The Ma(e)ndel(l)a Effect: where are my shoes?

If, as Laurie McDonald says, that whomever is playing with our reality is doing it to make us more doubtful about what we remember and thereby opening up our subconscious mind to be more suggestable, is true, then it’s been going on far, far, longer that just the last five years.

I encountered this idea back in the 1980’s. And really, if I track the perception that the-‘world’-feels-different, I can track it back far longer than that, because I can remember that feeling from back in the 1960’s.

When it really became obvious to me was in 1980. I had my first child then. I would intentionally drag myself out of bed early to have an hour for coffee and just be all alone for my sanity’s sake. I also journaled every morning back then. I began noticing about every 8-9 months apart a weirdness – that felt like I moved somewhere, very similar, but different – and I noticed it because the people around me were different. (not things). They would behave very subtly out of character. I am an empath. I notice these things. I can feel where you are emotionally and I developed this along with the ‘fine art of ducking’ because of my childhood. It’s a form of radar that is always on in my awareness, always. So when I say it was different – people were different, not things. There is resonant awareness that you wake up into that feels a certain way each morning. It usually feels the same way – familiar, except when you wake up and it doesn’t… then you notice something is off…

As the 90’s came along it began to happen more frequently such that I began to notice the ‘difference’ in the general resonance that comprised the way the world felt.  Some days it was really beautiful, others, not so much, but then I began noticing things in the world – information – hard stuff – began to change also. By the time 2,000 rolled around, it was happening a lot. I hadn’t heard anybody else talking about it, and I just hoped that where I wound up when I awakened each morning would be safe and ok. It seemed to be. All the same people I knew and loved always showed up – so, I just decided to take it as it came for the lessons it provided my soul.

About this time I noticed other people talking about the more organic form of this, but along with that, came the inorganic, hard changes like the current Mandel(l)a effect description. And really, I just didn’t have the time to care, I had two teenagers to run after…

Now, I have always had things go missing in my life, and then pop back up in the same spot I thought I had left them, even other people noticed they were missing. I thought that the people in my life were doing it on purpose to mess with me. (ha-ha lets drive mom nuts today…) I found out that if I went around the house using sound to call to the item that went missing, that it would show up much quicker than if I didn’t call its name while looking. I even taught my kids this technique and it worked every time. (Yeah, if you lived in my house it was pretty strange…) This worked like a charm for at least 15 years.

But now, in the last two-three years, things have started to disappear and not come back, or have turned up months later. I KNOW I didn’t lose them, or move them, or change them… Recently its happened with two really nice pairs of shoes. Comfy flats that I wore all summer and was quite fond of. A couple of days ago it was warm enough to wear them so I went to put a pair on, and they were both gone. Trust me when I say I looked everywhere: even the dumb places, after I’d looked in all the logical places, after I’d called to the shoes… They are still missing. I am pissed.

The dogs didn’t eat them, my husband swears he didn’t throw them out and is irritated that I’d ask if he did, they are not under furniture, in closets, under beds, in drawers or cars, they sure as hell are not where I keep all my shoes, they are just gone.

I think missing items in my reality like shoes (damnit) is because of the organic/inorganic messing around with time lines. It’s not very nice to screw with old folk. We have a hard-enough time with reality as it is. But Laurie is right, she says that ‘When you are feeling weird or unsure about something THAT is when it is changing!’ So if this is an effort to create self-doubt in all of us, that’s all fine and dandy; just leave my freaking favorite shoes OUT OF IT!!

And what does it mean when your personal life is involved in all this? Does that make it the organic or inorganic kind? Or, has the time line changing gone so deep now that things are beginning to just melt away before our eyes like they never existed in the first place? Here is a thought, those shoes left my direct reality of everyday use when the weather changed and I switched to boots; I FORGOT ABOUT THEM – is that how they slipped away? Will we all wake up one morning in a hyperspace that changes before our eyes with every thought? I wonder if we could use this some way to say like, melt wrinkles off our faces and knee caps, or to melt pounds off our collective asses, or maybe reverse age ourselves? Just how malleable is reality going to get here? I want to know so I can pre-dream my own.


I mean, Really….


This season from Thanksgiving through now till four days before this new year, has been a struggle for us to assimilate / integrate information energetically and mentally coming to us. Integration is a key word here. In essence we need to ground this charge of informational energy through our bodies.



expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else. (in this instance the movement of charge into our physicality)


the visible shape or configuration of something. (our form – the body)


(forming nouns) denoting an action or an instance of it. (the action the top two create)  From <>

– In other words, the embodiment of that energetic information – to bring it in to our minds and psyche and integrate it in our bodies. Recently, due to overload, it seems to me that it is either getting stuck in the physical, or the emotional components of our system.

It is well known that the body has its own intelligence. That those millions of cells and systems, subsystems, bacteria and viruses all work in concert to create the walking, talking, living you. This intelligence can also get confused and need to integrate all the ‘new’ things that you are currently immersed in from energy to information of all types. (Just as we are the millions of tiny cells and subsystems of Gaia’s body – we are processing for her too – she is having her problems – weather and quakes in response to the sun’s energy.) Every time you put anything into your system, by watching, reading, learning, experience, you are changing your vibrational frequency. Some of the information coming into the earth realm at this time is quite new – and most of us are not even aware that we are processing it. But, the body is. That is what the ascension symptoms are all about. When you work to ground that energy through your body by moving, dancing, doing anything physical that gives the body a chance to “move” that new information/energy through its systems, it allows for it to be integrated into your entire system from your body all the way up into the higher self… (think chakras as information systems in this analogy)

Have you ever just, for no reason, realized that you know something new, but you’re not quite sure how you know it? This is when information integrates into the energetic systems of your body. Vice versa, when you have a ton of new information coming in like now, with this new wave of energy that started around Thanksgiving and has been accelerating since, our bodies may have an extremely hard time integrating it.

We can know a thing in our heads, but to really know a thing it needs to be actualized in the body. ( you can have the taste of chocolate described to you, but until you actually eat chocolate, you only have an approximation of the experience in your head) Usually this happens with an experience, but it can be that the information comes so fast, that it needs to be very consciously moved through the body with dance, rhythm, or movement. When we are hurt physically or emotionally it is common to rock back and forth to allow the energy of pain a way through the physical. We do this without even thinking about it.

When we receive informational downloads there is also the possibility that the emotional reaction to that information can stop it before it gets into the physical because we reject it in some way. The body is one big symbol for ourselves and when we do not allow informational processing through the body it winds creating an energy blockage that over time will create physical pain.

This season is a simple precursor to what I think will only become an accelerating process. So, while it is good to sit in meditation for the mind and soul, the body needs to dance, the spine needs to wave and the feelings need to be released from the cell tissue by movement. This is why yoga and Tai Chi are known as meditation in movement.

So I guess this means have some fun, dance, process and move – just like the rest of the universe in it eternal rhythm.


Where is our folksoul? The one that is this earth inside our hearts? Where has it gone? The one who vibrates with Gaia’s thoughts? The one who heeds her calling and shows up? The one that was aware of every nuance of her song? The one that felt a river of love that never diminished, the one that knew Gaia’s language, her heartsong?


We have lost our deep legends, our inner story that was once our truth. We didn’t know that we were losing it. It happened so slowly. That frog in a can thing all over again. Slowly, slowly so we didn’t notice the veils that slipped in between us and our souls. Slowly, slowly so that one day, if we could even remember it enough to notice that it was gone, it was too late. Unless. Unless you went expeditioning deep inside your soul hunting for it. But that is like chasing the smell of chocolate wafting in from some foreign land across a great ocean… Looking for the unseen, the non-materialized, the intentionally hidden and obfustigated.


That Folksoul, a term coined by Cara St. Louis, has all but died in us. That part of us that was just hooked in and knowing. Once it rested comfortably in our bellies. It told us about the weather, events, our health, everything that went on in our lives. It also held the story – history and herstory. The story of ancient times that resonated in our bones and our DNA. The story we can’t even hear today because of all of the interference in its way.


Today we are captive to a system that has so many convoluted layers that we are blind. Given many names, like the 9 veils, levels of enlightenment, anything outside of ourselves that we must attain by somebody else’s judgment… These layers control every aspect of our being, our food, our air, our health, our history, our families, our money, our beliefs, our ‘entertainment’ (and I use that term loosely). There isn’t one moment of one day and night that we are not corralled and controlled.


And it’s not enough to just know them, the veils, each one is so embedded and twisted that it takes time to understand it. And with each veil that comes down the enormity of what is actually going on is enough to make even the bravest, most stout-hearted person want to cover their head with a pillow and yell, “ENOUGH!!!”


It’s an entire ride. A frequency soup. Like turning up the stereo so loud you feel it in your bones. But the more you know, the more you can do – and it gets easier as you go along, until one day, you just… turn the song off.


Me, I’m hunting the smell of chocolates…..

Where we will go to understand what we feel we don’t…

I just finished watching ‘The OA’. It was a story about the human will and the human spirit, and how far it can be stretched. In allegory, one could say that yes, we really are a sleep, until we are awakened by seeming stress. We can’t seem to connect our full selves with this 3d self – except under extreme stress. And with that is it is a choice as to whether we lose our humanity in the process.

It’s almost like we have to go through the stress of being born, yet again. Into another realm. That we do not awaken without pressure. When we are born here we are born through stress and pressure and we – our souls awaken to this world, and it seems like the entrée into another reality is that same sort of trauma/ stress. Neither bad or good – just stress.

This show seems to be a testament to that. MKULTRA type of stress – no doubt they opened a portal somewhere… It seems that if we want to go somewhere else off this planet, that we must agree to that kind of stress too?? At least that is the premise that this series from Netflix seems to present – as if it is an appologie to that fact – to dismiss the crimes committed. That you can only know and travel to elsewhere unless you agree to abuse… The type that causes death of the body – as if the body rules this existence.

Could it be our idea of abuse is wrong? Or Not.

But why??? Why does it have to hurt – why does it take our life energy and why must we suffer to understand this???

As much as I would like to blame this – I can’t. I think maybe it is because we like to be asleep. We like to slumber in our peace and we are willing to pay almost any price to do so??

That is the premise of this show – that those who are already in so much pain from regular life are willing to go through anything to get out.

Because of the matrix? Because we sleep? We because we – in this body – find it natural to be in the awareness we are in? (yes) Because some of us, who wake up just a bit find we don’t fit? (if we are in a stuck matrix – if we are being controlled then yes – we need out, but what if…)

What if this place were all natural – and we would eventually find our way through natural growth to a different place, if it could happen in peace instead of pain, what if??? Pain is the warrior way, peace is the natural way. Some would have us believe that the warrior way developed in order to create the space to know the peaceful way. That the warrior, once undefeated become the peacemaker…

But what if…. It could happen in peace and strength – like a natural birthing.

We all know that it’s off a bit here. We feel it in our bones. And still we strive for peace and compassion. We strive for equity and creativity. We remember that it shouldn’t be so hard. We remember that birth can occur in total quiet and peace into a reality that is more, is expanded and soul toned.

And yet, our stories today would have us believe that we cannot become more than what we feel we are except through trial and stress.


I guess I am trying to say: I disagree.


Two Constitutions in the United States. 1st Was Illegally Suspended in Favor of a Vatican “Crown” Corporation in 1871

The first part of this article below is written by and posted by .

I HIGHLY recommend that you read the rest of it.

Two Constitutions in the United States. 1st Was Illegally Suspended in Favor of a Vatican “Crown” Corporation in 1871

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following article details a pivotal piece of history that all who seek freedom would do well to understand. While many people assume that the legal system is a discoherent mash of randomly enacted “laws” (which is true in some cases), there is a more delicate underlying fabric at work.

The legal system is a set of codified policies founded on contracts or equity law, which is the science of how two or more free-will beings work with each other co-creatively. The organic Constitution for the United States of America is a contract or charter of the government of the organic Republic, formed after the revolution in 1776. While this wasn’t a perfect document, it was created by the founders for the purpose of governing the union autonomously (independent of British rule), a document created by the people.

But the Cabal, for reasons too complicated to list here, cannot let any nation or group of people escape their clutches. They needed to ensure that eventually the fledgling United States would be forced back into the fold. They tried to do this using several means since the beginning of the nation, such as enacting a fractional reserve banking system just after the Revolutionary War ended. They also attempted to reinvade during the War of 1812. And while one could conclude they were successful in corrupting the U.S., it wasn’t until 1871 that an overt takeover took place. This was when the “keys to the kingdom” were handed over to the enemy and new and unparalleled era of corruption began.

Ever since 1871, the continental United States of America has been run and managed by a foreign occupying entity, the Federal State created by the Act of 1871. This occupying force can be described as the Cabal—a nefarious group of bankers and elitists who want to suppress freedom wherever it springs up, using infiltration, deception, and bread and circus distractions to destroy the autonomy of any group of peoples.

For this insidious purpose, a new government replaced the organic one because, during the war, Congress was abandoned and no official government existed. Lincoln issued General Order 100 or the Leiber Code in 1863, granting himself emergency powers to rule over the war-torn nation as the first dictator of the United States. Those emergency powers have never been relinquished, which granted him (and every other president since then) the ability to issue decrees (Executive Orders) that have the full force of law. Since that time, through the Act of 1871, and various other acts, the Federal government has usurped nearly all the power that was formerly held in the hands of the people, via the states of the union.

Today, the cancer of the Federal government has infiltrated every aspect of American society and civil life. The once quasi de jure status of the states and counties—which were initially the backbone of authority in the union—are completely beholden to the might is right federal government.

In plain English, the United States of America created by the founding fathers died back in 1871—it was taken over by a foreign occupying force. Since then, every president elected by the people was a deceptive fraud, a way to garner consent of the governed that do not understand their true history. When a person votes for a president of the United States, they are literally committing treason against the organic Constitution, endorsing the foreign occupying force and becoming a “turncoat.” Of course, we aren’t taught this history in our schools, nor do they teach law and contracts to the people so they can recognize the truth. Most likely, those presidents and representatives elected since this act were not aware of the insidious purpose of their election in securing the consent of the governed to be ruled by an authority not loyal to the people.

Related A Rant by Justin and George Carlin on Voting: “I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around.”

While the United States was hardly a perfect nation before 1871, since then, it has become a weapon of war and destruction, wreaking untold damage on almost everything it touches. And the people, on the whole, are almost entirely unaware of this critical piece of history. The reason being is that if the people, of all nations, knew that the power of the government is actually in the hands of the people and that we give it away by endorsing foreign occupiers and the de facto state, there would probably be a revolution in short order.

Within the laws of contracts and the social fabric of reality itself, when we participate in a society that is inherently fraudulent and tyrannical, we breathe life into it via our actions—regardless if a secondary choice exists. Thus, those of us who do know of these realities are responsible for helping others educate themselves, which in a sense, is a self-defense measure. When there is no other choice but to participate in tyranny for one’s survival, sharing the truth and forming social bonds to one day over throw and replace the fraudulent government is the highest priority. All those who endorse slavery unwittingly become the enemies of freedom and those who seek it. Yet in our desire to free ourselves and others, we cannot fall pray to intolerance and unbalanced aggression. As was said in the matrix, the people have been deceived to participate in their own enslavement, and they need our help to see the truth even while they seek to enfold us back into the flock of the disempowered and downtrodden.

Related Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

Although this information about law, contracts, and history may seem dry and unentertaining, it is essential to understand. Without this foundational knowledge, slavery of oneself and others is mistaken for freedom—as almost all people of Earth have done. The people of this world have been defrauded by their leaders, not just in the U.S., but everywhere. And whether a government is a democracy, republic, monarchy, or whatever, the same foundational laws and inalienable rights are at play. Hence, all governments must secure the consent of the governed in some way. These rights are endowed by the Creator. They can go unused but can never be truly removed, which means the powers that should not be must garner our consent and agreement by whatever means necessary, using deceptions, enticements, and elaborate illusions to procure our compliance.

The government wants us to think we have no power, that we need it to survive but it is actually the other way around. So don’t think for one second that your opinion, beliefs, and actions don’t matter. They are very important. The Cabal needs you to participate and endorse their corporate governments. Without your support, they would whither and die—just like any other parasitic entity.

Consider that the insurgent government that took over in 1871 usually doesn’t want people to participate in managing their lives. But on election day, they want us to come out in droves to usher in a new president, senator, or local policy change. What or who we vote for doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that we participated and gave our power to the federal government, via voter registration and other means. So long as remain compliant and obey the dictates of our overlords, following their orders without question, they stay in power and we accept enslavement.

What we do with our mind, body, and energy is important. Our choices have consequences. Take the time to gain critical knowledge and understanding of this legal and lawful history, not just this article, but the volumes of information that exist on the internet. This way, we can, as a people, come together with key knowledge and understanding so that we can; first, recognize we have been defrauded, and second, create a truly honorable and fair society that acknowledges the rights of all people and life as recognition of the truth of inalienable rights and the primacy of sovereignty of all conscious beings.

– Justin

So this is Christmas…


I have been wholly concerned and distracted by the outside lately and very poor at my inner looking, even with all the quiet in my life.

I have always enjoyed the sacred calendar. One reason was because it signaled me to look inward, to be still and listen to the words and thoughts of my heart – its ruminations. I loved letting the outer theme echo inside and bring about the transformation of heart that the sacred seasons reminded us of. I am sure that I have spent many past lives in a religious order, for that type of observance rings in my heart. It is the outer reminder to look for the inner miracle. My thoughts and feeling lately have been about the loss of that sacred calendar, why it is lost and what that means to me in my life. That I can no longer find equipoise in myself with this sacred rhythm, because of newer information.

Jesus was a king who tried to overthrow the roman empire and Mary was his queen and his half-sister, that he married. Martha, her sister was married to Jesus too because as written into the law of the time if you were high priest in Jerusalem, you were required to have a backup wife… and that all three of them came out of the Egyptian family line. That maybe Jesus, a Pleadian crusader, was here at that time fighting the Roman empire (think Draco every time you hear roman, every time, anywhere, at all times) trying to reset the way earth progressed. We on the earth tend to venerate all who have powers like Christ, Jesus, who was an ascended master who maybe did come to help. But as usual, the roman/Draco invasion on earth subverted that message and we have turned it into some magical ritual that is driven by the corporatocracy (also think Draco and their minions) and money. Then we enshrined a being and separated the recognition of that higher essence from ourselves, thus making it unreachable and on the outside of our true beingness.

If you trace backward in time, once you begin to understand the M O of the people behind all the shenanigans, and realize that its always been about a war for dominance, it leads to, at least in this world round of civilization, an ancient and ONGOING war between factions that are still fighting over this planet! In this modern age, it has gone underground, meaning that the physical wars and fighting appear to be peoples on the earth fighting driven by governments, and that the rest of the dominance is being carried out as a propaganda driven mind control system powered by money. If you are reading this, you know what I mean, so I’m not going to explain it yet again.

So, I cannot in good conscience go about the ‘Christmas’ season and reach inside for that miracle hoping to feel it manifest in my heart anymore. It makes me deeply sad.

And so this is Christmas
For weak and for strong
For rich and the poor ones
The world is so wrong
And so happy Christmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let’s stop all the fight

I am coming to feel that the journey of finding my spiritual feet and learning to stand on them is long and mostly painful.

So, what is sacred? In the dictionary Sacred is defined as:

connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration. Exterior worship. Truly, were we all living to our advanced potential, we would venerate and respect, Love, everything in existence, so that could be true, in a place where the perfected human walked. Where the outside was a reflection of the inside.

If we would grow-up and become spiritually adult, that means that we stand in our own sovereignty. That means nothing has rule ‘over’ you, no authority in your life by virtue of the level of your awareness. It means that you look inward for the sacred and you begin to understand that in the realm of the sacred, Logic and Reason have no authority. We become participants in the experience of the mystical laws merging with the physical law of matter. We become ‘Christ-ed’, in that we begin to know the same level of awareness.

So you see, all that we have been carefully led to believe and feed with our adoration, is nothing more than a carefully constructed control system, even if it might have started out as true and still have a micro grain of truth at the core of today’s beliefs, it has now become a very confining system of control of the human spirit.

And that is the problem, isn’t it? The difference between belief and knowing. Belief implies that you don’t know – knowing on the other hand, knows. It comes from inner awareness – no ‘belief’ needed.

What I have always loved about the Christmas season was what occurred in my heart: the lovely lights, the vacation time with my family, the special meals I would cook, gifting people with things that had meaning about joy, the music (halleluiah chorus…) the celebration with friends, it all rolled into one beautiful expression of appreciation for life and love and how deeply we all cared for each other. Which is really, really, the meaning of sacred on the outside, isn’t it?


So this is Christmas

And what have you done

Another year over

And a new one just begun

And so this is Christmas

I hope you have fun

The near and the dear one

The old and the young

A very Merry Christmas

And a happy new year

Let’s hope it’s a good one

Without any fear

And so this is Christmas

For weak and for strong

For rich and the poor ones

The world is so wrong

And so happy Christmas

For black and for white

For yellow and red ones

Let’s stop all the fight

A very Merry Christmas

And a happy new year

Let’s hope it’s a good one

Without any fear

And so this is Christmas

And what have we done

Another year over

A new one just begun

And so happy Christmas

We hope you have fun

The near and the dear one

The old and the young

A very Merry Christmas

And a happy new year

Let’s hope it’s a good one

Without any fear

War is over, if you want it

War is over now

Happy Christmas


The ‘residue’ of our choices

The now is greatly the result of what we have chosen. Therefore, today we are dealing with the residue of our choices. These choices have been mainly structured by the outside world instead of by the inner mystical world of the soul and its archetypes.

The outside world is quite capable of lying to us and does so on a daily basis through much of everything we consume, be it media or food stuff: by almost everything. Conversely, the inner mystical world is incapable of lying (but can be just a bit insane…). This is our realm of the sacred and logic and reason have no authority here. In here are the powers of heart perception and intuitive perception. Archetypes are a mystical collective energy field created by all of us. We have constant intuitive connection to this at all times both consciously and subconsciously and super consciously.

An archetype is defined as a pattern from which things can be reproduced, a base form from which all things derive: the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype. In Jungian psychology it is defined as: a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches, such as the idea of ‘mother’, ‘father’, ‘sibling’ etc.

Archetypes can reveal the inside mystical landscape of your soul in things like: agendas, motivations, power issues and shadow patterns. They can also reveal larger patterns like your divinity and your dark side. When you begin to work with archetypes as an inner mystical road map you start to see the same patterns in the outer world around you. One of the things we have been taught is to be very afraid of is our own inner darkness. In reality, this darkness is to be embraced and brought out of the ‘darkness’ into the light and understood for our own personal growth. When we refuse it we lose the power to act, create and do. A good example of what I mean is the Star Trek episode where Capt. Kirk , in a transporter malfunction, is separated into his good and bad sides, and both the split identities loose the power to exist. It was only when they put them back together that it saved Kirk’s life. Another manifestation of the dark side trying to become known is when it begins to take over and manifest in your behavior. It only does this for a long as you ignore whatever issue you don’t want to deal with at the time.

In Jungian psychology it is common to allow these archetypes a voice. Sometimes this voice, in their way of looking at things, can be past lives, demons, attachments, et’s, the boogie man, angels, divinity. We see these all the time on the big screen. All of which are considered parts of yourself that are disallowed expression. It is well accepted that these will burst out after acquiring energy from built up frustration of not being integrated consciously until they find a way to be resolved or integrated.

Today is a difficult time to live and not have these patterns at least somewhat integrated in your being. The outside world only gets meaner and nastier, and the inner world a little more confused and slightly insane because none of it makes any sense any more and it is extremely hard to know who and what to believe.

I have a feeling though, that if we could just be a bit braver in looking inside and taking an inventory and integrating what we find that maybe, just maybe, the outside world would not take such a toll on us and therefore we’d quit feeding it with all this energy and it just might die off….?

So while the outside world lies and the inside world goes quietly a little insane, it is our responsibility to create balance between these two by choosing moment to moment what reality should look like. We know how well we have chosen because we live in the residue of those choices.


For information on working with your own inner dominant archetypes and how to determine what they are, look up Caroline Myss.

For information of the entire subject of course, there is always Carl Jung.

Rules for Graduating from this Planet

So here we all are, on a prison planet, feeling trapped and mean. This isn’t so much a prison planet as it is a very intense school, where you can’t cut class. It’s about 3:25 and we are all waiting for the last bell. However, since we are all still in first grade, what we really need is a nap and a cookie, because we don’t get a pass on bad manners, or ruffian behavior, which just might land us in afterschool detention.

Whether we have seen too much of each other and are sick and tired of the same company, or not, it doesn’t matter because the ONLY lesson is BE NICE. The entire planet school is about this! Sad to say, until we learn to play well with others, we are in quarantine, in the corner, in a time out, staring at the wall with only ourselves for company.

Very simple. Yet, even though we have had entire planet rounds dedicated to this lesson, and have been reset countless times, you’d think that would be long enough to learn how to play nice, right?

I guess not.

Maybe somebody ought to publish the rules and regulations for planet earth in order to graduate from here. A couple on my list would be:

  • Play Nice

  • Share

  • No fighting

  • Be neat

  • Clean up your own messes

  • Be kind

  • Be honest

  • Wait your turn nicely

  • Have fun

  • Treat everyone and everything with respect

So simple. Grow up.

Another way of looking at the dominance of FOCUS

Where is your FOCUS? Who Controls your FOCUS?




It does NOT judge

It does NOT weigh truth or lie

It does NOT gauge accuracy

It does NOT negate or prove any fact




Do you understand?



With my love and deepest respect to one of this age’s most brilliant philosophers and teachers, I give you this article Written by Justin Deschamps :

Light Workers and The Lost Art of Transmuting Fear into Love — The Path of Love vs. Path of Fear | Benjamin Fulford’s Cannibalism Photos Response

a few quotes:

Embracing, in this sense, does not mean complacency it means accepting reality in fullness (the good and the bad) so that the disorder of this world can be healed. For example, if we get sick with a virus, ignoring reality won’t empower us to take healing steps. Thus, accepting the truth of our sickness is essential, while also striving to overcome it. That is what embracing the whole truth means. The spiritual warrior or light worker bravely accepts the truth about evil while striving to be a force for change to transmute darkness into light.


The timeline of positivity is founded on the whole truth in my understanding. The darkness of this world will remain dark and unhealed if we who have the light within shield it by avoiding dark things. This, I think, is a great psyop of the false New Age movement, that we need to avoid darkness and somehow this will allow us to ascend. Things, in reality, are not inherently negative, they are seen as dark by you, the observer—and when you turn away from this darkness you have created, it breeds into more darkness within you. This is one meaning of Yoda’s statement about fear being the path to the dark side.

It is the Cabal’s trick so to speak, to get people to react in fear, as so many do, then try to hide from that fear within themselves by avoiding their triggers. This way the very people who are trying to “stay positive” by avoiding their fears actually become vessels of darkness and fear because their fears are still there under the surface. Thus, the only way to stop the cycle is to face the fear, love it, heal it, allow it to wash over us, and transmute the darkness into light. This can only happen with knowledge, awareness, and love of the whole truth, not rejection and avoidance of reality to maintain an illusion of positivity. In this way, we steer the collective consciousness of humanity towards a positive timeline and future by empowering ourselves with the whole truth.


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My last article tried to say some of this, only Justin has said it much, much more eloquently.





Who has dominance over your inner focus – you or somebody else?

There are people out there, who are presenting a wholly rotten point of view on issues that is irresponsible, to say the least. Not good or bad – as opinion is just opinion, not fact. IMO.

I am not sure who is right. Half of their stuff I like, the other parts, I don’t. some seem to get off on reporting highly negative information – if that information is right – and even if it is not, the ethical underpinnings of saying stuff like that, that is not true and making people think that it is, are horrendous. (loosh – if that is even correct…) Even if it is, is that the timeline/reality I want to be part of? Do I ACTUALLY have a choice of timelines – are there more than one – or is that a lie too???

Then there is a person, who sounds just like my husband, a highly rational thinking person, who says this is a purely manufactured bit of nonsense and that the pedophilia information is not correct. I understand that information like this is so outlandish and hurtful that it is hard to be believed. I can’t say I know one way or the other – if we can believe alien abductions, MILABs, reptilians and all the rest, then it makes no sense to say this isn’t real. Could  it be just a ploy to rev up negative emotions. (? If the alien loosh thing is real…) Or not. The ‘or not’ part is a little disturbing too.

IF what you believe and how you feel creates your time line, then I WANT a far better world. I know I wrote that piece on needing to remember our flaws for the wisdom they bring, however, if switching to a better timeline means forgetting this level of stupidity, I’m almost in (but not). Why can’t we do both?

This IS, after all, earth school and I don’t have to believe that, I know that is a fact, 63 years a fact. It’s almost as if to say that we need to suspend our credulity, information/facts and its content in order to achieve a timeline shift. (Are there conscious laws of energy here that I am missing?) It’s the same as saying that if you make it through to the ‘good’ timeline then there will be no earth changes that destroy the world. – and if you don’t, then too bad for you. It can’t include lying to yourself. Nor can it include ignoring a fact, because the blindfold tactic never works either – that’s what got us here in the first place and created a world of sheep!!!!


What if, instead of

What you believe creates your reality,

it is,

What you empower by lending your focus and attention to, creates you reality?


There is something so off, so unreal underneath this, that I am beginning to feel like EVERY last bit of it is just a giant mind twist. Some Cosmic Joke – if there is such a thing.

A part of me waaaay in the back of my mind keeps asking me if this is all real anyway, and if I’m not in a coma somewhere in reality, just stuck in this life I’m living now that I think is real…At least once a day – it intrudes and asks the same question. catI have no way to determine the answer, but when the question goes through me – it almost feels like it is the superior reality. HMMMM I also used to have the fantasy years ago that we were in a terrarium where we could not see out but huge beings were watching in on all of the daily life of everybody… just watching – like we do an ant farm….

All of the times in my life that the ‘real’ world became too hard or convoluted or messed-up I have popped through to the ET equation. Interesting there. So why? Or is it that I pop inside to try to work it out and this is what I find? I’m not sure. It’s the same as the two disparate illusions of reality battling against each other right now in the world – two time lines sometimes 3 and all of our heads spinning. And I have no answer – just frustration at not being able to distinguish truth for fiction and outright lies.

Maia would call this the insanity of this world. Today, I rather think he is right.

I am really beginning to think the nature of reality is not what we think

So, a couple of hours later, I am helped to understand. It’s not that all of this is either true or not – IMO it probably all is, however: whatever you FOCUS on expands. Period.

Now I have heard the argument that you just can’t sit back on your fat ass and concentrate on unicorns and rainbows and expect it to pop up before you, curing all the ills of the world instantaneously. Righto. Point taken. I agree. HOWEVER, you can ‘FOCUS’ BECAUSE WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS… Let me repeat that:



It does NOT judge

It does NOT weigh truth or lie

It does NOT gauge accuracy

It does not negate any fact



Do you understand?


If we expand the positive (and I don’t mean in the aerie-fairie-new-age way) right beside the negative, then the negative could be solved faster, easier and better. Focusing on the positive creates calmness of the heart and mind and allows a different mode of thinking. problemseinsteinLike Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem at the level of thinking that it was created in.” It in no way says any bit of information is false, or puts a judgement on it or disallows your soul sadness at the recognition of the situation – fake or not. It simply focuses. Much like when you are in pain, if you can divert your attention it doesn’t hurt as much because you are not directly focused on the pain.

And then the thought hit me – that it might be the way the timelines may able to split because of the focus and the hundredth monkey effect creating a morphogenetic resonance throughout the subconscious consensus. Because none of us want misery and none of us want pain, or to see another in pain. Except the psychopaths. And they would like to force their vision upon us through main stream media, money, big pharma, pizza gate, ad nauseum…. You get the jist of it, right?

This is a fight for DOMINANCE, not fact.

This is a fight for a dominant point of view. A fight for an emotional energetic frequency cage. It’s not that things like the ‘pizza-gate’ issue are not real, it’s that how much attention are you going to FOCUS on the issue? How much of your energy are you going to just give the darkness? (even though it may be a sham… or not…) What will be your FOCUS? Will you get enraged and worry about it and let it pull your feelings into nastiness, or will you send it light and love so that it may solve the situation, or will you do responsible research? And I don’t just mean listen to all the camps positions about this, I mean real research with documents and the like? Evidence as the other camp is so fond of using against the unseen world. Obviously this is NOT an unseen problem. Real people are involved in doing real things to other real people. That means there is evidence somewhere. What will be your focus?

Most of us do not have the means nor the time to spend to do the last bit. So, you have a choice, get your chain (the one attached to the metal collar around your neck) yanked, or choose to help the larger fight that will eventually change this place from one where this can happen into a place where this would never happen. (there is a lot to say about victim consciousness – but not here)

One of the greatest lessons during WWII was something that happened in the concentration camps. People learned what it meant to be sovereign in the their minds alone. Even while the most horrendous things possible were going on. (don’t ask how I know, I just do.) Once again, we are in a jump and fly or crash situation. We need to take our inner sovereignty and responsibly decide what we will CHOOSE to FOCUS on.

Because sometimes the only way out, is in.