Free Will and CHOICE

Ok, here it comes, another IMO (I left out the H for humble, because there is nothing humble about it) … this is so very simple, and in that simplicity becomes hard. That is because we have been taught that nothing in life is that simple, and yet it,  It Is Just That Simple.

This nexus of consciousness we all call earth is a choosing point. We come here, bereft of the memory of who we really are and wake up with a blank slate. And such that this place is, this planet, we get to pre-structure our adventure here in order to learn about ourselves. There are NO right and wrong judgments, just an expression of polarity and what that brings to us to learn through experiences in life and then, how we then exercise our free will to choose who and what we intend to as beings.

In other words, this planet is a nexus point for a huge shift in the underlying thrust of direction that our souls CHOOSE. Here is where we get to work it out – experience it in minute detail and immediately receive the result of our decisions. There are no protections, philosophies, or preconceived ideas, ivory tower observations, theories or what have you to protect you from direct immediate and obvious results of your actions. Therefore, this planet becomes a brilliant place to work out all the questions and doubts a being may have – which makes this place a huge gift to every soul in 3D incarnation here because it greatly speeds up our development to light velocity!

Now granted, most of the time it doesn’t seem like it, but that is only because we can’t stand back far enough from our point of view to see the big picture – and that is the point of it all. We are being asked to make that choice by the recognition of our hearts alone. With no power and no great wisdom – although many of us have gathered great wisdom from our journey here, it is still a heart movement.


There can be no saviors – no one to tell us the right way of doing it, no one to help us avoid the pitfalls or the pain of a poor decision. (b/c then why bother with this place???)

We must do this ourselves.

We must decide.

We absolutely, positively, unequivocally must do this from the depths of our hearts –

All by ourselves!


To keep seeking guidance from outside of your own heart ( relinquishing your own FREE WILL ) only opens you up to people who would then use you – knowing that you are at that point trick-able, malleable and easily led astray. People with low ethics can see these souls coming from a mile away and they just wait – rubbing their hands in glee for the easy mark to walk right into their lair. The pitfalls are many. This world has some very real painful consequences to it, and lots of people would like to avoid them. But you can’t. Period.

The instant you give your sovereignty to another OUTSIDE OF YOUR SELF for guidance or any other reason you are fodder for tricksters, hucksters and the hungry. Period. This is a fact the same as putting your hand on a hot stove will burn it.

So, with that said,







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