If You Can Dream It, You Can Make it.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Make it.

-Emery Smith Jimmy Church Radio 7/10/18


So, out of frustration with the current technology available to the peanut gallery (us) I dreamt up this device that I want really badly. It would be thin and it could come in many shapes, and could be small enough to be mistaken as a gemstone in a necklace or ring, maybe the size of a watch face.

It would be made of transparent aluminum (to spell this word, I always have to say it in the queen’s English.. Al-oo-min-ee-uhm… lol).

It would have to have interactive holography, so that if you wanted to look at a heads up display you could make that whatever size you wanted, and project the screen at least as far as 10 feet away. Interactive, because I want it to act like a touch screen tablet, but I want to use the gestures that Iron Man does and pretty much want it to look like that too.

It would need to be voice interactive and be able to really talk to you – cloud based, computing. It would need to run on a frequency that was not dangerous to biological cellular life, but could power itself from the human energy field.

It would also be able to emit frequencies that stabilized the human field and kept the biology healthy while looking like a beautiful gem that had an inner glow to it. It would be attuned to each individual biofield and therefore would be useless if stolen.

There, sigh.

That’s what I want

Oh yeah, it should only cost about $5.

So somebody out there, get crack ‘in on it, because I’d like it in time for Christmas please – I’ll take about 50 of them.

Thank you.

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