Morning meditation…sorta

In an odd sort of way, I am back where I started in august, the week of the 13th, 1999. Almost twenty years ago – 17, there abouts. Completing a cycle of trying to put into practice, what I thought I had learned spiritually – taking it off the mountain and into the city type metaphor. Deep living it.
I changed my whole life at that point. I left all that I knew. I moved two hundred miles away. I fell off the map and fell from my ‘exalted’ state of mind. I thought I was so spiritual… and I truly wanted to test that. Ahem. But I did get real. Many things that I thought I knew, that I was absolutely sure of, got thrown in my face. And well, I asked for it. What the journey did for me was make me real. As real as one can get here in 3d.
This morning it dropped into my brain that this particular experiment was over and that I’d done ‘it’. Whatever that really was… because after getting semi real, I’m wondering exactly what ‘it’ was. IMO, all the spiritual hogwash we all go through means nothing, because it is all someone else’s story. So what is real? The only thing I can say at this point that counts for me is how I am living, what I am noticing, the experience of it and how much I know of myself. Because in the end it is about revealing to yourself who you are, and about being able to honestly look at what you find.
And it is laughable that I still don’t know why.
My only recourse – everybody’s I suppose who isn’t kidding themselves, is to live in the moment, to be the moment and therein discover what it brings, what it wants you to notice, what it really is. In this place the moment you are born to 3d it is predicated you will eventually leave 3d. IE: Short story, if you’re born, you die.
Most of us who do this find the journey interesting. Many like it so much they do it again, while others of us wonder why we decided to do it in the first place because the world of matter is a solid place and when you go banging up against it, it hurts. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes so much that people leave prematurely. Sometimes, mostly always, people ask at some point in their lives, ‘What was I thinking?’, ‘Why did I come here?’ and ‘When do I get to get off this rock?’.
To say that I may have to wait till I die to discover the answer to those questions is probably true. At least at this stage of development on this particular rock. That is because I am no one special. I am not a master, meditator, or an advanced being that can say I know, because I don’t. I’d like to know but the whole thing about this place is that we are here to live, not run away from living like a lot of disciplines say you have to, to get enlightened, and if you are not lit up, you can’t have the answers!!!
Dumbass bass-ackwards place!!!!
So here I am.
What’s next?
Bring it.

“The fish in the water is silent, the animal on earth is noisy, the bird in the air is singing. / But man has in him the silence of the sea, the noise of the earth, and the music of the air.”
-Tagore Rabindranath

Hope vs. Fear

Equal and opposite reactions. Pendulum swings. Negative and Positive charges. Attraction and repulsion. Counter rotating vortices.
In all of these things is a center balance point which is either the stopping point in a closed system philosophy (entropy), or a gateway/portal in an open system philosophy (negentropy).
Emotional consciousness and learning behave the same way because they are both energy. In other words, Fear Porn vs. Hope Porn. There has been a lot of wordiness going around about what ideas are drawing people to them and what that means. Because the universe always balances out in the end and maintains the highest stability, there was bound to be the birth of …Hope Porn. The direction that hope porn has gone in, to the positive science fiction side, makes sense because no other ‘story’ fits the needs of our psyche at this time. Religion has become bust – with very little hope there, government is particularly out of the loop and the causal agent of the hope porn as an antidote to a great deal of the fear porn that it has caused. Science has then taken the narrative for the simple reason that it has many avenues of story to investigate, both positive and negative. There can be an active balance/tension set up in this idea set which will give it great quantities of life.
Which brings me to the idea of Story and its capacity to teach, create movement in the psyche (e-motion), and enliven the passion, or driving force behind living. There is an entire universe of difference between memorization and true learning. One just adds data, the other creates an embodiment of an idea leading to creative expression. That is why mass marketing and psy-ops work on us. They are a subtle story line being fed to us in mini bites/bytes that are predictively programed for a specific result. They are only good or bad according to your own inner reconnoitering. Throughout time the Story has taught us. The Story has been told in infinite myriad variations time upon time. The deeper, more emotionally relevant the story, the better the learning, the more it becomes yours. Science has proven that as you watch a movie, or read a book your whole mind/body complex responds like it was real. In doing that the soul/psyche learns. Therefore: Story is the ultimate teacher.
So as the ‘fear porn’ grew and grew without a balance to it, it was inevitable that hope porn was to be born. It was simply a matter of when. Could we be aware of this cycle and use it to our advantage? Is it possible to create a realistic direction, can we create a Story that will take us where we want to be, in all its richness and beauty – a grand epic – that will teach us the depths of our souls? A riveting, exciting, emotionally moving, teaching Story that takes us all into that new dimension we have been dreaming about? Can we now actually MAKE that story in a positive action, instead of a re-action to another’s not so skillfully written dime novel?
I suppose the question is: now that we have parsed this out and understand, isn’t our turn to write a better Story, a creation Story, instead of one written out of a blow back from someone else’s really rotten writing?
Shall we find that doorway into the next dimension in that balance point?


I suppose, because we all do it, and we have fought around the world for the right to do it, allowing a ‘political leader’ to decide the destiny of our world for us, is what we do. We allow them to decide the fate of nations and we allow them to enslave us, create wars and decimate populations and torture people, so when the fate of the world hangs in the balance as never before with the ET Question (read ET grand distraction), then it should be no surprise to us when the decision being made about whether to reveal and perhaps save this world, is based on who is going to get the kudos for it, instead of what is best for the planet.
Really, I would be forever agonizingly embarrassed to be known as world disclosure person if my motives were anything less than the good of the world, instead of a popularity competition. When I consider that if Hillary was DP (disclosure president) we would have continued in the shadows to sell our children to the highest bidder and all sorts of other shenanigans, I can see the need for the delay, maybe. That is because there are several types of disclosure and not just the drippy vs. flood type.
There is the Popularity Contest type: mentioned above with all the global power grabs that would entail depending on which nation revealed first and who revealed
There is the predator vs. prey type: the type the cabal wishes to create to provide that continuous inflow of cash and lives for their own selfish purposes with the hidden monetary slavery, Georgia Guidestone poison them almost to death, but not quite plan
There is the genetic goldmine type: that would allow the 23 genetic farmer races to continue their experiments reaping in the trade they can get off of our DNA (which I think is a subset of the above)
There is the energy systems type: when it’s obvious to all of us that not only is there a whole bunch of tech being kept from us but all of the healing sciences that rides on the coattails of that – which IMO will cause a worldwide uprising at the callus torture we have all been living through
There is the ‘OhMyGodWeHaveToCoverOurAsses’ type: that, well, as the legend goes, even George Washington knew better about.

Ad nauseum.

NONE of these or the million other intentions or motives are ones that I would want to have attached to my name – my soul for all eternity. ESPECIALLY in connection with the trillions of lives on this planet and their infinite number of spun gold energetic fibers of love connecting all of that life.
What is just inconceivable to me is that those involved in all of the above can’t fathom that their motives are transparent, that we can see what their intentions (just by their actions) are and know the callous disregard they have for anything but themselves.
This is the true problem.
Not the ET’s. They are just that little inconvenient particle of sand in all our eyes exposing the whole mess.


The Mass Marketing in my Head

I am sure you all could really add to this list – and also see how these all intertwine on many points, but here are a few ways we are all being marketed to and lead down the garden path – and, IMO being distracted from the one thing we never do: spending time knocking around inside ourselves getting to know us.


Mass marketing scheme # 1: the oldest one around

The idea that the cataclysms we know of from the past – even millions of years ago, were NOT natural. That they were created.

IF: you can manipulate the space time continuum – the fabric of space, by whatever means (and there may be many ways to do this) then you most assuredly can manipulate comets, asteroids, planets and even solar system balance and arrangement. Easy-peasy.

IF: you are at that level, your life span would be immense – basically however long you wanted it to be and your physical manifestation, if you so chose to manifest, would also be whatever you wanted it to be. So if you were running experiments on various life form developments across the universe you could do whatever you needed – even terminate whole planets. Or, if you were experimenting with the psycho-soul development through 3D experience you could present certain biological developments of that experiment with certain patterns like 26,000 year cycles that would ultimately destroy entire planets and then build them up again – say you were trying to prove that certain knowledge survives past the physical form and will epigenetically repeat or be present within a biome once it is developed regardless of a total destruction of that biome… That patterns of information exist past the physical expression of those patterns…

However, since you would not want to let the rats out of the maze, every time they got to a certain point, you took them back to the beginning, continuing the experiment at a different level, because if they got out, your research would be over.

I suggest we are once again at this point and we need to understand the manipulation we are currently experiencing. We might finally be at the point where our conscious development could jump the electric fence of our cage and finally get out.

Unless they can convince us that it is still a grand religious mystery that is meant to warn us of our impending doom. (and really, who are they? Is there really even a they?)


Mass marketing scheme # 2:

This is a subset of MMS1 in that it has the whole entire alien life question in it along with the tech that has been marketed to us since Star Trek that we now all desperately want, except that we are now masters of space and transdimensional reality and are using those ideas to benefit us, instead of the other way around.


Mass Marketing scheme # 3:

Rid the earth of all the baddies by creating a presidential/gov’t. messiah that takes care of business. Which ultimately means we can sit back and watch it happen, with the popcorn in our laps while we ‘stay out of trouble’, write a lot, research a lot and talk a lot all while catching every new TV show and movies that speak to our view point (called shadow work: busy work) and as Katherine Austin Fitts says, buy into the new “Hope Porn”. (enter ‘Q’…) Trusting that our all-powerful selection of messiah takes care of business. And while I’m not adverse to a bit of hope porn with maybe some real info thrown in, I’m not going to the bank with it. ( )



So my question is, while all the falderal is going on, marketing this and that to you, can you even sort out what you really want? Can you sort out the purpose of all of it? Can you realize that you are still being led around by the nose? That ALL of everything you consume in the media, mass, alt or otherwise is precisely shaped and crafted in many ways to fit many people to in effect, keep them from really getting in touch with who they really are and what they really want?

Could it be that we really are that good at creating and all that we see, feel hear, touch and experience is nothing more than our collective creative spirits coming together to play a great grand game? If that’s true I’m all for changing it up and refurbishing or outright changing the game. And I don’t need or want some great grand corporate-religious structure laying down the rules and marketing the plot to me. Ever. Again.

Once again I am going to say that 2012 happened. The world did change, no, it didn’t break apart but changed vastly and sorry to say – we didn’t even notice. Our consciousness simply absorbed the impact and went on. Why? Because of our training. We ARE those super beings if we could just stand still long enough to FEEL it. It’s all there. And we are still being led around by our noses so perfectly that we don’t see it. Like the elephant in the room… and yeah, I’m still right here with you all, or I wouldn’t be writing this. Question is, what do we need to do inside our real selves to get there?

Oops, wait-a-minit…there’s a marketing plan for that…..

Here’s an interesting dot… let’s all play the Whack-a-mole game.

It has been recognized by many people over the years that ET tech and consciousness are one and the same, and that you need to be in a certain state, frequency, to operate this tech, it is also been noticed that certain people are better at it than others.  Thus the genome project and the public offerings of things like Ancestry dot-com and its ilk popping up. If you wanted to know who had the genes, the capability and or that prevalence in a sub section of the population – what a good way to find it! Joseph Farrel talks about this in light of the recovering ancient civilization that found ways to remind its self what its’ purpose was and to leave clues. (1)

The ET tech I’m referring to is the stuff we’ve all read about and heard testimony on for years like the chair, and the rocks that look like rock until the right person in the right frame of mind touches them, (so maybe a rock isn’t just a rock, sometimes…) ET tech like craft and orbs; the part we see being the membrane or difference in the frequency of the two states of matter between dimensions  (thank you Jason Quitt for such a succinct definition!!! ) that the eye can perceive, the ET tech THAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS – built from consciousness fields – frequency boundaries ( there is a CARAT dot here, somewhere).

Now, let’s put this into some new context – since December 16 2017: consider that the people working with Tom DeLonge are mostly Psy-op specialists. Go look it up. Better yet, watch the attached video. Although IMO, I am disgruntled at the part the Dark Journalist played in the whole debacle that went on last summer in the UFO community, in this video he makes extremely salient points. Most of the people who are working with the above mentioned person are or were connected to MKUltra, Gov. surveillance, RV, or psy-ops. OOOOOOPS

I find it very interesting. Interesting to the max. I also find it interesting that the connection between ET’s, UFO’s and consciousness just may be the one thing that is the REAL spin on this subject – the one vital, essential thing that they are trying to redirect our attention away from. Point, in the Dec 16th 2017 mini-sort-of disclosure they bring up Skin Walker Ranch and we all know the lore and folk tales, all the scary stories, they bring up the collected hard materials in the warehouse in Vegas – and a point everybody has glossed over – that coming in contact with these articles is harmful to humans… (wha?) Why? Because the above is all connected with consciousness. And it seems they really want to subliminally direct us away from this point!   (font embellishment = yelling, here)     Ahem

Maybe it all boils down to: ET tech IS Consciousness. ET’s being the key, being used as an analog/analogy, a DOORWAY into other….places…. in this story ??? And maybe the Whack-a-mole game they are playing right now desperately trying to spin the narrative is all directed at covering this up?

The video makes a pretty good case for this. Worth the watch. Really.

(1) The Cosmic War, The Giza Death Star Trilogy, Grid of the Gods, Genes Giants Monsters and Men, are the basic arc on this although the theme of an elite hierarchy operating out side of the mainstream population in various iterations is found throughout all of his books