Saturday morning headspace

Consciousness is the old magic. It is the unifier, the unifying field. Consciousness is the unified field. The one that everybody, physicists mostly, have been looking for. It is the key to the ‘new-old’ physics, it is a science that has been and is vigorously denied by the reality crafting elite in order that they stay in control. Consciousness is energy. It interferes with the scientific method of gathering data proscribed by the priests of scientism – who refuse an open system analogous study across disciplines. Consciousness interacts and interferes with the measurements of data by changing what is observed by observing it. It becomes an anathema because, by God! We might find out the real nature of reality… etc. etc. etc.


Which of course brings me to the question why some people have experiences they don’t want and others don’t have experiences they do want – of the paranormal and phenomenological nature. I have one personal observation, and a theory. Personally, when I was little I had a lot of ‘unwanted’ experiences of the terrifying kind. Now I only have what I consciously choose. The theory: as a child we all learn to accept the authority of anyone older/bigger/smarter… if fact, everything and anybody can tell us what to do. So when a paranormal situation occurs in childhood we never, ever, not even once consider that we have the power to tell it to stop and go away, we simply endure it. This sets up a no boundary condition or at least very permeable boundaries. Especially because these phenomena feel powerful, they give the illusion of being caught in the experience with no way out.

I am using the word boundary in the normal psychological way:

The personal property lines that define who you are and who you are not, and influence all areas of your life – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I found out about this by sheer accident, in my late teens when I was terrorized to the limit and tired of it, tired of trying to prove to whomever the local adult was that there was something going on and something there, even though you couldn’t see it. I finally got mad and put my foot down and told the general vicinity to stop all the nonsense! ( I said it in my mind to the air…) Low and behold!!!I It stopped. It was almost too good to be true and I was very skeptical for a great while. Years later in psych class the subject of boundaries came up and I understood implicitly – even if I couldn’t share how I knew…

Here’s the catch; for those that don’t know this fact works on the paranormal, they will continue to have experiences. Some have gone right into the mystery and love it. Those that do know, and have instituted their boundary lines, like me, and would like to choose to experience more, but don’t, here’s why; you must ethically examine why you want to lower those boundaries, and encounter and heal the reason you put them up in the first place, or (if you are like me and only choose higher contact) nothing will happen.

This is because all beings of a higher order have a higher ethic and there is no lying in telepathy, no hiding, no dissembling at all. So you may think you want closer contact, but until you encounter and work through certain ideas (programmed by society – or whatever) your truest wishes will be the rule. (lol, even if you are not aware of what those wishes are)

Yes, this works with the sketchier things too. It is really amazing to me the power consciousness has once we begin to just work with it. Consciousness is an energy of its own. We have it in spades and we don’t even know it. We spend 90% of our lives ignoring it because we are taught that way and yet, the whole of creation runs on it.


  – just a thought…





What is reality, really?

In relation to my last article, I ran into a video this morning of Richard Dolan giving his new lecture in Toronto, which brings this question ofWhat is reality, really? back up in my mind. Because of the way scientism crept into our culture via the new way to understand the world around us by measurement, technology has slipped into our lives creating a far more mental, cultural paradigm into our ideas of ‘what-is-real’. And because this very mentally weighted cultural change to what is valuable has taken the emphasis off of human to human/ human to nature interactions we now all are immersed in a world where values are determined by a mental reality over a physical body reality. IE: you can drive right by the kids living under the bridge because your face book group is live-casting an immersive video experience of all our favorite bug selfies.


We are little bit by little bit being mentally and culturally herded into placing a higher value on the electronic mental experience over the person to person experience. It’s so prevalent that jokes are made about it in social media and on TV commercials; in one way so that it is acceptable to laugh it off and in another to so inure us to the idea that we don’t care, because after all, would you give your phone up? Could you? – Do you even have a land line left in your home???


Richard goes into the ‘Layers of Reality’, which I will list only to talk about in relation to my own ideas, then you have to watch this formidable talk he gave (1). I promise it is organized so well that even if you are very familiar with the ideas presented, it still will have you running to take notes.


These Layers of Reality are from the center of a circle out;

  1. the Mass pop
  2. the Academic pop
  3. the Classified Projects pop
  4. the Breakaway Civilization pop (top layer ‘on’ earth)
  5. ET/others pop

pop = populations and the accepted paradigm of thought / reality of each population.

Please realize – this is my interpretation of what I heard him say – IE: my reality…


IMO these layers do provide a basic stratification of understanding with which to look at a reality. The layers also provide a platform from which a control mechanism can be used to guide large numbers of people in ways to promote control over that population.


So what IS a reality? In this instance it is an understanding of an environment that allows functioning within a certain set of ideas that in some cases can actually predict and/or pre-form the actions of the people who adhere to it.


It hits my funny bone that, in the same way black projects are compartmentalized, so are stratifications of society on the planet. – On Purpose –   by thought structures by the same people who control everything  for well,  …control.


In one way I suppose you could say that reality is how people respond to their environment with the information they have which is controlled by the people who pump that information into different subsections of the population – therefore reality is structured out of the mind – unfortunately more than



So, next idea. There is quite a contingent of people out there wrestling with the idea that we have been coerced into losing our connection with our souls (through scientism and technology) our creativity, our spiritual nature and our connection to magic – the old magic/true knowing of nature. (direct experience of the principle of life) Rudolf Steiner was one of them, a philosopher from the 19th century, Cara St. Louis is a leading current speaker on this and there are many in this school of thought who are saying that by losing this component of ourselves we lose our creative connection to source itself…


To put it in very simplistic black and white terms… the layers of constructed reality above are the devil on one shoulder and the naturalistic camp is the angel on the other shoulder – one representing right brain, the other left brain.


Now: it occurs to me that the reason the elite are really concerned right now about ‘Phenomenology’ is because they can’t find a way to control it. IMO phenomenology is directly connected to the angels sitting on your shoulder – the camp of people who are directly advocating the inner experience of reality connected to you and your relationship to life from your very own perspective. Your own subjective perception of that ‘otherness’ in life that is uniquely your own. The elite are trying to tell you HOW to feel about it, but they cannot control that experience with information they put out about it – they can only form how you FEEL about it and how you judge it.


As Grant Cameron has been telling us lately, the direct UFO experience is very related to this and how well you are connected to your creative right-brained self. He has written a book about well-known musicians and the point of the book is that they all, to the very last one, have had ‘contact’ experiences.


More to follow in this as I muddle through thinking about it, but I think it is very interesting this connection to reality-forming through technology and media is being used to try to (what seems like) herd us mentally away from the state of mind that is more grounded in true self-perception which leads straight into the state of mind that is the epicenter of all phenomenological experiences.

This is beginning to look like another

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”,

“Nothing to see here.”,


psy-op the more dots that come together. So, that means we are on the right track!!!




1.) “The Cost of Secrecy: From Money To Mind Control” at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Toronto, June 23, 2018.   From <>


A poem for now written in 1951.

The human heart can go the lengths of God…
Dark and cold we may be, but this
Is no winter now. The frozen misery
Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;
The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.

Thank God our time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul we ever took.

Affairs are now soul size.
The enterprise
Is exploration into God.
Where are you making for? It takes
So many thousand years to wake,
But will you wake for pity’s sake!


How would we know that one person’s perception is any different than our own? We assume that because others are not acting strangely that they are seeing/perceiving what we are. And that they are feeling – which is their own inner reaction to the perception – the same as we are especially if those feelings appear to be the same, IE: everybody is crying, everybody is laughing.


But what if life is just slightly off in a couple of important ways? For you? What if you are born knowing pretty closely what people are thinking, or at least their motives behind what they are saying to you and what if you always know when they are lying…etc., etc., etc.? What if you thought everybody had this information? The question would then become; Why on earth are they saying this to me when we both know they are not being truthful? How crazy-making would that be? The only conclusion you could draw as a kid is that big people like to be mean and they are all as tricky as hell.


As you grew up you would understand that you had to see behind the mask/lie that everybody projected for various reasons. You would also understand that there were times when as long as they were polite, you just really couldn’t give a rat’s ass anymore with most of them. Then once you close that door because of the racket it brought your mind, you would begin to loose true perception which would make you an excellent mark. Especially once you decided to try to see the ‘good’ in everybody because you were tired of the ugliness…


In pursuit of a structure to understand this grand mess, you begin to think about things like; walking a mile in another’s shoes, what that I am perceiving is my own perception and what is someone else’s? With my body’s senses, what am I feeling, and does it correlate to my direct environment – or not? With my feelings, are they making sense to my inner self and the moment, or are they foreign? With my mind am I alone in there or do I have company? Trust me, these are not the usual questions most people ask themselves. They are questions one asks when one is trying to check out whether they are crazy or not… and they make you feel crazy – but they are actually questions a very sane person would ask, once they begin to piece together that they really are different from what they are told they are and what they think they are and what they are allowed to be.


It wasn’t until I took a course called, Integrated Awareness taught by an amazing woman named Connie Newton that I was really able to make some sense of it, and trust me, I had tried because at the point I found her class, I had been reading the Bailey books, was a card carrying member the Theosophical Society in America in Geneva IL and attended classes there, had been doing yoga for some 7+ years, and had some martial arts training under my belt, had attended chi class, had read Ledbetter, was drawing aura’s and had been into UFO’s for years.

KNOW that there will be NO accidents from this point on. At this point in your ascension process everything that happens in your life is YOUR creation. Because your consciousness is now resonating to the threshold to the fifth dimension, every random thought and emotion will become manifest. Because you still hold a physical form, your manifestations will still appear to be bound by time…your 3D brain, which has been limping along at 3-5% efficiency…your multidimensional consciousness will no longer accept the obvious lies and illusions that were “normal” for your third dimensional consciousness


Her class was about using an energy bridge that created a white light within the pineal/pituitary bodies of the brain, which helped me a lot. I not only got a handle on what was going on with myself, but was able to bring under my conscious control the rogue behavior of the extended senses or sensitivity that I had been plagued by all my life. When I was a little kid, I would lay in bed trying to go to sleep and every night I would see beautiful fireworks in my head, so much so that I couldn’t fall asleep. This bridge brought them under my control too.


I began to understand that everybody had their own internal symbolic structure inside their head. This structure had similarities and personal symbology, much like Jung’s theory of architypes. There are idea structures in the large picture that we all have like, parent, sibling, family etc. that are the same in meaning, the only difference being how we react to those structures causing a difference in personal experience and memories. IE; if you like the color blue, then it has a positive connotation to you, but if you hate it…


Fast forward to the last month or so; my dad who recently passed has come twice to me in the between (sleep and waking). The first time was to express amazement and joy, the second time he had that look like he was seeing something he’d never seen before, and it was serious and squinty eyed, like he was trying to see into me… he wasn’t mad, it wasn’t disapproval, but it was a look my dad never gave me before (I guess I should cut him some slack, he’s never been dead before either…at least in this current personality). I’m not sure what he meant this last time.


This all started me thinking about perception and the act of perception. For most of our lives we use our body – the 3D anchor – to perceive, gather and use information in this world. When we talk about other places not of this world, we talk about them in 3D terms – it is, after all, our only experience in this form we wear – or so we think. So, does the body create perception, or is it just the perceptive instrument? If it’s just the instrument you use to perceive this place, then how do we as spirits/beings actually interact with people or this 3D world after we no longer wear a body? Is it through a thought construct of the memory of being in a body? Because, I will swear to the truth of contact with dead people who are not in the body…and other beings who might not even have a body…(and, I AM NOT CRAZY, jus’ say’in)


Next thought on this is that, it shouldn’t really matter the condition of the body that perceives (except for a condition creating a distraction through pain, etc.) however, even though the body and the perceiver are intertwined as one, they are still also separate, so the perceiver should be able to know and perceive, even though the body is not perfect IE: Steven Hawking, and anyone who remote views.


I also wonder if the internet of things is not the entire false paradigm that we are all worried about? Is that internal world called the internet which lives almost entirely in our minds any more or less ‘real’ than the 3D world? The answer will come to me one day when I see the internet changing something in the ‘real world’ without real-world action. Like ordering my grass cut on line and  looking out my window at a perfect lawn from one second to the next. That would be when I knew something was up.


As much as they like to fool us, as much as they might wish to so seamlessly meld the on-line world with the 3D world, there is always going to be something more real about planting my bare feet in the grass and talking to my trees, feeling the love of my pets and hearing them in my mind, feeling the stomach ache my husband has in my own stomach, and knowing that interaction is with living things in real-time-in-my-face, instead of a sophisticated piece of machinery I’m holding in my hand that is only feeding my mind. The day this internet learns to invade my body at the level of 3D to create a false perception, is the day it will already be too late to stop the invasion. Till then, I’m good even if I am now being annoyed by ads for the S9+ Samsung phone…

(which until I can get


a glass-pad phone with heads up holographic display and interactive holographic keyboard – at a freaking real price I can afford – it’s all MEH)


I guess the question really is,

who are we?

…and in my heart, it is Christmas morning.

I know this whole opening into a better world belongs to our children and the future.

Last Night’s Jimmy Church Radio Show for Disclosure Fest simply warmed the totality of my heart!

Disclosure and all, and I mean all, that it is about has finally reached a ground swell, has finally gotten enough momentum to continue. There are finally enough of us out there who know the truth –  that even if ‘the-they’ tried to confuse the issue one more time as Grant Cameron has pointed out that they have about every 20 years in his book ‘Managing Magic’ the-they would be entirely unsuccessful.

This feels like Christmas morning as a kid before you open the presents to me. I have, since I was very little, known I wanted this to happen with all my heart. Being little I had no idea how it would happen, but I had a fierce longing in my heart for it, even before ‘it’ became a fully formed idea in my mind. I was born in 1953. I charged into all-about-UFO’s at a very, very young age. By the time I was 13, I had been chasing this idea of ET’s not even knowing I was doing it for 10 years and as I grew up so the idea got more sophisticated in my heart and soul. I seriously KNEW there was life out there and I wanted to meet them and know them. I thought Star Trek was the best thing ever to happen on TV, because it portrayed life out there in a balanced more sane way than ever before. I wanted to be Vulcan because when I figured out what telepathy was, I wanted it and at the time I didn’t realize it, but I had already had a first contact experience that was telepathic and continued to have them throughout my life. Might I say, the people who I knew then had the highest ethic of compassion and love, of contact only to the extent that the psyche of the person could tolerate reasonably and they NEVER went past my internal boundaries – not once – even when I didn’t know what a boundary was! I cut my eye teeth on Adamski and Menger. I ate up every publication I could find – even science fiction, information was always serendipitously appearing for me to read, and I was a card carrying member of NICAP for a while.

I kept hoping through the years in my heart of hearts – all through grade school and high school and after, that we would wake up. It was all obvious to me and I wished everybody knew too. I got married at 18 had my first child 8 years later my second 2 years later and it wasn’t until the mid-80’s when I could finally get my head out of the sand and re-look at the UFO issue.

By that time, of course, people were laughing at the 50’s contactees and everybody was into ‘serious’ research on nuts and bolts. The movie “the Three Faces of Eve” had come out in 1957 and then was remade at for TV as a miniseries called ‘Sybil’ in 1976. Both of these movies, IMO were CIA propaganda the frighten the hell out of people who were beginning to have contact with ET’s telepathically so that no one would ever open their mouths. They painted a horrifying picture of brokenness, that, IMO, might even have been concocted from information gleaned from MKUltra experiments. So even if you were at that time receiving telepathic communications, or downloads – even if you masked it in spiritualism, you were looked upon as a truly sick and fractured person.

Meanwhile, I was into yoga, mysticism and was a card carrying member of the Theosophical Society in Wheaton IL at 18yrs old – still looking for a way to open my mind. Well, marriage, 2 kids, divorce and remarriage and launching of 20 somethings later, I finally, truly had the time to pursue this issue with the intensity I wanted to. When I retired in 2007 I had found Kerry Cassidy, then I found a dear soul, Kosta Makreas who literally set me on the course that has me writing these blogs, and not long after that Jimmy Church. I missed all the falderal from 1980 to 2007 and when I dipped my toes back into my passion, I was ‘given’ Kerry Cassidy to learn from, and the dominoes fell.

Today, the heart dreams I had as a very small child are coming to fruition, the ground swell is so great, we have people like David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith presenting information that I know in my heart of hearts is VERY real (did they read my mind?) and “The Truth is Out There” quite literally, for all to see. Then we have the youngsters out there with huge talent Like Adrian Vallera, who has taken the true jist of the 60’s hippie movement sans the drugs and sex (because I see the manifesto of the Space Brothers as a direct transfer into the hippie movement of the 60’s) and is beginning to manifest it on a large, brilliant scale to reach as many souls as his team can.

I have watched for 63 years and I have kept my dreams of my heart to myself for 63 years, what I thought I would never see hit the light of day, is illuminated. We will make it, and it is the youngsters who will see to it we do.


…and in my heart, it is Christmas morning.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…

I am not sure what to say – how to describe this. If you aren’t sensitive to ‘vibes’ then I don’t have the words, but I want to try anyway. I have recently lost both my parents within 4 months of each other. I was present with both of them at the time. The two experiences could not have been more different.

One because I was all alone with my mom and with my dad I was surrounded by people. I am a reluctant empath – a strong one, and I feel other’s feelings, I feel other’s thoughts, and I feel other’s physical bodies – if I’m around them long enough I actually take on their physical resonances, even if they are out of balance. Trust me, this is NOT a gift.

My mother was not ready to leave. She had emotional pain that was so unresolved. She fought very hard to stay here, even knowing she was dying. At the end her heart went into tachycardia and so did mine. At the time I didn’t know what was happening and I passed out in a chair (luckily) and I don’t know whether I was present with mom as she left her body in that other state because I can’t remember. When I came out of it I immediately realized something was wrong and went back to her bedroom to check on her and she had passed. It had been about 40 minutes that I was out. By that time her body was cold so her passing probably happened when I passed out. I found out later that the body gives one last effort at life at the moment of death with a tachycardial burst just before it stops.

My dad was different because there were two other people present, my step mom, the nurse, and me. We were standing around his bed and while I felt the tachycardia in my body, it wasn’t overwhelming because of the healthy people with me. His ending, his transition was peaceful. My step mom’s heart broke in that moment, mine too. When such a vibrant personality leaves there will always be that gap in your heart a space where they existed in linear 3D time, their energy vortex as part of your identity leaves a gap as it goes. But he was at peace. I felt it. It was, in a word, amazing. And his presence didn’t leave, I felt that too, he was hanging, just in case, watching over us.

I was able to see him in a hypnogogic state that night, he gave me that silly wide-eyed look he used to use when he knew he was pulling the wool over my eyes and getting away with it ( except for the look…that always gave the joke away – we never told him, it was our only defense….) That dang hypnogogic state in between sleep and waking, is a very fragile place – feeling strong emotion usually snaps you right out of it – and when I saw my dad the joy was shocking! He had just enough time to give me that funny look of his and bang! The energy of my joy shot me into wakefulness. However, I know he is just fine…somewhere. He’d make an awesome ghost – the pranks would be epic… But then again anything he did in life, and he did a lot, was all always epic. He was the poster boy for ‘if you are going to do it, do it big and do it with all your heart, and do it well.’

With my mother it was vastly different. It was like the darkness took her when she passed. The only message I got immediately after her passing was to call her brother. Which I did – I couldn’t not, and I couldn’t put it off, the message was so strong. In the succeeding days it was very hard to walk back into her house, and it wasn’t until about a week ago, that I finally saw her in the hypnogogic state, finally able to sit in her chair in her favorite brilliant blue shirt and paint. When it happened I was mildly surprised and called out “Mom?”, and broke the state of mind and she vanished. But I was very glad to know she was healing and finding a better, higher, much lighter vibe, that her being was coming out of the dark swirling that took her when she died. It is easier now to go into her house, and the packing of her belongings is finally happening.

What I learned from this is that where you are in your own heart, how at peace you are with your life and all its aspects has a great bearing on how you pass through the veil. I was there with both of them and I felt every last little thing. It’s not whether you have cleaned your light aura out or whether you are advanced in your spiritual practice or any such bull shit – it is totally about your heart and how you feel about yourself and your life. I saw both ends of the spectrum, because both of my parents were beautiful people, good people but in the end, it was who they thought they were and how they felt about it, that was the game changer.

So what I am going to do with even more fervor than before, is work on finding that peace, compassion and love in my heart for me and the others in my life and creating that balance and harmony and most especially love and compassion in my heart. I want absolute tons of it in my heart, I want so much that it radiates out of me and is given to all that it can reach.

I’m also going to remember my dad’s sense of humor, unfailing to the last and his sense of ornery, the laughing imp that was always a great part of him and see if I can’t awaken one in me too.


One last, I am not overwhelmingly sad. I look at the last 4 months in this light; Who do you know who gets to keep both parents so long that you have to go on Medicare before they pass? I am beyond grateful for this gift of years of love and the companionship that happens after many years.

I am blessed.


We are ONE: some science on this

If you read my blog, you’ll know that I write a lot about consciousness from my own words and perspectives. These two articles on you tube from give you some facts, the science behind why we can do what we do.

The first is a short primer on why the sun’s actions can affect us.


The second one is about the fact the we ourselves are mini HAARPS, and we can take action against what I have been reporting on all week.

Ejimikate yourselves. 🙂

Hold my Beer – better yet, give a beer to Clyde Lewis!!!!

Hold my Beer – better yet, give a beer to Clyde Lewis!!!!

Listen to this! Starting at 54:40!!!!!   CERN, Fukushima, Dwave…

The whole talk he gave was fabulous – but this blew my mind…

…more madness



How do you feel? and “Hold My Beer”…

At this time right now, on this planet, we are having so much information thrown at us – we are drowning in it. There is a need to connect dots to see how it all goes together and there is a need to discern the truth of it AND (most importantly) there is a need to be willing to walk the Edge of Madness – to be honest with yourself about HOW you are feeling about it after you begin to see the patterns of it.

The most powerful thing that can confuse or cloud (or should we say veil…) your understanding of all of it, is HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL!

Many don’t want to actually see the entire impact of what is going on because the first question is “Well, WHAT the hell can I do about it?” and really most of us feel there is nothing we can do about it. This is a prime piece of programming. Which makes a lot of people want to buy an RV and pull up stakes and be ready to fly away if need be… But guess what? That just will not work. If even a third of what is out there as known fact is correct – we were in trouble over our heads before WW1. Notwithstanding the roles of good guys and bad guys and the blame game, we need another way to get around this particular veil.

So, the wonderful adage from Einstein comes to mind that: you can’t solve a problem at the level of thinking that it was created, is correct. However it’s not our thinking that we need to be concerned with, it’s the level of our consciousness. And it’s going to take everybody’s consciousness – not just you or me. I heard an interesting definition the other day about the difference between consciousness and sentience. Everything is sentient, it’s when you are aware of yourself and know yourself, as a being, that you are conscious.

Let’s take that a step further. I propose that ‘You can’t solve a problem at the level of consciousness that it was created at’, in other words, we have to be willing to risk knowing, thinking and being at that edge of madness – outside the societal norm – even what we consider safe personally, to be able to see the answers and solutions to what we are looking at today. Because consider, that the good stuff, the warm fuzzies live out there too – the real ones, not the fake platitudes, and to reach them we must be willing to step out of line.

To step out of line we must be willing to look at how this whole conundrum makes us feel. To do that we must feel it, and that is at the edge of madness. It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach that says something is not right – that shiver that runs up your spine and makes all the hair on the back of your neck stand up, or that response of I’m too tired to look at all this and make any sense of it. When you hit that point, you have just struck gold.

That is the madness – because that is when you are smack up against the programming and the fear and the brick wall and the gd’d quantum fricking box. That is when, if you want to make any progress – see the real truth – you soldier on and take a good long look. It changes your consciousness – raises it because you now have another piece of knowing. Becoming awake and aware hurts like hell – like pulling teeth, but it’s just a shock, like jumping in a cold pool. After 60 seconds it feels pretty damned good.

As much as I don’t like a lot of the information I am understanding I do find I reach plateaus where all of a sudden so much more understanding opens up ahead of me and it feels Wow! I also know that after a time I will end up playing with the madness again, but I am not so afraid of it anymore – I just wish I could hurry up. We need to hurry up. The only way this current pickle we are all in can be solved is for us to reach a tipping point in the mass consciousness. We have already – all of us – gone so far, and done so much hard work and we must press on because there are many small steps that lead up to the big steps and we need that big step to survive as a race and we are almost there!!

So if you are confused, feeling like you don’t want to look at something the best thing to do is go straight into it and figure out why you feel the way you do – out of that will come all the wisdom you need to raise that frequency, and the more we do, of course, the easier it is for others to follow.


With that said – “Hold my beer!”

Have you wondered how they could possibly pull the earth through a dimensional doorway to a different timeline??? Well, Jump in the water is…interesting

CERN and gravity waves and time (because gravity and time are hooked)- maybe even time lines… I don’t care how crazy you think Anthony Patch might be, but he just may have found a very important connection between CERN and dwave quantum computers (regardless of the moniker he wants to hang on that) that actually compute in an alternate dimension, which in itself may be pulling energy into this dimension and could be responsible for the Mandela effect – or the skewing of our memories… who’s to say? If the information that is being generated at CERN, the ‘results’, are going out to a network of quantum computers all linked to ‘share’ said information, then that is a lot of energy and computing power going somewhere – it’s almost like an analog of the magnetic CERN but instead in electrons moving around in a dwave circle… What if it was a leaky system – it would almost have to be, energy would have to travel both ways dimensionally to prevent explosions on either end of said dimensions. So, in essence, we have a doorway/portal.

Then CERN generates a magnetic effect more powerful that the earth, every time it is turned on it alters our natural magnetic field.

All the magnets on the LHC are electromagnets. The main dipoles generate powerful 8.3 tesla magnetic fields – more than 100,000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field. The electromagnets use a current of 11,080 amperes to produce the field, and a superconducting coil allows the high currents to flow without losing any energy to electrical resistance   From <>


Then we have some French researchers that are beginning to think that electromagnetism and gravity interact:

Hidden extra dimensions are causing measurements of the strength of gravity at different locations on Earth to be affected by the planet’s magnetic field, French researchers say.

This is a controversial claim because no one has ever provided experimental evidence to support either the existence of extra dimensions or any interaction between gravity and electromagnetism. But lab measurements of Newton’s gravitational constant G suggest that both are real.

Newton’s constant, which describes the strength of the gravitational pull that bodies exert on each other, is the most poorly determined of the constants of nature. The two most accurate measurements have experimental errors of 1 part in 10,000, yet their values differ by 10 times that amount. So physicists are left with no idea of its absolute value.

Now Jean-Paul Mbelek and Marc Lachieze-Ray of the French Atomic Energy Commission near Paris say they can resolve the contradiction by taking into account the location of the labs where the experiments were carried out.

The pair suggest that electromagnetism and gravity influence one another enough for gravity’s pull to be noticeably affected by the Earth’s magnetic field

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When you add the highly ionized ionosphere (from chemtrailing and HAARP) you now have an electro-gravitic system being run by a network of 160 quantum computers worldwide that use interdimensionality to compute….( Hook that up to the big gaming computers in Vegas and block chain too) and I’d say there is something going on…

Not the least of which is that there is the possibility of time and timelines being altered on a planetary scale.