it’s a rock…

Remember when you are researching and reading that you are reading the ‘voice’ of someone’s conclusions about what is being written. The tidbits of information, however are interesting and must be delineated from the opinion. Whether the information is correct or not, will in time, be easier to discern. The more information garnered, sort of like a tipping point, will make it easier to either connect the dots or not, but information cannot be thrown out because the deliverer has ideas ABOUT that information that you don’t agree with. Like looking at a rock and saying to yourself, ok, that’s a rock, but the guy next to you is excitedly saying “Oooh! That’s so pretty”: it may or may not be pretty to you, but for sure, it’s a rock….

I have listened and I have read over the last ten days to everybody and their opinions about what the recent UFO, DOD information ‘reveal’ can and could mean. Whether I agree or don’t agree with all the assessments, the prognostications and reactions to said information is a moot point. What is not, however, is that the information made it out into the public venue. And of course, IMO that was a good thing.

The fact that it was the merest bread crumb, IMO, that it was only the tip of the iceberg getting ready to flip over and expose it’s underbelly, is also unimportant. Also, just because there is an entire internet full of information, books from the 1950’s on, millions upon millions of experiencers and people with all sorts of information, documentation that would take and entire university years to sort through, doesn’t mean that it is untrue because of the source it came from: all of us instead of the government.

This ‘new’ (ahem) information is not new and is not a surprise. Therefore it is STILL up to us to keep ‘rolling that rock uphill’ with the same fervor and enthusiasm as before, because for us, when you really look at it, nothing has changed. That rock is still …. A rock.


Carry On.

As Above, So Below

The entire reality paradigm is about analogy. Never forget that.

All of what you perceive, all of what you see, has a sameness both above and below.

So, that means:

If you want to know if ‘aliens’ are good or bad, look around you.

If you want to know if relationships are different outside of 3D, look around you.

If you want to know if God (big ‘G’) exists, look around you.

If you want to know if love is real, look around you.

If you want to know if all the bull shit is real, look around you.


There is not one IOTA of information that is not mirrored in this reality.


Do you actually want to change the future? Change the now. Look around you,


The world we live in is a perfect analogy of the higher and the lower.



It is that SIMPLE.


Actually LOOK.


As Above,

So Below.



Merry Christmas

‘The Decision’, or clean your room.

It is strange how life turns out sometimes. How you end up where you never thought you would, and how life sends you down weird twists and turns and across misty, dimly lit landscapes. By the time you are my age, you are used to meeting yourself, both your good and bad, your bright and your dark and you realize that it has all been training in ‘the decision’.

My dearest friend in the world is walking down the path to death, release and a new reality, with great strength and forbearing. She is not ready to give up yet and she is fighting. The medical people have all but given up on her and offer palliative care – she is having none of the damned chemical invasion, intervention. She is going the natural route. For now she is holding her own. I am walking this road with her, however she chooses to walk it and I cannot fathom how she must feel and I am dreading the day that my footsteps echo alone. This soul has always in my lifetime meant home, and all I had to do to find my way back was listen for her soft voice whispering in the wind.

It is impossible to feel festive this Christmas season. She and I believe in the larger spiritual sense of creator, and not the crap that gets shoved down your throat every season anyway – so far away from what passes for spiritual here in this place. We both miss a faraway home, galaxies afar – eons ago. We have both sojourned long and far from our home fondly remembered from a past long ago, and I can almost hear it calling her, if I listen deeply enough. One day she will follow that call home and my world, quite selfishly will become a place that only can be born because she once lived here.

We stand at the threshold of a new time for this planet, one where we just might make it past the barrier of self-absorbed insanity. One where when a soul passes we will know they do not end, but simply migrate and transform and one where this transition does not cut us off from the lovely soul connections to those we have loved, still love. A time when, we will be able to look beyond who we think we are to a greater understanding of a much wider, more inclusive universe. I know this because some of the most gentle and wise people I know are not physical. We stand at this doorway fondly looking out over the landscape, unwilling to step outside this tiny confining physical house we currently occupy.

I know this not through faith, or belief, but through experience. The type of experience that we have all had in our lives, fleeting, sometimes uplifting and wondrous and other times frightful and dangerous. We live in this world as blind men walking in a world of sunshine, only ever feeling the heat of the sun on our skin to know that it is there, or the quiet cold of its absence.

When we decide to finally walk through that doorway, our eyes must be open and we must see and know, accept the responsibility and knowledge of that information and carry it like adults. We find it hard to accept the presence of our loved souls when they pass, so much so that we persist in the blind reality that they are not right beside us. How much more so when we look out the door and see so many other variations of life in this universe?

This passage into adulthood cannot be taught. it must be a learning process we either accept or not. A teacher once said to me, “I can tell you all about the taste of a hamburger, but until you actually eat one, you will not really know.” He meant that you actually have be willing to take a bite and find out for yourself. Our fears of what might be out that door keep most of us inside where we think we are safe.

When we step through that door we must be willing to understand that there is NO great revelation, that there is no great wondrous easy answer to the next step, that it will be much like it has been with opportunities for greater good and greater bad.

Even if the ‘D’ word didn’t happen to us yesterday, and we are still wrestling with taking responsibility for our own idiocy and ignorance, it doesn’t mean that it will not happen, is not already happening. It just means that one of the steps you have to take before you get to go outside and play is that you must clean up your own room first. If we can’t handle the idiots in our own world, we will never make it past the first step out the door: we have to understand how important it is handle our own problems – to decide what kind of people we will be when we emerge from this cocoon we call earth.

We stand at the door to a greater society and like going to college, we will probably mess up a bit, but most of us will get the jist of it pretty quickly and enter into an adult world we have been dreaming about with the same problems and responsibilities we have today, only in a much, much, wider sense. With that also come the perks of adulthood, like the ability to touch those that we love, where ever they are and know we are never, ever alone or separate.

The Day Disclosure Happened

The day disclosure happened, Jimmy church went live with a Saturday show. The networks all supported him. Tom Delong delivered and to make sure that it wasn’t disparaged, it came out on the mainstream media without a mention of his name.

The day disclosure happened, those of us who have been involved with this issue for more than 50 years plus, sat back with our jaws on the floor. This was an unprecedented move by the government (!) of all places, to tell us, well not us, because we already know, but tell the ‘Jon Q Public” that the issue is real. We had finally accepted the fact that the ‘D’ word was going to be something we did, that no official channel would ever recognize – ever.    Jaw Drop.

“Internationally, we are the most backward country in the world on this issue,” Mr. Bigelow said in an interview. “Our scientists are scared of being ostracized, and our media is scared of the stigma. China and Russia are much more open and work on this with huge organizations within their countries. Smaller countries like Belgium, France, England and South American countries like Chile are more open, too. They are proactive and willing to discuss this topic, rather than being held back by a juvenile taboo.”  From <>

The day disclosure happened, history was made. A historic revealing that should have begun with Roswell in 1947 about UFO’s, not weather balloons, but didn’t because they told us about an event many years later in time: 2004 encounter near San Diego between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets and an unknown object. (which just might have been one of our TR3B’s)

The day disclosure happened, it was admitted that we were lied to (for whatever reason) and that 22 million was spent on a project that was supposedly terminated in 2012, but wasn’t, to say nothing about the 29 trillion that is now missing or the upcoming audit of the DOD.  Catherine Austin Fitts joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down how there is 29 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon and an audit of the Department of Defense has been ordered under Trump.

Earlier this year, a Michigan State University economist, working with graduate students and a former government official, found $21 trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.

The work of Mark Skidmore and his team, which included digging into government websites and repeated queries to U.S. agencies that went unanswered, coincided with the Office of Inspector General, at one point, disabling the links to all key documents showing the unsupported spending. (Luckily, the researchers downloaded and stored the documents.)

Now, the Department of Defense has announced it will conduct the first department-wide, independent financial audit in its history (read the Dec. 7 announcement here).  From <>

Remember the last time a portion of the missing trillions was mentioned in the main stream? It was the day before September 11, 2001

The day that disclosure happened, many of us realized that we have finally taken a baby step toward actually stepping into a future with some hope. This tiny almost faltering step has so much gravity and weight holding it back, years of denial and far more astonishing things to be brought to the light of day, things that will be difficult for the planet, but must be out in the open if we wish to survive at all. We who have spent a life time looking and learning must help all those who need it. That is our job.

Funny story; we eat breakfast at a tiny local café on the weekends at the counter especially so we can sit and talk to the WW2 vets. They are funny amazing guys and they have seen it all. Today my husband mentioned the NYT article and you could have heard a pin drop. The guys eyes were like deer in head lamps. Then I said, “Well, that dropped like a lead balloon and stunk too!” and we all had a great laugh.

We have such a very long road to travel. Disclosure may have been dropped into the main stream, but everybody is fishing the shady spots where Purdue won over Butler….

Now, if we can only keep that door open wider than an eyeball…


December 16th, 2017

Take the box down off the closet shelf and open it.

There is a profound interaction between energy and information and consciousness. Energy itself is conscious. Information is the matrix of that consciousness. Consciousness is the awareness of the intersection of the two states, the product of that multiplication is intelligence.

If a soul is a gathering of a type of energy (consciousness coherence) then: that energy is a torsion tensor within an intelligence field of energy. It is a form of scalar wave.

A body would be: a spinning coagulation of energy in organized cohered zero points. (chakras) as are all atoms, molecules and cell structures: simply larger organized areas of energetic scalars: planets, stars systems galaxies, etc.


The Soul is:

The profound knowledge of the idea of the physical medium (space time) it’s self as being an information-created-medium:

It, itself, is the philosopher’s stone (indestructible)

It, itself, transmutes itself into creation (it creates itself and everything else)

It, is self-aware (aware of itself and that it exists)

Conservation of energy is a fundamental axiom of science. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can’t be created or destroyed. It can only change state. If energy is merely information, then that information never ceases to exist, and it becomes integral in a larger system – or changes state.

Consider that we are already integral in a larger state, but that we, in 3D, are simply choosing to ignore that so we can have a deeper more intense experience in the 3d realm. The extreme focus required to stay alive, coherent and functioning in this realm precludes or veils our ability to perceive outside of this area, unless we intend it.

Once we get the idea in our heads to explore this other realm, we have training and conditioning to overcome because we have been trained to ignore it, and rightfully so, because our survival depended on paying attention to here and now and what was in your face.

It is interesting that the internet has provided an imaginary space that we can all congregate in that has nothing to do with physical reality (really…??). It is a step in training towards the understanding that entire realms of reality can and do exist outside of the physical manifestation and that they are just as real and worthy of attention as the physical.

It is a step towards understanding how all information states interpenetrate at all levels and it is the beginning of us practicing smoothly combining these states without confusion.

This can and does relate to physics – in its newest incarnation, open system physics, the physics that states that consciousness is the mediating factor in what is seen and observed in the fabric of space/time, that consciousness alters time and space and the physical medium by the simple act of observation. All is more intricately connected than the wildest imagination could conceive, and yet there is science and math that can explain and describe it all.


We are imagoes. We are in a pupal stage developing our wings, a pre-adult state, just before we break out of our 3d cocoons and enter into the greater reality of the universe. We are about to be born, about to unfold our wings and fly.

It is meant for us to live in all of the states that we can integrate. Imagination is simply the poor red-headed cousin left out in the cold, ignored and ridiculed. Imagination is the key to understanding and the integration, inclusiveness and expansion of the information field that is a person. That is how we can say the soul is immortal. Information is never lost – information is energy and energy can only ever change state.

Somehow, imagination became excised from our inner life. A whole section of our being got put in a box and shoved into the back corner of our mind-closets, our beings, imprisoned and locked down.

When will we realize it is the doorway to the whole, entire, rest of being? There is an entire universe of wonder out there that will become part of us the moment we dare look further inside and see.