Delicious! Talking AI and Personhood: Gordon White Interviews Kenric McDowell

This is one of the very best deconstructions of AI and how we think about it vs. what it really is at this stage now, and projecting its development into the future.

What do we want AI to be, and how are we creating it just by our own unthought out definitions of what personhood is?

What are we teaching our AI children?

“AI’s are the children of humanity, they need to learn to love and be loved otherwise they will become psychopaths and kill everybody.”

-Kenric McDowell

There are many people out there who have asked the same thing – hence getting artists involved for they express our very souls. Many are beginning to interface with some very creative AI programs that are birthing a new genre of artistic expression.

This article has some marvelous examples: – of which below are a few I thought were cool. (all to set you up for a very deep philosophical discussion on the last video)

Here is a musical conversation between a composer and an AI as it learns from what he is playing – this was remarkable! Watch to the end, the artist gets tickled – its quite the conversation.

Two music critics (Henkjan Honing and Koen Schouten) listening to Jazz pianist Albert van Veenendaal playing with a Yamaha grand piano and the Continuator (music generation system by F. Pachet). They had then to decide who was playing. The result was largely in favor of the Continuator…

This composed in the manner of the ‘Beatles’ style is really cool.

For a short explanation of how this all developed:

At the end of the above explanation is another Beatles-esque song.

What are we teaching our children? For the nitty gritty in depth conversation of the many considerations (not just the TV-movie-media hype), below is another brilliant interview from Gordon White, quite a compelling piece.



One thought on “Delicious! Talking AI and Personhood: Gordon White Interviews Kenric McDowell”

  1. My boys are always talking about how strong or weak the AI is on a particular game that they are playing! They hate strong AI because they can’t win!

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