wait and DO NOTHING! This effectively turns off your higher mind that would catch on to this game if only it wasn’t… waiting.

This ultimately frees up your creative intent to be used by them, instead of by you. It keeps us from choosing any step by confusing the issues and affectively mind controlling a segment of the population that could be very powerfully dangerous to their agenda. This potential that builds as back pressure can then be used by them to create something WE DID NOT CHOOSE.

You see even if we choose in tiny intermediate steps, at least we are choosing, and at every choosing a modification takes place in the timeline that creates our own destiny. Control that and you control the world. So, metaphorically they have us with our heads up our a**es!

As we go on with our lives trying to be informed and spreading the word, inadvertently we are also spreading their propaganda because it has been very skillfully placed and planned out since the early 1900’s. Recently I have come upon the idea that this is a far bigger, slimier game than I could ever want to realize. But I must, because I do not intend to play into their hands like the problem-reaction-solution scenario.

The drama triangle is a social model of human interaction – the triangle maps a type of destructive interaction that can occur between people in conflict.[2] The drama triangle model is a tool used in psychotherapy, specifically transactional analysis.

OriginThe Drama Triangle is a social model that was conceived by Stephen Karpman, M.D., a student studying under Eric Berne, M.D., the father of transactional analysis. Berne encouraged Karpman to publish what Berne referred to as “Karpman’s triangle”. Karpman’s article was published in 1968. Karpman received the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award in 1972 for this work.

Through popular usage and the work of Karpman and others, Karpman’s triangle has been adapted for use in structural analysis (defining the conflict roles of persecutor, victim, and rescuer) and transactional analysis (diagramming how participants switch roles in conflict).[3]

In the theory Karpman used triangles to map conflicted or drama-intense relationship transactions.[2] The Karpman Drama Triangle models the connection between personal responsibility and power in conflicts, and the destructive and shifting roles people play.[4] He defined three roles in the conflict; Persecutor, Rescuer (the one up positions) and Victim (one down position). Karpman placed these three roles on an inverted triangle and referred to them as being the three aspects, or faces of drama. Karpman, who had interests in acting and was a member of the Screen Actors Guild, chose the term “drama triangle” rather than the term “conflict triangle” as the Victim in his model is not intended to represent an actual victim, but rather someone feeling or acting like a victim.[2]

  • The Victim: The Victim’s stance is “Poor me!” The Victim feels victimized, oppressed, helpless, hopeless, powerless, ashamed, and seems unable to make decisions, solve problems, take pleasure in life, or achieve insight. The Victim, if not being persecuted, will seek out a Persecutor and also a Rescuer who will save the day but also perpetuate the Victim’s negative feelings.
  • The Rescuer:
  • Karpman drama triangle
    The rescuer’s line is “Let me help you.” A classic enabler, the Rescuer feels guilty if he/she doesn’t go to the rescue. Yet his/her rescuing has negative effects: It keeps the Victim dependent and gives the Victim permission to fail. The rewards derived from this rescue role are that the focus is taken off of the rescuer. When he/she focuses their energy on someone else, it enables them to ignore their own anxiety and issues. This rescue role is also very pivotal because their actual primary interest is really an avoidance of their own problems disguised as concern for the victim’s needs.
  • The Persecutor: The Persecutor insists, “It’s all your fault.” The Persecutor is controlling, blaming, critical, oppressive, angry, authoritative, rigid, and superior.
  • From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karpman_drama_triangle>

Looking at the above information this game is played by all who control society in a multitude of ways. You only need to rename the corners of the above triangle to see the various ways this strategy is employed. By the way it is possible to add more points making the triangle into a loop and that is called a conjugated loop. That is changed by interfering with the connection between any two points breaking down the entire system by destabilization.

  • Homeostasis. Systems have a tendency to maintain the status-quo. That is, they abhor change. Systems will do anything they can to keep things static.
  • Feedback loops. In order to maintain homeostasis, systems use feedback loops. Each part of the system provides information to the other parts of the system, which then adjust themselves accordingly. How does this manifest in a couple or family? Members of the system will influence each other with their behavior. Assuming the system was healthy to begin with, it becomes dysfunctional when homeostasis cannot be maintained.
  • Circular causality. In a system, it doesn’t matter where the problem started. Causality is not linear in that sense. Each part affects the other in a loop, so it doesn’t matter where you begin to examine the problem. You can start anywhere and still cover all of the bases. From <https://www.mastersincounseling.org/family-therapy-what-you-need-to-know.html>

Numbers one through four up at the top are considered a feedback loop. Take one of the points, start there and watch the system start to crumble before your own eyes. You will have broken the internal hold this artificial systems loop had on you.

I bring this up because listening to Race Hobbs last night, hearing just one more person talk about the disenfranchisement they were feeling with the alternative media the social media and the webs that it enfolds us in, made me realize that it is another grand game, because there are those who discovered the first game and got out of it – so another one was created, or was always there from the planning stage and soon we will discover another and another ( the haunting presence of the Matrix movie prophesy… Or was it a prophesy?) It could be that it was also created to misdirect our attention, intension and creative ability.

Maybe I should just take the old hippie phrase and run with my version of it:

timothylearyposterTurn on: my mind

Tune in: to my intuition

Drop out: of it all



Hello karma, is that you?

Sometimes it seems like karma is more like operant conditioning than actual learning.

Operant conditioning (also called “instrumental conditioning“) is a type of learning in which (a) the strength of a behavior is modified by the behavior’s consequences, such as reward or punishment, and (b) the behavior is controlled by antecedents called “discriminative stimuli” which come to signal those consequences …From <https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl>

Maybe karma is the lowest form of learning. Push and get pushed back. Action/reaction. Only on this world, you must learn without remembering one life to the next, having no idea (except speculation) of why, how, when you created what you are trying to live though and learn from. Somehow to me, it’s like getting slapped out of nowhere and not knowing why and never having enough time to put the puzzle pieces together, to make any sense of it.

And the best response to all of it, from all the literature, is to try to walk through the flames unscathed with some sort of understanding like smoke curling around you as you emerge.

But then what – lessons intact?

But then what – waiting for the next hit?

But then what – accumulating a rich layer of ash?

But then what – THEN WHAT??

Does it ever stop? Do the planets ever stop rotating? One wonders if it is this way on every world out there in this 3D phase. At least I do, but if emotion is energy in motion then, no it doesn’t stop, ever. Unless you decide to practice the Buddhist way of balance, of no attachments, and to me that is also not possible because I was born with the imperative of ‘I love.’

This is where the ‘free will’ – karma system(?) comes off as operant conditioning To me it is barbaric.

It is written somewhere in the annals of time that those we love give us our greatest lessons. I do not know how to function this way. I just don’t. It is easy to walk away and take your medicine with people you don’t love. You can just look at them and the circumstance and say, “Thanks for that.”

The first law of thermodynamics is a version of the law of conservation of energy, adapted for thermodynamic systems. The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed. First law of thermodynamics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (karma???  Is that you?)

But with those who live in your heart, it is impossible to just let them pass through and let go. These are the ones you walk through that fire for. They are indelible, they never fade, even if you never see them again. There are places in the heart they will always live.

Which brings me to the capacity of the human heart. The heart that breaks, is the one that actually works. Because it can only break if it is functioning. As much as I would like to get out of here, off this world, out of this stupid idiotic, nonsensical place, I am beginning to have serious doubts if it will be any different someplace else. Karma strikes me as one of those laws of physics: every action has an equal and opposite re-action. Is there a place in this 3D manifested universe where this doesn’t occur? A niche where the laws of physics stop working? I think not. – not even as far away as you can get. Even so, were you to go there, there would always be those places in the heart where those dear ones live, regardless of where or when you went. Regardless…

Look inward….

cage1aLast night I was called outside to look at the sunset. A conversation began. Maybe with the sky and me, I’m not sure. The topic was the matrix, the energetic control net, the world of traps, both intellectual and emotional that we are all swimming in, the cage within the cage within the cage. The question was asked of me: “Where is it that you want to be and how would it feel to be there?” This is because my neighborhood has turned into a closed off world of fences and closed off vistas, a gilded cage…

As the answer formulated in my mind’s eye, I was standing in nature, with a vista in front of me, much like the picture I chose to go with this article. Once I was there 2 things came to mind.

One: that even standing there in the place in my mind’s eye feeling free, I wasn’t, because even if I was out of the electronic net I live today I am still incased in a world of internal programming.

Two: I was asked to take the feeling I wanted to feel – of freedom – and to look inward for it. (lols because no matter where you go, there you are…)

From all that I have been reading and all I have been listening to – it all points to the awareness of yourself being able to lead you out of the trap. It’s not so much that when you accomplish this that the world will blink and be different. It’s more that when you understand what is happening and know it for what it is, that sense of freedom then arises from within and that’s what sets you free.

It is said that real truth is different for every person because truth is an awareness that rises from within. The only thing that will bring us together is a fine sense of empathy that gives you the ability to see how another’s perspective – or truth – would be true for them. If you were in their shoes, how you might feel, and then having a bit of compassion for that person.

It is a key ingredient on the pathway to enlightenment or ascension, IMHO. The “just be nice” idea is a good start – but people tend to still be mean on the inside… and really, what we are looking for is a change in the inner person – a true grasp of being nice… an inner integrity that has the inside and outside matching. This is difficult because the ‘fake it till you make it’ beginnings on this pathway lead you into seeing that even if you are ‘being nice’ on the outside but seething on the inside, you are still in conflict. Even when you get to the stage where you are very consciously practicing this and mentally running through all of the stuff that might be making this person you are interacting with in your head a mini monster in your eyes, and you are at least congruent with yourself, it can be hard.

This is because everywhere you turn you are still dealing with mostly people who are trapped in that control net and don’t even have a clue why life sucks so badly. Even when you begin to wake up to the matrix, that is no guarantee that you have done the requisite inner work that begins the transformation of awareness into ascension. So when people are behaving badly if they are not aware of their own inner turmoil they will project it outward on to other people and situations. This, in a more adult society, would enable them to see the inner situation played out before their eyes and get a real clear picture of what – if they were awake enough to realize it – was the inner work needing to be accomplished for themselves.

The walk down this inner path to enlightenment – lightening your own spirit – requires stretches of time alone. Most of us in this world do not have that luxury on purpose. If we all started to wake up, then the matrix would not work so well, would it? But my point is this, sometimes this stretch of time alone can seem like a cage, and that is where my thoughts were last night when this conversation began. The wisdom of the sky led me right back around to myself and the inner work. But I am very clear now on where to find the cage door…

Nancy Channeling my Guides (poor dear)

guardian-angelIn most of my recovered past lives, I was a vigilante for real truth. It was a theme of my young life, and got me beaten a lot. I was thrown into a dungeon in some lifetime where I was forgotten about and died for speaking the truth. I’m pretty sure they didn’t think it was the truth when they locked me up… but oh well.

Aaand, I think now I’m being asked to get over it and go on because this just happened. And it happened in the middle of a really good video on cosmic sovereignty with Amy Moutray, Justin Deschamps, Yvonne Palermo.


12:08pm Nancy Amdahl Follow the stream The vibrational frequency of that thought It’s training

12:09pm Alison Bell my point has always been to say it out right – not confusticate the issue to see who’s smart enough to get it – at this pt. in time we ALL need it NOW and in a great HURRY! that older game is FINIS

12:09pm Nancy Amdahl I understand That’s not the point

12:09pm Alison Bell We, as a race are right now creating where we will go next… it IS the point!!!! lols

12:10pm Nancy Amdahl How do you learn ?? Thru experience of an event whether trauma or struggle correct?

12:10pm Alison Bell sometimes…. its also like we cannot understand ‘Peace” with out using its opposite in the definition???? that means we really don’t know peace

12:11pm Nancy Amdahl What is your best teachers? Struggle or success

12:11pm Alison Bell creativity….

12:11pm Nancy Amdahl Alison.

12:11pm Alison Bell and you can take your lessons in wisdom or woe

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl Same thing different wording You’re thinking in words

12:12pm Alison Bell this paradigm on this world of struggle and pain IS what is WRONG with this place and part of the enemy mind graft!!!!!

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

12:13pm Alison Bell 3X? srsly

12:13pm Nancy Amdahl Words are limiting

12:13pm Alison Bell only as you allow them to be – they are also enlightening and shifting…

12:13pm Nancy Amdahl What are the intention or vibration of the words Because of the vibration

12:14pm Alison Bell part of my JOB is to use those words to convey a sense of thinking differently – an opening.

12:14pm Nancy Amdahl Your thinking in 3D

12:14pm Alison Bell I have to be able to condense vibes into symbols

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl Think beyond No

12:15pm Alison Bell because it’s my job to convince all the others in 3D …

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl No

12:15pm Alison Bell to wake up yes it is – that is why I write in simplest terms

12:15pm Nancy Amdahl Bring 4-5d to here

12:15pm Alison Bell in words….. I am writing to newbies…

12:16pm Nancy Amdahl Thru your intention and vibration of your words

12:16pm Alison Bell why I’m so adamant about no confusion

12:16pm Nancy Amdahl Only limits you put on ppl are the ones you decide. Think Big

12:17pm Alison Bell no hoity-toity bullshit couched in old terms that were conceived of expressly for the purpose of keeping the mysteries out of “unworthy” hands….

12:17pm Nancy Amdahl Alison. Wait Deep breath Clear your mind for a minute

12:17pm Alison Bell we are ALL WORTHY and if we had had the information before this, we would not have been in such a fucked up mess PISSSSSSSED at PTB archons – the little brats!

12:18pm Nancy Amdahl Yes PTB?

12:18pm Alison Bell my soap box… powers that be

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Ok.

12:19pm Alison Bell lol hit a trigger there… lost it – I’m back now

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Really? Lol Didn’t notice

12:19pm Alison Bell :~~~~~~~~~~*

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:19pm Alison Bell raspberries

12:19pm Nancy Amdahl I know Lol

12:20pm Alison Bell or dragon fire…

12:20pm Nancy Amdahl Ok. You read the book autobiography of a yogi

12:20pm Alison Bell yes

12:21pm Nancy Amdahl You know how it reaches many different ppl on different levels the same words

12:21pm Alison Bell he was a nice guy… not a fucktard

12:22pm Nancy Amdahl Because he wrote the same words a baby or an adept could understand Because of his intentions and vibrations of his words

12:22pm Alison Bell yes on Sri yes

12:23pm Nancy Amdahl Stop thinking with your head Start thinking with vibrations

12:23pm Alison Bell how else do you think??lol you feel those…

12:23pm Nancy Amdahl The vibrations of the thought will translate into words Yes

12:24pm Alison Bell ok, with you here –

12:24pm Nancy Amdahl I perceive vibrations which turn into feelings which turn into words

12:24pm Alison Bell yes

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl No anger no judgement

12:25pm Alison Bell right

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl Pure vibration love

12:25pm Alison Bell yes…. and so?

12:25pm Nancy Amdahl That’s where you need to write from

12:25pm Alison Bell I do! … I write to newbies on purpose.

12:27pm Nancy Amdahl my point has always been to say it out right – not confusticate the issue to see who’s smart enough to get it – at this pt. in time we ALL need it NOW and in a great HURRY! (repeating what I had typed above...)

12:27pm Alison Bell yes!!!!! who’s gonna tell the sleepers???? me

12:28pm Nancy Amdahl Yes

12:28pm Alison Bell what we read and understand – we get, but those who are asleep can’t digest or understand yet…. that has always been the problem… no basic education the old paradigm is set up to exclude, not include…

12:29pm Nancy Amdahl I have come to realize that sleepers have a place too. Not everyone is willing to move forward

12:29pm Alison Bell we need to create a new paradigm… that is true – but on the off chance… by the grace of Goddess go I.   NOBODY HAS EVER BEEN GIVEN AN OUTRIGHT CHOICE! they want to sleep – fine – but do they even KNOW there is a choice???? NO!

12:31pm Nancy Amdahl I know. But not everyone wants to be saved

12:31pm Alison Bell fine… then they don’t have to be – but they need to know there are options

12:31pm Nancy Amdahl I guess I look at it differently I don’t see urgency I see movement of the universe

12:32pm Alison Bell I am looking at it as a bridge from the old to the new – I started in this back in the 50’s. much has changed, but…

12:32pm Nancy Amdahl Where you are is where you are

12:32pm Alison Bell we are at a tipping point

12:32pm Nancy Amdahl It’s a choice whether conscious or unconscious

12:32pm Alison Bell maybe I am correcting old Karma for hiding this info in past lives..? truly driven here…. OK CHOICE – BUT

12:33pm Nancy Amdahl It’s about allowing ppl to be who they need to be

12:33pm Alison Bell DO THEY KNOW THERE IS

12:33pm Nancy Amdahl Being an example of a beacon of light

12:33pm Alison Bell A CHOICE???? that is my point


12:34pm Nancy Amdahl And when they ask. There is your opening

12:34pm Alison Bell well I am not forcing anything… I am just writing to an audience and giving them the chance to go , OH, wow…

12:35pm Nancy Amdahl Acceptance of ppl and who they are.

12:35pm Alison Bell if I had only known when I was a teen – or a kid that there was a choice… Wow

Nancy Amdahl You must convey love vibrations. Acceptance vibration. Yes I know how frustrated you are. But who’s to say this is not the time got some ppl to move forward. In the end Alison we all go back to the source.

12:39pm Alison Bell I know that. 🙂 but we are also in this here and now for a reason. part of that is to grow in understanding and knowledge and part of that is knowing what has been done and that there is a choice available to us NOW. it is an opening. we must take

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Alison. I have no idea why the fuck this conversation got so weird.

12:39pm Alison Bell lols…. I know, but it’s a GREAT DIALOGUE!!!!!

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Dude. Mind blown

12:39pm Alison Bell very yummy!

12:39pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:40pm Alison Bell thank you for that! grins

12:40pm Nancy Amdahl I saw some ahha moments yes?

12:40pm Alison Bell yes of course lols are you at work???

12:41pm Nancy Amdahl I was just wondering who the fuck was channeling thru me to you. Lol

12:41pm Alison Bell oh probably somebody who would like to take a hammer to my head….

12:41pm Nancy Amdahl LMAO

12:41pm Alison Bell he he he   did you get that feeling?

12:42pm Nancy Amdahl Yes 1/2 thru I said WTF

12:42pm Alison Bell tell whomever that I get the love part… also tell them that I am vigilante about correcting a few things…lol like it or lump it…. free will

12:43pm Nancy Amdahl Lol

12:43pm Alison Bell yeppers my guides drink more than I do…

12:43pm Nancy Amdahl This thinking with vibration shit was new Lol

12:44pm Alison Bell but very excellent!

12:44pm Nancy Amdahl Have to try that. Lol

12:44pm Alison Bell me too

12:44pm Nancy Amdahl Awesome

12:44pm Alison Bell those are hard when you down load them – b/c for me then it has to go into words… and that is the part I am always asking if I got it right about

12:46pm Nancy Amdahl Dude I was pushed aside and not thinking how to say anything.

12:46pm Alison Bell yes

My guides get insistent when they find someone who will be receptive…

12:46pm Nancy Amdahl Interesting

12:46pm Alison Bell I HEARD IT???? OK??? tell them that I promise to work with the concept….

12:47pm Nancy Amdahl Ok Lol

12:47pm Alison Bell I’m a hard headed woman -as Kolo says

12:47pm Nancy Amdahl I’m going to be hall monitor to make sure you are!!! Lol

12:47pm Alison Bell :~~~~~~~~~~***

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl All right. Should do some work.

12:48pm Alison Bell can’t guarantee I’ll listen…

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl Great talk Love you

12:48pm Alison Bell ok – THANK YOU SWEETIE! my guides are sometimes not fun…

love you too

12:48pm Nancy Amdahl



12:49pm Alison Bell




❤️ thanks –  from them and me, byeeeeeeeee


So I don’t know about your day but mine is shaping up quite interestingly. After Nancy and I got done with my impromptu channeling, I went back to listen to the rest of the video and I couldn’t get sound on it. I made sure that my speakers were on and everything…

Only to realize that maybe…just maybe this was my guides driving home the message….

Only to realize that I was blue toothed to the speakers inside…


Only after I heard what the guides said and replying that I did, yet again, hear them.


So guess what I am going to be practicing???? Hmmmm? Now what was it she said? Oh yes:

12:12pm Nancy Amdahl

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Try thinking in vibration

Three times….


A simulacrum (plural: simulacra from Latin: simulacrum, which means “likeness, similarity”) is a representation or imitation of a person or thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulacrum


I awakened this morning with the realization that I was a simulacrum… A living bit of data in a huge system and that I was not really me. I was coming up into consciousness post-haste when I got conscious enough to say ‘Waitaminit!! Just WHEN was the conversion? When did this happen???’ I stopped and looked back at whatever it was that I was looking at, and the time frame was about 2-4 years ago. It may have been a metaphor for when 3D life stopped being real to me. It also might have been word perfect for the facts. In my waking state I have no way to tell. Either way all I can think of is ‘Thank you, subconscious mind….thanks a lot, because this one is eerie!’

Back in my 40’s I used to have a reoccurring thought – that bugged (nudging my conscious mind like a kid trying to get my attention) me a lot – about whether this waking state was the real state. In other words, what if I was in a coma somewhere and instead of being awake in real time I was dreaming my awakeness? I suppose that may have been my higher self just trying to get me to, in this mind state, change my so called reality or at least to think about it. Around that time I also started to ‘slip’ sideways in my personal time lines. I would wake up with a gut feeling that something was off and I was not where I used to be. Not that where I was, was all that different, because it wasn’t Mandela-ish – outside things never changed, but people and their attitudes and their emotional demeanors changed. Also, memories of interactions changed. Maybe it’s because I focus on that more than I do external stuff, I don’t know. It was just different.

But really, I think my dream was a metaphor for being a fractal piece of the universe thinking I was separate and it was about four years ago that I started to really work with the concept that however I wanted to structure it, this reality REALLY isn’t the superior reality – this reality is a game we are playing called earth school and the ‘real’ occurs somewhere else.

So, if we are all souls dreaming this reality to understand more about ourselves and each other and the universe, then knowing this dream has been hi-jacked, couldn’t we just decide to dream a better dream? Couldn’t we just dream the negative parts of the dream out of existence from one moment to the next? Because really, do we need them anymore? We should be able to just let them drop away into the mists of the past tense in our dream, right? See the lesson for what it was and let it go, right?

But there is the possibility that around 2012 we all got uploaded into a giant quantum AI computer and nobody noticed and just like the matrix somewhere our bodies are being used to feed something… Even so, we could be the virus that brings the whole kit and caboodle down, couldn’t we?

The paradox: The proof is in the pudding.

So last night on the Jimmy Church radio show, Fade to Black, I called in to ask about the archons. I don’t know what possessed me to say at the end that I would like to get my hands on one. I didn’t mean for violence. I wanted to ask questions, like why…etc. Then, I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept thinking, ‘Now you’ve done it because you just opened the door for contact you don’t want!’

I awoke this morning with the imprint of a dream I don’t remember having until I thought about the question I had raised on the phone last night. Luckily, I had an old friend visit while I slept – one whom I used to have conversations with back in my thirties. The voice I recognized. It started out by saying,

“There are countless realities that exist. You are free to choose whatever one you like. You are only ‘stuck’ in your current one because you are learning this fact. It has prodded you to look outside of it and ask why, and to search for a better one. But you would have not done this had you not been pushed by the current one to ask that very question.”

I am not trapped (in this current unpopular reality), I am fooled, bamboozled, hoodwinked… It is not that any power or personality or entity (s) have any power ‘over’ me – they don’t. I have been led to think that they do… So much for my sovereignty! Funny! As we were talking about what the schools do to our children, we failed to realized that it has been done to us too. We blindly accept the status quo because it has been the status quo. A couple of articles back I talked about ‘parental tapes‘ and how they structure our self-beliefs: our what-we-think-we-know-about-ourselves. And who taught our parents? And how long, how far back has it been going on? We, are under the same indoctrination our parents and their parents forever and a day have all been under. So that is why it is so confusing when you begin to try to sort out ‘reality’. Sometimes a five percent shift in realizing things, thinking differently a bit can shift whole realities.

Your mind is your own to do with as you choose. You may give it over to love or fear, but you cannot give it over to both in the same instant. Your own state of mind is a good example of how ‘loosh’ is made.

-fear is an illusion, but all of human culture teaches it. When you think of ‘loosh” do not forget that the mind need not work that way, even though it does seem to work everywhere that way now.

From <https://themaiadalmadialogues.wordpress.com/2016/09/20/what-is-loosh-to-us/>


This voice made it very apparent that the choice is simple. Simply choose. And it is not just this or that, one or the other, either or; there are countless infinities of possibilities to choose from. And you can keep re-choosing every day, every moment. It’s not all said and done once you choose. The one thing I was sure of from that voice was that, choosing is not only allowable, it is expected as a part of our growth, that it is an absolute must as we progress – this choosing. Which all ties back to what we have been taught to think we know about ourselves and our ability to get out of that trap…to realize that it is not a trap at all, we just need to change that thought and get on with it.

And also, it occurs to me that one day we try one thing out, and if we don’t like it, we choose a different way – just like that. Yes, just like that. We are beginning to see that even in the middle of strife, if we as singular humans, just choose love, that it opens the flood gates of understanding and unity, in the smallest of things. (choose random acts of kindness…)

The Law of One is always talking about learning as a process, of needing a ‘something’ to push us to learn. IMO otherwise we would sit around blissed out and never GAF… so to speak. Now, if we apply this to the option of choosing, once we have learned enough about a thing or a situation, we then have enough information to make that choosing. If we apply this on a larger scale, the universe needs must give itself a reason to learn – the impetus is there, but then it must create learning tools. That is us – all life – throughout its system. If we were in a constant state of bliss, we wouldn’t give a good GD to learn at all and that would be the universe self-sabotaging its self…. (twisted, but follow me here) so, in a way, we have the archons at this point to thank for our current clear awareness of how we are arriving at this lesson of love we are all learning. Because sad to say, we can’t learn an absolute yet, without it’s opposite, the same as we are incapable at this point of defining peace without war…

But this planet… this planet will come out of this with a clear and beautiful understanding of both peace and love without having to use opposites to make either concept clear. This I know.

So how do we know we are being successful in our choosings? The proof will have to be in the pudding, so to speak, won’t it?

The intentions one acts upon will reflect in everything to come.

This if from Aug Tellez’s blog. I get notification by email of this. So I opened todays email and this post was there. It is lovely by far. Now, I wanted to share it, and for some reason, (hmmmm) to find it on his blog I clicked the link and got a 404. So I tried it on my computer. Same message: 404. So I am re-blogging this, because it a piece of profound truth. It is only one paragraph, but that is all it needs to be.


Self-Honesty and Privacy

by omnipulse

The real work is to be true to the heart. This is pretty vague but the idea is that there is already no such thing as privacy, people simply haven’t been informed and they shouldn’t have to be because then they will act like a projection of ideals.

Simply stay true to intuition and self honesty. When the time comes it will be the intentions and inclinations of the mind and desires that will show everyone for who they really are and what part they play in the creation of this collective reality.

The intentions one acts upon will reflect in everything to come.

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By the way, none of the above links will work either, to bring you to this one piece. It has been washed off his blog. Maybe because it is truth. So I am repeating it and giving credit where credit is due.

IF: go around again

I published this almost a year ago – since then many of us have had a taste of this – so this information may make more sense now. Consider the Mandela effect…

If time , in reality, is not linear thereby making it not time because time IS linear, then what exactly is it that we are experiencing in a linear fashion, that propels the seasons and ages our bodies and creates entropy and, and, and? In some religious texts and in some quantum theories, all time is/was happening in the now. Every moment has happened, is happening and will happen in the blink of an eye, now, in no time. In flash, in a blink, in an endless moment.


This would make the possibility of knowing everything and answering every question possible simply by turning your eyeballs back in your head and looking. It should also be possible to access any moment along your timeline and not only look at what is happening/happened, but to also interact with it in an eerie, quantumly entangled manner. Like going back to an event, say in your past, that was particularly difficult, and not only re-minding yourself of it, but sending emotional support or energy back (?) to that self and helping it. Have ever wondered how you got through something, thinking back on it? Hum?


Have you also looked back at those momentous turning points in your life and wondered how it would have gone if you had made a different decision? Well, maybe you did. Quantum theory posits that you have an infinite stream of lives all playing out every different permutation of your ‘choosing’ moments. It kind of looks like a fractal tree, and as you progress your tree grows bigger. Which brings us back around to the no time thing…. Meaning that that tree already exists in all it full grown glory, now.


How you ever awakened in the morning to feel that something was different, if you could just put your finger on it? Kind of like sitting having your morning coffee and reading the newspaper to find that someone died that you could swear you remember dying months to years before? Or, You notice very subtle differences in the people you associate with on a daily basis? Never anything so overt that it smacks you in the face, but just odd enough that it has you wondering about your sanity. What if, while you were sleeping you moved over a couple of branches in that fractal tree you are living in to absorb a learning, or tweak your conscious experience just a bit? This happens a lot to us but we don’t notice all too often.


Consider, that the ‘moments’ that we have, the learnings we accomplish, the moments of high emotional content are focal points of remembrance and road maps to the development of our understanding of who we are and that without them, we would simply be the same as a computer, a jumble of data. And what gives us our humanness and our ability to quantize time into little bits and make it stand out to us, IS our emotional responsiveness. Emotions are what make reality and our experiences important, things to remember and learn from, to choose between. If we actually were able to digest time in one gulp, the game, the learnings, would be over, said and done.


I think we divide existence/reality up into bits and bites so we can savor and feel each one, and thus garner wisdom by experience and thereby grow as pieces of the universe. By living in time and experiencing it, our universal logos grows and expands as we do. The choosings we make out of previous life experiences are what grow our beingness, our awareness. And if I understand it correctly, we are like limbs of the cosmic being trying to re-member ourselves.


I suppose the point of this rambling is that, this cosmic body we all live in is far stranger, far weirder than any of us can fully fathom, but those of us on the awakening path right now are going to have far more fun with this notion shortly, because these little niggles in the so called ‘fabric’ of reality are just the beginning signs of it. So those of you who have an unusually high tolerance to high strangeness, hold on to your hats, its gonna get fun.

are we noticing yet???

Dream Loud.

Dream your dreams of a new earth. Dream them loudly. Dream them passionately. Dream them as though they were a lover’s call, for they are. We are – all of us – calling to the creation of a new timeline for earth, a better, more peaceful, more compassionate, abundant, fresh green earth. The better we dream it, the more love we call it with, the more magnificent it will be.

Those of you that have the heart, those of you that have the vision, those of you who have not forgotten, we need you. Those amongst us who are the writers, the musicians, the poets, the lovers, the artists, the composers all, find in your hearts all that is good wondrous and beautiful and sing it out loudly for all to hear. Ring it across the land, across the hearts and minds of men and beast alike.

A new promise, a new vow, a new awareness, a great love to the world’s great heart. Every voice that rises in this song shall be heard. Not one will be forgotten. This will be how we build this new world: in our call for love and in our call to love. Love has no opposite, as it has been taught to me. It simply is sent or received. Love is. It is the fabric of which we are made and by which we all continue.

It is within our love that this new world that is beginning to emerge will be born.

For those of us who are old and tired and only have dim memories of a time when; when love was, when love worked, when love healed all, when love was the reason to continue, it will be your song that we will feel in our bones. It will be your song calling us back to the dream we once knew, it will be your song that resonates through all of the energies that are Gaia and heals her and all parts of her.

Dream your dream LOUDLY. Send out your vision strong enough that others may wake and see it too. Because then when the rest awake they will have dreams too, and NOT one will go unseen, unheard, or be forgotten..