One of the things you have to learn as a magician is how to call spirits, bind them and get them to work for you. To me that’s kind of like buying on credit. If you don’t have the cash, don’t do it, because you will pay for all of it with tons of interest… just like the golden rule (do unto others) it’s a good idea to realize these other beings have their own lives and let them be! Now, if you are the kind of person who has things interfering in your life even if you didn’t call them, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

In my world, I keep my house – for the lack of a better word – warded. Those wards are all light structures that I have made up in my mind and placed around the house. Occasionally, I have to reinforce them – re think them, boof them up a bit, but they are quite efficient in keeping my psychic environment pretty and sparkling.

The trick is all based on intent and heart power (emotion). White light is one of the most beautiful dazzling lovely things ever. Back in my teens I had found a book about playing with the light. A simple little book, I can’t even remember the name of it and one of the games it suggested was to lob white light balls at people and to see them break apart in a million sparkles onto the person – randomly. I practiced that a lot because it was easy and fun and it did no harm, then I started lobbing them on people who were driving and being buttheads and that worked… it was literally amazing to watch.

I found that like zero point energy, white light was endless, free and perfect. Things in my box of ideas grew from there. It was the beginning of my awareness education about how things work. As a child I had been an easy mark to terrify – and terrified I was, nightly. As a matter of fact, that situation led to my first contact, but I’ve written about that already. By the time I was into my teens somehow, somewhere this idea of white light had snuck into my cosmology and I began to discover it. Now it is really second nature like in my article “411” . But it all started with playing with the energy.

I don’t know what you call the stuff I do, and I don’t want to be pigeon-holed so I don’t care. I just know that it works. I live by the my-space, your-space – I won’t bother you if you won’t bother me rule… and it works. Between beings of all kinds, the ‘do unto others’ concept is golden. Period.

What I appear to be is a Tinkerbelle. Oh well… that’s in my energy. In my real life I am the crone. Believe me when I say energy and intent rule this reality, so parse your field carefully.

This is a gift. Use it. Teach it. Spread it.

I Am The Light is six statements long.

 It is the strongest protection that I have ever known and used.

I need nothing else. It can be used personally, around you, around family members and other people, pets, plants, land and vehicles. It can be extended through time for days and weeks. It is the MOST amazing piece of consciousness software I have ever encountered.

The visuals with this are what I eventually saw in my mind’s eye after using this powerful formula. The visuals can be worked with changed or discarded as seen fit.

The words create a vibratory shield that is incredibly powerful in its protection. (1)

It was given to me freely years ago, and I give it to you.


I AM the Light.

The Light is with in me.

The Light moves throughout me.

The Light surrounds me.

The Light Protects me.



This is actual energetic technology.  It is very simple.


Just say it EXACTLY as written. The frequency of each spoken statement is the crucial point. So if you are saying it silently to yourself, enunciate each word clearly, hear it ring out clearly as you speak in your head.



Each statement has an effect. I am a visual person, a visual learner, so I got pictures in my head once I memorized it and could turn my attention inside without reading it. Because each statement builds on the next, you want to say them in order. ALWAYS. Just as it is. As you use this, you will begin to ‘notice’ with your own self what it does.


Inner vision, Mind’s Eye:

Lately, I have noticed that for me, each statement calls into being the light on a dimensional level with each chakra… I think. When said personally. The Light moves, has action and has purpose according to the spoken word. Words have vast power, hook them up with intent to the light and it is amazing.


Working in Wholeness:

On one hand I think it is as all light is, an electromagnetic effect.

You create a field of vast potential.

When you use this for other than you, instead of saying ‘I’ use the name of the person, pet, plant, vehicle or place.  White in my eyes is all colors, so it holds the greatest potential and the greatest good.


I redid  the fourth fifth and sixth images this am to bring them into sync with what I am now knowing, but my graphics software is nowhere close to being able to letting me visualize it the way I really see it in my head. Paltry example…. but as close as I could get.


Those illustrations are over 20 years old, and they have changed for me. The light stays white throughout the entire sequence, on the fourth statement, ‘The Light Surrounds Me’ it moves counter clockwise like a torus over the outer sphere while running straight up the inner column. On the last statement it is just blindly huge.




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