2:22am (oh… we are playing this game?)

I was dreaming about Grant Cameron, but only because I was listening to him just as I was falling asleep. We were walking down endless corridors…


If it’s just GC’s ‘WOW’ factor, then we humans are in sorrier shape than we could ever imagine! (or can’t imagine) I think that for all that we can imagine, the reality of what is real, truly is just beyond what our minds can grasp – beyond our ken…


It’s like we are in a big dream machine and just as we get to the point of the dream (or the periphery of accepted reality) the game is shifted and we are none the wiser. Like a restless sleeper we shift in our sleep and go back under.

Maybe it is not what we are looking at, but, how we are looking?

How do you perceive what is not there, what you can’t see, or do not realize? How do you grasp it and make it real enough to see, to understand?

By noticing what isn’t present, not there? – but if it isn’t present, how do you perceive it? How do you do that? We can quantify it in math with imaginary numbers, does that mean that we imagine it in our minds in the people realm? Translating that into the human experience….

We all tend to notice when the flow of ‘regular’ is disturbed, ‘There’s a disturbance in the Force, Luke…’ But to most of us it’s like we have those blinders they put on horses so they can only see straight ahead – one way, one direction, no distractions, but then those blinders become a distraction themselves.

So, how do you assess what you are not aware of – whether it’s being withheld on purpose or we just aren’t made that way? How do you notice what is not there, if you’ve never seen it before?

So we are supposed to go ‘WOW’, but then what? What’s after wow? As humans, what’s next after stepping out of the stupid tricks being played on us that we’re all sick of – what’s next? We got the wow, already.

I suppose “WOW” could just be another ! Squirrel ! A look over there, not here, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain… (the Great and Powerful Oz) and I’ve noticed that the ones who come close to understanding and maybe elucidating for the rest of us get mysteriously taken out one way or another, and the ones who survive leave it behind in code and mystery because they know that’s the only way it will make it through to someone else and not get wiped out – erased. Which, IMO stretches the game out longer than bearable…

And all the others, it’s like once you get it, you never share it, not so the rest of humanity can understand – why, by gosh! It’s against the code of things. It’s a jealously guarded secret.

So, how do you understand what is not there – what is never shown?

Like the Tao,

The Tao that can be told is not the real Tao…


As you believe, so shall it be – as you imagine, so shall you create.


Is that why we are so strongly indoctrinated as children into the ‘proper’ mind set? I was always told what not to do, what wasn’t real, instead of ever being shown what I could do. Maybe everything I was told a no about really is real? So all of us are stuck in trying to know all the no-no’s – what is ‘not’ there.




adverb: there; existential there: there

  1. in, at, or to that place or position.
    “we went on to Paris and stayed there eleven days”
  • used when pointing or gesturing to indicate the place in mind.
    “there on the right”
  • at that point (in speech, performance, writing, etc.).
    ““I’m quite—” There she stopped”
  • in that respect; on that issue.
    “I don’t agree with you there”
  • used to indicate one’s role in a particular situation.
    “at the end of the day, we are there to make money”
  1. used in attracting someone’s attention or calling attention to someone or something.
    “hello there!”
  2. used to indicate the fact or existence of something.
    “there’s a restaurant around the corner”

From <https://www.google.com/search?ei=bpK8W6q2AqDljwTCip3ACw&q=there&oq=there&gs_l=psy-ab.3..35i39j0i67l4j0j0i67j0j0i131l2.1061172.1061604..1062181…0.0..0.150.532.3j2……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71.V_TeyLBq0GE>



But how do you learn about something that is NOT there… (how did I work myself into this corner???…ha ha very funny, self – not) Or are we just really that hopeless as a race?


Maybe what is to be apprehended stands outside of time, but we, when taken outside of time cease to function properly. When we dream we are not in the same time space/frame as when we are awake. Is this why only snippets of the vastness of dream time come through, do we need to practice? When I come back from dreaming the entrance of my mind into the awareness of the body causes my body quite some distress at times trying to fit back into it. Depends on where I have been and what frequency my mind is buzzing at. Honestly, it’s why I’m awake at times like 2:22 am and find myself asking idiot questions like this article is about…


How do we know the unknowable?


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