Awareness: if it quacks like a duck…

Disclosure: it’s not so much about who did what to whom, who’s here and who’s not, who broke away and who didn’t. It’s about Awareness. Once you get past the old nuts and bolts type of discovery, and into actual communication with beings from off planet, you realize one thing. Everybody else in the universe is telepathic. Everybody else uses their minds. Everybody else doesn’t think that the only thing that is real is the body or 3D.

The one connecting thread through all the stuff that we fringe are interested in, the ‘paranormal’

Para: (outside of normal parameters)


beside; adjacent to. “parameter”

Medicine; denoting a disordered function or faculty.  “paresthesia”

(distinct from, but analogous to. “paramilitary”)

beyond; “paradox”

subsidiary; assisting. “paramedic”

Origin: from Greek para ‘beside’; in combinations often meaning ‘amiss, irregular’ and denoting alteration or modification.

para-2: combining form: prefix: para- denoting something that protects or wards off.

 is that everything above, below and beside the ‘normal’, is in the mind. Once you begin to really look, you realize that the biggest difference between people who grew up here and people who didn’t is the ability to know, or be aware that we really don’t stop at our skin, nor are we really contained by it, and that this point of reference we have in the 3D is only that: One . Tiny. Point. of reference in a vast, vast, existence.

I know this makes the whole world and the rest of cosmology very confusing, and it is supposed to. This confusion, this distraction is what is actually keeping us contained here. The confusion is actually the quantum box, the frequency cage – a faraday devise for our minds consisting only of limiting ideas and training. And get this: it is so incredibly flimsy, that a simple decision will dissolve the whole thing. Neo in the matrix had the idea right, but it’s not that complicated to get out of the matrix, it’s how to make sense of the rest of the universe once you do.

We are gonna feel like those cows in a pasture that haven’t felt grass for years, or all the dogs from a puppy mill being set free… Only we have to rescue ourselves by realizing that the only thing holding us here is this mess and our belief in it.

duck3We are sitting ducks, so to speak, easy prey for any hunter that happens along to this planet. We are like a deer in the woods where anybody with a loving soul would simply look at the deer and think, “My how pretty.”, but the hunters would dispatch in a second. And the only reason why we are sitting ducks is our conditioning.

There are so many ways to go about explaining this, and if you look at the over two hundred posts just in this mini blog alone, every one of them attempts to nick your awareness, fracture that glass ceiling that keeps the quantum box in place. The problem is, once that glass shatters, NOBODY knows what to do with the realness. We have not been trained, no school of thought on the planet has ever been about how to be a quantum mind – a multidimensional being. Like, what do you do once you get there, which direction is up? What is a dimension versus a paralleled reality, and just what the ‘heck’ are timelines and are they really real… Then there is the whole Sovereign thing.

duck1Sovereign means that UNLESS YOU AGREE (or are stupid enough to be tricked) NO ONE can mess with you unless you let them. It’s called free will, and there are very few people on the planet that really get what that means, to really, truly, grasp how the second derivation of the logos effects everything from the smallest conceivable division of the whole all the way up to the whole, (who decided to do this division of its self from one into endless multiplicity in the first place…)

So how does anybody get away with tricking us like this – like a bad practical joke gone rogue? Well, we have agreed with our free will to be taught about … free will… All this shi** going on is called catalyst, whose sole/soul purpose is to wake us up enough to realize exactly what it is. And we, it seems, are like children who don’t want to get up in the morning for school….

What to do when the unconscious calls you to task: when your biography becomes your biology

In my twenties and early thirties, I could have sworn I had succumbed to Epstein-Barr syndrome. There were days (and I had young children) when I was so exhausted I could not move. Around this time I started journaling and creating 3D art pieces (masks to be honest). These masks were a very interesting way to dialogue with myself. I never knew what they were going to be until they were finished. There was an extremely easy writing process that went with them that examined the deep symbology of the mask to the maker. I found that each time I did a mask I felt better for a time. My energy came back and I felt good, physically. It finally got to the point where when I started to feel exhausted I knew it was time to make a mask. If I could not do it that day I did begin the process by thinking about it. If I didn’t, I was literally knocked off my feet for days. It became my healing mantra. After 17 masks and a one woman showing at a local gallery, I was healed. But I was also by then deep journaling simply for the release. I offer up this story because it seems to me that a lot of the ascension symptoms that are being reported today are very similar to what I went through, when my subconscious mind demanded that I listen and when my soul opened up because of it.


What to do when the unconscious calls you to task for ignoring the greater message of your being?

This is not fun, because if you have left the work of inner listening on items you need to take care of: *Old emotional patterns *Old wounds *Blames *Shifting response-ability *Self-medicating, etc. for a later time, saying I’ll do it later and later never comes, your subconscious mind/connection to divinity will get your attention to the point of knocking you off your feet, when your “Biography becomes your biology.” in the words of Caroline Myss, because it’s the only way to get your attention…

I have found in my own practice that you must re-establish trust between your sub-conscious mind and your conscious mind. This works best through agreement, planning and ceremony (ceremony meaning to make sacred, show respect). By re-establishing this connection through the practice of a journal (or actually any creative endeavor), you give honor to your process, and you make witness to your experience by recording it.

This means when you feel something coming on you MUST immediately attend to it or you will lose control, be slowed in one manner or another so that you are forced to ‘listen’.

What I have found works best is to begin by writing what you are feeling. Why? Because:

  1. it honors the feeling
  2. it gives the feeling perspective
  3. it shifts the feeling from a place where it is not working (banging around inside your body and psyche) to a record – a sacred outer symbol.
  4. feeling is healing and flow is the way out – not acting out.

When this is done and, done when you feel it coming on, it immediately gives you back your power to finish what needs done in the outside world. (like work, or kids…etc.)

This will only work if you are assiduous in following up with your side of the agreement.

So, say you are at work and you cannot write, nor would you want to. You say to yourself I WILL write this as soon as I get home. Then I will decode it for its truest meaning to me (not anybody else).

If you do not keep to this inner self statement it will not work the next time, and you will be once again immobilized until you can show you have respect for yourself.

This, if you do keep to it – will heal you. Guaranteed. It may not be fun work, but you will be astounded at what you find out and how much freer you are to carry out things in your life that you have always wanted to achieve. I PROMISE!!! You will also stop getting taken down by your health every time you turn around.

The things you write and decode are for you only.

The gems of wisdom you get from them are for sharing.

Try it for a month and see.

Get yourself a simple spiral note book and a pen that stays with the notebook. Find a special place in your home that it can be. You can even make an altar for it. Some tiny spot. Let the notebook reside there and commit to writing in it when your feel something brewing.

Just….Try… This….

Because we all need to heal – not only from old wounds, but from the new ones created daily by a society bent on manufacturing wounds to keep us controlled. Consider it the same as brushing your teeth daily – in order to prevent having a cavity drilled. No one ever teaches us to look through an emotional log, so unless you follow a discipline of prayer or meditation you never have a chance to look. Writing a journal in this respect helps to sort out your feelings, thoughts, intentions and gives you a way to stand back and see the patterns and triggers that happen – where you got caught up and what caught you. When you begin to understand what is behind the things that unhinge you and cause emotional responses you neither wanted or intended, you begin to see what you need to heal.

When you do this for a while, your subconscious will offer up more and more for you to understand about yourself. When you increase your self-understanding, it will naturally reflect outwards to others. Self-compassion creates compassion in the world. And… it is a very good way to begin know how karma functions in your life and why you keep getting stuck in the same relationship patterns and the same interaction patterns. If you are not a writer, make a list… There are many ways to modify this using a method that is right for you. The whole point is to make a date with the rest of yourself and keep it – listen deeply, and learn.

This is simple, and it is a sad circumstance of society that it even needs explaining at all, but there it is.journal1


I’m Over It! – reality check (yes, it’s a rant)

It’s all true.

All of it. They can take all their cover-up lies, bread and circus, artificial stimulation and stuff it! It’s time we all get over it too. Just go there. Everything we have ever been told in the last 100 years is a sham and a lie. Most science, most history and especially most technology. Who we are and who we think we are at totally different ends of the spectrum. There is ET life all over this planet – including us.


I don’t think there is one piece of information that could make me ‘reality check’ any more. I’m so over it that it has closed the circle for me and I’m back at; If this is true: then lets integrate it and get on with the next step. What would be the next step? IMO it would be trashing each bit of mind control programming, both emotional and intellectual and piece by piece regaining my truth. Why do I say my truth? Well, because your truth will be different from mine because you are different from me – we will have a basic direction that is the same – but the inner realizations, my truth and yours will be slightly different. That aside, what could my inner truth look like?

We live on a planet where many multiples of intelligent species live. Some are indigenous, some just want to explore this place, others want to take over and control this space, some want to farm this space (us included as a product), some want to engage with us, others want to investigate us and still others have been running experiments on us for quite some time in one way or another.

That aside, I maintain I am sovereign in as much as my understanding and level of learning can allow me to be. I intend to embody that principle as best I can as I go on. What does that mean in my actual living space? Well, Integrity, honesty, and gentleness of spirit. It means I will conduct myself and my energies as best I can to promote peace and love to those around me, those I interact with and those I have contact with. Whomever and whatever you are. Humans have a great capacity for turning emotion and experience into wisdom and artistic expression. We produce a ‘something’ from what we learn and integrate. We change quickly. So much so that we do the cargo cult thing quite easily. We have been adapted to look for leaders and gurus and gods and teachers and ‘fixers’.

This current rash of whistle blowers and truth tellers and revealers and most of our ilk’s investment in the story and speculation, shows that quite nicely. And to me it’s just another aspect of the gods coming to earth to once again modify our structures, both inner and outer, for their own reasons. So.

What about our daily quality of life? What about our deepening of our wisdom, what about being here now, instead of waiting for the next ‘shocking’ reveal??? Hmmmm? What about it?

What about us deciding what we need to enrich our lives and those around us so that we can reach some agreement on love and peace? What about deciding what we need to open our hearts and extend compassion and love to each other? What about learning to do that from a position of stable strength and deep understanding of your fellow next door – or a couple of communities away, or the world?

heaven2What are we doing or learning that could begin that process? Because I can just about bet that when that happens and it no longer matters who did what to whom, when, all that information that we think is so vital but can’t get to will become SELF APPARENT. And by that time, our particular flavor of bread and circus just won’t matter that much. I’m over the Saturday morning cartoons. I’m just done, over baked. I want to get out and stroll through a beautiful morning on a path to finding out what we need to do to create what Gaia keeps whispering in my ear is possible.

“know thine own self.”: or we are all flying multi-dimensional toasters

The discussion lately has been about multidimensionality. About the whole, the source and our place in it and what that means. It has been about the journey ‘back’ to wholeness from fragmentation. About the fact that time gives us an arena of learning to perceive this fragmentation and learn greater truths by producing a distortion or a division of the whole. Kind of like taking a part the toaster to ‘fix’ it, but also in the process learning how the toaster works.

3dm2You can’t define a thing by looking at its parts and saying to each piece, it is not this and it is not that. I don’t want this piece, and this piece looks sketchy, so it’s going in the garbage. Just like you cannot understand what real peace is by saying what it is not, or understand love by saying what it is not.

It is only when the whole is perceived with all its working parts that not only can you see how it works, but you can actually get a piece of toast out of it.

3dm3But understanding the parts is vital to the understanding of the whole. What we can’t seem to understand is that you have to look at ALL the parts, you can’t ignore the parts you don’t like or throw them out, or you will never be able to see the whole.

Let’s transfer this idea to looking at the human being. We on earth, as we are in daily life find it confusing to understand that we go beyond this one part of our selves – that in actuality we are more than what we think or can perceive in everyday trained consciousness. Therefore we think that as we normally are, is all we are. Most of us never understand that we are only one piece of our own personal toaster-selves. Not only that, it is even harder to understand the idea that many toaster-selves put together make an entirely different toaster thing called a noosphere, and that is actually the intelligent awareness of this planet. We are not aware that all our units put together are the mind and soul of an entirely different bigger unity that functions as a whole with totally different consciousness and experiences from us, because we are only … a piece of one small toaster, that even refuses, or can’t look at how all of it parts make its own whole toaster.

(We on the earth all together are the consciousness of the Gaia and all the planets put together with every other piece of everything within the magnetic influence of the sun are actually the consciousness of the Sun, and that the local galaxy cluster is a wholeness with a personality and so on up the line till you get to what we call the source. But also think that our source is only a cell in yet a bigger body… to infinity. Take it the other way and, to all our organ systems, cells, bacterial, fungal and viral biomes that exist on and in our very own bodies we are a veritable universe also.)

3dmandelbrot1amplituherronTo say this a bit differently, if the universe is a thing, say a bubble, or a photon and all the pieces from the most minute subatomic particles up to the largest galactic clusters are all fractalized pieces of the that bubble repeated over and over infinitely, like the Mandelbrot fractal or the Amplituhedron suggest, that would make all pieces capable of containing the whole.

It would make all of us the same, too – in that we all contain within ourselves the whole. Now, being that the first distortion of the whole was a thing called ‘free will’ to accomplish that, to experience that, all the pieces of that wholeness would need to feel they were different or fragmented from the whole. This earth became a place for an interesting type of exploration of that very nature by bringing together a vast, varied and diverse multiplicity of fragments all in one place. Not only that, some of those pieces, we humans, were fragmented even further in that our inner unity was hidden and distorted so that we could not even know our inner wholeness much less our greater wholeness.

Within this whole crazy model exists every variable possible. Every negative, every positive and every degree in-between. Linking it all together is the underlying fractal nature of all existence and through that is the notion that we are all parts of the same thing – playing different roles to discover every variable possible, all the better to “know thine own self.”

Now, to breakfast.

The Healers

There are those of us who have for a millennia sought to leave this place – this planet – our Gaia. Then there are those who have sought to stay here, who by their daily efforts have continued to support, heal and fight for her.

Gaia herself loves all of us – but there are those who through the centuries who sit in meditation, stitching the web of life back together, fixing every rent, every tear, holding her in their hearts the way she holds us.

These are the people that nobody knows about, that work singly or in groups with quiet intensity and love, knowing only that they feel what they do and know it is helping and it feeds their souls as well as their hearts.

They up-lift, protect, heal, sing, frolic, play and communicate in the energy field of our mother Gaia. And she speaks to them. She sings to them. She bathes them in her light and her love, the field of her song.

You know who you are.

While the rest of the world concentrates on exposing the crimes of humanity against its self and others and this world – and other worlds, The Keepers continue their daily work for it is more than a way of life or a calling – it is a necessity to their heart and soul, their very existence.

To you, I say thank you.

To you, I send love

To you; know you are bright in my heart.

To you I send huge gratitude

-for what you do, in silence, quietly loving our earth, our Gaia.


May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the cosmos
Even in the darkest spots living beings are able to hear it clearly
So that all suffering in them ceases
Understanding comes to their heart
And they transcend the path of sorrow and death.
The universal dharma door is already open
The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly
The miracle happens: a beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower
One single drop of this compassionate water is enough
To bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains and rivers.
Listening to the bell I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve
My mind calm, my body relaxed
A smile is born on my lips
Following the sound of the bell
My breath brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness
In the garden of my heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.

Interesting connection between Max Spiers, Miles Johnston, Aug Tellez…

you all are all very lucky, this was going to be an article on how voting is bogus and everything that was talked about Monday night illustrated that fact and that we do need a new system – on the Jimmy church Radio Show…. but then this came up.

Recently I have been following a new whistle blower named Aug Tellez. He has interesting information to share on cloning and consciousness transfer technology. He does have problems organizing his information hierarchically so that it is digestible, but if you listen enough you begin to get the gist of his message. And yes, I did say: CLONING AND SOUL TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY.

This all becomes very interesting when connected with the death of the super soldier Max Spiers, that Kerry Cassidy has been following for years. He was basically giving out the same information, but with more coherence and was likely poisoned to death for it and then brought back.

It gets better.

Kerry and Miles Johnston in Kerry’s latest interview of this subject both talk about this technology of soul transfer as if it is known and accepted fact.

I actually caught Max Spiers’s last interview on you tube before he died and I noticed the man seemed to be in a lot of physical discomfort. Then a day or so after that I heard he had died. I immediately suspected murder. This was just before he was going to speak at a conference outing cloning technology and it’s current use in the presidential arena. (yep, I just said that) The New York Post even commented on it along with almost all the main stream media in the UK.




Very interestingly, then the ‘connect the dots in the round file in my head’ started to go ding, ding, ding, and I realized that Aug Tellez has been talking about this tech himself, albeit in a highly disorganized manner, but non the less getting it out there.

So here are a series of interesting videos in this whole matter.

Aug Tellez on cloning (if you can get by the obnoxious interviewer, I almost turned him off but my hands were full of paint and  the info proved to be very valuable):

Kerry Cassidy and Miles Johnston on new information related to the death of Max Spiers;

The last interview with Max Spiers where you actually SEE him on camera with what I can conjecture is a lot edited out :

The “official” last interview with Max Spiers done by the same Polish journalist with a lot of other visuals added in and almost all of the above video footage of Max edited out:


So, IMO we are dealing with a triple convergence of information on cloning and a lot of soul technology that in light of all this must be reviewed and looked at differently. I think in the next months or so, more of this information will come out through other whistle blowers and be very relevant to what is really going on.

Send in the Clowns: Cultural engineering

Send in the Clowns” is a song written by Stephen Sondheim for the 1973 musical A Little Night Music, an adaptation of Ingmar Bergman‘s film Smiles of a Summer Night. It is a ballad from Act II in which the character Desirée reflects on the ironies and disappointments of her life.

The “clowns” in the title do not refer to circus clowns. Instead, they symbolize fools, as Sondheim explained in a 1990 interview: From <> For those of you who remember back that far – Judy Collins… This song is for those of us who need to wake up and tell our young ones not to fear….

There’s a word – albeit one not recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary or any psychology manual – for the excessive fear of clowns: Coulrophobia.

Clown costumes tend to exaggerate the facial features and some body parts, such as hands and feet and noses. This can be read as monstrous or deformed as easily as it can be read as comical. The significant aberrations in a clown’s face may alter a person’s appearance so much that it enters the so-called uncanny valley—in which a figure is lifelike enough to be disturbing, but not realistic enough to be pleasant—and thus frightens a child so much that they carry this phobia throughout their adult life From <>

The clown has always been the fool, the jester, the buffoon, the comedian. At one time the buffoonery was used to conceal great wit and wisdom. The clown has also been a symbol of our cultural dark sides.

…But clowns have always had a dark side, says David Kiser, director of talent for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. After all, these were characters who reflected a funhouse mirror back on society; academics note that their comedy was often derived from their voracious appetites for food, sex, and drink, and their manic behavior. “So in one way, the clown has always been an impish spirit… as he’s kind of grown up, he’s always been about fun, but part of that fun has been a bit of mischief,” says Kiser. From <>

The “clown” character develops out of the zannirustic fool” characters of the early modern Commedia dell’arte, which were themselves directly based on the “rustic fool” characters of ancient Greek and Roman theatre. Rustic buffoon characters in Classical Greek theater were known as sklêro-paiktês (from paizein “to play (like a child)”) or deikeliktas, besides other generic terms for “rustic” or “peasant”. In Roman theater, a term for clown was fossor, literally “digger; labourer

Interesting fun fact:

One of the earliest uses of the word “Clown” occurs in one of Shakespeare’s plays. Everyone knows and misquotes, Hamlet’s speech, “Alas poor Yorick…” – fewer realise that the gravedigger who so casually passes the relic to Hamlet is, in the play, designated “Clown”.

From <>


Then we have the whole abduction/screen memory complex where people are implanted with clowns, or owls or other such images over a real image as a way to confuse the actual memory of an alien interaction and de-intensify an alien appearance by replacing it with one of like shape and symbology making it harder to crack through to the actual memory.

Screen Memories, Stealth Encounters

Which is where IMO the most recent ‘fear of clowns has come from – that and some pre-conditioning in the scary clown movies of the 80’ and 90’s

Scary Clowns:

01- Stephen King’s It (1990) (Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown) …

02- Amusement (2008) …

03- Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) …

04- Clownhouse (1989) …

05- Blood Harvest (1987) …

06- Poltergeist (1982) …

07- Carnival of Souls (1998)

Which brings me around to the point of this article, Cultural Engineering.

Cultural engineering is a conceptual approach to cultural development planning and management that takes into account the changing concepts of culture and the design of practical strategies for dealing with issues and problems raised by culture and development in diverse contexts….Mar 10, 2009 From <>

However, I am looking at this in a much darker context, in a very convoluted way. It is well known to us that haunt the conspiracy theories that the amount of cultural conditioning being promulgated upon us today is so great as to be bordering on ludicrous. So why shouldn’t this little piece of ‘Clown-Mania’ be used in much the same way on a younger generation? Our tween and teens who then filter it down to our littles?? And… and I wasn’t going to go here but… There is the incredibly rich loosh factor of the pure fear of a child to consider here…

As we are being kept in a mildly upsetting cage of idiocy like def-con3 and the impending election of – wait for it – clowns, in a world of false flags and bread and circus, why then wouldn’t we expect them to go after the younger set too? Because the current clown scare, IMO, is nothing more that a calculated spread of FEAR PORN FOR KIDS!




And also – make it so stupid that no adult will listen or take it seriously…

But my god! Train them early, get them ready to accept the bigger lies that will be trotted out before them as they become young adults – teach them fear so that they will obey TPTB!

Cultural engineering and social manipulation at its best…start ’em early!


Intelligent Infinity, or the real name of the universe

We are pieces of the hologram called Intelligent Infinity, pieces of the FRACTIAL that make up the 3D world.

Any piece of a hologram can reproduce the whole; therefore we are all one being before the first distortion of unity. That first distortion was FREE WILL. So, really, there is no separation because we are all reflections of this unity, reflections of the one, FRACTALIZED.

LO1 : ( ) States that

First there was the unlimited, undifferentiated Oneness (Intelligent Infinity)

The first distortion (division from the unity) of this was

(note the word dis-torsion – take it out of spin)

FREEWILL (the idea of multiplicity)

The second distortion was

The Law of Love

Love attracts in (gravity)

The Third distortion was

The Law of Light

Light explodes out (photons: intelligent energy /matter)

Upon which the fractalization of the manifested universe comes into being.

Gravity like in a black hole attracts photons so tightly that they explode out in a burst of light or in EU theory in ‘GLOW’ mode.

Light (photons) emanate from an area of compressed space/time (fluid)   they ‘portal’ in, like sonoluminescence.





noun: sonoluminescence

1.luminescence excited in a substance by the passage of sound waves through it.

From <>

Gravity (attraction/love) versus Light (explosion/matter)

Opposite pressures across a medium create flow.   This flow is current.

Gravity is also a force related to the aether. As electric charge, E, is a gradient in aether, the gravitational force is a gradient of electric charge (i.e., a grad E). Thus, if the aetheric gradient is changed around an atom, the gravity force will also change. This was demonstrated in the Townsend Brown effect where a high electric gradient across a capacitor would affect its weight. The effect can be amplified by moving the entire mass which synchronizes aether flow through the mass.

The current is gravity

Analysis of the properties of a ZPE vortex lead to the conclusion that matter is sustained by ZPE vortex and can in fact be modeled mathematically as the basis for matter. The basic forces such as gravity, nuclear binding force, electromagnetic forces, electron charge, and inertia are all derivable from ZPE. So we come to the conclusion that ZPE is really another name for aether. The only redeeming feature, in my mind, is that it allows physicists to save face by inventing a new unsullied term for aether which has a disreputable name in the physics community due to it being “disproved” by the early Michaelson Morley experiment. “A rose by any other name….”

Gravity flows into a point (atom or sun) it keeps collapsing the nucleus which then explodes in a shower of photons, or light

Black hole in the middle of the sun in ‘glow’ mode showers photons out in a collapse(dark) / pulse-out (glow) mechanism

Photons portal in from another dimension through a zero point energy vortex.

In Sacred science

      • Source field is gravity/a fluid
      • Gravity is life force
      • Pyramid = fire in the middle – photons (actual meaning of the word pyramid) Energy collectors

Stephen Mehler was correct when he stated that we need a multidisciplinary paradigm to investigate the science of the pyramids because just looking at the energy/fluid flow through the pyramids requires a firm grounding in fluid dynamics (hydraulic engineering). This is because if the energy being pulled through the shape of the pyramid acts like a fluid, then the slope and size would significantly change the type and frequency of the energy being both emitted and vortexed inside it.

It is well known by Russian researchers that the angle of the slope of a pyramid does different things to the vortex created inside the pyramid.

Brief Summary of Pyramid Research Results

      • Immune system of organisms improved  (blood leukocyte composition increased).
      • improved regeneration of tissue
      • seeds stored in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield
      • soon after construction of the Lake Seliger pyramid a marked improvement of the ozone was noted above the area
      • seismic activity near the pyramid research areas are reduced in severity and size
      • violent weather also appears to decrease in the vicinity of the pyramids
      • pyramids constructed in Southern Russia (Bashkiria) appeared to have a positive effect on oil production with oil becoming less viscous by 30% and the yield of the oil wells increased according to tests carried out by the Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.
      • a study was done on 5000 prisoners who ingested salt and pepper that had been exposed to the pyramid energy field. The test subjects exhibited a greatly reduced violence rate and overall behavior was much improved.
      • standard tissue culture tests showed an increase in survival of cellular tissue after infection by viruses and bacteria
      • radioactive substances show a decreased level of radiation inside the pyramid
      • there are reports of spontaneous charging of capacitors
      • physicists observed significant changes in superconductivity temperature thresholds and in the properties of semi-conducting and carbon nano materials.
      • water inside the pyramid will remain liquid to minus 40 degrees Celsius but freeze instantly if jostled or bumped in any way

From <>

58.16 Questioner: I can see how a solid-sided pyramid would act as a funnel. It seems to me that using just the four rods joined at the apex angle would be less efficient. Can you tell me how they are equivalent to the solid-sided pyramid?

Ra: I am Ra. They are unequal in space/time, and we recommend for practical use the solid-sided pyramid or other focusing shape in order to give your physical bodily complexes respite from outside noise, rain, and other distractions to meditation. However, in time/space one is concerned with the electro-magnetic field produced by the shape. An equivalent field is produced by the solid and the open shape. Light is influenced metaphysically by this field rather than by visible shapes.

In a more practical sense, Shape Power can be understood as a means of biasing energy flows into a preferred pathway. That pathway is the geometry that reflects as a 3 dimensional structure, resonating and exchanging energy with other like resonant structures because they are now tuned.

“Shape power” is the ability of multi-dimensional shapes to manipulate the local space energy. In this treatise I shall use the term “aether” (or zero point field) to denote the local space energy field which permeates all space and time. The aether as a term and a concept is not currently accepted in academic circles because the aether was supposedly disproved back in the early part of this century by the Michaelson-Morley experiment. Flaws in the experiment caused new experiments to be run which indicated the existence of the aether; however, the orthodox physics community has not accepted these results. Additionally, research in the last 20 years has brought the aether back in a new guise called “zeropoint energy” (ZPE). I prefer the term aether because it connotes a much broader concept than ZPE.

Fundamental to understanding shape power is how the luminous aether interacts with matter. The basic premise is that all matter is simply a special case of the all-pervading universal energy filling all space; namely, the aether. Over the years, the existence and understanding of aether has evolved as the basis for gravity and free energy effects at a micro and macro level. Laboratory experiments have shown that superluminal energy and information transfer have been effectively accomplished via aetheric engineering, which effectively eliminates the theory of special relativity and its assumptions of a constant speed of light.

Stephen Mehler also talked about the pyramid and the ‘box’ being used for ascension – or initiation (as it used to be called back in the 60’s)

Interestingly enough there has been a ‘mythos’ floating around since the 50’s about the pyramids being used as an initiation device. I was 13 when I read about it.

Speculation abounds as to the great pyramid’s true function. Orthodox Egyptologists cling to the belief that the great pyramid was used as a tomb for Cheops, the Egyptian king during whose reign the pyramid was supposedly built. The Rosicrucian Society believes that the pyramid was used as an initiation chamber to test advanced adepts. Some believe that it is an interstellar beacon to guide alien spacecraft to planet earth. Whatever the great pyramid is, it is NOT a tomb nor has it ever been. As a minimum, it is a testimony that advanced technology existed on the earth, rivaling our own, over 6000 year ago. A recent test case by Japanese scientists to duplicate the effort with modern construction technology and engineering failed.

Initiation, Elizabeth Haich:

In her best known book, Initiation, Haich describes early experiences of her life in Hungary, as well as details of her supposed past life during which she claimed to have been initiated as a priestess of Ra by her supposed uncle, Ptahhotep, in what she refers to as ancient Egypt. The book also describes a little of a more recent claimed previous life in which she was a washing-woman, was abandoned by her lover, lost contact with her daughter, and ended up a beggar on the streets.

4.5Questioner: Is the size of the pyramid a function in effectiveness of the initiation?

Ra: I am Ra. Each size pyramid has its own point of streaming in of intelligent infinity. Thus, a tiny pyramid that can be placed below a body or above a body will have specific and various effects depending upon the placement of the body in relationship to the entrance point of intelligent infinity.

For the purposes of initiation, the size needed to be large enough to create the expression of towering size so that the entrance point of multi-dimensional intelligent infinity would completely pervade and fill the channel, the entire body being able to rest in this focused area. Furthermore, it was necessary for healing purposes that both channel and the one to be healed be able to rest within that focused point.

41.23Questioner: I have a book, Initiation, in which the woman describes initiation. Are you familiar with the contents of this book?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. We scan your mind.

4.2Questioner: Does the shape of the pyramid have effect upon the initiation?

Ra: I am Ra. As we began the last session question, you have already recorded in your individual memory complex the first use of the shape having to do with the body complex initiation. The initiation of spirit was a more carefully designed type of initiation as regards the time/space ratios about which the entity to be initiated found itself.

If you will picture with me the side of the so-called pyramid shape and mentally imagine this triangle cut into four equal triangles, you will find the intersection of the triangle which is at the first level on each of the four sides forms a diamond in a plane which is horizontal. The middle of this plane is the appropriate place for the intersection of the energies streaming from the infinite dimensions and the mind/body/spirit complexes of various interwoven energy fields. Thus it was designed that the one to be initiated would, by mind, be able to perceive and then channel this, shall we say, gateway to intelligent infinity. This, then, was the second point of designing this specific shape.

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Which makes sense that they moved the position of the box so the device would not work anymore as well as it once did. God forbid we find a device we could use to help the human race…. sighs

Now with our better understanding of quantum technology we also understand that the pyramid was a quantum wave generator that probably did what CERN is trying to do much more efficiently and in a much more stable manner as concerns the quantum energetic balance in the ground, electromagnetic fields and bio-energy surrounding the device.

Nassim Harriman also presents the idea that not only is the universe built upon fractalized light – the original photon, but that it is the node points of the shapes – platonic solids which fit inside each other that build the solidness of light – or slow it down in frequency that allows matter to be – or gravity

In a more practical sense, Shape Power can be understood as a means of biasing energy flows into a preferred pathway. That pathway is the geometry that reflects as a 3 dimensional structure, resonating and exchanging energy with other like resonant structures because they are now tuned. “Shape power” is the ability of multi-dimensional shapes to manipulate the local space energy. In this treatise I shall use the term “aether” (or zero point field) to denote the local space energy field which permeates all space and time. The aether as a term and a concept is not currently accepted in academic circles because the aether was supposedly disproved back in the early part of this century by the Michaelson-Morley experiment. Flaws in the experiment caused new experiments to be run which indicated the existence of the aether; however, the orthodox physics community has not accepted these results. Additionally, research in the last 20 years has brought the aether back in a new guise called “zeropoint energy” (ZPE). I prefer the term aether because it connotes a much broader concept than ZPE.

58.12 Questioner: Then the lines of spiraling light energy— do they originate from a position toward the center of the Earth and radiate outward from that point?

Ra: I am Ra. The pyramid shape is a collector which draws the instreaming energy from what you would term, the bottom or base, and allows this energy to spiral upward in a line with the apex of this shape. This is also true if a pyramid shape is upended. The energy is not Earth energy, as we understand your question, but is light energy which is omni-present.

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This is also how CARAT tech works:

Because: In a more practical sense, Shape Power can be understood as a means of biasing energy flows into a preferred pathway. That pathway is the geometry that reflects as a 3 dimensional structure, resonating and exchanging energy with other like resonant structures because they are now tuned.

One of our favorites is a famous inventor of the 19th century, John Ernst Worrel Keely, who developed shape power to a fine science. One of Keely’s demonstration gimmicks was to draw a series of symbols on a blackboard and one of his vibratory devices or motors would start operating. What I surmise is that Keely used symbols to control the aetheric energies in his lab and possibly focalize them to effect mechanical operation. Magic at its finest!

This also lends credence to Stephen Mehler’s assertion that the predynastic glyphs contain much more information if they are read correctly. There was a guest on the Jimmy Church show a few years back that talked about the triple meaning of each glyph: sound/ideogram/spiritual concepts and that the glyphs when read properly would have contained in each statement a spiritual and scientific concept.

So (yeah here it comes) IMO, the pyramids had many uses throughout time, many meanings and the fact that they are still standing on the Giza plateau and all over the world, underwater, buried under ice, under the sands of time, lends great credence to the stability of the design and how it functions quantumly to stabilize the area around it.

David Wilcock and the LO1 both state that they were built by the RA for many purposes, many world rounds ago. And yes, During the last Great Year, in an age of light we walked among, mingled with and were both indigenous and extraterrestrial, but we were fully aware of this fact. Today sadly, that ALL looks like ET to us. But give us few thousand years and we will re-member all of our family members back into a wholeness and once again know who and what we are.