Nexus and the Quantum Observer

A nexus is a central link or connection. If you happen to be at the nexus of something, you are right in the middle of it, like standing in the middle of an intersection.

Nexus entered English during the seventeenth century from the Latin word nectere, meaning “to bind or tie.” People tend to use this word to describe the point where different things or ideas come together or intersect. In the field of cell biology, a nexus refers to “a specialized area of the cell membrane involved in intercellular communication and adhesion,” and implies that the nexus of a cell facilitates communication among the various parts and allows it to work properly. From <>

The above kinda sounds like entanglement to me – doesn’t it?


If we are alive we are a multidimensional quantum observer. Does it exist because we observe it, or do we observe it because it exists? Either way the simple act of observing creates entanglement – whether that observation is in the mind’s eye or the actual physical eye.

Example: we know there are things like air because we are feeling them – whether it’s the lack of air or feeling the wind buffeting you around on a windy day. When water is hot or cold we are measuring a wave length (frequency) of the electromagnetic spectrum – you can only see extreme states like ice or steam and know the temperature without touching it.

There are types of energy that we can feel directly with the physical body like a static electric shock or a shock from a wall outlet or a shock from licking a nine volt battery… (don’t) and then there are types of energy that we can only feel with our mind, like emotions, premonitions, messages, dreams, day dreams, and contact experiences where the mind and its symbolic structure make sense of various different electromagnetic conditions and fields and deliver a conclusion to you that has a meaning.

As a matter of fact we are a combination of electromagnetic fields all functioning together to make a chord of frequencies. When we are feeling good and well the music we make is pretty, when we are not feeling so good we sound dissonant. We mostly self-correct this song on a daily basis maintaining homeostasis all without knowing we are doing it too because it ‘feels’ better… we handle ourselves in many frequencies on many levels all without being aware of it – naturally, because it feels good. This would make us a personal nexus. We don’t have to look at it on the cellular level to maintain a working balance, or to (lols) bench engineer ourselves. We do it all from a macro perspective by engendering and creating an energetic balance all from the way it feels to us. We are handling multiple systems, phases, dimensions of our selves by simply observing the whole.

We constantly interact with many states of electromagnetic energy that we are aware of and lots, vastly more lots, that we are not aware of. There are times when a number of variables converge, to alter our ability to be aware of things just outside of our normal sensing frequency range. We end up calling this PARA-normal:

From French para-, from Italian para-, from para, imperative of parare (“to defend, shield, shroud”), from Latin parō (“I prepare”).


  1. above, beyond
  2. beside, near, alongside
  3. abnormal, incorrect
  4. resembling

From <

So, what are those variables? One of them seems to be the field frequency its self and your entanglement with it, because in many cases people who have had any interaction with ‘para’ or ‘ab’ normal energy seem to be forever sensitive to it – which, to me, would suggest and entangled state. It seems anything which alters your ‘normal’ frequency function band, your personal ‘vibe’, creates a lasting change. Meditation, yoga, martial arts, music, OBE, NDE, contact, ghosts, window areas on the earth (portals), sacred ground, sacred architecture, you name it, it stretches you – ever widens your perceptive ability, your conscious awareness of the frequency soup we all live and function in. When this happens it feels like hitting the brakes in a car that has had cruise control on for a long time, all of a sudden you have to perk up and pay attention.

IMO, what we need to do is figure out how much of an EMF change takes place, in what range, what causes it, and which harmonics produce which effects within the human energetic system. We have been bench-engineering this for centuries in many ways through plants, death rituals, spiritual traditions, mystery schools, etc. while various other control systems have spent just as long creating a mythos about how bad and evil these states are using various methods to discourage their investigation, like burning at the stake… etc.

If science can marry the spiritual – or unseen world, we could begin to reclaim who and what we are in our fullest capacity. The problem exists that once you do that, you open the door for this information to be used to build technology that could endanger the entire solar system, not just the planet. (and really, if our tinkering around with this without understanding the metaphysical mechanics of it is true, then we are endangering not only our dimension, but others as well…) The proof is in the pudding in the corporate/military black project sciences. People are waking up to that part of it. Now we need to consider how we are effecting our multidimensional ecosystem.

It is all so very, very entangled and connected that perhaps the Buddhist thought that: break a butterfly’s wing and a star somewhere at the other end of the universe explodes, is not understated. We need to look.



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