On herding cats and perception

When you are considering a subject that relies ultimately on perception, whether that be a nuts and bolts scientifically ‘measured’ perception, or an internal perception, we are still talking about perceiving, which will always be different from one perceptor to the next in variable degrees.

When the very act of perceiving can change what is being perceived, even when using instruments, it then is not a case for exact measurement when the person using the instruments can change the observed simply by observing, which does show up in the measurement.

Now, expand the complexity of this by a zillion fold by taking it out of a lab situation and placing it in the real world, with every variety of human perception in every culture, and physical variation, and each perception of each person has a valid and changing effect upon the observed.

If an image is made of a thousand pixels, if each pixel was a person with an observation, then for the complete picture to manifest, it would take the addition of all of those observations to understand the whole picture.

Take the above and look at the UFO/phenomenal genre. Yes it’s like Herding Cats. But only because instead of one or a few people having the ‘right’ of it, its needs all of the people to make sense, all of the viewpoints to get the integral, untouched whole picture.

Not only that, I know it will take the entire planet’s viewpoints all put together to finally understand what is/has happened because this is a planetary story. This means all viewpoints are correct but the ability to understand will not come until they are all added together, because one point is not superior, or more correct than the another.

If there is one concept, one talent we need desperately to see reborn within our epistemologies and our population for the future, it would be synthesizers. We are truly in need of people who can take radically different ideas across the entire spectrum of ideas and be able to see how they all fit into a larger synthesis of the human story. This concept is anathema to every separate group out there because it has the potential to take power away from them.

We need to understand real power will come the day that we allow ourselves to combine our perceptions to form a much richer, more complex, interweaving of ideas to complete, not separate the picture of our lives.

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