Rules for Graduating from this Planet

So here we all are, on a prison planet, feeling trapped and mean. This isn’t so much a prison planet as it is a very intense school, where you can’t cut class. It’s about 3:25 and we are all waiting for the last bell. However, since we are all still in first grade, what we really need is a nap and a cookie, because we don’t get a pass on bad manners, or ruffian behavior, which just might land us in afterschool detention.

Whether we have seen too much of each other and are sick and tired of the same company, or not, it doesn’t matter because the ONLY lesson is BE NICE. The entire planet school is about this! Sad to say, until we learn to play well with others, we are in quarantine, in the corner, in a time out, staring at the wall with only ourselves for company.

Very simple. Yet, even though we have had entire planet rounds dedicated to this lesson, and have been reset countless times, you’d think that would be long enough to learn how to play nice, right?

I guess not.

Maybe somebody ought to publish the rules and regulations for planet earth in order to graduate from here. A couple on my list would be:

  • Play Nice

  • Share

  • No fighting

  • Be neat

  • Clean up your own messes

  • Be kind

  • Be honest

  • Wait your turn nicely

  • Have fun

  • Treat everyone and everything with respect

So simple. Grow up.

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