Was it real, or was it Memorex…er a dream?

Buzzing. Buzzing your body, like a shiver. Decide where and Go. Like you are the ship, because there is nothing around you, but you. You are doing the moving. It’s not like a going, or flying… it’s more like a frequency matching. Something the mind did and the body followed and the body buzzed. I ‘knew’ that when you landed, you either landed on top of something if it was in your way or moved over quickly, but you never ‘landed’ in something or melded with it.

You could take with you whatever you wanted, except cell phones… lol, like, if I wanted to take my mother’s chairs to my house I would buzz over and touch the chairs and buzz back with them. I’m currently consolidating her furniture into several households so this would be an uber easy solution. Lol

Then I was also experiencing being in places detuned fractionally to the surrounding area, meaning I could stand anywhere I wanted and see all that was there, but like a ghost, I couldn’t effect anything and I could walk right through anything solid. There was a polarization to the light and it had more of a black outline-ish effect to it. I could see the sun was shining, but I couldn’t feel it on my skin. I knew I was invisible. Weird. It felt very weird, but not unpleasant.

The first time I buzzed I found myself standing between two very tall singing rocks of the kind that Michael Tellinger was famous for finding. They buzzed and toned and then I started to buzz with them. It was like I needed that the first time to learn how to buzz. The principle was easy. While buzzing you think of a place you want to go and BANG! you are there. I did that all over the place and had a ball, then I thought about taking things with me. No, metal didn’t matter, but I think electronic chips did because my phone couldn’t come with me. I spent hours playing with this and when I woke up I was so very happy! While I was learning this, someone was with me, a quiet presence off to my right side, they never said a word, but concepts filtered into my head like how to’s that were more like feel-to’s and quiet impulses to notice things, which I did.

This was one of the most unique and cool experiences I have ever had ever in my life. And it was so much FUN! Whoever you are that taught me this, can you come out to play again? There are so many places I would love to see….

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