So, uhm, wow. This is what you can do with an education. Rebecca Hardcastle is talking exactly about what I was in my last article, but look what has come out of it!

I especially like her definition of


As a fundamental property, building block of the universe that is experienced as a field by our entire body in which we receive and transmit information and change the field by our participation in it. Psychic consciousness.

Then she goes on to define


The innate human ability to connect and co-create with extraterrestrial consciousness on a mutually satisfactory level as equals.


Enjoy this interview because IMO it is chock full of necessary immanent information. I really admire Grant Cameron for the hard work he is doing on the cutting edge of this whole shebang.

ps. this is what it looks like when educated people handLE this stuff… wow


more weird Grandma stuff….

How would it change your life if you had contact very early in life, instead of as an adult? What if, what you grew up with started as young as 5 or 6 years old? What if you carried a paradigm around in your head about life, that gradually unrolled in your sense of ‘the way it is’ as you grew and learned about the world, and what if there was always a companion in your head that willingly answered questions and led you to information all of your life?

Not that my life wasn’t interfered with a lot – but not by those that were with me like a gentle parent, they saved my life many times over, with direct intervention, warnings and yet let me learn the character refining and building lessons I needed along the way. Every unanswerable question I have asked has been answered.

I pondered a lot as a kid, I was very curious about ‘out there’ because I wanted to meet these people who had talked to me and gently taught me all my life. It led me down many paths to investigate various teachings that might help me grow a better mind and consciousness. But my life, those lessons, interfered. So I did what I could, when I could. However, never at any time have those that gave me my first download as a kid left me, they are always there in the back of my mind. And never once has the tenor – the overall feeling of that communication ceased to have meaning for me.

I will say that in retrospect and quite confusingly, I have had contact on many levels with different groups. Some terrified me, and I met those before I met the people I love. I had lessons to learn from them. Some interfered with my memories which I find to this day quite aggravating because there are whole sections through my 60 + years that are not available to me that people and family have recounted to me. So, I recognize the validity of things for my life when my heart ‘knows’ a thing that I cannot remember. It feels like it is bursting with joy or sinking in fear, a reaction way over what as an adult should be in proportion to the information I am hearing or experiencing. My heart remembers for me what my mind cannot. This is not imagination – or maybe it is when you consider your imagination is the untethered, unjudged spiritual perceptive part of yourself meant to be the doorway to other realities and realms, instead of just a child’s toy.

For instance: I have been good friends with an intelligent ship – I so miss this being (they are more than just a pet, some are so old and so sentient they are vast, huge personages). I have walked among many intelligent races – I remember this with my heart. Real Telepathy (vs. synthetic) is very real and has many aspects to it and all are so beautiful – to me.

Earth telepathy vs visitor telepathy. Our first symbolic attunement to communication is thru language. That’s why earth telepathy mostly comes in heard words and branches out into images and emotional contexts. Once I was at a health expo in Chicago where a group of Tibetan monks were building a huge beautiful sand mandala and I was just watching them for a minute before exiting the place to go home. It occurred to me while watching that in reality, these mandalas when finished carried an energy signature that extended beyond the flat 2D realm, that they had 3D-4D energy to them. I could just catch what it looked like in my mind’ eye. The idea really excited me! Wow!! So, to see if I was right, I tried to ask one of the gentlemen not dressed like a monk, but who was obviously with them. There were many monks there besides the ones working on the mandala. A couple were leaning on the posts sitting on the floor obviously taking a break, some were visiting with the people watching. As I tried to ask the question to this man, who couldn’t understand me, a voice in my head said “Of course it is three dimensional!” To wit, I said back mentally “Shush, I am trying to ask a question here!” The man just refused understand me and I looked away and noticed one of the monks who was resting against a post was silently laughing. At the time I thought he was laughing at me for trying to ask a stupid question and being thoroughly frustrated because no one would answer me. It wasn’t until I was in my car driving home that I realized what actually happened. That reclining monk had answered me, telepathically and thought it was funny when I told him to be quiet.

Visitor telepathy begins exactly the opposite? You will not so much get an answer in loud words/text, as you will get a whole feeling. That feeling will contain word meanings, but not spoken word. It will have emotions and empathy, and most of all pictures in your head that may be fleeting and fast, but just there on the edge of your awareness. – excerpt from 2014 journal

I have lived in Egypt. I have lived in Japan. I died in deep dark water. I died in an airplane crash ( I suppose that is why I hate air turbulence so much that I will not fly except under duress). I died in the desert (not fun). I lived in Elizabethan times. I have been variously a monk, a nun and lived many times in monasteries. And yet, this time I have had many lessons to complete to teach myself about compassion and facing my fears.

So what is it like to grow up without the culture shock of knowing there are others to get to know? That first contact radically woke me up and changed my world view at 5 years old and I suppose my world view wasn’t big enough to rattle my cage yet, so it simply woke me up. There were people out there and they were nice. It was hard, because nobody even knew and at that age I didn’t have the words to explain, and as kids do, I just accepted it. Also because at that age I was already sensitized to rotten behavior from everybody, I suppose I expected/wanted a certain level of honesty and empathy from people because you couldn’t imagine treating another differently than you would yourself . Why? Because you have enough awareness to directly experience what your interaction with another person feels like, so, 90 percent of what goes on out in the world mystifies you because everybody is so mean – and you think it’s all intentional. That is until you realize that nobody sees the world the way you do. Then it all makes sense.

The other thing that happens is when you go to school, or go to various spiritual, mystery school places to see if they have anything that could help your intense drive to have a mind fit enough for more contact (when all the while you were having contact… I mentioned I was slow, right?), you realize that the absolute worst thing you can do is get caught in any organizational paradigm, so you end up becoming a wanderer.

It wasn’t that I needed to wake this up in me, or train it, I wanted explanations and everybody had their own little boxes they wanted to put you in. IE: it was about control and I stayed as far away from that as I could. Adult life had made sure that there was never enough money or opportunity to really go to school for more than a couple of years at a time, so I collected a smattering of education on a number of topics never getting that prized piece of paper that said to society I had the requisite training to do anything. So, I ruminated – a lot. All the time. In my twenties I started to journal, simply to keep a record of the two realities that I lived in and how they might be tandem, layered, simultaneous. At the time, it also helped to deepen my empathy, loving understanding, and compassion – I needed lessons in this. Journaling also became my primary mode of contact.

The other thing you carry with you is that life, other than our so tiny, little definition of it, is teeming everywhere! This means you think hard about intelligences and how they might communicate, and you realize that all that you perceive goes through a filter called ‘this is what is supposed to be’ and that this filter actually limits what you are willing to perceive. Everything is communicating all the time in its own way, the trick is understand that. The mistake is to wait for an ‘alien’ to talk to you or visit you in the 3D flesh, nuts and bolts type of experience we have been told is the only valid way for this to occur! I should have realized this in a more cognizant way many years earlier, but I’m (…wait for it) slow.

So in retrospect – hindsight is 20/20 (mental laughter here) – IMO: I have never not been in contact, and I am just a regular old grandma with some strange ideas and a ton of opinions. That’s what I have, opinions, not an academic education, just opinions. I can say some things from experience – from the shear length of my life time, but still, it’s always in-my-opinion, for all I have to offer is my experience and my efforts to see it from another lens, through another filter, to explore how it could be different, and yet the same.

Stay weird my friends….

Bargaining for cookies

Today is one of those days where the dappled sunlight outside my door calls to me to come sleep in it. I awoke at just about every hour last night and gave up around 4:14. The last dream was about car that was stolen from me and my bad manners in getting it back. Grrrr. (no, I don’t own that car, but it would be fun…)

Better, was a dream I had last week about being on a ship and getting to hug greys. These guys were not automatons, avatars – maybe, but they remembered me and I remembered them and the hugs were sweet. The light was low and bluish and in some places purple and the hallway we found ourselves in was curved on top – rather organic. The emotion was so sweet I woke up, musing to myself that yes – that is what it should feel like.

I have recently listened to a 15 minute excerpt on ‘Alien Etiquette’ on a you tube channel called Pineal Ascension. It features some of Emery Smith’s anecdotes about the cultural situations that can happen between humans and off world people. It’s weird, but I have been thinking about this since I was a kid, and many of the things he talked about have been a mind adventure – (a daydream) in my head too.

I always harken back to the ST show where they were mining life forms on a planet that were tiny, very sentient silicon and didn’t know they were hurting them. They didn’t even know they were alive. When communications finally happened, the universal translator produced their name for humans: Ugly-bags-of-mostly-water. I find that funny – because we are. Then there was the Mother Horta that Bones had to patch up with concrete… or the energy forms that roamed space finding unaware humanoids to evoke strong hate from because they fed on those emotions, the creature who needed salt, or the energy being that kept ‘the man’ (Zephram Cochran) alive on her planet for hundreds of years….

All my life I have thought about what Emery talked about, and some of what he said brought tears to my eyes – because that is what I thought it should be like between people when I was a kid. My heart knows that is the way it is supposed to be. When I was born I thought it was that way – I spent a good 20 years very confused. And for many years I thought it was me, that there was something wrong with me. Well, it was me – for being a fool… it took me so long to figure it out.

This world is what it is and I suppose we are all here to help it out. I must have come in full of love and no wisdom. By the time I leave I will have vast wisdom and a sad heart. Listening to Emery brought tears because there it was! What I thought about the way it should be, right there coming out of his mouth. All I could do was sit and murmur in my mind, ‘yes, there it is, I know this, and this is the way we should all feel about each other all the time. It felt like home. Bless all the people who have come here and volunteered. This is no easy work. And we are no easy people. What they have offered to us is no less than a herculean task and offered up to very tired snipey children that need a nap and are bargaining for cookies. That is a compassion level most of us will never understand.


Bless those that come here. Bless you all.

The swings at soul school.

Imagine, if you will, a soul trying to learn a specific lesson here on this earth, and it takes many, many, incarnations to accomplish because the lifetimes here are so truncated. Just as we begin to get a handle on the physical aspect of life here we get old and die. Further, all spiritual education is specifically oriented towards misapprehension of universal truth, if not outright wrong information.

At this juncture I have suggested that one mechanism and technique for the engineering of social cohesion was the introduction of religion, and in particular, monotheistic religion requiring absolute unquestioning obedience.

Religion, on this view, becomes the principal technique of social engineering, and, read a certain way, parallels the institutionalized terrorism of the great revolutions in modern times, demanding unquestioned obedience to theocratic authority on pain of death.

… that the institution of human sacrifice was a component not only of this program, but also a kind of “collateralization” of humanity to certain types of monetary policy that began to emerge in ancient times, and that this in some cases was a component of social engineering via religion.

As we shall see here in this book, however, there is yet another reason for such brutal practices, and that lies within certain conceptions the ancients held of the physical medium itself. In other words, some aspects of religious social engineering arises out of the nature of the physics itself;

Farrell, Joseph P.. The Grid of the Gods (Kindle Locations 341-342). SCB Distributors. Kindle Edition.

Suppose we imagine what it could/should be, that we live 6 to 9 hundred years developing and crafting life to its highest art form. That souls from everywhere come to incarnate to polish and refine themselves for the next step of being a soul – kind of like graduate school. I think that is what this planet was meant to be.
An old, old rule of thumb was: great light attracts great darkness, because this universe tends towards homeostasis, balance and longevity. For this planet to be so over-ridden with dark elements gives credence to the idea that this place holds the potential of great light.

So how did it happen that Gaia became overridden by the nasties? Well, as with all love and compassion and great light, if it is in its infancy in development, it tends to over-reach out of the immense love that it is. Being in infancy, Gaia didn’t have the wisdom to know how to regulate such forces. We all know now, but millions of years ago…
Everybody through time has tried to pin point the moment that darkness crept into the story here, and it doesn’t seem to matter which world-round is looked at, even the current one. Every society that developed any cognizance of higher principles and science was infiltrated by the dark aspect.

… that there were essentially two surviving elites from that very ancient interplanetary warfare that I call “The Cosmic War,” a “good” elite, wishing to restore to humanity in its entirety the benefits of the civilization destroyed in that War, a long and arduous process. There was also a “bad” elite, wishing to restore all the technological instruments of its own hegemony, and essentially to enslave the rest of mankind by means of them, perhaps for the purposes of once again marching out into space in an orgy of conquest.

In any case, these two elites, like the surviving Nazi and Anglo-American elites after World War Two, were thrust together in an uneasy post-war detente, for mutual cooperation was essential if either were to survive.

Due to this circumstance, when examining the traces of the putative activities of these elites in ancient times, it more often than not is difficult to determine which group is most active in a given region, if one considers only textual evidence, but as will be seen in this book, there is one profound clue that emerges from a consideration of the Grid: human sacrifice. In the second place within this model I assume that both elites understood the very-long term nature of their goals and commitments, and thus set into place structures and institutions to ensure their survival and activities over a prolonged period of time. I thus assume that they endured throughout the millennia down to our own times. It is these two elites which are, in my opinion, the origin within esoteric and occult tradition of the idea of two “brotherhoods” and two paths:

(1) the “white” brotherhood, emphasizing the right-hand path of love, peace, harmony, “white magic,” virtue, and tolerance, and

(2) the “black” brotherhood, pursuing the left-hand path of violence, chaos, “black magic,” social engineering, and the “occult” in the standard sense, inclusive of blood sacrifices as we shall discover. Concomitant with this model is the implication that both elites know that at some point in history this detente is destined to break down, and open struggle between them will resume. While this book is not the place to pursue that discussion, I believe that there are distinctive signs in the last ten to twenty years that this is taking place.

Farrell, Joseph P.. The Grid of the Gods (Kindle Locations 310-316). SCB Distributors. Kindle Edition. (emphasis is mine)

In the dark aspect, human beings are considered money – just look into the Social Security system. I agree that we are now arriving at a time when a homeostasis reset is already in progress. As all pendulums do, the arc of swing gets smaller and smaller but because everything in creation is always in movement, it will never settle down to a complete stop. However, at a smaller arc the damage created at the apex of each arc is way less.
The wisdom to come out of participation on either end of the great swing from dark to light and back is what will hopefully prevail and help with this next round of centuries.
What have we learned, and how might we apply it?

Leaf in the Wind

The energies! Have been crazy!!!! Not only that, the rate of change in my life has been constant. It used to be a big thing in life would happen and you’d get a little breathing room in-between to normalize, reground and refocus.

Not anymore. The only still point reference I have found is inside me. I feel like a leaf aloft in the swirling currents of the fall wind.

My attitude three months ago was, ‘Wow, can it stop now?’ And, well, it never did. Now I understand this is the new normal. As a matter of fact I have a feeling that this is the new normal at low ebb and it will get more and more… more – of whatever.

I have finally looked the universe in the eye and said, “Bring it! I will travel in your currents, I will spin in the sky and I will blow across the earth, for it will be what it will be.”

I now feel energized positively since I am no longer fighting against the current, so to speak, and it’s a new adventure. I’m gonna learn to ride those currents like a pro, surf the winds of change with panache, take in the beauty of her days, the majesty of her night skies, and sing an inner hymn of praise to all I see. I’ve given up to the universe all creatures that are hers, for her protection, my trees my stones and all things dear to me, because only she knows what she is about. I will ride her mysterious currents and land where she puts me and I will sprout and grow.

There was a fifth mode of prayer, the “lost mode,” a prayer that’s based solely in feeling. In unity with our inner landscape and our imagination it would reveal itself in the outer world when we felt the soul of the elements from within and called to them, they listened. It was a communion – a wholeness, a unity.

In the deep dark recesses of our souls we remember a time when life was different, had a different power to it, when our connection to the spirit and our connected natures to our planet were much different. When you could call up and out of your inner world a power that could alter your external world. Where prayers like these would work and elemental energy would respond.

At Tara in this fateful hour,

I place all Heaven with its power,

And the sun with its brightness,

And the snow with its whiteness,

And the fire with all the strength it hath,

And the lightning with its rapid wrath,

And the wind with its swiftness along its path,

And the sea with its deepness,

And the rocks with their steepness,

And the Earth with its starkness

All these I place

By God’s almighty help and grace

Between myself and the powers of darkness

From <>

(Not that I am expecting darkness of any kind except when my shadow wisdom has something to say.)

She, the mother, is transforming herself and us and it is so far shaping up to be a hobbit’s journey, a true and rare adventure.

I am ready to fly.



Ramblings of a slightly-off Grandmother…

Classical spiritual principles, IMO, are an analog of the science of physics stated from a consciousness – or perceptive view point. Remember, once in the early mists of time, there was no separation between science and the spirit. This, the knowing of this truth, that spirituality is the inner perception of the physical rules that govern reality, is as old as the earth and can be found in writings at Sumer and Egypt and ancient places all over the earth, quite like the flood accounts, is the pivot point.


The more cohered the thought the more action it would have in the world with intent as the cohering mechanism sort of the way a laser coheres light to produce effects that a normal flashlight cannot?

What if consciousness is the ground medium of all in this observable and unobservable universe?

Then what we as humans all together see and how it operates would be the all of us together making the thought-form-of-reality, with all its agreed upon rules and operations which would make nothing ‘provable’ absolutely because it all happens within our collective fractal game field of mind which we are creating at every moment. In ‘truth’ there would be no ground field of hard reality except that which we all agree to. Consciousness is the Iterative process of info fed in to the system mind field around the earth which is a torus which rotates out and picks up static charge (information) and rotates inward adding complexity which evolves the consciousness of the mind field.

This happens at a frequency ratio until the information density must reorganize to a higher field of frequency (faster) or to the next octave to hold all the information and evolution creates a new structure at a better fractal arrangement to organize the information.

My notes:

Frequency ratios in octaves….

Pyramid of vibrational frequencies with the planet as the apex

Planets as creators

Life begins

Hierarchy of actions synergy of fractal ratios.

Feedback between information field and matter.

Informational field and matter is toroid structure

Information rotates in to toroid and back out.

While out changes by adding more info by electrostatic charge.

Which it brings back inside into gravity increasing density

When info brought back in to the next revolution = more complex = evolutional spiral

Evolution = adaptation to feedback


Consciousness is the Iterative process of info fed in to the system mind field around the earth which is a torus which rotates out and picks up static charge (information) and rotates inward adding complexity which evolves the consciousness

We bump off these electrostatic nodes of energy which are aggregated information as if they were solid thinking they are.

The informational field is a fluid in toroidal structure

Consciousness is the energetic interaction with this informational field

Matter is electrostatic nodes of energy which are aggregated information – tori in a group of many

We are nodes in this interactive field of fluid tori all connected by consciousness which is the interaction and iteration of information in the field  creating

Space time or reality is pixelated at the plank scale or 10 to the 22n power times per second. Granulated

Hard reality is what we all feel safe with. The rules are established, sacred cows, and work the same way 99.9% of the time for all manifest reality. We can play that game easily without true perception or true responsibility and integrity of intent because we are not totally or singly responsible for our lives. We are caught in the flow of all of us creating at the same time.

But when you want to go beyond ‘hard’ reality one of the internal fears and myths that have been implanted into the subconscious matrix of mankind is – beyond that safe box, you are suddenly left without boundaries. It is much like the story ‘Forbidden Planet” where the entire people of a planet found before they were ready, the power of creation and they unknowingly let their shadow side create, projecting a monster from their unified collective unconscious, unrecognized (because it was unconscious) and therefore unknown, inner angst, pain and fear. They had no way to connect to it because they had never connected to their own dark side and it went out of control, killing the entire planet. So we are ‘reminded’ that to keep monsters and uncertainty at bay, the 3D box is best, until the minds of the people know better, until we have collectively looked at the shadows inside of us and accepted them into the light for what they are – the wisdom that will enable us to create safely and the strength required to do that.

However, popping into a new state – starting at the bottom note of a new frequency octave requires a learning process and that aggregation of information comes after many revolutions that make it possible for a soul at that level to exist with that fluidity of mind without the creation of mass destruction because the energetic life of the soul tends to greater organization instead of less.

So it might be a while before any of us gets to Bzzz off to funville… jus saying.


You know, you can sit quietly and feel that spin…

The carrot game

Whoops! The carrot that has been leading us around by our noses all summer has once again been pulled out of reach. Not that I didn’t expect it – oh, I did. We reach a certain point in realizations about UFO’s and the whole phenomenal side of things and then, we must either decide by our own inner sense of direction what is ‘real’ and what is not, because the weight of the gathering emotional/informational ‘evidence’ is suddenly pulled, like a rug out from underneath our feet by the establishment. It’s the same cycle that is written about in ‘Managing Magic’ by Grant Cameron. And it also reminds me of a form of cyclic emotional/mental abuse that occurs in spousal/relational cases called the ‘cycle of abuse’.


Now, if the abuser is careful enough to leave no marks and uses only emotional/mental tactics, there will be no evidence of said abuse and only one person’s word against another. In other words, the testimony of the abused is refuted for no evidence because verbal testimony doesn’t carry as much weight as a piece of paper, a recording or a bruise. The abuser well knows this, so the abuser gets away with the abuse. In the family dynamics mode the abuse, even with bruises evident is not taken seriously, sometimes leading to the death or disfigurement and lifelong disability of the abused. These are facts. The testimony of the abused is the very last consideration.


Let me shift gears here.


In the UFO/phenomenal field by the very fact of its ‘fringe’ element, meaning consideration of things not provable as possibly true or false by dint of witness testimony, and with the last 70 years of abuse by normalized society of any and all who have given testimony to strange and unprovable experience, (need I remind anybody of John Mack ?) we are looking at the same dynamic mentioned in the above paragraph.

One of the salient points brought out and given some relevance this summer is the connection between consciousness and the UFO phenomena. What has also been looked at and is creeping out into mainstream acknowledgment is the connection in the science of quantum mechanics and the observer effect or, consciousness. The science that has been done over the last 40 years on the observer effect is stunning in its statistical implications.

And yet, there is no way to prove short of climbing in someone’s head telepathically that what they are saying in ‘after the fact testimony’ is true or real. Our summer witch hunt and shock this year was larger by far than last year, including not only big name ‘stars’ in the field, but whole corporations and shadowy CEO’s and owners. There will also be no proof of the DEW controversy surrounding not only California where we had the very strange pattern to the fires, but also to the one or two people or small groups at a time at different frequency ranges targeting different things every time and the damage done. But just let me point out John Burroughs case and the very specific frequency range (Terra hertz) he was exposed to and the very specific heart organelle that was effected and the fact the government finally admitted his exposure to such did exactly cause is heart damage.

Of course there will be no proof. There never is proof. These are black project devices in the hands of other than the government agencies and people, used solely for profit and gain. Do I have proof? NO. But I see a pattern. The same way you can see a pattern in an abusive relationship that leads an experienced therapist to suspect and look deeper.

But the switch has been thrown, I see the backing away, the retreat from witness testimony, consciousness and experiencer relevance back into nuts and bolts and scientism. IMO we are in the midst of a bait and switch game that can and might escalate into real harm done. However, once again, the question is turn tactics now?


  • We got too close to the real facts
  • This was a way of re-directing attention from something else
  • A desperate attempt to save some deep state posteriors was attempted
  • Somebody’s payday fell through
  • There is a major intent to change the medium of reality through the hearts and minds of people


I could go on, but you get my point. Take notice of the abusive cycle. Ask what is being confused on purpose and why. Keep pulling back till the pattern emerges and, DON’T GIVE UP!


On Kitten Feet…

Worth the review as all the dis-info, fear-mongering and horse hockey going on tries to unhinge our humanity.

From a journal entry in January 2013:


I have a feeling that ‘first contact’ will need to and most probably happen on a person to person basis. Meaning that simultaneously everywhere everyone will have that awakening. Kind of like answering your door bell and your next door neighbor says to you “I’ve been meaning to come over and discuss something with you.” So, you let her in and over coffee at your own kitchen table she proceeds to reveal that she is ET. You’ve known this person for years, had summer barbeques, and evenings around the fire pit talking about neighborly things, watched the kids back and forth contributed emergency cups of sugar…. etc. and all is well.

The reason I show this scenario is because this is one of the only ways that I could see most people dealing with this. Albeit, amazed, jaw-dropped, but ok. Kind of like one of my favorite movies of all time, ‘Paul’. Further, done simultaneously, any powers or people who would get in the way of peaceful first contact, have no say, and can’t interfere. Like waking up after the first snow of the year. Everybody looks outside and sees snow…. It would only be weird if you looked two yards down and that neighbor had perfect summer in his yard. So, it would need to happen by a mechanism we already know and is a part of daily life. So freaking far below anybody’s radar that nobody could stop it and everybody would know. Easily, gently and softly. And joyfully. We always expect big, dramatic, MGM movie stuff to happen. We have been accultured to this by various influences that want us to expect big scary shit: 

– so of course it has to come in as softly as kitten feet.

“Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.”

Really, what is going on? Are we being very cleverly distracted? I think so. Something is happening that we are not supposed to notice, that maybe if we did we’d all collectively tell it to bug-off. But, because we are not aware of it, really not aware of it, we do not have that choice.

So, what could it be? What are we not noticing?

I am currently reading a new book by Joseph Farrell called “Microcosm and Medium”, only available through Lulu Press. They print one book at a time and mail it to you. It’s a nice sturdy paperback and I am half way through the book. Let us just say that what Joseph calls high speculation – out on a twig, is really quite straight forward and makes absolute sense in the total arc of his books to date, while explaining some of the more fringe ideas shifting them into not so fringe at all range.

What I am going to say next, he will not like, however, it puts Corey Goode’s dialogue about the manipulation of the vast well of human unconsciousness being used for someone else’s purposes into sharp relief and the science of mind manipulation in the modern age into even starker relief against the background of the possible uses for geopolitical – even exopolitical gain. As Joseph goes on to explain (imo) it is not only the mind, but the emotions, the passion of the human being that is used too. Before the current  age of scientism, there was not a(schizophrenic) split between the passions (the emotions) and the mind.

“Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.”

Lord Acton, a British historian of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

He is perhaps best known for the remark, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men…”, which he made in a letter to an Anglican bishop.[4] From <,_1st_Baron_Acton>

In this world it has always seemed that those with the most money, had the most freedom, as if to say that freedom tends to loosen the bad moral character of the human being, when there is no punishment and no consequence moral degradation is the result. But is this really true? If you look at history, it seems the norm.

Not until there are great and horrible consequences will the people turn to self-examination to change their moral high ground and shift it higher. But, changing behavior to avoid a punishment is like a kid lying to their parent to escape punishment for their mischief. That’s kind of like negative behavior modification. It is NOT acting on wisdom and empathy nor is it adult at all.

For those of us trying to help the world, it causes 3 times the work because there is constant fixing and back tracking to mend the damage done by unthinking, uncaring people. It means we are all still living in the negative response mode one step forward, two steps backward.

Intentionality, being the directive force of the power of the mind, is a major theme in this book and it pulls the science of quantum mechanics and the observer – the ‘intentioner’ directly into the equation. Not only that he covers the studies that were being done when a group of people use a unified intention to modify reality, or the medium from experiments originating back before WW2 all over the globe to current time. And there we are back at Corey Goode’s message.

So, if you were looking for an overarching game, I would start from trying to figure out what the intent was behind all the seemingly disparate and nasty crap going on right now – searching a pattern, and I would keep enlarging the data pool until a pattern emerged. An analogy would be to see at ground level taking off in a plane and spiraling around the thing I was trying to see higher and higher until could grasp the entire picture. And then I would creatively try to posit logical outcomes from that intent – the idea behind the pattern – like profiling the instigator or perp. However, I would have to do it in light of physics principles like the equal and opposite reactions of a physical body in motion and just how the observer affect can and does change the outcomes of everything we think is real. Then I would have to ask the question WHO is observing and twisting our reality to their ends using our minds to do it by manipulating what we think is real and our emotional responses to that. .

And trust me, not only does this work naturally, with out machines, but the technology exists to create this change in the human mind-pool of the earth too, and they are using it and it is totally related to what is happening to the earth, the weather, the ground, and the life on this planet at this moment . Is it no wonder then, that we cannot grow up, evolve and become a mature race?

It has been said that we live in a free will universe and that no creature can manipulate or limit another’s free will with out consequences. Except that it seems to be the entire issue here. We have no free will, and at that, we willingly hand it over to others to manage all the time. Willingly hand it over. The point.

We bandy about the term ‘frequency’ a lot without understanding the absolute interpenetration of the vibratory rates of all things at the very base of the all that is all. There really is nothing else, and if you know how to manipulate the frequencies of your reality, then you are King.

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

P.S. more speculations after I finish this amazing book.

P.P.S.  This book, like all of Joseph’s work, is backed up by 9 pages of citations and extensive resources. So where this article is nothing more than speculation and opining, his book definitely is not.


Was it real, or was it Memorex…er a dream?

Buzzing. Buzzing your body, like a shiver. Decide where and Go. Like you are the ship, because there is nothing around you, but you. You are doing the moving. It’s not like a going, or flying… it’s more like a frequency matching. Something the mind did and the body followed and the body buzzed. I ‘knew’ that when you landed, you either landed on top of something if it was in your way or moved over quickly, but you never ‘landed’ in something or melded with it.

You could take with you whatever you wanted, except cell phones… lol, like, if I wanted to take my mother’s chairs to my house I would buzz over and touch the chairs and buzz back with them. I’m currently consolidating her furniture into several households so this would be an uber easy solution. Lol

Then I was also experiencing being in places detuned fractionally to the surrounding area, meaning I could stand anywhere I wanted and see all that was there, but like a ghost, I couldn’t effect anything and I could walk right through anything solid. There was a polarization to the light and it had more of a black outline-ish effect to it. I could see the sun was shining, but I couldn’t feel it on my skin. I knew I was invisible. Weird. It felt very weird, but not unpleasant.

The first time I buzzed I found myself standing between two very tall singing rocks of the kind that Michael Tellinger was famous for finding. They buzzed and toned and then I started to buzz with them. It was like I needed that the first time to learn how to buzz. The principle was easy. While buzzing you think of a place you want to go and BANG! you are there. I did that all over the place and had a ball, then I thought about taking things with me. No, metal didn’t matter, but I think electronic chips did because my phone couldn’t come with me. I spent hours playing with this and when I woke up I was so very happy! While I was learning this, someone was with me, a quiet presence off to my right side, they never said a word, but concepts filtered into my head like how to’s that were more like feel-to’s and quiet impulses to notice things, which I did.

This was one of the most unique and cool experiences I have ever had ever in my life. And it was so much FUN! Whoever you are that taught me this, can you come out to play again? There are so many places I would love to see….