The September Culling.


IF the hurricanes are being sent by one ‘faction’ at us through weather weapons of mass destruction,


THEN that huge high pressure zone to the north of us is our counter measure because it will push the other hurricanes out there heading at us north and out into the Atlantic towards Greenland. This will have the unfortunate effect of stalling out Florence’s path, but preventing the other ones out to sea from hitting us.

I encourage you all to check out and see for yourself.

It is my favorite weather observation program. You can run through 10 days of forecast in three different model formats. So far, that high pressure above the eastern half of the US shows the other storms on the track above.

I also feel that the closure of the observatory in Sun Spot NM was due to hacking into other systems through this facility, in an effort to move that high pressure zone above the eastern half of the US to create greater access to the coast line for the other developing storms to hit us.




In this excellent Blog from Onstellar:

@PablOhio  From <>

During the show a caller named Sam, with a disguised voice, provided insider information that the shutdown of these solar observatories was because of a network hack by “Chinese bad actors”  to affect the manipulation of earth weather via solar activity using Scalar Wave Transmissions to control Coronal Mass Ejections via a sensor array network using HAARP, HAMMER, and SMACC organization network technology that has been used by elements of our government to manipulate weather since before a 2004/2005 time frame.  The hack of this network is the reason the US military, FBI and other MIB groups are behind the shutdown of these observatories.  Although the telescope at the Sunspot, New Mexico solar observatory has not functioned for years, it is the sensor array in conjunction with other technologies that affect the solar activity resulting in earth weather anomalies by controlling Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) triggers.  This is Weather Wars by any other name. or later when the program is uploaded to the GZ youtube channel.  Also you should listen to a follow up program tonight via KXL FM 101 in Portland, OR beginning at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific, also available through a link at

From <>

Suspicious0bservers report

The first 30 minutes is an interview on the observatory and her report.

Other Resources:

other rabbit holes…

You might want to check your Climate Action and Resilience Plans for your city as a heads up for what they have planned for your area… This was a hard pill to swallow except that she had all the references and documents and openly states where to find them.

So while we all have our heads up our collective asses, they are going to burn us, drown us, poison us and fry us.

Culling, indeed.

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