The Sovereign Box

From January 15th, 2015.   This is the same basic idea as the last post “There’s no place like Home”, but from the point of view of information distortion.

sov·er·eign·ty ˈsäv(ə)rən(t)ē/ noun noun: sovereignty

the authority of a state to govern itself or another state. “national sovereignty”. Autonomy, independence, self-government, self-rule, home rule, self-determination, freedom

A self-governing state.

I’ll tell you what my thinking of late has begun to look like. WHAT IF: the Illuminati, or whoever they are (if there is a they) has set up the bible as a script that we have been following, unthinkingly for 2000 years and all of this (mis?) information is also just a part of the script? What if we are STILL playing right into the hands of whatever, and the scope and breadth of the lie is far more sinister and far more entrenched and down the rabbit hole than we can possibly imagine? WHAT IF: we are ALL wrong, everybody? and this has been an attempt to get us to ignore “the man behind the curtain’? (whatever the F *** that is)


I make it a point to NEVER EVER just believe anybody for any reason EV-AR. I take it in, hold it for correlation… belief is giving up your sovereignty.  I’m trying really hard to be sovereign in my heart and mind. Probably because I am feeling something’s off and smelling a rat. Everybody’s galactic this and federation that and ascension this and archons that and conspiracies abound, and and and…. So I am searching for a pattern outside of the freaking ‘ideologies’ of everything. I may be nuts, but as Rita says, “Bella, you don’t have a box.” ( I love that) and I’m just beginning to guess that I’m knocking around in a box big enough that I haven’t found the sides yet, but I’m starting to feel them.

This or that, yes or no = confusion that reigns in our hearts and minds. ON PURPOSE!!! Most times I just hang out in the aether and listen. Last night was interesting. I collect stories and data and make no judgments, waiting for as Kerry calls it, a triangulation. When three or more disparate sources say the same thing, then I will pursue it. I don’t know what to say about the colorations on the moon, except that I have heard several stories about the colors on mars being hidden and changed, if you believe that we have been, can get to mars through a gate, or an elevator, all compliments of the Montauk boys. How nice that those pieces all fit? So why would it be any different on the moon… Ahem

So why? Must we be confused so that we do not feel the resonances in our lives, so that we don’t feel? So we’d never notice and start asking questions? If that really is what’s up then what do we need to do?

Why not step waaaay out of the box and ask if we are actually seeing the right box? Might there not be an even bigger box that we can’t see and haven’t defined yet, but are just beginning to bang up against its sides??? I’m trying to get WAY outside the box at the moment… It’s baffling and hard. But something is not right, something stinks and I’m just starting to get a whiff of it.

Why do we even want a box? Plato, Soren, all of the early academic thinkers were trying to define how the universe works and why, because the universe was a surprising and dangerous place and if you knew more about it then you could be safer. So is fear a motivation for wanting a box or a system or a set of principles? So when did they get stuck and turn into be a cage? And there’s nothing wrong with a set of principles or systems or things that you can prove to yourself that becomes self-evident but what is wrong is when you blindly follow anything without understanding it and hand your sovereignty over to somebody or something else for a promise of safety or assurance. Maybe we are still suffering as a world from an unremembered traumatic memory of being wiped out in the last deluge and we are still looking for saviors to come and Save The World? Handing who or what you are away to anything or anyone for any reason is a form of slavery.

Then there is the ancient aliens theory – we were bred to obey, and worship and once again hand over our sovereignty to the gods (little g). One of my favorite sayings is:

If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.

Belief of any kind is a trap. The real question is, What do you know in your heart and soul, in the strong quiet recesses of your heart? I’m always on about resonance and all my woo woo stuff, but resonance I can talk about. I’ve pursued it because I’ve felt it. It’s why I wanted to know about it in the first place. All my life things have happened like my Mom and my phone today.   I left my phone at moms. Half way home for no reason I was curious about where my phone was. Why? Because she was attempting to call me and that action, or intent was enough for me to feel it. Via resonance. That and she was laughing like a loon when my phone started to ring in her hand when she called it from her phone….

What if reality is sooooo malleable, that if you knew just how malleable it was, it would scare the bejesus out of you? What if, if we knew , it would immediately crash those who have convinced us they have ALL the power? Its right there, it’s on the tips of our tongues, its hiding in 6 % of rotation…. If it had been a snake, it would have bit us already…. But that’s a slippery idea, one that we haven’t seen well enough yet to use it as a basis for transformation…yet!

By the way, I’m not saying they or it or any of this is not real, I’ve had contact. I’m just thinking we’ve been tricked into perceiving it in a very skewed manner. Now, for what reason or why or by who, I haven’t a clue. But I think I’m going to find out.

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