Plant your feet on the ground and listen.

We all like to be fed pretty pictures and complete ideas all done up in high definition on a screen without having to really do the work ourselves. Tell us a story. Dazzle us with gloss and stars, action and danger. We are addicts, of a sort.

It is well known that a story can gather a ground swell so powerful that like Star Trek, it was only on for three years and yet 52 years later plus numerous off shoots, is still powerful enough to have our hearts.


Tell us a good enough one and we will keep it alive for almost ever. Story is the great teacher, the transmitter of ideas down through vast swaths of time. Story moves whole cultures and continents to change, in many ways. Story lives on, especially if it is a good one, thousands of years past the originator. Story is memory. Story is teaching. Story is the record. Story is the great transmitter of ideas. Story is how we live.

Recognize it. Realize that many have learned to USE this fact to their own advantage to sway great groups of people, and focus their energies and their hearts. At the bottom of everything that we feel and do, is story.

Who is telling the story and how they are telling it can change the story – the equivalent of modern day spin. If they know their craft well enough, and they can tell the story better than the next guy, their story will win out and be remembered. Re-membered. Re-unified within the body as a member…

All that we see on our lovely little screens (and the big ones too) is just that – a STORY. Millions of years ago it used to be around a communal fire – with the liminal boundary of unity and safety the edges of illumination of the light from that fire. Your life is a story and should you choose to tell it – it will become re-membered also.

So, what happens when a story ends before we want it to? Like Star Trek, somebody dreams up a new part to finish the story. Nobody likes a loose end. What happens when a story bends peoples’ hearts and minds on such a huge level? People figure out how to use that cohesive gathering to their own ends to produce a certain direction of energy. What happens when other people see this and don’t like the direction of all that energy? Another element is added to the story to force it to go in the direction they want.

Look at it as the captured attention of many, all following the story going in the obvious direction the story is pointing to. This always leads to changes in the behavior of the people watching the story – like the story of Christ, Buddha and the other great Avatars through time. Billions of people all following the story and acting out of the information of the story. (whether the story is ‘true’ or not)

Now, imagine the power that comes from directing great numbers of people in a direction of a story you have told. Is there any greater magic in the world?

If you wanted to stop a story ( a his-story or her-story) what would you do? You would cause events within the story line to blow up in ways that would crash everything. Or just the things that you know would put control back in your hands.


My point.


Stand back and observe the particular story I am watching, and just  ‘watch’ : it should be interesting and revealing, to say the least.

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