“Is it not impossible that peace be absent here?”: Commentary on War and Peace, by Maia Dalma

 Peace… Is it possible to know it here. Was this your question, Alison? Yes. It is a simple question of peace. This is a question to us in which no order of difficulty exists. What offers them the greatest promise? This is a question everyone must soon ask. Every nation. Every faith. Every individual. Because peace does seem to be impossible in this world. Yet the Universe offers and promises other things that seem impossible to humanity as well. But above all those other things, Creation promises peace. It has also promised that there is no death, that resurrection and rebirth must occur for all of Creation, and that rebirth is man’s inheritance. The world humanity has made and the world each of you can see cannot be the world Creation loves, and yet Creation assures us that It loves the world It Has Created. Creation also promises that peace is possible here, and what It promises can hardly be impossible. But in this is it also true that the world your species has come to know must be looked at differently, if Creation’s promises are to be accepted and kept. What your world is, is but a fact. None of you can choose what this should be. But each of you can choose how each of you would see it. Indeed, each of you must and will one day make this choice.

For us it comes to the question of judgment. The moment is coming when your species will be asked to decide whether your collective judgments or the Laws of Creation are more likely to be true. For they each say different things about the world, and those things are so opposite that it is pointless to try to reconcile them. Creation offers your world peace; your judgments would condemn it. Creation says there is no death; your individual judgments see nothing but death in the inevitable end of life. Creation assures you that It loves the world; your judgment says it is unlovable. Who is right? For one of us is wrong. It must be so.

We have already explained this, that the answer to any and all the problems you have made in this world are inside each of you. These problems are not real, but so is this statement itself as meaningless to those of you who believe that they are. It is your belief in them that makes them real. And everyone believes in what he made, for it was made by his believing it. This world is just a larger proof of what your species believes. No amount of denial changes this. Into this strange and paradoxical situation, — one without any meaning and devoid of any sense, and out of which no legitimate way seems possible, — Creation has sent Its Children to answer yours. Gently will It’s Judgement substitute a Truth for each of your illusions. And through this substitution will the un-understandable be made understandable.

What is humanity’s great commission? How is peace possible in this world? In each of your individual judgments, peace is not possible, and can never be possible. But in the Judgment of Creation, what is reflected now in your hearts is in truth the beginning of peace. It must begin in each of you. And spread to each and all of you. Peace is your future. Only in peace does your species have a chance for one.

So know that peace is impossible only to those who look on war with indifference. Peace is inevitable to those who offer peace. What your species offers to itself is what it will create for itself. It is not the world that makes peace seem impossible. The world is at peace in Creation. It is your species which is at war with itself. It is the world each of you sees, and by seeing, believes; that war is inevitable and thus does war makes peace impossible. Yet the Universe looks on this distorted world and its views as one day redeemed from constant war and so makes it fit to one day welcome peace. And in that moment, that moment…peace will descend on the world in joyous answer to this question. One that all of mankind will hear. And then will Peace belong here, and then will peace be welcomed here once more, because Creation’s Truth will have entered where it has been hidden and denied for so long.
What else but Creation can turn hell to Heaven merely by being what it is? The earth will acknowledge Peace and bow to Its Gracious Presence, and as Creation leans down in answer to this question, Creation will raise it up again.

The question is no longer, “Can peace be possible in this world?” but instead, it becomes, “Is it not impossible that peace be absent here?” Your species need but ask this question to know the simple answer to it.

Now, Alison… What will you do with the answer to your question?

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