Shell Game

What is it that TTSA may want out to the public, maybe even the government, that needs to be revealed to us because something is coming that we need some time to digest before it arrives, whether it be information or personages?

What is it that needs to be revealed without harming the peoples trust in the government and why would the TTSA seemly be pushing for congressional hearings on this to get it to proceed?

John Greenewald makes a very valid point that shifting patents for the tech into corporate entities doesn’t necessarily make something unrecoverable by FOIA request. If any of the research was paid for by us with our taxes which can be found by requesting the contract for business, the stipulated deliverables are information we PAID for… and have a right to.

Is TTSA lying, or embellishing? Is their funding running dry? We have learned that AAWSAP might be the umbrella under which AATIP was operated and that it is imperative to have the right name on a FOIA request, but what if the agency we want information from isn’t even public, say for instance, the SSP?

This program, which will be out on your tube soon, is excellent. I can never wait, so I go to KGRA website and listen from the show archives.



Date: 05-24-2018

Title: SPECIAL GUEST John Greenewald

DOWNLOAD – PRS052418KGRA – PHENOMENON RADIO – Special Guest John Greenewald.mp3


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