In this Act of Love: We REMEMBER

…and we said, “Let us help.”

To all of you who came to help this planet at this time, right now, who are walking in pain, and walking in doubt and feeling lost,

Be Not Troubled.

It has been said over and over, that we are here to help transform this planet, we wanderers. That Gaia herself put out a calling to us for help in this transformation. We answered. Yes, we were born stripped of our memories of our homes and the societies we came from, the great love we knew. Yes, we have felt the cognitive dissonance from what this world is to what we KNOW should be true.

We have fought the noble fight. We have, in our hearts remembered enough to know that once it was different, even though we can’t figure out how we know it. We are confused because we do not remember that we came to help. We are confused because we do not remember that we came from places far more balanced and loving. We fight with ourselves against our natural reactions to this place – loving the planet and its lives, and yet hating what is happening right now.


That is why we are here. We REMEMBER. We bring that remembrance, that frequency to a place that has not known it for eons of time and has almost totally forgotten. We remember the places we came from – the way it should feel to be in a loving community of beings. We remember living in balance with our home planet. We remember…  Our hearts remember what it is to really love. Our souls remember what it is to really be one. We REMEMBER.


To call to that truth inherent in our hearts of a time when… That is the whole purpose of our being here.  To call to hearts and souls that remember to call to the memory and bring it into this here and nowthe memory of when it was better, the memory of our ancient homes of our loves and our lives. In doing this we resonate and radiate those higher frequencies here, now, in this place and help it manifest now.

In the calling we draw to us all energies that can answer and all beings that would, in service, help.

It is in this very remembering and calling that the change occurs on the planet and the frequency rises here. Yes it is painful to live in a place that is so barbaric (? – it only makes our call stronger) that we are in constant stress and dissonance with, but the very act of being in the dissonance causes us to remember and cast our thoughts out with our minds and hearts to touch what we remember as our homes – even if we do not know that we are doing exactly that, and it is helping to manifest it here, that is our purpose.

So let your tender hearts call to home, and let them remember as deeply as you can, and in this act of love, know that you really are making change in this here and now. You are helping Gaia with her birth into the next step of her evolution and all life upon and within her. Know that we all volunteered, because of all the people from where we came, we valued the love and beauty we knew the most and the thought of the pain going on here was unconscionable, and we said,

“Let us help.”

Enslaved by our OWN Free Will: with a side of fries, or ‘whatthef*ck?’

What is free will?

Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action. It is closely linked to the concepts of responsibility, praise, guilt, sin, and other judgments which apply only to actions that are freely chosen. From <>

Are actions based on incomplete or wrong information actually the exercise of free will? In a way yes.

Are we held accountable for choices made from inadequate, or simply wrong information?

It seems so. It is not that there is no excuse, no punishment or judgement, but, it is just the way the energy operates. It is impartial. If we don’t have enough information to make informed choices, the choices we do make will bring about circumstances to educate us with information/consequences that will give us the information to be able to make better choices. It’s called growing awareness.

I pose this question because we know that the decisions we are making are wrong. We know we are in a mind controlled world and that this mind control has led us to making wrong decisions for creating the outcome we really want. There is no fault – only learning. Remember the definition of being insane is: Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Being unable to learn is the definition of insanity. This is when the concept of free will has no meaning because it is not understood.

We all feel the game being played on us. We all know something is very wrong. We all know that we are at a tipping point. We all know that we are looking for a huge OMG revealing. We all know that it is on the verge – very eminent – we feel it at our cellular level, and yet we cannot pin point it in our reality.

IMO it is because we have been enslaved on this planet for the last 15,000 years or so and it has been so insidiously slow a process that we do not know what to fight or how to fight against it.


It’s like the frog story.

Once upon a time a high school biology professor brought two frogs, two hot plates and two coffee cans of water into the class and set them up on his desk. He put the coffee cans on the hot plates and turned them both on to high. He put a frog into one of the cans. Then he asked the class a question. He said, “Which one of these frogs will die first, the one I have just put in the water, or the one I will put directly into boiling water?”

The class finally came to the conclusion that it would be the frog thrown into the already boiling water. The professor said, “That is correct. Does anybody know why?”

One student raised his hand and when the professor called on him said, “Because the frog already in the water will have time to adjust and it will live longer, but the one put into the already boing water will die from shock.”

“That is absolutely right!” said the professor, turning off the hot plates, having made his point, and taking the one frog out of the luke warm water and returning him to his cage. (this is not a story about torture) .

MORAL of the story? All creatures are adaptable. It is how we survive. We adapt far better over longer spans of time rather than recovering from shock. We can accustom ourselves to some pretty gnarly situations if they build up slowly. We Adapt.

My point? We have been adapted to slavery over a great period of time and now, when it is time to wake up and smell the coffee, we are having a very hard time doing it. But we are at the point where if we don’t jump out of that coffee can, we are going to be cooked. Period. Free Will and all. We can’t pass the buck anymore and we can’t expect somebody else to do it for us. We must grow up and make that leap.

As in every resistance, there are those out there that have the requisite information to wake us up, not only that, it has been screamed in our faces of late, and we are so brainwashed that we just don’t want to hear what is being said. Well, I guess that’s ok, because one way or another we will be forced to awaken. The question is do we want it in wisdom or woe, because the thorns in our nests will only get bigger and bigger as we refuse and refuse to awaken until that day when a bucket of ice cold water is thrown on us and we sputter indignantly awake asking ‘What the f*ck?!?!?!’

It’s still about free will, it’s just how do you want that, with a side of fries, or what??

Its all in the language – Hiero: phant, glyph archy, ocrasy… Divide and Conquer

This is a continuation on my ruminations about how language is our arbiter of reality. I’ve thought about this my whole life, but the new movie ‘Arrival’ really sparked some new thoughts. Plus I’m not as smart as Laird Scranton.


Important definitions used in this article (More at the bottom)

Hiero- in its combination form

Yesterday fr

Hierophant: In ancient Greece, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles

Hieroglyph: A character or word supposed to convey a hidden meaning

Sacred: connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration. “sacred rites”

Sacer m ‎(feminine sacra, neuter sacrum.

I am starting to work out in my mind, that we really did have a telepathic sense that worked well enough that language wasn’t needed. Part of this discovery is trying to trace when we lost it, so that on looking at the before and the after I might be able to piece it together enough to understand what happened and why. Why did we lose this ability? Laird Scranton in his conversation with Jimmy Church was able to enlarge on this growing theory banging around in my mind ever since I saw Arrival, the movie. (

That and a Clyde Lewis interview of Dr. Michael Salla where Dr. Salla gets into context in meaning and describes two kinds; high context with metaphor and low context that is supported only by words like on twitter and face book. What I began to understand was the importance of context and metaphor in piecing this puzzle together.

Laird Scranton’s description of the buildings at Skara Brae as living metaphors for the human body – in that the hearth was where the heart should be, in a building that was a depiction of that body…well, our metaphors for the heart are words like nourishing, loving, warming, encompassing (where we gather to get warn and cook nourishment and have light to see in the dark) were a direct message that these people were well aware that the body was a habitation and metaphor for the soul. Therefore their dwellings reflected that knowledge in the way they were built and used. When you visited you were surrounded by what they believed, as you physically moved through their metaphor who and what they knew about themselves and the universe were your physical environment. No words needed. Just total immersion in the information – complete and utter context, as rich as it gets.

Which is my next point: they didn’t need a written language, who and what they were was in their eco/geographical context and their creations. Their relationship to the universe was in what they created and immersed themselves in. Walk into any home today, and I’ll bet the only indication of any modern sacred practice, metaphor or connection you will see are all the electronic screens and cellphones and computer stations and tablets… But nowhere will you see in any environment anything that indicates we are even faintly aware of being a spirit alive within a body… As a matter of fact, if you look at the metaphors present in homes today, you will become aware of how separated we really all are from ourselves and our world.

So where does telepathy fit in all this? Well, it is my suspicion that around the time of Skara Brae, people were still very much telepathic. That being one of the main factors why there isn’t a written language. There wasn’t a need for anything written down. Communication was instant and immediate and should anyone forget all they had to do was take in the metaphor all around them ( one huge symbol) that indicated in every way possible their place in the cosmos and their connectedness to each other.

dogon_skarabrae_egyptSomewhere between the Dogon reaching Africa and the Egyptians creating hieroglyphics we lost telepathy and I am willing to bet it was the whole reason WHY symbols came out of us!  (One of the meanings of Hiero is anger – did our anger, where ever it came from separate us?) All of a sudden we were very needful for a way to extend our meaning and give it context – of the deepest kind, because we had lost it all when our telepathic ability vanished. Thus we get the Egyptian hieroglyph with 3 contexts: sound (a representation of the sound you hear, like our letters), Word (single word meaning – like tree, or cat), Quantum Concept ( metaphor – like a representation).

When you miss the greater context, it is very easy to misconstrue the meaning!!! For instance, my husband and I play around with telepathy all the time. I’ve never really gotten anything across to him with real clarity, whilst it is very easy for him to share a song in my head; if there is music playing in my head, it’s his fault. Last week on Wednesday we came out of the movie Arrival in the evening. The air was crisp and the moon was huge! I went directly outside to have a smoke. I was almost done and beginning to wonder if he was wondering where I was. So with this new idea of context in my heart, this time I not only sent him a picture of where I was standing, I sent him what it felt like, standing there. Thirty seconds later he rounds the corner saying to me, “All of a sudden, I knew right where you were!” He had originally thought I stopped by the ladies room, which I hadn’t. CONTEXT!!!! It’s starting to mean a whole lot to me.

The next piece to this confusing puzzle has a lot to do with the words. Hieros, for instance; it combines with a whole bunch of other words, making very interesting meanings which really are a metaphor of our thinking process even today and how it controls us. Hiero means sacred or priestly. See Above.

Sacred – in Latin is sacrum. The sacrum is lock point (nexus) of the divine into matter in the human body. The base chakra. It means the ‘Breath of God in Manifestation’. Another way that the Skara Brae showed this was in the way they lived in their dwellings – a metaphor for life-with-in. Once there was a need for symbols and this innate symbolism was divorced from real life, language became a tool to divorce us from this concept by telling us that there was a hierarchy and a hierocracy. Constantly reminding us that we were not part of the ‘priestly caste’ or any of the real knowledge they held a part from us. Further, in French the word hiero is a combination form meaning…. wait for it… yesterday. That, my friends is a language time-bind.

Further when you look at the combination forms like, hierophant (one who interprets sacred mysteries ), or hieroglyph (a character or word supposed to convey a hidden meaning), you are once again removed from the perception of the subject to seeing it through an intermediary, instead of direct perception. Our language is riddled with subjective word meanings that tell us in a myriad of ways that not only are we not capable, nor should ever attempt to perceive this divine element from inside, or, gods forbid – literally, on our own.

I have been talking about the technology of this ancient take over for some time in various ways on this blog. Last night during Jimmy Church’s tribute to Bill Cooper (episode #561 in the Fade to Black You Tube channel) I realized that it may be more that just one of my hair-brained theories. He was also convinced of it, and if he had had the opportunity to talk to people like Laird Scranton and a few others on what we are just recently beginning to understand and dig up out of our far history, I am sure he would have seen the link. How would you conduct a take over of a planet under the noses of other advanced races that might stop you, without being noticed?

You would infiltrate a people before written language, you would then have a hand in developing that language, and you would embed awareness codes in that language to make sure that people created their own control cage to your specifications by the way they used the syntax, context and meaning to describe their reality.  If they were telepathic you would have to change that by reducing their ability or breaking it, fully expecting them to take another thousand years to regain it, but by that time the language control system would have been well embedded in the entire planet along with fear based control systems like religion promising that any type of ultra awareness was evil and punishable. Why do you think pre-language children are more aware of the paranormal than us and dogs and cats for that matter?? No language cage.

Then you, very slowly so as not to raise any extra-planetary suspicions, force their technological development so that you could insert yourselves into the global situation to control a myriad of requirements, cultural thought and control systems.

When they reached a certain level, you would then be able to show your presence by using the previously developed EBE’s from their own planetary DNA as Extraterrestrials visiting earth to further force technological development towards your plans. If you are conquering the known galaxy, you need armies – planets of armies. And in their game plan a thousand years of development is nothing. Not when you have a life span of hundreds of thousands of years.

Are you beginning to see the innuendo, programming and societal control systems embedded in our very language? We use language to extend meaning to one another and describe the reality around us. Can you understand that part of our inability to think ourselves out of the mindset we have is due to the words we use to think it – to describe our very reality??? And now are you beginning to see why we are stuck in not only time and war, but spirit and soul on this planet due to the language we use? The way we think ourselves into reality.


hiero-  Word Origin a combining form meaning “sacred,” “priestly,” used in the formation of compound words: hierocracy. also, especially before a vowel, hier-. ( in french meaning YESTERDAY)
From <>

hiero- or before a vowel – hier- combining form: holy or divine: hierocracy; hierarchy.
[from Greek, from hieros]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014

a combining form meaning “sacred,” “priestly”: hierocracy.
Also, esp. before a vowel, hier-.
[< Greek, comb. form of hierós]
From <>


eis- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root eis-: Asmodeus, estrus, gisarme, hierarch, hieratic, hiero-, hierodule, hieroglyphic, hierophant, irascible, irate, ire, iron.

eis-In words denoting passion.

Oldest form *h1eis- or possibly *h1eish2-.

  1. Suffixed form *eis-ā-. irascible, irate, ire from Latin īra, anger.
  2. Suffixed zero-grade form *is-(ə)ro-, powerful, holy. hieratic, hiero-; hierarch, hierarchy, hierodule, hieroglyphic, hierophant from Greek hieros, “filled with the divine” holy.
  3. iron from Old English īse(r)n, īren, iron;

4.gisarme, spiegeleisen from Old High German īsarn, īsan, iron. Both a and b from Germanic *īsarno-, “holy metal” (possibly from Celtic).

  1. Suffixed o-grade form *ois-tro-, madness. estrus; estrogen, estrone from Greek oistros, gadfly, goad, anything causing madness.
  2. Suffixed form *eis-mo. Asmodeus from Avestan aēšma-, anger.

[Pokorny 1. eis- 299.]
From <>


HI’-ER-O-GLYPH (-glif) noun ;  Picture writing.
A character or word supposed to convey a hidden meaning
From: Funk and Wagnall’s New Practical Standard Dictionary 1946 (yes, an actual book I have sitting in front of me)


The term has been used in English since 1727, borrowed from glyphe (in use by French antiquaries since 1701), from the Greek γλυφή, glyphē, “carving,” and the verb γλύφειν, glýphein, “to hollow out, engrave, carve” (cognate with Latin glubere “to peel” and English cleave).
The word hieroglyph (Greek for sacred writing) has a longer history in English, dating from the first Elizabethan translation of Plutarch, who adopted hieroglyphic as a Latin adjective.
In archaeology, a glyph is a carved or inscribed symbol. It may be a pictogram or ideogram, or part of a writing system such as a syllable, or a logogram. In 1897 Dana Evans discovered glyphs written on rocks in the Colorado Desert. These ancient characters have been called the most enlightening discovery in Native American History in the 19th Century.
From <>


HI-ER-O-PHANT hi·er·o·phant ˈhī(ə)rəˌfant/ noun
noun: hierophant; plural noun: hierophants
a person, especially a priest in ancient Greece, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles
late 17th century: via late Latin from Greek hierophantēs, from hieros ‘sacred’ + phainein ‘show, reveal.’
From <>


SACRED sa·cred ˈsākrəd/ adjective: sacred
connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration. “sacred rites”

synonyms:  holy, hallowed, blessed, consecrated, sanctified, venerated, revered;

archaicblest   “the priest entered the sacred place

From Proto-Indo-European sh₂kros ‎(“sacred”), from seh₂k-, *sak- ‎. to sanctify, to make a treaty”)
From <>

sacer m ‎(feminine sacra, neuter sacrum); first/second declension

SACRUM – other meaning: the tail bone. Also the sacrum where energy binds to matter in the human body and comes in to manifestation: The breath of God Manifested.

For your perusal

I have watched all three of these and find them chock full of interesting information. As always, use discernment. However, I liked them, a lot.


Robert Wood and William Tompkins Interview – Part 1

Published on Nov 14, 2016

In this multi-part interview series, we meet with William Tompkins and Dr. Robert Wood – the author and editor of Bill’s autobiography, Selected by Extraterrestrials, My Life in the Top Secret World of UFOs, Think-tanks, and Nordic Secretaries.

In part one; we explore Dr. Bob’s work at Douglas Aircraft as an engineer and his scientific research into UFOs and how they could work; his work with in retirement with MUFON; and his authentication of Top Secret UFO, MJ12, and other documents related to of a variety of topics, including the Battle of Los Angeles, c.1942.

Later, Dr. Wood and Bill Tompkins discuss TRW research projects, the prospect of meeting ET and UFO sightings.

Robert Wood and William Tompkins Interview – Part 2

Published on Nov 16, 2016

William Tompkins discloses his first-hand witness testimony of what he saw during the reconnaissance missions to the moon and during NASA’s and Neil Armstrong’s first manned mission to the moon – Apollo 11. If you were alive back then and watched it all unfold on TV, as I had, according to Bill, we weren’t shown everything. Later, Dr. Robert Wood prompts Bill to discuss his first job with US NAVY Intelligence – what was it like working with Admiral Rico Botta during WWII; and, we get to hear from Bill how he had finally received confirmation that his secretaries were indeed Nordic Extraterrestrials.


Documents Support Claims of Covert Navy Operation in Nazi Germany Tied to Secret Space Programs

Selected by Extraterrestrials

Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12, & Biowarfare…

Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project

Robert Wood and William Tompkins Interview – Part 3

Published on Nov 20, 2016

In this third and final part of this interview series with William Tompkins and Dr. Robert Wood, we discuss life extension studies; research at TRW and the telepathic extraterrestrial help they were receiving from the Blues – not to be confused with Corey Goode’s Blue Avians; Bill’s life and work at Naval Air Station North Island during WWII and what it was like working with Admiral Rico Botta, interfacing with the Naval Operatives, receiving technological data from them, and disseminating packages to the defense industry, colleges, and naval research facilities.




CRAFTSMANSHIP MUSEUM – illustrations of Bill’s ship models







Are You Confused Yet?


If Google, Facebook, and Twitter keep expanding their censorship of “disfavored messages,” they’re going to pay a price. More and more users will go elsewhere.  -John Rappoport

The above quote from John Rappaport fits my mood exactly. As I messaged a friend on Friday: “Fyi, fb aggravated my last nerve, so I uninstalled it… At least till Monday. Predictive algorithms can go suck a rock!!”

Fake web sites? What about fake companies? What about Google, Facebook, Twitter? Behind their happy-happy messages, they were built to propagandize, profile, and control.   -John Rappoport

Not to put a too obvious of a point on it, in the article from which these quotes originated, I learned a lovely new word. Grin:

The major media are the biggest fakes the world has ever seen. Their anchors and star reporters are bloviating cranks.   -John Rappoport






gerund or present participle:

Bloviating: talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.

From <>

My gods! What a lovely word… Say it…blow-vee-ate-ing. See how wonderfully it trips off the tongue, how emotionally satisfying that is to say, especially when you know the meaning???

I can’t seem to get beyond the giggle factor – its hitting me square in the eye(s) that even the alternative media – anything coming through any electronics (who reads an actual paper anymore?) of any kind is…’off’. Like it’s all hype. All stupid, all ‘play time’. Not real. And it’s purpose is to completely take over our sense of the real. Even the people that I have relied on for years, all of a sudden are just spouting, well, ‘stuff’. Bang! Right in the old reality meter. I have this bull-shit claxon going off all over the place. So what is this about? Is this mind control? Or am I just waking up to the mind control that I have willingly subjected myself to over the last couple of years?

Can’t get past that feeling of needing to, just walk away. To that end I uninstalled FB on my phone – the place I am most addicted to reading it. I went

I have thought a lot lately about how the control system has been operating here on this planet.

  • Natural system :the generative matrix of Gaia her self
  • Purpose was to support many types of life
  • The creation of more
  • Safety for those forms to develop
  • Generation from those for of more forms… etc.
  • First derivation from that: the first interference from the original intent
  • Artificial overlay; could be a small tweak – first hack into the construct
  • Second derivation through today

From that second derivation of the natural onward it has gotten obvious and quite involved.

  • 22 genetic experiments going on by various ET races
  • AI invasion and reptilian takeover
    • Gov’t
    • Schools
    • Food
    • Pharma
    • Chemtrails
    • Vaccinations
    • Media
    • Internet
    • Computers
    • Smart dust
    • Cellphones
    • Black goo
    • implants
    • HAARP
    • BMMSS: the Babylonian Money Magic Slavery System (money)

Compare this to an article written about the 9 veils of reality that people must get through and realize these things:

With full credit given to Don Harkins, here now are the newly updated “Nine Veils”.

The first veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the first veil and find the world of politics. We will vote, become active and develop an opinion. Our opinions will be shaped by the physical world around us; we will have been “conditioned” from our days in public education to accept that government officials, network media personalities and other “experts” are the primary voices of authority. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the third veil.

The second veil: Ten percent of us will also pierce the second veil to explore the world of history, the relationship between man and government and the meaning of self-government through constitutional and common law. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the third veil.

The third veil: Ten percent of those who pierce the second veil, will eventually pierce the third veil to conclusively find that the resources of the world, including people, are controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful families whose incorporated old world assets have, with modern extortion strategies, become the foundation upon which the entire world´s economy is currently indebted. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fourth veil.

The fourth veil: Ten percent will then pierce the fourth veil to discover the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and the other secret societies. These societies use symbols and perform ceremonies that perpetuate the generational transfers of arcane knowledge that is used to keep the ordinary people in political, economic and spiritual bondage to the oldest bloodlines on earth. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fifth veil.

The fifth veil: Ten percent will progress to pierce the fifth veil to learn that the secret societies are so far advanced technologically that time travel and interstellar communications have no boundaries and controlling the very thoughts and even the very actions of people is what their members do as offhandedly as we tell our children when they must go to bed. As in the days of Noah, this technology is even creating synthetic life forms, as man seeks to displace God. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the sixth veil.

The sixth veil: Ten percent will progress to pierce the sixth veil where we learn the dragons and lizards and aliens we thought were the fictional monsters of childhood literature are real indeed and are in reality the actual controlling forces behind the secret societies uncovered in the fourth veil. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without piercing the seventh veil.

The seventh veil: Ten Percent will progress to pierce the 7th veil where the incredible world of fractal geometry and the universal law of numbers will be fully understood and embraced. The creative force of the entire universe will be shown to be linked to numerical code formulas and sequences, and all “mysteries” including the very fabric of time, space, parallel universes, and access therein is unlocked. Those whose intellects allow them to pierce the seventh veil often succumb to the lure and promise of massive wealth offered by the ruling elite, and thus over ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without piercing the eighth veil.

The eighth veil: Piercing the eighth veil reveals God and the pure energy known as LOVE that is the pure life force in all living things – which are one and the same. Deep-seated Humility is needed in order to ever pierce this veil.

The ninth veil: Piercing the ninth veil means perfecting the pure energy known as love and thereby becoming truly one with God and His formulations. By perfecting this pure energy, one then fully embraces charity and therein gains full understanding of the universal plan of sacrifice, death, and redemption; life itself then becomes complete and one truly comes full circle and looks at the world through the eyes of an innocent child, yet with the deepest wisdom born of pure LOVE from the eighth veil.

Consider this: If this theory is correct, there are only about 60,000 people on the planet who have successfully pierced the sixth veil. The irony here is too incredible: Those who are stuck behind veils one through five have little choice but to view the people who have pierced the veils beyond them as dangerously insane. With each veil pierced, exponentially shrinking numbers of increasingly enlightened people are deemed insane by exponentially increasing masses of decreasingly enlightened people. More information on this

Adding to the irony, the harder a “sixth or better veiler” tries to explain what he is able to see to those who can´t, the more insane he appears to them. This truth is self-evident. Moreover, institutions such as the venerable “Southern Poverty Law Center” are formed and financed by the ruling elite to effectively label many such awakened individuals “hate-mongers” and “terrorists”.

Every second of every day, every item in our daily world is completely inundated by an overlay control system that is many layers off of the original plan. Further this overlay of the original blueprint is almost in the very last second of completing a total and utter takeover of the entire planet.

We must realize that within the next year or so – every freedom, intellectual and otherwise, we thought we had will be gone – and it will be done right under our noses unless something changes. We are right on the verge of never being able to trust anything electronic ever again and there are now chips embedded in every daily appliance we use not including all the Wi-Fi that covers what is missed by the chips – or the so called smart dust (nano-chips) embedding itself in our bodies, sprayed on us daily. If you take your cell phone with you anywhere – even if it is off you can be tracked. We are deceived by mass media, and we are deceived by dis-information in some of the alternative media. The two are fighting each other. There is nothing anywhere that doesn’t have disinformation in it or a twist to it.

As Noam Chomsky wrote in his brilliant book, Language and Politics:

You don’t have any other society where the educated classes are so effectively indoctrinated and controlled by a subtle propaganda system – a private system including media, intellectual opinion forming magazines and the participation of the most highly educated sections of the population. Such people ought to be referred to as “Commissars” – for that is what their essential function is – to set up and maintain a system of doctrines and beliefs which will undermine independent thought and prevent a proper understanding and analysis of national and global institutions, issues, and policies. From

Even if the people who report news in the alternative media are getting the straight information, the people they got it from could be dis-information plants. There is no end to it. Therefore it is up to each of us to be totally discerning in all the information we gather. And even if the triangulation method is being used to vet a current tid bit of information (let’s get really paranoid here) that contingency could have been planned for also and thusly you have what you think is a reliable bit of info from 3 sources which in actually was planned dis-info from the start.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” – Edward Bernays (“the father of public relations”), Propaganda, 1928 (note that Bernays’ book, Propaganda, begins with the above quote). From

The list of ‘fake’ news sites was published, I hope you realize by ‘Main-stream Media’… what we consider fake in the first place.

Here is an excerpt from a list of “fake news” sites suggested by one professor. The list is circulating widely on the Web: Project Veritas; Infowars; Breitbart; Coast To Coast AM; Natural News; Zero Hedge; The Daily Sheeple; Activist Post; 21st Century Wire.



So is this a piece of manipulation by mainstream? I’d say yes… But then we all know there are sites out there that don’t give a crap about good journalism and simply exist to ride the hype and the spin by being click bait – that rip off the more reliable alternative sites and even then skew information that is wrong and present it out of context for the ‘ooooh’ factor.

For a rather biased  but well researched article on this and two lists, one fromUS News and World Report, the other from Melissa Zimdars, whose bio says she is “an assistant professor of communication & media” who calls the following websites “False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources.” of “bad’ sites review this article:

So where does this leave us? Cherish the next year or so before this all transitions into something that could take your life in a blink and have you totally enslaved to it, all while you swear up and down that you are radically and totally free.

In a way, I expect most of what we will see in the next year or so – whether its political, technical, Ets, or whatever will all be part of the plan to distract us from realizing the extremely subtle takeover of our lives from the real invaders. My biggest fear is that it will be so complete before we are aware of it that we will, when we really wake up only be able to see it, but not change it. That may be so already. Like Neo… That was one very revealing movie. It begs you to wake up – but it also says take warning about where you do wake up because it may be only one of the layers of reality – that each time you think you’ve got it, you come to realize that it is just one more layer of trivia – trickery.

I disconnected from FB yesterday in a fit of frustration because I realized that the stupid predicative algorithms were effectively – and sort of in the last couple of months irritatingly, subtly, limiting and directing my point of view – dis allowing me to see the things I had specifically set up the feed to show me. Further, when I tried to get to those things, it sat there and gave me the spinning doughnut. Be it known the place I spend any time at all on FB is my phone. I must admit it is a Google run device. It steals my photos and ‘keeps’ them for me, it holds all my contacts, it ‘manages my life already in a very diverse and all-encompassing way. As long as it did that in a quiet and supportive way, I was sorta ok with it. Once it invaded the information I was looking for and started to suggest, that I might like s something else better was the very second it got on my very last nerve. To whit, I uninstalled it. Boom! Good bye asshole. Seriously.

You may think you are in control of your life and that you have a handle on your specific reality niche – but really, do you – are you?

Are you confused yet?    You should be…



Language is the Metaphor for Time: change the language, change time.

(no, this is NOT a spoiler)

Important word meanings in this post:

  • Metaphor: to transfer – to carry over – to bear – across
  • Logos: ‘I say’
  • Context: weave together
    • High: metaphorical
    • Low: verbal
  • Subtext: below – underlying meaning
  • Intention/intent: extend towards
    • plan, mean, have in mind, have the intention, aim, purpose

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The Armenian name of the Lord explains the oldest origin of the word God we have at 3,000BCE. God means ‘he is’ or ‘I am who I am’

When the ‘IS’ was just one,

before it decided to ‘BE’,

its sound was eh – or breath – or energy.

Once it decided to ‘BE’, it became the many, the logos (meaning ‘I say’).


Intelligent Infinity: or the real name of the universe

John 1:1  |  Law of One  |  Word Etymology

In the beginning was the Word,

First Distortion: freewill/multiplicity


from Latin frequentia, from frequens, frequent- ‘crowded, frequent

1.the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample.

2.the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second.



and the Word was with God,

Second distortion: Law of Love / attraction

Resonance:  Latin resonantia ‘echo,’ from resonare ‘resound’

a. the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.

b. the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.


and the Word was God. (E-motion/energy in motion was god)

Third distortion: Law of Light / manifested universe

78.9 Questioner: Now, we have the first, second, and third distortions of free will, love, and light. Am I correct in assuming that the central core of this major galaxy began to form with the third distortion? That was the origin of our Milky Way Galaxy?

Ra: I am Ra. In the most basic or teleological sense you are incorrect as the One Infinite Creator is all that there is. In an undistorted seed-form you are correct in seeing the first manifestation visible to the eye of the body complex which you inhabit as the third distortion, light, or to use a technical term, limitless light.From <>

Creation: the action or process of bringing something into existence

cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions

Breed, generate, engender, produce, make for, promote foster

From Proto-Italic *krēāō ‎(“to make grow”)

creō ‎(present infinitive creāre, perfect active creāvī, supine creātum); first conjugation

I create, make, produce

I beget, give birth to

I prepare, cause

I choose


A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

We now know that the universe was created from one photon, the amplituhedron, which immediately fractalized, made smaller copies of the original in holographic form – which set up a resonance and then by rhythm/frequency created light or first visible form.

Language is kind of like this third law, in that it is the third derivation from truth or original meaning of any idea or feeling you try to communicate. Language is reductionist, an approximation of a thought/feeling. Implicit in language is the necessity of context. Context has two parts to it.

High context wherein metaphor is used (Metaphor: to transfer – to carry over – to bear – across)

Low context wherein the meaning is inferred in the words themselves

Language is the third iteration: (from Latin iterat- ‘repeated,’ from the verb iterare, from iterum ‘again) derivation of a pure meaning: (Old English mænan ; related to Dutch meenen and German meinen, from an Indo-European root shared by mind) – remember the game of telephone?

Think back to the Tower of Babel metaphor. If ‘god’ took our universal language and broke it into many other languages, then what would that first all-inclusive language have been? Telepathy?

Telepathy is all inclusive. It has meaning, emotion, intent, metaphor and context.


This makes telepathy the purest meaning of a communication

Telepathy (from the Greek τῆλε, tele meaning “distant” and πάθος, pathos or -patheia meaning) in its newest understanding can be defined as:

Mind to mind/soul to soul communication where context is implicit in the communication and emotional intent is obvious as part of the meaning, and there is no underlying subtext that could be held back from the communication (i.e. no lies).

On a more fringy note: language being the third derivation of purest meaning is also a way to bring into existence a reality, in that it is part of this third principle, the third distortion, the word as god. Words are symbols. They hold a general meaning and a meaning only for the one who hears or sees them. This is why everybody’s truth is slightly different from everybody else’s.

People are a third iteration also. Spirit – into soul – into body. We are our own meaning and our own symbol. We emit light and we emit an electromagnetic field as part of our life process. This field is continuously changing due to our thoughts and feelings. We create our context by our hands, faces, gestures, actions which are all part of our moment to moment meaning as a spirit and a soul having an experience in a 3D (third derivation/iteration) body.

From the third derivation also comes the sense of time. Time is implicit in our language – and we are also limited in time by the ideas implicate in our language because language is the way we think about things, structure/or program our reality, our knowledge. It not that we need more information, or to think differently about time, it’s that we need a different structure for time itself – we need a whole new vocabulary. This is because it’s the way our concepts of time are configured through our language that keeps us here, stuck in the current bobbing along with no means to navigate our journey…

Have you ever thought about going forward in time to your best case scenario and seeing what you did to make it so and then go back and do it??? In effect that would be the future changing the past… And yet, in our world that concept is a fairy tale because everybody knows that the past, now and future are discrete, separate and effect each other in only one direction… We know this because of the meanings implicit in those three words, past, present and future – even in the way we know how to organize which came first and then next on the words of this page. What about: past – present – now? In that if you want to change your now, you need to change your past and you do that by accessing your future to find out what you did to get to your now… 

Some would say that is only imagination. I would say maybe, that your imagination is how you access time. I have written numerous times (in fact the whole damned blog is about this)  about perception, the quantum box, the glass ceiling… about the societal rules that keep our minds in the ‘proper’ order – lest we go off on tangents and discover marvelous things that would up set the status quo – the proverbial apple cart… They all stem from using your imagination – from breaking all the rules you can in your own mind, from listening to your own inner muse, the one who begs you to write your own fairy tales and dream, to dare to reconstruct the so called laws of reality to fit your soul’s dreams. To, if you have to, very quietly in your own mind, break every rule you are/can become aware of concerning what you believe/have been taught is real and what is not. Do it!!! Dare it!!!


To bring this back to the information at the top, When did we first develop the concepts that have cemented our awareness into the rigid structure we now live in? I’d say it was about the time of the reptilian invasion – when the word “God” first showed up in our language… Jus say’in.

Food for thought. Food for the coming becoming.



Energy follows Thought

Always has been, always will be. Old and new, tried and true.

But what’s it really mean????

Every time you have a thought it IS an energy signature/frequency that you emit electromagnetically from yourself. The more consistent, coherent and organized, i.e.: the clearer that thought is, the more power it has. This is demonstrated in the physical body very clearly by a number of dis-eases that plague humanity today. The Most obvious being, ulcers. Yes, they are caused by a bacterium, however that bacterium is harmless unless you are resonating in a particular frequency range that corresponds to anger turned inward.

e-follows-thoughtWhen you combine a coherent thought with emotional intent (like supercharging it) you have in today’s parlance, magic, in tomorrow’s parlance you are simply using the physics of thought. When we spend time getting to know ourselves and thusly uncover our underlying motivations, our intents, we can refine what we draw to ourselves – we can choose more of what we want – instead of feeling like we are hanging in the wind with no options. In very simple terms, an intent is what you really wanted out of something down below all the nicely trained in societal reasons.

Meditation and other practices that help thought-training, i.e. your ability to hold, magnify and stay on one thought, help make the construct – the thought more organized. Then you fire that up with the right well developed intent and, voila, you manifest. If what you create is nominal and at best half there, so were your thoughts about it – that or your intent (emotional feeling about it) was only half there or confused and conflicted.

e2-follows-thoughtAs we slide into 4D – simply a faster vibratory base rate, it will make these things happen very easily. But!!! There is one caveat that is really important, until you realize the mechanics of how this works, you will be able to create an absolute nightmare for yourself till you figure it out. Yes, it’s gonna take some real discipline. And yes, it’s gonna be in your face that you are responsible for your own crap… but hey, how else are we gonna learn????

Actually, on a lot of levels this is already in operation with greater and greater power. That is because we do not all of a sudden one day just ‘jump’ into 4D. We sorta slide in like a baseball player stealing a base. We are already doing it. In a way the higher ET’s are shielding us from our own folly by slowing down the process – or it would be a real mess down here.

e3-follows-thoughtHowever, we are getting to that point where masses of people actually do have the power to effect change on this planet. Subconsciously we are already doing that – we are subtly changing things – our dreams manifest – we all want this world to be a beautiful place and we all want to live a peaceful life. Many of us are learning to ignore the mass media that is trying so desperately to shape our perceptions and thereby shape what we dream we want. We are learning to create in the stillness of our own hearts the peace and love, the beauty and abundance, the harmony and multiplicity in diversity we all want.

So hone your ability to think clear thoughts and ideas, clean out your emotional reservoir by making your intents honest and congruent with your heart and buckle up – cause it’s about to get fun!  (4D school is all about this)


If we are here specifically in time to extend our ability to learn about duality, then the point is not to get sideswiped by a million other distractions. Like normal Saturday chores, you have to vacuum, dust, mop the kitchen floor, do the pre-prep on a dinner casserole, grocery shop and have it all ready and done by 5pm. Along the way however, when you open the cabinet under the sink to get the floor mopping juice, it’s such a mess you get aggravated and sit down then and there and re-organize the whole thing. But when you go to throw out all the junk that accumulated there, you realize you don’t have any more kitchen garbage bags, so, in spite of your nice little list that you had of things to do all in order, you pop out to the grocery store to get bags and come home with $75 worth of stuff you hadn’t planned on getting while also passing by Starbucks to get a coffee, which you consume there while perusing your FB for an hour. By the time you get home, its 4:30 and not one item on that list is done.

Yes, you had a nice day – but walking back inside your home there is mass chaos. So. Do you finish your tasks all through the evening, or do you sit down with a glass of wine to counter the effects of the coffee which at this point have your teeth hurting??? Hum? I’d be voting wine (really beer) and then it’s all over till the morrow.

One of the effects that social media and alternative media is having on us is creating this mass confusion with too much information. This wouldn’t be bad – except that most of it is purposefully unrelated to everything else, so there is no addition to the bigger picture, just mass confusion of information all floating around bumping into each other with no meaningful connections. This is not counting the disinfo projected our way that takes discernment to weed out… The feeling is kinda of akin to the feeling you have walking into your house in disarray from the 7 different projects you had going that are all half done.

Plus, this doesn’t take into account all the manufactured bullsh*t going on out in the world that is part of a plan to make us believe that stuff is going on, (false flags – of which we have a new category –  the manufactured Trump protests, btw, curtesy of Soros et al…)when it really isn’t. Nor does it make up for really important stuff that that is going on that nobody knows about both above and below the radar. That would be like someone sneaking into your home while you were out at the grocery and Starbucks, ordering pizza and chinese takeout watching movies all day and with all the garbage laying around and just leaving. You almost can’t tell they did because of the mess you already have going on, but you look around confused because you know something happened…

What I am trying to illustrate is that most of us are like Dory from Finding Nemo. Squirrely and distractible. We love the latest and greatest, the glitteriest and brightest, the coolest and most thrilling thing put in our path.

The POINT?? Well, we need to remember, tattoo on the inside of our eyelids, ‘I will pay attention, I will ignore the glitter and stay the course of discerning the real.’ Once our house is in order, or at least the daily tasks are done, yeah, it’s fun to play with the glitter because you know it’s glitter and you know how you are being distracted and misled. We are here to learn how to choose from a multitude of things, NOT be led around by our noses.


Carry on…


The only thing this crooked world asks of us

is to carry the pain and carry on.

With so many sorrows, so much weight in our hearts,

it’s a wonder that we can love at all.

But we carry on rocks and all.

We become holy, hallowed, blessed, consecrated, sanctified, and redeemed

We are purified by that pain,

We are hallowed by those miles.

And still we carry on.


We are fools for hope, we are fools for love

We sacrifice our souls for the hope of light

We are fools for hope, we are fools for love

We make our pain sacred so we can carry on


Make your pain sacred


You can carry on…


We need carry this weight for the wisdom it holds –

From wisdom is born empathy –

From empathy, compassion.

We have so far to go, so much more to learn, so much more to feel

Before we can turn this place, change this place, heal this place, and move on.

The longer you carry on, the more you know why

You must make your pain sacred so you can carry on…


Make your pain sacred


You can carry on…

For Leonard Cohen  1934-2016


I ask you to read these song lyrics from Lenard Cohen, with an eye on your own knowledge, through the lens of conspiracy and see, if like me, you don’t think he knew and was telling us about it all.

His words made me realize that the only way we can manage to move forward as real people, in full awareness of what has been going on this time around on this world, in this particular timeline is to sanctify it and move on…


Steer Your Way

Leonard Cohen

Steer your way through the ruins

Of the altar and the mall

Steer your way through the fables

Of creation and the fall

Steer your way past the palaces

That rise above the rot

Year by year

Month by month

Day by day

Thought by thought

Steer your heart past the truth

You believed in yesterday

Such as fundamental goodness

And the wisdom of the way

Steer your heart, precious heart

Past the women whom you bought

Year by year

Month by month

Day by day

Thought by thought

Steer your path through the pain

That is far more real than you

That smashed the cosmic model

That blinded every view

And please don’t make me go there

Tho’ there be a god or not

Year by year

Month by month

Day by day

Thought by thought

They whisper still, the ancient stones

The blunted mountains weep

As he died to make men holy

Let us die to make things cheap

And say the Mea Culpa which you’ve probably forgot

Year by year

Month by month

Day by day

Thought by thought

Steer your way, o my heart

Tho’ I have no right to ask

To the one who was never

Never equal to the task

Who knows he’s been convicted

Who knows he will be shot

Year by year

Month by month

Day by day

Thought by thought

They whisper still, the ancient stones

The blunted mountains weep

As he died to make men holy

Let us die to make things cheap

And say the Mea Culpa which you gradually forgot

Year by year

Month by month

Day by day

Thought by thought

You Want It Darker

Leonard Cohen

If you are the dealer, I’m out of the game

If you are the healer, it means I’m broken and lame

If thine is the glory then mine must be the shame

You want it darker

We kill the flame

Magnified, sanctified, be thy holy name

Vilified, crucified, in the human frame

A million candles burning for the help that never came

You want it darker

Hineni, hineni

I’m ready, my lord

There’s a lover in the story

But the story’s still the same

There’s a lullaby for suffering

And a paradox to blame

But it’s written in the scriptures

And it’s not some idle claim

You want it darker

We kill the flame

They’re lining up the prisoners

And the guards are taking aim

I struggled with some demons

They were middle class and tame

I didn’t know I had permission to murder and to maim

You want…

They’re lining up the prisoners

And the guards are taking aim

I struggled with some demons

They were middle class and tame

I didn’t know I had permission to murder and to maim

You want it darker

Hineni, hineni

I’m ready, my lord

Magnified, sanctified, be thy holy name

Vilified, crucified, in the human frame

A million candles burning for the love that never came

You want it darker

We kill the flame

If you are the dealer, let me out of the game

If you are the healer, I’m broken and lame

If thine is the glory, mine must be the shame

You want it darker

Hineni, hineni

Hineni, hineni

I’m ready, my lord


Hineni, hineni


Songwriters: Leonard Cohen / Patrick Leonard


It Seemed the Better Way

Leonard Cohen

Seemed the better way

When first I heard him speak

Now it’s much too late

To turn the other cheek

Sounded like the truth

Seemed the better way

Sounded like the truth

But it’s not the truth today

I wonder what it was

I wonder what it meant

First he touched on love

Then he touched on death

Sounded like the truth

Seemed the better way

Sounded like the truth

But it’s not the truth today

I better hold my tongue

I better take my place

Lift this glass of blood

Try to say the grace

Seemed the better way

When first I heard him speak

But now…

Seemed the better way

When first I heard him speak

But now it’s much too late

To turn the other cheek

Sounded like the truth

Seemed the better way

Sounded like the truth

But it’s not the truth today

I better hold my tongue

I better take my place

Lift this glass of blood

Try to say the grace

Songwriters: Leonard Cohen / Patrick Leonard

Wisdom needs weight: the need to remain conscious of timelines and their history.

Wisdom needs weight

If it is possible, that we are timeline creating and jumping, let us not forget that the wisdom we need to create an optimal timeline, one where we are the compassionate beings we are meant to be, requires memory of where we have been because it is the sum of our learning that is the wisdom that is the key linchpin of who we choose to become in every moment. Wisdom is the knowing WHY we are choosing differently, wisdom is the ability to discern the choice.

Yes, our history can be so very heavy – the weight of previous choices is like a rock – it can weigh us down, however, without the memory and the wisdom it brings, we will never be able to know the best actions moving forward. We cannot dump all the bad our of our past, jumping to places where events had never happened and expect to arrive at a beautiful future with the ability to pass it onto others. And that is the point? Isn’t it? Otherwise we would be like idiot savants, never knowing how we do what we do, but just doing it. As in the Chinese term ‘happy mistake’ This would leave us open for ever, to take overs and manipulations – just like it did in the very beginning. Loss of memory is loss of wisdom.

The problem occurs when walking forward with the weight of the past upon your soul and maintaining the vivacity and joy of our creative selves – unless we get this forgiveness thing under our belts and realize that this process is the only thing that allows the release of the weight (sorrow) and the keeping of the wisdom. This transformational process is akin to the greatest alchemy there is – but you can only forgive if you have taken full responsibility for the actions/thoughts/deeds that created that need to forgive. Forgiveness is the full recognition in empathy for all of an action/reactions effects upon yourself and others. Forgiveness creates utter understanding and total compassion for yourself and others and a true learning, which in turn becomes the wisdom that is the basis for further development of yourself and others.

If we jump to timelines where things like 911 or earth shattering changes killed many due to our own lack of compassion, never happened, we will end up repeating the things we need to learn in a different way until we learn those things. We will recreate the mess until we perceive the wisdom of NOT doing it that way. There are NO easy outs. Just learning and the product of that learning, Wisdom. Forgiveness is the way to carry that learning forward and it is the way to make the rock of our past learning experiences easier to carry. It is also the way we develop the intrinsic, necessary beauty of compassion that allows us to evolve into who we are meant to become. Without the wisdom, the weight, and the forgiveness, we are deaf, dumb and blind.