Either-or vs. Both-and

This has never been – ever, nor will it at any time in future be an either/or universe.

False Dilemma: (also known as: all-or-nothing fallacy, false dichotomy*, the either-or fallacy, either-or reasoning, fallacy of false choice, fallacy of false alternatives, black-and-white thinking, the fallacy of exhaustive hypotheses, bifurcation, excluded middle, no middle ground, polarization)

False Dilemma – Logically Fallacious


What it has always been is a both/and universe.

Try this quick experiment. Place your hand above your head as if you’re going to trace a circle on the ceiling with your index finger. Now, trace an imaginary circle in a clockwise direction. While continuing to trace the circle, slowly lower your arm so that your finger comes down to your eye level. Keep on lowering your arm until your finger is at your waist level. Now look down at the circle you’re tracing. What’s the direction? Counter-clockwise!

How can that be? The answer lies in one word: perspective. You continued to trace the circle in the same direction, but your perspective on the situation changed when you shifted from looking up to looking down at the circle. From <http://www.schwarzassociates.com/quality-decisions/moving-from-eitheror-to-bothand-thinking/


So, there is a trap in black and white/either-or thinking. But as this simple experiment shows, saying that the circle is either moving clockwise or counterclockwise doesn’t represent the full situation. The trap is: being tricked into a limited perspective where we are not being shown or told the full situation for one reason.

Control. Of us.

In both-and thinking, we can see a spectrum of things which naturally will fill in the intentionally left out information. Because the truth is never going to be told, basically because the truth is the perspective of each person. Also because for some to tell the truth would mean instantaneous death on a lot of levels.

In a way both-and thinking is a bridging mechanism between things and if you use the concept correctly it can reveal all sorts of missing information.

Black and white, either-or thinking is used to hide information, to ferret snippets of ‘wow’ into corners you can’t look at or see after you have gone to one side or the other. It keeps you from looking further or it keeps you from looking at all. In fact, it is the perfect mechanism for so clouding an issue that the real issue is totally forgotten. In fact, either-or thinking requires a savior to tell you what is truth, because you absolutely can’t know a thing without the whole picture…

Both-and is inclusive, it has every shade of grey between black and white, every nuance, every what if, every ‘wow’. It causes you to see the bigger picture, it asks of you to develop the skill of observation without naming, it demands real learning within your own self, not just because somebody else said so. It asks you to look outside of the matrix, the carefully constructed box of ‘accepted’ reality.

Within the both-and paradigm is also compassion, empathy, the real heart of the matter, and understanding. It is a forerunner of coexistence and tolerance. It is definitely NOT a tool of the divide and conquer group…

There are as many sides to an issue as there are people involved plus those observing the issue. Case in point. Experiencers: as LMH is now finding out per her last weekly you tube video and as Grant Cameron has been saying for a while, we are ALL experiencers in some way or another. If you go back in your memory you will discover that moment however fleeting or current when you noticed something that happened that didn’t belong in an either-or world. The larger you make your world, the larger it becomes. Till you try to settle on one word, like consciousness only to find it’s even bigger than that… I suppose you could call that my download. One day trying to puzzle out a problem – a real stickler, I simply heard in my head, “Try, Both-And…” The flood gates opened in my mind and it was truly cool.

I will never forget it.

…try it, you’ll like it…

(simply for nostalgia:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLQ0LZSnJFE )

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