It’s ALWAYS been about the ‘bench engineering’ of concepts – not the herding of cats…

What do you get when you change the vacuum parameter that light travels through? Faster light…


This for those who want people friendly explanations:


and this from 2013 as a part of Witness Testimonies that Dr. Greer collected.


Understand that, if we could have broken from the academic prison our minds were caught in, and realized that there was a better way of looking at these mysteries – from the view point of an engineer – who only wants to see what he can DO with the information instead of being right about the academic perspective, we could have gone light years past where we are now with this technology. Oh yeah, and we probably have, seeing as how we have been looking at it from this perspective for about the last 70 years in black projects. It’s all been sitting right there, right in front of our noses for like 100 years… Instead – we herd cats.

(I do apologize for belaboring the point – but….)

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