Nexus and the Quantum Observer

A nexus is a central link or connection. If you happen to be at the nexus of something, you are right in the middle of it, like standing in the middle of an intersection.

Nexus entered English during the seventeenth century from the Latin word nectere, meaning “to bind or tie.” People tend to use this word to describe the point where different things or ideas come together or intersect. In the field of cell biology, a nexus refers to “a specialized area of the cell membrane involved in intercellular communication and adhesion,” and implies that the nexus of a cell facilitates communication among the various parts and allows it to work properly. From <>

The above kinda sounds like entanglement to me – doesn’t it?


If we are alive we are a multidimensional quantum observer. Does it exist because we observe it, or do we observe it because it exists? Either way the simple act of observing creates entanglement – whether that observation is in the mind’s eye or the actual physical eye.

Example: we know there are things like air because we are feeling them – whether it’s the lack of air or feeling the wind buffeting you around on a windy day. When water is hot or cold we are measuring a wave length (frequency) of the electromagnetic spectrum – you can only see extreme states like ice or steam and know the temperature without touching it.

There are types of energy that we can feel directly with the physical body like a static electric shock or a shock from a wall outlet or a shock from licking a nine volt battery… (don’t) and then there are types of energy that we can only feel with our mind, like emotions, premonitions, messages, dreams, day dreams, and contact experiences where the mind and its symbolic structure make sense of various different electromagnetic conditions and fields and deliver a conclusion to you that has a meaning.

As a matter of fact we are a combination of electromagnetic fields all functioning together to make a chord of frequencies. When we are feeling good and well the music we make is pretty, when we are not feeling so good we sound dissonant. We mostly self-correct this song on a daily basis maintaining homeostasis all without knowing we are doing it too because it ‘feels’ better… we handle ourselves in many frequencies on many levels all without being aware of it – naturally, because it feels good. This would make us a personal nexus. We don’t have to look at it on the cellular level to maintain a working balance, or to (lols) bench engineer ourselves. We do it all from a macro perspective by engendering and creating an energetic balance all from the way it feels to us. We are handling multiple systems, phases, dimensions of our selves by simply observing the whole.

We constantly interact with many states of electromagnetic energy that we are aware of and lots, vastly more lots, that we are not aware of. There are times when a number of variables converge, to alter our ability to be aware of things just outside of our normal sensing frequency range. We end up calling this PARA-normal:

From French para-, from Italian para-, from para, imperative of parare (“to defend, shield, shroud”), from Latin parō (“I prepare”).


  1. above, beyond
  2. beside, near, alongside
  3. abnormal, incorrect
  4. resembling

From <

So, what are those variables? One of them seems to be the field frequency its self and your entanglement with it, because in many cases people who have had any interaction with ‘para’ or ‘ab’ normal energy seem to be forever sensitive to it – which, to me, would suggest and entangled state. It seems anything which alters your ‘normal’ frequency function band, your personal ‘vibe’, creates a lasting change. Meditation, yoga, martial arts, music, OBE, NDE, contact, ghosts, window areas on the earth (portals), sacred ground, sacred architecture, you name it, it stretches you – ever widens your perceptive ability, your conscious awareness of the frequency soup we all live and function in. When this happens it feels like hitting the brakes in a car that has had cruise control on for a long time, all of a sudden you have to perk up and pay attention.

IMO, what we need to do is figure out how much of an EMF change takes place, in what range, what causes it, and which harmonics produce which effects within the human energetic system. We have been bench-engineering this for centuries in many ways through plants, death rituals, spiritual traditions, mystery schools, etc. while various other control systems have spent just as long creating a mythos about how bad and evil these states are using various methods to discourage their investigation, like burning at the stake… etc.

If science can marry the spiritual – or unseen world, we could begin to reclaim who and what we are in our fullest capacity. The problem exists that once you do that, you open the door for this information to be used to build technology that could endanger the entire solar system, not just the planet. (and really, if our tinkering around with this without understanding the metaphysical mechanics of it is true, then we are endangering not only our dimension, but others as well…) The proof is in the pudding in the corporate/military black project sciences. People are waking up to that part of it. Now we need to consider how we are effecting our multidimensional ecosystem.

It is all so very, very entangled and connected that perhaps the Buddhist thought that: break a butterfly’s wing and a star somewhere at the other end of the universe explodes, is not understated. We need to look.



The Web of Consciousness: This is the other dot to add to my last article on how ‘Energy Follows Thought’

add this to this:

Not to HARRP on a point, but hey…

I’m NOT just the only one saying it..

EMF Frequencies Used For Crowd Control Weapons Form The Foundation of 5G Network

Published 6 hours ago on September 26, 2018

By Arjun Walia

In Brief

      • The Facts:
        New research show how the frequencies utilized in crowd control weapons, one that physically impact our biology, form the basis of the new 5G network that’s been rolling out.
      • Reflect On:
        With more than 2000 peer-reviewed studies and thousands of scientists raising multiple cause for concern, why has the industry been allowed to implement this technology without the appropriate health safety testing?

Multiple countries around the world have banned WiFi, and the building of cell phone towers near primary schools and nurseries, among many other places due to the evidence that shows they are not safe and can implicate the health of young children, and adults, in multiple ways. With all of the science that’s emerged over the years, it seems very unethical for the corporations who control this market to continue to manufacture and promote these services in such a manner. Furthermore, government agencies have failed to address what’s happening, despite the fact that hundreds of scientists and thousands of peer-reviewed papers have been calling for it for years.

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5G is the new technology currently being implemented in a lot of areas, and research has shown that the same frequencies used by the Department of Defense in crowd control weapons, make the foundation of the latest network known as 5G.

This kind of technology, which is in many of our homes, actually interacts with human skin and eyes. The shocking finding was made public via Israeli research studies that were presented at an international conference on the subject last year. Below you can find a lecture from Dr. Ben-Ishai of the Department of Physics at Hebrew University. He goes through how human sweat ducts act like a number of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths that are put out by the devices that employ 5G technology.

These technologies are already rolling out, despite the fact that scientists have been cautioning against it, more research on human health effects should have been done before their approval, but it wasn’t.

Dr. Devra Lee Davis,  founding director of the board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the U.S. National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, founding director of the Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, and President of the Environmental Health Trust stated:

“If you are one of the millions who seek faster downloads of movies, games and virtual pornography, a solution is at hand, that is, if you do not mind volunteering your living body in a giant uncontrolled experiment on the human population. At this moment, residents of the Washington, DC region – like those of 100 Chinese cities – are about to be living within a vast experimental Millimeter wave network to which they have not consented – all courtesy of American taxpayers,”

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Davis proposed that the Trump Administration could provide funds for research and training by implementing a 2 cents per month fee on all wireless devices, their manufacturers and network providers “training and research in bioelectromagnetics including the evaluation of new technologies is essential before universal deployment.”

U.S., Russian, and Chinese defense agencies have been active in developing weapons that rely on the capability of this electromagnetic technology to create burning sensations on the skin, for crowd control. The waves are Millimetre waves, also used by the U.S. Army in crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems.

HERE are more videos, lectures, and slides via the Environmental Health Trust of the conference that took place that you can access for more science and information.

What Can You Do?

Well, you could not use 5G technology, you could get a wired connection for your internet, which would be faster than wireless. You could unplug the devices that beam out these electromagnetic waves at night. You could be healthy and have a good lifestyle, keeping your immune system in tip top shape, and utilize what’s becoming known with regards to how powerful consciousness is, the mind-body connection.

Obviously, panic and worry isn’t the answer, it never is.

From <>

This Is How They Can ‘Turn Off Your Chip’ by Alexandra Bruce

A recent finding has left him particularly flabbergasted: Hillary Clinton and her cronies have access to all of the digital keys for all transactions on the planet. In other words, unless you can build a new Internet, you – and say, your cryptocurrencies, for example – are accessible by them. This is literally how they can (and do) “turn off your chip”, in the words of the late Aaron Russo.

September 19, 2018

The zombies in our governments and in the Mainstream Media are observably controlled, whether through bribery, blackmail or both.

If the film, ‘The Spider’s Web’ details the rise of secrecy jurisdictions that have allowed entities to hide their ill-gotten assets in offshore banks, this interview between Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben charts the provenance of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Architecture (FPKIA) of encryption and certificates, which has facilitated total surveillance and the power to blackmail anybody worth blackmailing.

McKibben, Founder of Leader Technologies has been engaged in massive forensic research to produce indictable evidence for their case against Facebook. Several times along the way, they’ve been floored by discoveries about how the world actually works, in the spheres of high finance, governments and telecommunications.

A recent finding has left him particularly flabbergasted: Hillary Clinton and her cronies have access to all of the digital keys for all transactions on the planet. In other words, unless you can build a new Internet, you – and say, your cryptocurrencies, for example – are accessible by them. This is literally how they can (and do) “turn off your chip”, in the words of the late Aaron Russo.

It started back in the 1980s, while Hillary was a patent attorney at the Rose Law Firm, which for some odd reason represented the patent claims of many of the entities who would become today’s Tech Giants. (That’s a long story that I’ll attempt to unpack in future posts).

Focusing back on the fundamental encryption keys used on the Internet: McKibben says that back in 1993, the Clinton Administration began giving these backdoor encryption keys to the FBI. He says, “By that I mean, anytime you connect from one computer to another, those computers exchange keys and without those keys, you can’t encrypt or decrypt the signal coming from one machine to another.

“So literally, these keys are used in every transaction on the planet that uses the Internet and what we’ve discovered and – I’m still reeling, my mind is boggled by what we’ve now come to find out, but that a company called Entrust was created in 1998 as a spin-off of a Canadian telephone company [Nortel, a now-defunct Canadian telecommunications conglomerate, with people like former US Secretary of Defense, Frank Carlucci on its Board of Directors. Its 2009 bankruptcy was the largest in Canadian history, leaving pensioners and shareholders with staggering losses while Nortel executives continued to draw “retention bonuses” totaling US$190 million during the eight-year post-bankruptcy period].

McKibben continues, “Entrust became the certificate authority for issuing these digital keys for many organizations and we’ve had people looking at the securities filings for this company from 1998 to 2009, when they sold out to a San Francisco firm and what we discovered, astoundingly is that Hillary Clinton’s partner at the Rose Law Firm [Jerry C Jones] directs this company as a Class-One Director. He was slipped in in late 2003 and this means that we can show solid proof that the entire Internet has been compromised, in that Hillary Clinton and the Clintons have access to all the digital keys for all transactions on the planet.”

[AB note: This relates to how people who run afoul of her are robotically de-platformed and de-monetized, as part of the developing Internet of Things and its attendant Social Credit System].

“That is just astounding, how a private individual could have come to have such power but the facts are now clear, that’s the circumstance we’re in right now. This includes almost all of the agencies, executive agencies of the government and that includes the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Department of Treasury, Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), General Services Agency (GSA), the Department of State, the Department of Energy, the US Post Office, the US Patent Office, the US Marine Corps, the US Coast Guard and on and on and on and then beyond that, we see the names of most of the major telecommunications players in Canada, in Scandinavia, in Denmark. According to their records they have over 2,000 key customers and therefore, the Clintons through their Director, his name is Jerry C Jones have access to the entire back door of the Internet.”

McKibben says that even the NSA is subservient to the Entrust Operation, which controls the entire Federal Public Key Infrastructure Architecture (FPKIA).

I’m trying to keep this article short but will stay on this development. You can hear many more mind-blowing details in this interview.


From <>



Energy Follows Thought, or, the L of A, or thoughts are causative …

So, last night on the Jimmy Church Radio Show, he interviewed Mitch Horowitz. Come to find out that Mitch has interview on Gordon White’s pod cast, Rune Soup. The first thing I did this morning was listen to it! (so where has he been in my cosmology???)

Basically the interview turned out to be a pretty comprehensive history of the development of Spiritualism in America and its roots. The concept of ‘Earthing” spiritual/magical energies in a place for their manifestation in 3D life was mentioned, which made me think of Skin Walker Ranch. It also made me think of an interview by John Burroughs on Phenomenon Radio, KGRA interviewing Winston (Win) Keech and Ronny Dugdale on 06-21-2018   From <> (this is a REALLY IMPORTANT dot connector and nobody has noticed it!) where Win Keech goes into great detail on how the earthing, or wearing-in of energetic patterns in one place over time attracts telluric currents that stay resonant on the ground. (megalithic sites, churches and in America, governmental buildings and mounds) Basically America is the country that has at its roots the spiritualist principles of Hermeticism – IE: America = a MACRO RITUAL experiment. Hmmm

So when European spiritualism blossomed in America it started in the 1800’s in an area in central New York state called the Burned-over district (burning with the fires of spiritualism) that began to be inhabited after they kicked out the Iroquois Indians from their homeland. It’s an area in a 20-35 mile swath along Rt.22 in New England and it was the birth place in America for such movements as:


The Fox sisters

The Mormon Joseph Smith

The Suffragettes

The New England Mental Healing Movement


Trance mediums

You name it, it was going on there. Which says to me that the Iroquois who lived there first were also very spiritual, or those patterns would not have so easily developed there. There are places in the world that are known as window areas where the veil is thin, or the magnetics are different or the peoples were gifted.

There is also a known esoteric principle of attraction (Law of Attraction) which basically means that you will attract to you your core frequency of what you feel and think about on a daily basis – it’s almost the undertone of your personality that you never really pay attention to. The same goes for locations/places on the earth. The CORE energy in the ground memory of the place – what the rock and ground have absorbed (having lots of quartz on the ground helps hold the frequency, like granite or limestone) sets the tone for the TYPES of energies that can exist there. Like attracts like in all band widths. Montauk is also part of New England. It is interesting that there are bare limestone outcroppings that occur in both New England and the Skinwalker ridge. There are also aquifers that underlie both areas, making them natural stone henges by their connection of an electrically conductive rock and flowing water. Linda Moulton Howe has an interview where she talked to a scientist that pointed out a building built on top of one such area just to control the magnetic field in the area due to extreme instability.

My point in all of this?

Once again we are looking at the crossing of science and spirit. In. Our. Faces. Science can measure the physicality of these places, but the human psyche is the instrument that not only detects the anomaly, but sets the tone for the interaction with it. I have looked at just two examples, one negative: Skin Walker Ranch, and one positive: New England. We need only to look at the history of contact in both spots to understand the role that human consciousness and Focused Intent has had on both areas. Both of those areas are also rife with UFO and weird phenomenal reports of all kinds. As all we channelers know, we always attract what we put out – as above, so below. (if you are looking, you will be looked at) I wonder what this says for those places around the world where they are fracking and purposefully sending poison deep into our earth and the ground we live on and in? We are on the verge of really putting together the truth about how we could change our lives and the world – from so MANY different points along the circle called consciousness/physics. I wonder if that is why 5G, the ionization of the atmosphere, and the propaganda are being flung at us so very hard?


We do have the tech to do this. I have articles on it.  The science is al la JPFarrell. I have many articles, he has whole books (plural). The science is real.

Is the Space Force a way to get the Black Budget back on Budget?

How do CERN, Antarctica and the Space Force all connect? Consider that we DO have directed energy weapons and that with the use of CERN and other agencies, we can affect the sun, and that the ionization of the atmosphere has more than one purpose… Then, connect in the Sun Spot solar observatory hacking (not the porn) and if you are brave enough to stand back far enough to connect the dots, BAM!

This video is just more proof to the pudding. I mean if you need more there is Richard Dolan, or Read Joseph P Farrell, or Peter Levenda etc. It’s all there. Every last little tid bit.


September 21st. Fall, summer ends, days are already shorter, every day of extended green and warmth is a gift at this point. The spiders begin to come in through all the hidey holes in your house and most of them are welcome. The bees and wasps go nuts for food sources dive bombing people and sugary drinks and the butterflies mass and move on. The geese get rackety and the birds flock in those huge groups that look like fish under the sea flying to a rhythm only they can feel. The trees get sleepy and begin to change their wardrobe into fiery color and drop their summer grown seeds with their leaves before going mute. And everything changes. Fall and spring are fast seasons and the energies are moving, shifting and changing through the earth.

Those who are in ill health and delicate sometimes do not survive the instability from one season to the next. Once shed of their failing bodies I often wonder where they will go and how they will sprout. What forest, what water, what world they will have next. What stars will they gaze upon and what colors they will live in. What songs they will sing and what art they will create to sanctify their newness, once again. I wonder how they will commune with the divine and how their expression of it will grace their existence.

One day, in some Fall of some life time we shall all be shed of the bodies we have traveled so far in, only to be free once again to sprout somewhere else in another spring. Another new. Another song. Another weaving. Another tapestry of loved ones.




Today is one of those days where I sit and I can feel the tug of the light and the dark or the happy and the sad, or the neg. and the pos. and it is with effort that I stay on the razor’s edge. Balance. Because tumbling off in one direction or another at this point would not be a vote for either, but a falling into a messy whirlpool and getting sucked under into a place of no choice and no wisdom and no understanding. Something inside of me knows that giving in to the lure and pull of either right now would increase the swirling confusion surrounding us all.

There is a niggling sense in the back of my consciousness that is telling me that the confusion has a purpose for control at a very deep integral level, that jumping off either side would send us all back to sleep again, but, like awakening in the morning, what is needed is a stretch and a few good deep breaths. Plus a little loosening up, a bit of morning clarity, a damned good cup of coffee, and some strategizing about how to keep your head above the maelstrom. It has become the ubiquitous job of the century, this waiting for the ornery children to be done with their games so the real business of setting things to rights can begin.

Those of us who wait and watch are getting feisty, ready to jump on anything hoping for that one tiny morsel of whatever that will open the flood gates to intelligent information. While others out there are already scheming on how to make the next dollar by taking any scrap of stupidity and creating the next great calamity to make a buck off of. With all of the normal, really intelligent, cogent sources of information out there almost totally gagged by the thought police, finding any information that is not pathetically warped is difficult. Point in case, I found a video that Walter Bosley (Thank You Walter!)uploaded yesterday that really addressed the Sun Spot issue with more than just one brain cell. He does have inside sources, he did call them and he did report with his intelligence background hat on what I assumed was going on all along. I alluded to it in ‘Quicksilver’ but the imp in me had to add the rest of it… (not sorry) – lol.

One of the points that nobody wanted to be responsible on were all the other ‘supposed’ observatory closings, which after listening to LMH’s regular Wednesday live broadcast, I knew were false – and some idiots out there are still trying to say the observatories themselves were closed. (does no one know how to check on these things????) What went down were the satellite link ups which included the live cams to public output for as long as it took to trace the ‘leak’ and plug it up because the observatories were all linked via satellite. Many possibilities here…

I am rather frustrated (other words would be more succinct and to the point, however…) those that do have the ability and resources, inside information etc. to report on instances like this are either blocked or are now under a pay to view veil. I can’t say that I blame them, but it makes the bread crumbs coming out to the public dwindle to almost nothing – AND it helps the faction trying to infiltrate the altmedia and make it look ridiculous accomplish their goals without even trying. When I added up the pay to read-view sights that I think have great merit and would love to follow, it came up to well over $500 dollars a year. I can’t even afford one of them, and I only looked into 4 sites. So there you go, one way or another cogent information is getting buried under the need (and truly I do understand the need to eat) to survive.

And…. So it goes. Balance. The middle path. The larger picture. The bread crumbs through the forest. Trudging on. As those breadcrumbs begin to dwindle on an ever darkening path.


Journey bravely.

Oh so funny…he’s right, you know.


Video web content titled: THEY ARE HIDING THE SUN!


Published on Sep 15, 2018

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Obviously… they are not. I’d be losing my mind. You wouldn’t need an internet to hear me whining like a little girl. This is my life, my channel is 99% anti-mainstream, but this closing-solar-observatories story is utter garbage. What’s worse, I know the channels doing it, and they KNOW its garbage, but it helps them get clicks and views. DO NOT SACRIFICE INTEGRITY FOR YOUR EMOTION HIGHS. There are mainstream lies, con men who play on your emotions and recognition of the lies, and then there are Suspicious0bservers. I agree, don’t be fooled by the mainstream, but don’t get fooled by these goons either.



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