The intentions one acts upon will reflect in everything to come.

This if from Aug Tellez’s blog. I get notification by email of this. So I opened todays email and this post was there. It is lovely by far. Now, I wanted to share it, and for some reason, (hmmmm) to find it on his blog I clicked the link and got a 404. So I tried it on my computer. Same message: 404. So I am re-blogging this, because it a piece of profound truth. It is only one paragraph, but that is all it needs to be.


Self-Honesty and Privacy

by omnipulse

The real work is to be true to the heart. This is pretty vague but the idea is that there is already no such thing as privacy, people simply haven’t been informed and they shouldn’t have to be because then they will act like a projection of ideals.

Simply stay true to intuition and self honesty. When the time comes it will be the intentions and inclinations of the mind and desires that will show everyone for who they really are and what part they play in the creation of this collective reality.

The intentions one acts upon will reflect in everything to come.

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By the way, none of the above links will work either, to bring you to this one piece. It has been washed off his blog. Maybe because it is truth. So I am repeating it and giving credit where credit is due.

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