Well, I sorta predicted this hooha was gonna happen round about April of this year, although my article went in other directions, however in the second to last paragraph I wrote:

It bothers me that the above is being shifted very slowly into the corporate sector… How long before someone patents the words UFO, zero point energy, ET,  making it intellectual property so we can no longer talk about that without being fined? (I doubt they could or would ever care, but you get the point here, right?)   From <>


And I was being facetious. Or thought I was. I think it is interesting that Gaia was the first to try to trade mark the word ‘Disclosure’, then we find out that CG has ‘pending’ trademarks on a whole lot of other Plain Ol’ Words out there too.

I suppose I could take out a trademark on phrases like ‘knot head’, ‘knuckle brain’, ‘oh grow up’ and ‘did your mother teach you anything’. But to what avail? Really. Just so I could have a very public and stupid fight over who thought up which words first?

Ok, so the words ‘secret’ and ‘space’ and ‘program’, may have a (dare I say it) *special* meaning when put together, so do knot head and knuckle brain!

My point.

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