411: ‘Directory Assistance, How may I help you?’

The dream was odd, to say the least. Becoming aware in this dream I saw the numbers 411 in glowing black light tattooed somewhere on myself. It almost makes me want to get out the black light, stand in the dark bathroom naked and scan for them… (scary thought in a lot of ways…)

It’s not quite the number of the beast, but it is a number and it was tattooed on me – tattoos are permanent. Does that make me in permanent need of directory assistance? Does it mean I’m lost? Does that make me directory assistance? Why the invisible tattoo? I’m thinking it was somewhere on my head. Maybe my brain is lost? Somewhere before that dream, and as a part of the whole scape, I was also looking at these weird houses that were all laid out like a circuit board that were on the skin of my forehead. I was supposed to live in one of them and I didn’t want any of them!

Interestingly enough just before passing into deep sleep, I saw my mom, she called my name waking me up a bit. (she looks so much better, and younger) anyway, I opened my eyes and there were these really dense, black, blobby spots on my husband’s back over top the covers. I blinked two or three times to see if they would go away, and they didn’t. So then I looked at the wall and there were a big bunch of them all collected up in the corner, fainter, bigger, but there. I immediately said the “I Am The Light” for my husband, myself and the dogs and then hung white light bombs in the middle of every room in the house and exploded them – black stuff gone, poof, and floated off to sleep to dream dreams about weird mechanical things invading myself and my sacred dream time. Note, I wasn’t upset, or afraid of any of it – my strongest reaction was, “Hmmmm, that’s interesting…”

Yes, 5G really worries me, because I can feel it in my body – I can feel and ‘hear’ the 4G hiss all the time – it’s really loud in a dense urban environment and almost gone out in the country. This worry might have provided part of the context for the dream. However, my subconscious mind might have been warning me too, just like Mom did last night about the black blobs. (did I mention heaven looks good on her?)

I have always tried to be not too obvious, and I have parsed my words as best I could to say important things in everyday ways. This thing that is happening to us is an awakening on every level you can think of. There needs to be many people saying things in many ways to many other people to help. I refuse to be nailed down to one (electronic) place or house, even if the stupid electronic circuit is printed on my brain, or tattooed on my skin, and I know this is possible because my body is just a printed circuit in this 3D realm where the current of my soul is running at this juncture of the timescape. But there is something definitely going on, my speculation is that there is a new frequency that has as its purpose a tighter hold on the range of frequencies we can expand ourselves to, in order to deaden our sense of expanding self.

The cure for this is simple. Years ago when I moved here to Indy, I found an energetic grid about 8 to 12 inches under the ground that made it harder to connect to the energy of the earth. It drove me crazy for a while until I realized all I had to do was go around it… I just popped my awareness on the other side of it, and there was the earth, beautiful and steady. I imagine this new bullshit is much the same, and I will go around it too. After all, it’s only one tiny frequency in a universe of an unlimited, endless source of frequencies…

‘411: directory assistance, how can I help you?’

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