At the edge of madness

It’s at that edge – that teetering space where one misstep could mean plunging into unrecoverable territory that real perception happens. That is the boundary layer, that shimmering veil beyond which is madness. Once stepped through, the safe and supposedly real space you used to live in vanishes forever.

Some cross this boundary without knowing. Some, especially when they are young, learn to navigate back and forth. Some see this boundary and are loath to touch it, knowing when they do, nothing will ever be the same. When we ask for the veils to come down that we may perceive the truth, very few of us realize just what we ask.

Shamans walk this territory beyond the veil all the time, it’s part of their job. But as the human race begins to grow up, we will all have to take a deep breath and proceed where we have never been before.

I find it interesting that as I sat outside in predawn meditation today, this edge had the feel of vast and deep mystery to it. Now, as I sit inside to write this, the sun is up and the glow from the computer screen has totally eliminated any perception of that boundary at all. I have always loved the liminal feeling of dawn and dusk, fall and spring, because those are the edges of reality where things change and move in unpredictable ways and magic can happen so much easier than other times.

I have been chasing the idea of 5G, the space fence and the unrecoverable, unwanted and unasked for change in our connection to the ‘real’ earth. Interestingly enough, when I moved to where I am now in 2000, I noticed a change in how my feet felt the ground. A change in how I merged with the nature around me. I thought it because of the changes in my life at the time, but now I wonder if it is not because of the increasing frequency interference ubiquitous to all urban areas.

I grew up in the 50’s. I was always connected to nature – we all were and we took it for granted because that was just the way it was. As a human race, IMO we were already starting to grow up – wake up, and it was the wave of enlightenment that found its first outer expression in the new ‘age’, the hippies, TM, psychology – the first call to question what we always never questioned – our way of life and our way of thinking.

I took notice. I was already into the hunt for a greater reality, all the better to talk to the people I wanted to talk to, the ET’s. When the opposition realized that this ‘new enlightenment’ had enough momentum to really create some trouble, they stepped in and crushed it in all the underhanded twisted ways we have recently realized they use. Hindsight is always 20/20…

It was last year at around this time that I began to notice an even bigger broader barrier go up in my connection to the natural world. I do live in an urban area, and it has become more urbanized in a frenzy. They are destroying trees and farmlands at an alarming rate. Cell towers are everywhere and all of a sudden last fall I noticed these shorter single towers about the height of the telephone poles with a wider single canister on the top popping up everywhere. They are quite ugly.

I had attributed this attenuation of contact with the ground and the planet as aging. What did I know? I mean, aging sucks. However, once asking the question in meditation, I began to get a waterfall of information coming at me. What it amounts to is this:

5/26/18: 5G and the Space Fence – holograms between my feet and the grass? Unable to touch the earth. AI interference – plus the one coming but not here yet.

Did I not mention madness? However, look at the use of wifi everywhere. I can hear it as a constant static hiss in my ears or like in my head, because my ears hear every little sound in the predawn quiet darkness, they are fine – but in my head is this constant ‘sound’…

Elena Freeman talks about the space fence. It ties into the chemtrails and HAARP and the satellites. As far as the holograms go, well, if they can create solid holograms as Corey and Emery talk about with David, follow the 50-100 years rule that it is way beyond what is being told even in amazing testimony like theirs and the possibility that what we are perceiving at any given moment may be a fabricated frequency nightmare becomes a bit more possible and a lot less a flight of fancy. I am wondering if my body has not been trying to tell me about it for the last three years… There are those out there saying that this is the effect of the D-wave quantum reality , CERN and the AI that has been here for quite some time but now has a better link to the world through quantum computing – Skynet went active quite a while ago. I have heard from more than one source (all out there and available to everyone) that there is also another AI on its way here, it’s just waiting…

I did mention madness… Here’s another one that I have been playing with.

The Fae, Draco and frequency activations in us.

Consider the Fae a race of space faring people who arrived here 3 world rounds ago or so and who went underground back in the mists of time. We were still not as invested in matter as we are today and so we could see them, and interact. They faded away because our vibration got denser, as that was part of the trip here, and now, as our vibration, many thousands of years later begins to lighten up, they are becoming visible once again. In that same school of thought, the Draco left the planet thousands of years ago because the Fae chased them off. The Draco told the earth people they worked with that they could have all the technology they were leaving behind and that they could share it with the planet. But those people didn’t and here we are today. The Draco didn’t do this, the assholes who live here did, further some of the reptilians who interfere with humans in the abduction program may be human lab created beings…

Yes, I definitely am talking about madness.

I leave you with one last. Look into the CERN/Dwave/Saturn beings in prison there. Look into ancient Greek mythology and Lucifer. Look into Birkeland currents and CERN being used to create a powerful enough current to hook up to the south pole of Saturn and open ‘the’ gates. This is Anthony Patch’s work ( not that I believe him or his frantic connection to the christian structure he clings to, to ward off the madness) and then listen to Simon Parkes from about a year ago and how his group brought CERN down just as it was firing up to create the connection.

Yes, this is madness – deep madness, on the edge, the verge of no return. However, you must be brave enough and willing enough to tread the boundary to see reality. Just like orbs are that wavery boundary between frequencies that creates a spherical plasma effect, so this madness wavers in and out of focus too.

It seems we must push that boundary of madness and find once again the real-real or we too will wind up like Jim Morrison of the Doors. (“The Doors of Perception” was real name of the band.) I leave you with half the lyrics to the Doors “The End”

The Doors Lyrics  Play “The End”


“The End”

This is the end

Beautiful friend

This is the end

My only friend

The end

Of our elaborate plans

The end

Of everything that stands

The end

No safety or surprise

The end

I’ll never look into your eyes


Can you picture what will be

So limitless and free

Desperately in need of some stranger’s hand

In a desperate land

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain

And all the children are insane

All the children are insane

Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

There’s danger on the edge of town

Ride the king’s highway, baby

Weird scenes inside the gold mine

Ride the highway west, baby

Ride the snake, ride the snake

To the lake

The ancient lake


The snake is long, seven miles

Ride the snake

He’s old

And his skin is cold

The west is the best

The west is the best

Get here, and we’ll do the rest

The blue bus is callin’ us

The blue bus is callin’ us

Driver, where you taking us?

From <>


Driver, where you taking us?



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