The carrot game

Whoops! The carrot that has been leading us around by our noses all summer has once again been pulled out of reach. Not that I didn’t expect it – oh, I did. We reach a certain point in realizations about UFO’s and the whole phenomenal side of things and then, we must either decide by our own inner sense of direction what is ‘real’ and what is not, because the weight of the gathering emotional/informational ‘evidence’ is suddenly pulled, like a rug out from underneath our feet by the establishment. It’s the same cycle that is written about in ‘Managing Magic’ by Grant Cameron. And it also reminds me of a form of cyclic emotional/mental abuse that occurs in spousal/relational cases called the ‘cycle of abuse’.


Now, if the abuser is careful enough to leave no marks and uses only emotional/mental tactics, there will be no evidence of said abuse and only one person’s word against another. In other words, the testimony of the abused is refuted for no evidence because verbal testimony doesn’t carry as much weight as a piece of paper, a recording or a bruise. The abuser well knows this, so the abuser gets away with the abuse. In the family dynamics mode the abuse, even with bruises evident is not taken seriously, sometimes leading to the death or disfigurement and lifelong disability of the abused. These are facts. The testimony of the abused is the very last consideration.


Let me shift gears here.


In the UFO/phenomenal field by the very fact of its ‘fringe’ element, meaning consideration of things not provable as possibly true or false by dint of witness testimony, and with the last 70 years of abuse by normalized society of any and all who have given testimony to strange and unprovable experience, (need I remind anybody of John Mack ?) we are looking at the same dynamic mentioned in the above paragraph.

One of the salient points brought out and given some relevance this summer is the connection between consciousness and the UFO phenomena. What has also been looked at and is creeping out into mainstream acknowledgment is the connection in the science of quantum mechanics and the observer effect or, consciousness. The science that has been done over the last 40 years on the observer effect is stunning in its statistical implications.

And yet, there is no way to prove short of climbing in someone’s head telepathically that what they are saying in ‘after the fact testimony’ is true or real. Our summer witch hunt and shock this year was larger by far than last year, including not only big name ‘stars’ in the field, but whole corporations and shadowy CEO’s and owners. There will also be no proof of the DEW controversy surrounding not only California where we had the very strange pattern to the fires, but also to the one or two people or small groups at a time at different frequency ranges targeting different things every time and the damage done. But just let me point out John Burroughs case and the very specific frequency range (Terra hertz) he was exposed to and the very specific heart organelle that was effected and the fact the government finally admitted his exposure to such did exactly cause is heart damage.

Of course there will be no proof. There never is proof. These are black project devices in the hands of other than the government agencies and people, used solely for profit and gain. Do I have proof? NO. But I see a pattern. The same way you can see a pattern in an abusive relationship that leads an experienced therapist to suspect and look deeper.

But the switch has been thrown, I see the backing away, the retreat from witness testimony, consciousness and experiencer relevance back into nuts and bolts and scientism. IMO we are in the midst of a bait and switch game that can and might escalate into real harm done. However, once again, the question is turn tactics now?


  • We got too close to the real facts
  • This was a way of re-directing attention from something else
  • A desperate attempt to save some deep state posteriors was attempted
  • Somebody’s payday fell through
  • There is a major intent to change the medium of reality through the hearts and minds of people


I could go on, but you get my point. Take notice of the abusive cycle. Ask what is being confused on purpose and why. Keep pulling back till the pattern emerges and, DON’T GIVE UP!


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