Hope vs. Fear

Equal and opposite reactions. Pendulum swings. Negative and Positive charges. Attraction and repulsion. Counter rotating vortices.
In all of these things is a center balance point which is either the stopping point in a closed system philosophy (entropy), or a gateway/portal in an open system philosophy (negentropy).
Emotional consciousness and learning behave the same way because they are both energy. In other words, Fear Porn vs. Hope Porn. There has been a lot of wordiness going around about what ideas are drawing people to them and what that means. Because the universe always balances out in the end and maintains the highest stability, there was bound to be the birth of …Hope Porn. The direction that hope porn has gone in, to the positive science fiction side, makes sense because no other ‘story’ fits the needs of our psyche at this time. Religion has become bust – with very little hope there, government is particularly out of the loop and the causal agent of the hope porn as an antidote to a great deal of the fear porn that it has caused. Science has then taken the narrative for the simple reason that it has many avenues of story to investigate, both positive and negative. There can be an active balance/tension set up in this idea set which will give it great quantities of life.
Which brings me to the idea of Story and its capacity to teach, create movement in the psyche (e-motion), and enliven the passion, or driving force behind living. There is an entire universe of difference between memorization and true learning. One just adds data, the other creates an embodiment of an idea leading to creative expression. That is why mass marketing and psy-ops work on us. They are a subtle story line being fed to us in mini bites/bytes that are predictively programed for a specific result. They are only good or bad according to your own inner reconnoitering. Throughout time the Story has taught us. The Story has been told in infinite myriad variations time upon time. The deeper, more emotionally relevant the story, the better the learning, the more it becomes yours. Science has proven that as you watch a movie, or read a book your whole mind/body complex responds like it was real. In doing that the soul/psyche learns. Therefore: Story is the ultimate teacher.
So as the ‘fear porn’ grew and grew without a balance to it, it was inevitable that hope porn was to be born. It was simply a matter of when. Could we be aware of this cycle and use it to our advantage? Is it possible to create a realistic direction, can we create a Story that will take us where we want to be, in all its richness and beauty – a grand epic – that will teach us the depths of our souls? A riveting, exciting, emotionally moving, teaching Story that takes us all into that new dimension we have been dreaming about? Can we now actually MAKE that story in a positive action, instead of a re-action to another’s not so skillfully written dime novel?
I suppose the question is: now that we have parsed this out and understand, isn’t our turn to write a better Story, a creation Story, instead of one written out of a blow back from someone else’s really rotten writing?
Shall we find that doorway into the next dimension in that balance point?

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