Can we say making a case for the ‘Space Fence’??

Yoo Hoo.. The space fence is real – and now they want more money for it…

What is interesting is this recent asteroid crash in Botswana: remember Dr. Carol Rosin’s Affidavit per Von Braun that the threats being used to create a global government will be :

  1. Communism
  2. Terrorists
  3. Nations of concern
  4. Asteroids
  5. and lastly….ET’s


This ‘News and Views from the Nefarium’ from Joseph P. Farrell outlines all the goodies…

Can we say false flags (which we DO have the tech to create), the continuing case for the militarization of space, the SSP, and…lastly THE SPACE FENCE (add echo)

And…. Staged celestial false flags….. (!!!!!)

Oh do watch!

Here is the article that he is talking about:

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