The Informational field, or the 10,000 names of…

I think it is interesting that Pete Peterson calls ‘spiritual energy, the informational field. He is correct, but it has also been called the siddhis, the Akashic record, aether, ether, subquantum field, zero point field, space time continuum – the name for that field in which all matter is created and survives, the base framework that allows matter to coagulate and gain mass, light, slow light, electromagnetic field, god, source, prime creator, essence… this list goes on and on : the more than thousands of names of the something we all know in our inmost parts.

In one way Pete is right, because light encodes information and we are the fractalized pieces of the first photon. We are hologram, but we are more. We are each and every focus that the light fractalized into, all connected and yet separate. We span the entire frequency range but only look upon this vibration here, and now. Frequency IS information. Should we decide to look anywhere but in the tight focus of this now, we could become aware of other information that is already a part of us – because we are it and it is us.

I’ve been interested lately in how emotion serves as the catalyst for manifestation, I can think of several ways. One would be to add motion or ‘spin’; E(energy)+Motion = spin/attraction = distillation of information. So how would this apply to my previous article in enabling a method of imagining a place so you could go there or well enough to open a portal to see through to it? Writers and musicians do it all the time when they create, so do artists. Their hearts and attention/intention go into the creation of what they make. The clearer, purer the intention present when creation takes place the better the product. The intention starts an attraction and emotion (mostly desire) gives it a push and spin happens around the idea attracting more distillation of matter which creates emotional excitement at the surfacing of the vision which adds more energy which creates more spin and… There it is. This creates something I heard on Jimmy Church Tuesday night called a singularity of intent sort of like a rotating torus that is the birth canal into this reality from the otherwhere. What a glorious ingenious, term!

Ideas and creations that have had a lot of heart put into them, are the most rare and beautiful things to behold.

In an old school way, this singularity can then travel out into the multiverse and bring things back to you – even on a purely physical level. I have had this happen to me several times, but it caused people I know to fulfill those wishes, and those wishes were just a passing thought and because at that time in my life they would have been so impossible to fulfill – I really did just let them go. I will never forget my shock. Ever.

This ‘information field’ is wholly aware of us and totally tuned into the independent units vibrating in its energy field sending out waves. It is very responsive. Should we become that conscious consensus I’m always hammering on about, just imagine what we could do. I have spent a life time peering at situations and things from a bigger picture because my early life was messed up and the only way I could make sense of it was to pull back and see all the pieces of it. It became a pattern of observation for me. It has taught me much, but the most important is, there is always another way to see things, even if it’s a 6 percent difference, but when you really pull back, be prepared to see how the universe is put together.

Try it, you might like it. Its in that same place in your head that you use to quantum travel the multiverse. Just go look. (your imagination…. yes that’s right, your imagination.)

What if – ‘Beam me up scotty’!

If consciousness organizes the quantum background to create matter or appearance, then you could take your consciousness elsewhere and distill a point of reference from the surrounding background there in which to interact with the fauna and flora by the use of the principle nonlocal entanglement.

This would make you a non-local entity – or believe it or not, an ET.

This is how we would do it, by using the local quantum background to create a vehicle. You’d reach your consciousness to its destination and distill  matter or an energetic body around the conscious ‘you’.


In the case of a star trek like transporter, the computer would send the conscious energetic part of you through to another point in space, dissolving at one end the energy of the physical at which time on the other side it would take from the energetic subquanta the same organizational pattern to recreate the body in the new place. 2 types of energy: a cohesive packet of information that is you and a set of instructions for the recreation of the body. The consciousness would be actually aligned with the body by its own frequency field.


This is part of what is going on with orbs at this time, IMO. They are simply differing amounts of conscious penetration into the 3D field. Because we have a frequency fence here in this place, should they fully form, they might get caught, that is why we are beginning to see so many orbs of all different types. And what if these orbs are unassisted manifestations without the use of computer control: fully organic? Or, not – they could be a simple hole punched through this frequency to allow information transfer from this space to another.


“Beam me up scotty – or wait! I’ll do it myself.”

(of course I was listening to Whitley Strieber…)


Another WTF moment…

Anger and the case of being treated like a victim for the ‘privilege’ of being included:


Well – just go see the article I wrote about the plane ride from hell. What can I say except that it feels like you are voluntarily walking into prison where they get to do whatever they want to you for the price of getting somewhere fast. And I mean WHAT EVER THEY WANT. Isn’t the fact that I have already paid an enormous amount to fly enough, or is it that there is a whole brood of people out there who wanted to be prison guards and didn’t make the cut -those that enjoy the ‘power’ trip of inflicting attitudes of distain on others????


This is sad, but here it is. They have made concerts that you pay to hear a privilege not only by the cost, but also by the extreme security at the gates to get in. It was about as bad as going through airport security to get into the concert on Friday. There were two check points, one where they looked at you and asked to you empty all of your stuff out of your pockets and your purse and then you went and got wanded and then you could show them your tickets.

You wind up paying them to treat you like a victim and make you feel that way. It’s the mind set it creates. The one that is done by a person specifically hired with a control/enjoyment dysfunction. I say dysfunction because it is not natural to enjoy making people feel like they are wrong when they aren’t by making them a victim to any kind of search or invasion as a price for their next action – like walking through a gate. Isn’t the fact that I have already paid a lot of money to see a concert enough? (I can’t say that Derek Trucks was not worth it – he is one of the last living experts of the style ala Allman Bros. left and he has taken it a step further with his own creativity – and for that I was amazed and grateful) I won’t be going back to that venue – ever.

Gov’t buildings

The same way you must almost disrobe to go into an airport, so you must in a gov’t building for the privilege of walking in the front doors of a building that is dedicated to public service…? And while there, not one of the people who are there for public service treat you like you are a human being – you become a piece of dust to be flicked off their clothing lest contact with you soil their pristine something or other.


Here, they’ve got you whether you want to be got or not. Because they are of the healing persuasion, it is not obvious but you are still surveilled.

So here it is, the point of pointing this out. I have never liked authority and that is putting it mildly. From my first memories to now. Nothing raises my hackles faster, or tempts me sorer to be mean to others than the kind of bullshite mentioned above. I intrinsically understand that kind of behavior comes from a controlling attitude born out of extreme fear of another. That any of us allow that to happen in our lives is amazing to me. When it is forced on me I trigger and become livid. It is very hard to keep my mouth shut, even when I know what is happening and try to pull out of the emotion and see it from above. I’m still really pissed. The only choice I then have is to leave – and or never come back. In an effort to have a bit more control over myself I have tried to decode my inner movements when I encounter this, but all I can come up with is my mom’s favorite, ‘Rise above it, Alison’. I weigh this with having the freedom to say something – but in a neutral and polite manner, which when you are feeling affronted, to say the least, is difficult. Ahem.

However, if you don’t deal with being activated, it then comes out in unkindness to others later on like at Panera yesterday when they informed me they didn’t have my favorite cream cheese and didn’t know if they would be getting it back – when you know the person who is telling you this doesn’t care one way or the other and you’ve just been told to: go away.

So… I take my bagel outside and sit in the air to eat it and begin hearing little kitten distress calls. Me being me, I had to investigate. I found the little fellow and picked him up to make sure he was ok and got thoroughly bitten for my efforts. (yeah he was fine, fat and sassy and really beautiful and upset he couldn’t find mom) This landed me in the hospital for examination and antibiotics to avoid cat bite disease where, thankfully I was allowed to refuse a tetanus shot. Which today leaves me wondering about the state of the world where nothing – not even simple enjoyment is free and what this lesson means to me – this cat bite – and holding my emotions in about being abused (however mildly) by just going to a concert. But I know how the cat felt by being picked up and examined without knowing who or what was going on, how its terror did not allow it to see I meant no harm – just the opposite. But hey, the cat and I were literally on the same page: “Don’t fuck with me”…

What can I say? (are there any caves out there for rent?)

Thursday night on Fade to Black Jimmy and John Rappaport talked at the end of John’s report and their final comments were about the singularity meme. The police state snuck in while we weren’t looking, or while we were diverted by Kim Kardashian’s ass, what’s to say that the singularity hasn’t happened a while ago too and we simply decided to not notice – about the time human decency became too complicated for a confused world.

Consciousness IS the Unified Field.

Consciousness is the Unified Field.

The next step facing us is to bring our loving hearts in alignment with a higher value outside of the monetary system. This is important because all of the new tech that we are chomping at the bit to get – zero point energy, light and sound healing techniques, a value system instead of a monetary system – it all depends on raising our hearts out of the swamp they are mired in and realizing we are all one. It means – in effect raising our vibratory rate – which the heart is the creator of, to a level where these technologies can function. These are high frequency devices. They will not function for people who are not at the frequency that they operate at, much like the builder race technology that looks like pieces of rock to us currently.

There is a consciousness connection to the nuts and bolts of physicality. These technologies are beginning to work in labs all over the world because even the scientists are realizing that emotional maturity is part of the vibratory modulator required for raising one’s own frequency and the repeatability of experimental data. The studies prove it so. I could lead you down the path of all of the organizations currently studying this phenomena like Dr. Emoto’s research or the Heart Math Institute, but that is off to the side of what I am presenting, none the less, a wonderful thread of research. So, if you take your internal conclusions from reading all the current lit on how consciousness interacts with matter and our 3D world, it is easy to understand that the new tech we are wanting and researching, requires a greater unity among us – (over-unity devices…).

Basically we can connect the failures of these discoveries to the manipulation of money in our culture. They are out there – they have been out there for the last century (!) and they have all been squelched, hidden and out-right stolen to keep them from us. This is because the main controller of our hearts at this time is money. That is because it takes lots of money to do anything in the current control system of earth. And…that is because the cabal uses money as its chains to divert out hearts and minds from naturally rising up in love and unity. It’s a nice little descending spiral that leads to the quagmire we are embedded in currently.

When these technologies come out for the good of humanity, freely given, without ownership or patents, then, will this new ideology in science flourish and a NEW AGE OF MAN BEGIN ON THE EARTH. (phew, those caps are not mine – looked up at the screen and there they were… seriously – somebody is yelling. Jus say’in)

There is a very good interview on James Gillilands ‘As You Like It’ radio show with Susan Manewich and Joel Garbon about different energy technologies that illustrates the intent of this article that is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FACING US NOW. If you want the tech you have heard about, that we have already created, our hearts must raise up enough to give it out without out any money attached to it. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THE CABAL WILL BE DEFEATED IN THIS. PERIOD.

Until we can do that, we will be SOL.



Is this where we are headed? Is this what ascension will look like? I caught this at dinner time, and was transfixed by it. Here is the idea about ascension that was put into our subconscious minds in 1990. Twenty seven years ago.

It is a beautiful idea, that we may one day be like these beings. This show also contains the people who would oppose our ascension, our modern day cabal/illuminati/deep state/reptilian controllers – whatever name you want to give them… The people who are scared shitless of those who would willingly transform into the next experience of the creator. Star Trek, it seems, has always been our prophet, a way show-er of a positive future that could be created, should we get our stuff together enough to do it.

This particular episode, season 3 episode 25, of STNG is a harbinger of where we are going. Hopefully. It is like a prayer, a pattern, a blue print, a deep genetic memory of being there before.

Yes, we are approaching this, we are remembering this.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

When did disclosure become a three ring circus? And, why?

What’s the old adage: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? Yeah, well, that is IMO, exactly what has happened, but not in the way ‘they’ think. I’ve just been watching and reading and listening to all the falderal going on and waiting for everybody to catch on to the game and settle down. Luckily, the good guys one-upped the game and just blasted out a whole LOT of confirmed proof and new information, and they did it on mainstream media and television. Take that.

Information that 3 or 4 years ago we considered so off the wall and secret that we assumed it would never get out – just got out! Bravo. Because that leads the way to the hard core wasp’s nest being found and literally put out in the sun to die from the light. (consider each cell of the nest an interlocking piece of the big picture) IMO, it can’t happen fast enough.

As to the three ring circus, Make some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to enjoy the show, it’s gonna get surreal, loud and garish. Remember, outside of the tent walls there is the real world and a whole different perspective on this earth, the solar system and all its inhabitants. We have only seen the circus of the surreal – inside the tent – in the focused attention of the rings that is somebody’s else’s nice little story and not much of it, really – just the parts they want us to concentrate on…

When the show is over, and the tent walls come down by the focused intent of good people looking for all the answers, and when the rings disintegrate in the light of day and we all see the real story, life is going to get really busy, and interesting. Be ready. Know yourself, know what pushes your buttons, know your internal ethic and what ideas and principles you must live by to be whole and complete, and know WHO YOU ARE! What they cannot do ever, unless you let them, is tell you what and who you are on the inside. So, that must become the barometer you use to really understand the exterior circus.

There are people working tirelessly to get the knowledge out. They are risking their lives, livelihoods and families, jobs and their entire world, to set things right again. We are in a crisis. We are at this very moment teetering on Occam’s Razor so precariously that a thought will tip us one way or the other – a mere teeny-tiny thought. That is how close we are. I have seen literal miracles in my life in the last month. Things that rationally should not have happened, but did, that have changed the course of lives. These things show me by the fact that they happened that we are so close to stepping into a really beautiful future. Concurrent with these miracles are the marvelous disclosures that are taking place from all ends of our conspiracy world, by brave beings willing to stand up and say what they know. By brilliant proof and by first person testimony, by so much information of the right type in the right place and the right time that it can’t be misconstrued because it’s like a domino fall – once one goes they all go and there is no stopping it.

I’m not quite sure how it’s going to play out, but I have my popcorn ready and my work boots on.