Where we will go to understand what we feel we don’t…

I just finished watching ‘The OA’. It was a story about the human will and the human spirit, and how far it can be stretched. In allegory, one could say that yes, we really are a sleep, until we are awakened by seeming stress. We can’t seem to connect our full selves with this 3d self – except under extreme stress. And with that is it is a choice as to whether we lose our humanity in the process.

It’s almost like we have to go through the stress of being born, yet again. Into another realm. That we do not awaken without pressure. When we are born here we are born through stress and pressure and we – our souls awaken to this world, and it seems like the entrée into another reality is that same sort of trauma/ stress. Neither bad or good – just stress.

This show seems to be a testament to that. MKULTRA type of stress – no doubt they opened a portal somewhere… It seems that if we want to go somewhere else off this planet, that we must agree to that kind of stress too?? At least that is the premise that this series from Netflix seems to present – as if it is an appologie to that fact – to dismiss the crimes committed. That you can only know and travel to elsewhere unless you agree to abuse… The type that causes death of the body – as if the body rules this existence.

Could it be our idea of abuse is wrong? Or Not.

But why??? Why does it have to hurt – why does it take our life energy and why must we suffer to understand this???

As much as I would like to blame this – I can’t. I think maybe it is because we like to be asleep. We like to slumber in our peace and we are willing to pay almost any price to do so??

That is the premise of this show – that those who are already in so much pain from regular life are willing to go through anything to get out.

Because of the matrix? Because we sleep? We because we – in this body – find it natural to be in the awareness we are in? (yes) Because some of us, who wake up just a bit find we don’t fit? (if we are in a stuck matrix – if we are being controlled then yes – we need out, but what if…)

What if this place were all natural – and we would eventually find our way through natural growth to a different place, if it could happen in peace instead of pain, what if??? Pain is the warrior way, peace is the natural way. Some would have us believe that the warrior way developed in order to create the space to know the peaceful way. That the warrior, once undefeated become the peacemaker…

But what if…. It could happen in peace and strength – like a natural birthing.

We all know that it’s off a bit here. We feel it in our bones. And still we strive for peace and compassion. We strive for equity and creativity. We remember that it shouldn’t be so hard. We remember that birth can occur in total quiet and peace into a reality that is more, is expanded and soul toned.

And yet, our stories today would have us believe that we cannot become more than what we feel we are except through trial and stress.


I guess I am trying to say: I disagree.


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